New Song: Lil Kim – ‘Dead Gal Walking’

Published: Thursday 31st Oct 2013 by David

New music alert!

Proving just how enjoyable her music can be when well written, well produced and mixed correctly, Lil Kim unleashes a brand new cut named ‘Dead Gal Walking’ today, pulled from her forthcoming ‘Hard Core 2k13′ EP!

Bidding adieu to the mess that was her ‘Black Friday’ EP to serve a sound that’ll no doubt silence a number of her naysayers, ‘Walking’ sees Kim tackle the sensitive subject matter of crime, and its ‘inevitable’ nature for those living in inner cities.

Is it any good?

Yes! Yes, it is!

Press play below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Coco October 31, 2013


    • JamesDean October 31, 2013

      Kim Slayed this s***!

      • NickiBEENBad October 31, 2013

        The only thing she slays is her plastic surgeon’s schedule.

      • @Critically Acclaimed November 1, 2013

        /\ both are true

    • shanklexh567567 November 1, 2013

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  2. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 31, 2013

    Idk…it’s ok at some points..I’ll have to give it another spin to collect my feelings…

    • ONIKA MY QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT> November 1, 2013

      shut the f*** b****! you know its trash! this b**** isn’t coming back! deal Chiille! #dryhoe

  3. Lana Del Slay October 31, 2013

    Sorry Kim, but where is my chicken fried rice and crispy duck?

  4. BarbzRUs October 31, 2013

    I see she decided not to wear her own face for Halloween. You know she be scaring the kids all year round.

  5. nicko October 31, 2013

    Trash. Poor kim. She just killed her own career. :-/

  6. Quan October 31, 2013

    Now this is different. A step in the right direction. A fresh sound and I welcome it. Never been a big Lil Kim fan, but always paid her respect!

  7. Kori October 31, 2013

    i LOVE IT!!!!! it wasn’t what i was expecting but this is give us more FIYAH..MORE FIYAH!!!! :)#deadgalwalking

  8. Hasbeenslayer October 31, 2013

    really? this is soooo basic, and I can admit kim can rap—but this is NOT what you releases after you push a damn mixtape back…

    seriously, team kim stay losing.

  9. KellyIsBooked October 31, 2013

    Not bad, but tell me why she was paying homage to Nicki during her cypher.

  10. Molly October 31, 2013


  11. Molly October 31, 2013

    Now who wrote this for you sis?

  12. Bey Fan October 31, 2013

    not bad…..

  13. Basically October 31, 2013

    Hope there’s a Nicki feature on the mixtape.

  14. mr.m October 31, 2013

    Lil Flop

  15. JamesDean October 31, 2013

    I love it!

  16. AzaleanArmy October 31, 2013

    Keep up the good work Kim Jong None, maybe one day you’ll be able to write as good as Nicki does.

  17. RiriRoyale October 31, 2013

    Yaaass at her getting a new ghost writer.

  18. rih rox((U mad Bro?))(( staning for H20’s previous rant)) October 31, 2013


  19. Queen Bee Reigns October 31, 2013

    This song is so appropriate for a mixtape. Kim’s lyrics are hard and she sounds like she enjoys the song. YESSSS!!!!! “21 Gun Salute.”

    • Drew October 31, 2013

      Sybil why are you hiding behind Beyonce in your name? I recognize your pink and blue face.

      • FAF October 31, 2013

        ^ LMAO

  20. EveRyder October 31, 2013

    I live for me sum dancehall reggae music, but this not what I was expecting from kim. She could’ve put out a better quality song as the first single. I’ll wait for the mixtape nxt month. #sigh until then waiting for foxy to drop bandz up nxt month.

  21. GAGATHETRUTH October 31, 2013







  22. Te monte October 31, 2013

    Actually not bad..That paypal album was decent the production just sounded like it was recorded with amateur basement equipment.
    In regards to Nicki, who has yet to match her lyrically as far as Hardcore,Notorious K.I.M,La Bella Mafia, and Naked Truth are concerned.
    Nicki has the better flow,Kim(used to have the better lyrics)there is a HUGE difference.
    If Kim finds a bronzer that actually works for her bleached out skin tone and puts a decent album out I will support her. Here’s hoping she does one of the two,especially the bronzer.

  23. QUEEEN BEEEEE October 31, 2013


  24. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 31, 2013

    Girl No.. Stop It.

  25. HOWYOULIKEIT October 31, 2013

    i want her to come harder than that
    Playing “dreams”

  26. Stop the drama Start the music October 31, 2013

    This is okay. I like the reggae s***. Lil Kim has never actually had bad music tho. She just needs to work on investing her money on an actual album. That’s her problem right now.

  27. Stop the drama Start the music October 31, 2013

    “Dead Gal Walking”. Is she talking about Nicki Minaj?

    • KillaBEeych October 31, 2013

      Not at ALL!!!!

