Ciara’s ‘Overdose’ Sizzles In South Korea / Shifts 500,000 Units In Two Weeks

Published: Saturday 30th Nov 2013 by David

Four months removed since the release, Ciara‘s self titled fifth studio album can now boast of a US Gold single by way of the R&B effort ‘Body Party’ and Hot 100 Top 40 cut in the Dance number ‘I’m Out.’

However, despite the glory they attained in that market, both did very little to push the project internationally, with ‘Party‘s highest position held outside the nation being #43 on Belgium’s Flanders Ultratip Urban chart.

So, just how their predecessor ‘Overdose’  put both cuts to commercial shame?

The answer to that question, below…

Upon its release in the Republic of Korea, the soulful Pop single sold 359,541 units in a single week- arming with it the commercial wings it used to soar to #20 on the Gaon International Digital chart.

A week later, it shifted a further 134,625 copies bringing its total sales to 494,166- holding its Top 50 spot by spending that week at #41.

Now, despite lacking a supporting music video or physical promotion in the nation, the single has cartwheeled its way past the 500,000 mark on a digital front, helped in great part by consistent spins garnered on the market’s Urban radio formats.

Marking the latest applause worthy feat to be scored by the entertainer, ‘Over’s Asian success comes as her 2004 debut ‘Goodies’ edge nearer to global sales of 5 million units, with 2.7 million of those being sold in the US.

Your thoughts?

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  1. cake like lady gaga November 30, 2013

    Its a nice song, from a nice album, so I’m happy for her

    • FentySoSnatched November 30, 2013

      One second I’m on top, then suddenly the flop is me.

      • Blackout2.0 November 30, 2013

        At this rate OD might outsell Applause.

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  2. Molly November 30, 2013

    Yas international QUEEN!

  3. HOTSTUFF November 30, 2013

    Let’s sit back and watch the Z-squad act like she just got a Diamond certification…
    *Foils Nails*

    • Molly November 30, 2013

      You mad sis? Cici shits on Rih on and off stage.

      • PhuckYoTour November 30, 2013

        Stay mad beech.

  4. TurntUp4Cici November 30, 2013


    whats air aa

    i cant breathe
    ic ant abrhahaiaiiaahi


    • truth…honey JUST THE DAMN TRUTH. y you mad? November 30, 2013

      U funky B****

  5. OverdoseOnSorry November 30, 2013

    Yo, TGJ will always have my love for this s***. Yall support Ciara so much it makes me wanna cry sometimes.

  6. iconic cici November 30, 2013

    Congratulations Queeen!!!!!! The haters are gonna be pissed. Yaaas!

  7. honey boy November 30, 2013

    she is fcked no matter what… LA REID has ruined and will continue to ruin her career. and once she gets dropped no label is gonna want her. she is gonna be just like ashanti.

  8. BanjeeRiri November 30, 2013

    Credit where credit is due, good for you Ciara.

  9. QueenOfTheNavy November 30, 2013

    Kiii, how many favors did TGJ pull to make this happen.

    • RitasLipstick November 30, 2013

      Rihanna still sleeping with Drizzy?

      • ItsCheryl2bh November 30, 2013

        Rita’s legs are still divorced?

  10. Mr. Nice Guy :) November 30, 2013

    Hi guys 🙂

    Congratulations Cici!!!

    All you need to do now is to drop a video and send it to Top 40/Mainsream radio and then hopefull, it will take off in the US.

    Quick poll: What should be her fourth single? (That is if her label is still supporting her album because I heard from somebody here that they gave up on her album and left her and her manager in charge, hopefully a rumor cause I want to win so bad)

    Keep on lookin’
    Read my lips
    Where U Go (Feat. future)
    Super Turnt Up (Featuring herself)
    Living It Up (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    Backseat Love
    One Night With You
    Boy outta here (Feat. Rick Ross)

  11. Lana Del Slay November 30, 2013

    Do my eyes deceive me?

    • TheEvolutionOfCici November 30, 2013

      No girl, you really DO have h*****.

      • SLAY ME GODNIKA (ASBEENISH) November 30, 2013

        LMFAO, read to FILTH

  12. Draggin4MrsCarter November 30, 2013

    David took out a loan and bought 499,000 copies.

    • AubreyOSlay November 30, 2013

      LMFAO LMFAO. That n**** must have shares in Epic.

    • #Beyindependent November 30, 2013

      Lmao hahaha.

