Video: Danity Kane Forced To Cancel Comeback Concert Due To Chris Brown Drama

Published: Tuesday 29th Oct 2013 by Sam

Chris Brown‘s headline-grabbing antics have consequences for projects beyond his own. Just ask Pop divas Danity Kane.

Dawn, Shannon, Audrea, and Aubrey had been hard at work in rehearsals for their first show as a group in over five years – a show co-headlined with Brown, set to take place tonight in New York.

However, despite the singer being released from prison last night, promoters for the 92.3 Now Scream extravaganza have announced that the event has been cancelled.

Subsequently, the ladies – who had been working with renown choreographer Luam for the show, released a video statement to their fans.

Watch their heartfelt message below…

It goes without saying that this is most unfortunate.  That said, we’re confident the ladies will book another stage asap. We can’t wait to see how the 2013 incarnation of the group look, sound, and move. Bring on the new shows!

Your thoughts?

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  1. NT October 29, 2013

    Aundrea is just sitting there like ….. ; i was really looking forward to the video’s of their COMEBACK performance.

    • sadso October 29, 2013

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    • MOIZME November 1, 2013

      I hear ya there… so bummed hope they reschedule soon. Yeah… Aundrea didn’t say anything or have like any expressions really…hehe.

  2. DEM LESSORS October 29, 2013

    They seem ready, I was pumped, die Chris Brown.

    • Yep! October 29, 2013

      They sounded like they were about to cry. I feel for them! It’s kinda their fault. Why book a show with such an unreliable act?

      • MOIZME November 1, 2013

        Well they had this Back fromt he dead Theme. Chris’s first feature performance since things went bad and DK back after 5 year… or so i heard. I would of liked if the radio station let them do some of there solo stuff (Dawn, Aubrey, and Shannon) then come together as Danity Kane. =/

  3. 2bad2bme October 29, 2013

    that’s messed up…Chris need to be ashamed of himself…he messing with other people coin

  4. Arie October 29, 2013

    Please Chris Bown has done enough charity work for these artists, if he needs to take time off for himself he should be allowed to do it. They heavily promoted this using Chris name when they would be ones reaping the benefits. Team Breezy is not cut up about this because they know Chris has a tour coming up in 2014. The Spice girl did not need another famous name for their reunion, they should do the same to determine if the is a market for them in the industry.

    • C.J. October 29, 2013

      By “time off” you mean jail right…cuz…….

      • PopSCUM October 29, 2013

        yup…. jail & Arie must wanna be his soap dropping cellmate.

  5. KING B October 29, 2013

    i miss them they were just so cute and Aubrey my girl she just say whateve haha come trough her mind gotta love her

  6. LOL October 29, 2013


  7. Tisha October 29, 2013

    Poor ladies, but after what happened with Diddy I don’t know what made them choose to work with another immature drama Queen. Chris has been spiraling for years.

  8. IKNOWTHETRUTH October 29, 2013

    Chris Brown is unstable therefore booking a show with him is unstable. BUT, they wanted to do it on a major platform and in front of a crowd that knows them, so it was a smart yet not so smart move. Chris is grown and should know how to control himself. Now this is money out of their pockets and disappointed fans. I would sue Chris Brown if I were them. I don’t even know why Sevyn Streeter is signed to him. I’m afraid for her career at this point because of his craziness. That’s probably why her album got pushed back and she’s now releasing an EP instead.

    • eric October 29, 2013

      I agree. They knew what they were signing up for. Some risks are worth taking, but when you really need for something to work, you can’t ignore the red flags.

  9. Yep! October 29, 2013

    This is really sad. Chris has to realise that others are affected by his shenanigans. I really hope that Drake or someone reliable like that on Tour reaches out to them to save the day

  10. ♪►Muzzac◄♪ October 29, 2013

    Omg I’m so mad at Chris Brown right now! B**** I WAS READY TO HEAR DK!!!!! Chris just had to f*** it up for everybody!

  11. PopSCUM October 29, 2013

    God damn you breezy for f***** with my DK comeback peformance! Someone please send him a year’s supply of meth asap so he can take care of himself….

  12. velvet rope October 29, 2013

    You shouldnt have even associated yourself with someone like him, i blame you girls for not making a smart decision.

  13. GirlWhat October 29, 2013

    THIS MAKES ME SO MAD. UGH…Chris Brown always messing it up for somebody

  14. cocobutta October 29, 2013

    This door may be closed but i’m sure the next one is right round the corner.

    Would have been really cool to have Roseland be the comeback though.

    No comment on THAT CHILD!

  15. JER October 29, 2013

    Ya see. This just shows how your actions affect OTHER PEOPLE. Chris Brown has been given 19481849 chances. This is BEYOND THE LAST AND FINAL STRAW

  16. ThisTEAisSTRONG October 29, 2013

    Meanwhile D.Woods is somewhere laughing and singing GOLDMINE.

    DAMN YOU CHRIS BROWN.. . DAMN YOU! I was looking forward to these b****** hitting the stage.

  17. Matt Basically October 29, 2013

    He did the same to Kelly Rowland in Texas in September. That last incident…Kelly was supposed to perform with him and the show got cancelled.

    I’m still checking for DK though. Still excited.

  18. Dev October 29, 2013

    They should just do a club tour to keep it moving, they don’t know when the next meal ticket is gonna come.
    I don’t know why they

    • Dev October 29, 2013

      I meant… I don’t know why people are blaming Chris, it clearly says that the promoters cancel;led

      • LOL October 29, 2013


  19. Navy Nick October 29, 2013

    y is anyone working with this kid CHRIS BROWN? (I understand he is talented), BUT this guy is NOT stable, and he is slowly just going down, SAD BECAUSE X is going to be a good album, BUT he is done!

  20. Maestro J* October 29, 2013

    I find it amazing that the Danity Kane fans are the only ones disappointed the show got cancelled… #teamBreezy SEEMS to be like ‘ah well he did it again’ lol… this shouldn’t be normal. He really needs to reevaluate his position and consider taking some serious time off to think if this is something he really wants to continue to do. Im sorry as a BLACK MAN living in AMERICA, knowing what you already have over your head, you should avoid physical altercations at all cost. Being in a club can’t be that important. Your fans should be your number one priority, you’re not disappointing your haters, you’re disappointing your fans. #ijs

  21. FutureCIARA October 29, 2013

    Aww po galz

  22. EveRyder October 29, 2013

    LMAO at the ones. Pissed bcuz chris denied y’all a chance at seeing a comeback performance from DK. Y’all shouldn’t have been bashing him and wishing harm or danger upon him. He showed y’all. Anyhoo on the real he does need totake a break an re evaluate his life,relax,and go to counseling b4 he comeback to the music world. I am still waiting to hear new music from Danity kane,but its just not gonna be the same without D.woods I’m sorry.

  23. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 29, 2013

    Why was Chris Brown apart of this anyway??? He’s so annoying! He needs jail time!!

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