  28. _Eriicc October 31, 2013

    Obviously Kim didn’t set out for this single to be commercially acclaimed, but instead as a gift to us fans for waiting so long!

    I think Kim’s mix tape will have an array of her creative endeavours, and has allowed her to artistically sync, develop and create new music to coincide with todays new sound.

    Good job Kim! We’re all excited for what you have coming for us.

  29. Lucia October 31, 2013

    Not feeling it…..

  30. Navy Nick October 31, 2013

    ok, she on her Rihanna tip now, huh? child this song, really? I mean, the hook is aiiite, BUT SHE AINT RAP ABOUT NUFFIN! IDK, I do like the pic tho….

    • Yolanda October 31, 2013

      Did you say Lil Kim didn’t rap about nothing. Okay, you just told deeply on yourself. She’s talking about the streets, not twerking. Go home son.

  31. Sean October 31, 2013

    How is she copying Rihanna? KIM HAS DONE REGGAE SONGS SINCE 2000

  32. F**k Gayjuice October 31, 2013

    Ugly nasty plastic foxy wannabe

  33. IMHERE! October 31, 2013

    While I am kinda enjoying this, I hope every song is not gonna be about Nicki because that’s the vibe I’m getting from her. In her cypher and now this song…..I just want some vintage kim music. Leave this beef alone.

    • Yolanda October 31, 2013

      Like Nicki? You obviously don’t know Lil Kim’s catalogue. Kim has been singing and doing reggae music before Onicki was Nicki. I DEEPLY advise you to listen to Kim’s four albums and then drop your jaws! #LightersUp baby!

  34. I wasn’t ready October 31, 2013

    Out of all the pics of her y’all could of put one up of her in makeup
    Not a fan of the natural look.
    Song is wack.

    • FAF October 31, 2013

      chile thats the single cover… I can’t wit this MESS

      she used her 14 fans from lilkimzone to come on here & shut the comments DOWNE 😆

  35. KillaBEeych October 31, 2013

    NICE!!!!!!!! Like the feeling she puts in it when she says WALKIN!!!!!!!! Im back lovin Kim like the first time I heard her!!!!!!!!

  36. Chester October 31, 2013

    I agree!!

  37. Chester October 31, 2013

    Omg why lol @lucia

  38. Kimbella October 31, 2013

    you call that s*** music?…….. i can’t

  39. filth October 31, 2013

    Umm kim chi, what in the actual f*** was that mess? Sounds like a slow painful train wreck. my ears are literately bleeding after listeing to that.

  40. King_music November 1, 2013

    This just a snippet and I’m feeling the vibe she can definitely bring back
    This type of music and make it a commercial success with the right promo
    And right look she can Definitely become relevant again . Welcome back
    Let’s pray she does good . Basic but better then most stuff out there like
    DWUW= ripp off from YOUR BODY

  41. ONIKA MY QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT> November 1, 2013

    this b**** is D O N E! before she got started HAHA! #poordat

  42. SLAY ME GODNIKA (ASBEENISH) November 1, 2013

    B**** LETS SEE IF IT EVEN BUBBLES UNDER. Although I admit it is slightly above s***. ‘I wanna be with you’re or ‘I Be on Dat’ still slay Kim. The b**** is DONE. Sorry team krim.

  43. cocobutta November 1, 2013

    Now my girl Kim is not not Reggae artist BUT i’ll say this is the best thing I’ve heard from her since “If you Love me”.

    Need a proper rap La Bella Mafia/Hardcore style still though

  44. Patrick November 1, 2013

    This is s***! It wont be the song that brings her back to life. She should name is dead career. I used to love her, but she is sooo lost. I need something with a beat that makes you want to drive in your car, listening to her. Not this imitation Jamaican s***.

  45. CIARA STAN (slay my lips$ November 1, 2013

    Lmao don’t act like y’all don’t notice she made that artwork on that mask Iphone app

  46. Codey November 1, 2013

    Not a Ciara stan thinking its allowed to comment..u not human..VANISH

  47. Msteefromdc November 1, 2013

    Wow so many hell wit em kim keep doin what u doin. True fans understand where u comin from! I luv it

  48. shayshay November 1, 2013

    Honestly i think this is absolutely a solid effort on Kims part, her talent has never, in my mind been under debate. I Love it. Cant wait to see what she drops next!

  49. HardcoreKillaBEe November 1, 2013

    This is Blazing hot!!! Its a different vibe from what the other females are doing.. it has a flow and meaning..Not just a bunch of words thrown together. it sounds more authentic. I think she just single handedly revived the dying persona of a female rapper.

  50. Bethany November 2, 2013

    LOVE IT!

  51. Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) November 3, 2013

    I like it!

  52. Pissed November 12, 2013

    That actually isn’t her. She stole a makeup artist’s selfie from Reddit and refuses to take it down.

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