  13. lana the legend November 30, 2013

    Not impressed… you can’t even do these numbers in America or UK so your still a damn fail.

  14. lana the legend November 30, 2013

    @Dragging4MrsCarter Lmao Yaaas!

  15. ALORS ON DANSE November 30, 2013

    A song cosrs only 2 cents there. It’s still a flop LOLz

    • BeyWhoUWanna November 30, 2013

      So every song sells that much in that little time? Don’t let your hate overcloud your judgement. Kelly gave away copies of Ms Kelly when it dropped and nobody wanted it, people only buy what they want.

      • ALORS ON DANSE November 30, 2013

        Yes, Call Me Maybe sold 3 million in 1 year alone. And this post is not true:

        #1 this week – The Fox
        Ylvis | The Fox

        last week #1 – The Fox
        Ylvis | The Fox

        2 weeks ago #1 – The Monster (Feat. Rihanna)
        Eminem | The Monster (Single)

        So this post is a lie.

  16. idgi November 30, 2013

    LMFAO!! She can keep the peace if ever there’s a conflict between the US and South Korea.

  17. MarinasDiamonds November 30, 2013

    What kind of random slayage?

  18. #Beyindependent November 30, 2013

    Yet its no where to be found on the AMERICAN CHARTS! #TheStruggle

    • stephy tha lambily November 30, 2013

      Which is the most IMPORTANT CHARTS

  19. CiciFinnaBeABride November 30, 2013

    When will Lana?
    When will Rihanna?
    I would ask when Beyonce will but you have to have a single out to play this game.

  20. stephy tha lambily November 30, 2013

    Janet Jackson

    Control: 1986 (10,000,000+)
    Rhythm Nation: 1989 (15,000,000+)
    Janet: 1993 (20,000,000+)
    The Velvet Rope: 1997 (10,000,000+)
    All For You: 2001 (8,000,000+)
    Damita Jo: 2004 (3,000,000+)
    20 Yo: 2006 (2,000,000+)
    Discipline: 2008 (2,000,000+)


    Goodies: 2004 (4,000,000+)
    The Evolution: 2007 (3,000,000+)
    Fantasy Ride: 2009 (FLOP)
    Basic Instict: 2010 (FLOP)
    Ciara: 2013 (FLOP)

    • ALORS ON DANSE November 30, 2013




      • stephy tha lambily November 30, 2013

        Child please! I got these sales from billboard

    • Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

      Dead at her first two albums sales being inflated by about 1 million each.
      Even then didn’t the Z Squad say Goodies sold 5 million just yesterday?

    • ALORS ON DANSE November 30, 2013

      Nope, that’s from Wikipedia, inflated as f*** and fake. Shipments, not real sales.

      • stephy tha lambily November 30, 2013

        That website you posted has Britney Spears over Mariah Carey in record sales so your point is invalid… Janet Jackson sold 100 Million records BILLBOARD COMFIRMED THIS 10 years ago

    • ALORS ON DANSE November 30, 2013

      Records yes, but albums no, she’s around 70 million which is not impressive when she released most of them during the peak of album sales and it’s unfair to compare her sales to Ciara’s. Michael, Madonna, Celine would never see 1/4 of their sales if they released them in today climate sales, let’s be honest. And that site includes only albums, not singles and Britney has sold more albums that Janet. I am pretty sure that she has sold more records overall too.

  21. Mrs. Derulo Harris November 30, 2013

    Queen Ciara, it’s time to wake up. WAKE UP!

  22. Tallb November 30, 2013

    i don’t know why she has not promoted this song properly by now…what’s wrong and what is she waiting for? atleast a video or a new performance

  23. ARTPOP is an epic flop of the millennium November 30, 2013


  24. ARTPOP is an epic flop of the millennium November 30, 2013

    when will Gaga? 🙁

  25. RICHIE_RICH November 30, 2013

    Congrats CiCi now get out and promote you’re album hun.

  26. Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

    Cierror stans know nothing about international charts though. Singles in South Korea cost about 12 cents.
    Not to mention she’s nowhere to be found on the official chart. Or any other country’s chart, for that matter. But the tea has already been spilled by a couple of other posters.

  27. RICHIE_RICH November 30, 2013

    Congrats CiCi now get out and promote you’re album hun.

  28. stephy tha lambily November 30, 2013

    Janet Jackson
    Janet Jackson
    Janet Jackson

  29. Dance4U November 30, 2013

    Epic are going into liquidation and that’s why she hasn’t been promoting it. TGJ are begging yall to support it so Ciara isn’t dropped because they’ve probably heard she’s going to.
    Bookmark this if you don’t believe me.

    • MadameCici November 30, 2013

      Don’t worry about Epic when Columbia made Beyonce record her album all OVER again boo.

  30. Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

    I heard about that.
    Epic is the absolute worst label. Sony will probably move her to Colombia (and spend all her promo money on Beyoncé/Adele/One Direction) or RCA. Or better yet, drop her since no one is here for her except LA Reid.

    • stephy tha lambily November 30, 2013

      I wonder why LA Ried is so invested in her…

    • RICHIE_RICH November 30, 2013

      Ain’t that it.

  31. Marcel November 30, 2013

    I love CiCi Overdose hasn’t grown on me yet… I am still checking for DUI
    I hope this becomes a single

    Check out “Dare” by new artist Marcel

  32. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    Wow so amazing so proud

  33. Joey November 30, 2013

    It’s sad, in that first video it really shows that she can’t sing and thats what always ruins it for me

  34. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    Rosie your just mad because lana could never

    • QueenBeyonceIsQueen November 30, 2013

      Lana has made more impact than BabymamaAra could ever.

      • Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

        Dont come for king ci when you stan for beyfake everyone slays that tramp

  35. Blackout2.0 November 30, 2013

    Go Ciara!

  36. Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

    Lana’s album went #1 in 11 countries and is certified in over 20. I doubt she’s mad. That’s more countries than Cierror has ever charted in.

  37. Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

    And Marcel your song sucks.

      • Rosie Stan November 30, 2013

        Are you sure that’s Katy’s tour……
        looks more like a 5 year olds birthday party to me

    • Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

      @Alors On Dance (don’t know if this is going with your comment or not, low budget ass site)
      YAS at Without You. The best song on Born To Die, I don’t know why it was a bonus track. It should’ve been the closer for the standard. It goes perfectly with This Is What Makes Us Girls.
      Sorry for being late, TGJ on mobile is ass.

    • Christina Million November 30, 2013


  38. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

    Livin it up was a huge hit there too.

    • Lana Del Slay November 30, 2013

      Was Flopfume?

  39. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    You go GIRL!! So proud of her 🙂
    She should release the video to Smash WW

  40. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

    You cannot blame LA Reid for Ciara’s under performance. Ciara had the biggest promo budget of any artist on EPIC this year. It is her single choices that were the problem.

    Her singles should have been;

    – Body Party
    – Overdose
    – Livin’ it up
    – Read my lips (urban only)

    and the rest of the stuff she released would have come much later. She would have sold 700K and 1.2 million WW with this plan.

    Livin’ it up was a huge hit in South Korea, and now Overdose is. Ciara sat on these two songs and decided to release the non cross-over mess that was I’m out.

    Ciara is to blame, no LA.

  41. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    Rosie it took your fav changing her imagine to get noticed and get attention that h** is nothin but a lorde and Adele lessor

  42. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

    @Lana Del Slay

    I’m still waiting for receipts of Born to Die selling 5 million, we all know Interscope is creative with their figures, I mean they did say Plagiarize this way sold 8 million when we all know that’s a lie.

    Also not you coming for Britney when Lana cannot sell without the help of a plastic surgeon. Lizzy Grant proved that.

    • Woman2Woman November 30, 2013

      Drag ha.

      • TeenageDreamer November 30, 2013

        Drag a bit Lovebird.

      • NickiBeenBad November 30, 2013

        You better tell her!

  43. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    Not here for jealous and bitter beyonce rihanna and lana fans.

    • RICHIE_RICH November 30, 2013

      Nobody bitter babe most people are giving her congrats. You just had to find someway to bring in Beyonce’ and the other girls. Damn just be happy for you’re fav and keep it moving.

  44. Woman2Woman November 30, 2013

    Sisters, can we talk about why Gaga lied about AP’s sales.

    • BrunoMartian November 30, 2013

      Let’s not, Cake will have a melt down.

  45. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    If they lie about gaga numbers you know they lie about lanas.

  46. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    Where’s H2O? 🙁
    Where are the real regulars of TGJ?
    I know “Lovebird” is one of them?
    I’m seeing new people here.

  47. SexxDreamin’ November 30, 2013

    Good for Ciara, but doesn’t Lovebird have to two singles to save.

    Flop B**** and Shittyfume.

  48. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    “Woman to Woman” you should be worried about your faves hall concert and live lady gaga alone.
    I’ll drag you b****

    • Woman2Woman November 30, 2013

      Do your worst.

  49. KatyKadet November 30, 2013

    Chart News ‏@chartnews 21h
    WW sales: @LadyGaga, ARTPOP 132,000 (743,000 total).

    Monsters, oh woo hoo Monsters. Care to essplayne?

  50. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    lana stans dont get tired of getting dragged?

    • HistoRih November 30, 2013

      Doesn’t the C Squad get tired of being trolled by BabyMommaAra.

  51. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

    Never mind the two singles, don’t you have am entire album to save. I mean from 600K to 100K what kind of Second week flop is this.

    Bangerz and pure heroine will reach the 1 million sold WW before Artpop.

  52. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    Omg wait i thought GaGa sold 1.2 million whats going on?

    • HistoRih November 30, 2013

      Her a** was lying.

  53. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    @BrazilianFlopyonce you stan for two lieing fake fruad b****** GaGa and beyonce ewww

  54. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    Disappointed in GaGa for lying.

  55. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    Don’t come for Lana del rey her album has sold 5 Million copies WW.. Many sources agree with me. Try another shade

    • Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

      “Don’t come for Lana del rey her album has sold 5 Million copies WW.. Many sources agree with me”

      Then you should have no problem providing receipts when asked, and I am asking.

    • Natalia Thrills November 30, 2013

      Lies upon lies.

  56. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

    Australia – 15K
    Canada – 25K
    UK – 66K

    And it has been downhill ever since. What kind of floppage is this Monsters? When is ARTPOP going to be Gold in Australia or even Platinum in Canada?

    Is it even Certified UK SILVER??

    What kind of SECOND WEEK FLOP IS 600K to 100K? I can’t.

  57. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    Doesn’t the navy get tired of getting h***** from every rihanna concert they go to

  58. I Am….Sandra Fierce November 30, 2013

    Maybe LA should use payola for Ciara like TM did for Mariah. Just a thought.

    • VisionOfMimi November 30, 2013

      Maybe he could buy Beyonce some Grammys like Mathew did. Just a thought.

      • I Am….Sandra Fierce November 30, 2013

        Maybe Mariah could get a hit single without Clear Channel. Just a flop.

  59. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

    @Samantha, are you going to post about Gags muppet show FLOP??

    Lady Gaga’s holiday special failed to generate much applause. The ARTPOP singer’s Thanksgiving special with The Muppets disappointed in the ratings Thursday night.

    ABC’s 90-minute Lady Gaga & The Muppets Holiday Spectacular had only 3.6 million viewers and a 0.9 rating among adults 18-49 at 9:30 p.m. That’s considerable less than ABC’s 8 p.m. annual repeat of a 40-year-old holiday special, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (5.3 million, 1.6 in demo).

    Perhaps a more telling comparison: Lady Gaga’s previous ABC holiday effort, A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, aired in this same slot two year ago, but had a 78 percent higher rating (5.4 million total viewers, 1.6 rating). Here’s our writer’s take on last night’s Gaga special (“Gaga and Kermit have zero chemistry”), which featured Gaga performing Christmas classics with Muppet favs, along with guests such as Elton John, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ru Paul.

    Meanwhile: Football was king, of course, with NBC’s Pittsburgh at Baltimore coverage delivering approximately 18.6 million viewers. Fox was the only network to stick with original episodes of its usual lineup, but The X Factor (3.8 million, 1.0) and Glee (2.8 million, 0.9) both performed ultra-modestly.

    Source: EW

  60. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    I stan for Beysus. The lord who came and save music.
    I don’t stan for gaga @cici
    I just like her but I can drag ha if I want but I don’t have to explain myself to someone stupid like you. Girl good fucken BYE!
    Where ma weave at?

    • QueenMoesha November 30, 2013

      Where is Beyonce’s new single fool.

  61. BrunoMartian November 30, 2013

    Rosie, please bring receipts. I don’t believe your claims of 5 million.

  62. queen barb November 30, 2013

    the lana stans are just like gaga stans nothing but liars.

    • GagitaMaraj November 30, 2013

      Go away heaux.

  63. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    A Keyshia stan shouldn’t be even replying becauses its fave is no where to be found.

    We can sit here and f*** the whole day at the end of the day Lana Del Rey has sold over 5 Million Copies WW. Don’t fight me, Fight Interscope, Wikipedia etc boo

    • GagitaMaraj November 30, 2013

      F is for fiction.

  64. Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

    I don’t know about you all but I’d rather trust Interscope and the other credible sources saying Lana sold 5 million than a couple of pressed, lonely stans on the internet.
    Even if two Germans and a dog (aka Mediatraffic) is correct Born To Die has outsold Icki’s discography worldwide.

  65. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    Brazilian no b**** you stan for a thief who’s afraid to release music. beyonce 5Th album will do worse than eves lip lock.

  66. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    Was that a “Brandy Stan” Brandy stan asking about beyonces single? LMFAO you want me to spill the tea on your Epic Flopping fave. Her current album. is being outsold by Beysus Old ancient albums. Lol
    I get why you mad, Your irrelevant fave released her flopping album the same day bey got petty and told the world she’s headlining Superbowl and Brandy pathetic existence faded away.. Aww
    I get why you mad. Apparently in South Africa brandy was one of the performs of Mandelas Concert but only 45 people stayed in 90K stadium when she came in everyone just left. It was the most embarrassing thing to date.
    Its sucks to be brandy she can’t chart anywhere

    So don’t come for beyonce when you stan for that irrelevant f*** moesha

      • QueenMoesha November 30, 2013

        Brandy is known as the vocal bible and beyonce is known as a thief.

    • Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

      Girl I forgot all about that 45 person concert. Screaming.

    • Cici da baddest November 30, 2013


  67. Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

    GagitaMaraj couldn’t even find a decent video to drag Lana, just a b******* feminist parody.
    Don’t let me bring up the millions of Icki/Gaga parody videos on YouTube. Not that I need to. They’re both walking parodies on their own.

  68. MUSICHEAD November 30, 2013

    I really like Ciara but somehow I don’t think this is true. There is no way she could have sold that many singles charting so low in that country. I could be wrong but it’s just not adding up.

  69. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    The song is an amazing hit it was meant to do well @musichead

    • Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

      Canada has a higher standard log living, better healthcare, better education, less poverty, and less crime than the US.
      Call me back when you can provide with statistics, not YouTube videos. Especially when I can pull up at least 50 dumb news reports from the US in less than 2 minutes.

      • CherylSoldier November 30, 2013

        lmao at you thinking you have better education and health care. US doctors and health services are unmatched in the world. the system is just expensive. and Canada has better education? that’s why all of the world’s best universities are in the US tho?

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) November 30, 2013

      OMG LOL!!! I’m sorry but that is hilarious hahaha!!

  70. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    ccording to the Guardian, the singer traveled to South Africa to perform a show in Johannesburg  for the Mandela Sports and Culture Day. The event was jam-packed and lasted a majority of the day, and Brandy was actually a surprise guest set to perform at the end of the event. Unfortunately, either folks couldn’t wait for the surprise, or they just didn’t care about the music segement because according to reports, no more than 40 people showed up to watch her “Put It Down” on the stage. She eventually walked off the stage after doing a couple of songs for the small crowd.

    Numerous people, including South African musician Kabomo, took to social media to express their shock at the sparse turnout:

    “Brandy [just] performed to an empty stadium. With the stadium lights on. People didn’t know there was a concert after the games. No one knew Brandy was around. Maybe a 40 people audience … She sulked after two songs and walked off.”

    “Well Brandy is going to perform for herself and Mbaks only. Stadium now empty. #nelsonmandelasportsandcultureday”

    “@BeatleBeat lols hai friend…I gave up the min I saw the empty stadium. Brandy performing for the chairs! (/.\)”

    But the Guardian says that it really had nothing to do with the singer. Tens of thousands of people came to the event mainly to watch the football and rugby matches that took place, and many slowly but surely began leaving when the music segment began. With four other performers coming on before B Rocka, and she being tagged as an unnamed “special guest,” by the time she finally came out, folks seemed like they couldn’t wait around any l0nger. It was a day-long event. *shrugs*

    But I’m mad at television broadcasters in Johannesburg. According to The Guardian, while they covered and broadcasted a majority of the events that took place, “SABC, the country’s national TV channel, ended their broadcast of the concert before the singer came on stage.” They just insisted on doing this woman absolutely greasy. But alas, such is the reality for a lot of performers when they take their act abroad. Keri Hilson performed in Nigeria in 2012 and attendance was reportedly scant. But Brandy’s reps contacted TheYBF to give a statement where they don’t deny the report, but play it down:

    “She was booked at the last minute to fly to South Africa to support a “cause”–not a concert. It was a cause that honored “Mr. Nelson Mandela” and there was other performers on the bill besides Brandy. She attended because she wanted to support the foundation and Mr. Mandela…a man who has changed history. This whole story has been blown out of proportion and Brandy has sold out shows across the world including South Africa before.”

    I would have stuck around for Brandy though. I still blast Never Say Never like it came out yesterday…

  71. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    Brandy would never perform for 45 that’s something expect lana to do.

    • Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

      Lana can sell out 18K capacity arenas on her first tour, while Cierror is stuck getting sued in the middle of gay pride parades.

  72. Cici da baddest November 30, 2013

    T********* Stan coming for brandy!?

  73. Jamie November 30, 2013

    Ciara 8 million sold worldwide

    Nicki 6 million sold worldwide

    Lana 4.4 million worldwide

    • Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

      Absolute death at this inflation. More like
      Lana – 5 million
      Cedric – around 4.5 million
      Icki – 4.2 million
      Not to mention neither Icki or Cierror have sold 4 million copies of one album. Once again Lana wins either way.

  74. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    Brandy is more successful than bey? LMAO.
    Even Rihanna is a bigger star than Brandy. Even Ciara is bigger than Brandy.
    S*** is bigger than Brandy.
    You Brandy stans Tried with your ancient Fave

  75. Wildest dreamer November 30, 2013

    When will beyonce sell 16 million with 1 album?

    • Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

      Has Two Eleven been certified asphalt yet?

  76. Wildest dreamer November 30, 2013

    i have no respect for a hive member you guys are legit s*** no one likes or respects you homos

  77. Wildest dreamer November 30, 2013

    who is lana

  78. Slayty Perry (Selling out the O2 Arena twice on the same tour) November 30, 2013

    Did anyone else read the hot tea Billboard served Gags today? They scalped her bald
    “The real reason this show existed, of course, was to promote Gaga’s new release, “ARTPOP,” and little could she have guessed when the special was filmed just how much help the album would need come late November. The project just sank from No. 1 to No. 8 in its second week out, suffering the steepest sales drop-off (82 percent) of any chart-topper in 2013. Courting the turkey-narcotized family audience to rush in where her gays have failed her suddenly seems prescient, and you’d hope any parents tempted to go buy “ARTPOP” for their art-tots will be bright enough to assume not all the songs are as G-rated as the ones scattered throughout the special.

    The misnamed “Spectacular” had a distinctly low-budget ‘70s feel, which initially threatened to be charming — family-friendliness as affectionate camp and all that — although eventually it was hard to discern just how much of the downmarket vibe was deliberate. Gaga’s miming of all her “ARTPOP” material could have been read as a tribute to a bygone era of variety specials, if not for the fact that she also lip-synched some of her “SNL” appearance a couple of weeks ago. She clearly has the chops to do it live, but maybe the decision to stick with the recorded versions reflected a desire that the show at least have audio production values, if not visual.”

    • Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

      Noooooo, not Billboard scalping the t***** bold like that. I cannot.

  79. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    @Wildest Flop

    ” The Writing’s on the Wall was certified 8× Platinum by the RIAA on November 6, 2001. The album has sold over 15 million copies worldwide.”

    “Survivor was certified quadruple Platinum by the RIAA on January 7, 2002. Billboard magazine ranked Survivor at number 70 on the magazine’s Top 200 Albums of the Decade. The album has sold over 15 Million copies Globally as of 2009.”

    Brandy stans keep trying…

  80. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    Destinys Child is BEYONCE!

    • Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013


      • RICHIE_RICH November 30, 2013

        Destinys Child is Beyonce just like the supremes is Dina Ross

      • Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

        Not you clinging to that PR scheme Beyonce’s team is trying to push just because her numbers are basic compared to her peers.

        Alicia Keys, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Xtina didn’t need the HELP of Kelly and Michelle to sell.

  81. Luka November 30, 2013

    The part about Overdose doing good on “urban radio” in Korea is a lie in it of itself. America and Canada are probably the only countries in the world with different formats for radio stations that people actually pay attention to, and radio stations in Korea don’t even play Western music

  82. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) November 30, 2013

    Good for you Cici! Nice to see you win. Overdose is a great single, I wish it had better handling though..

  83. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    @Lovebird don’t reply to me comments you dark skinned t*****.

    Beyonce Knowles is Destinys Child

    • RICHIE_RICH November 30, 2013

      Not you dark skinned t*****…. Stop it I say That racist!!!!!!

  84. Taylor Payne November 30, 2013

    Yes! I Am So Happy & Proud Of Ciara’s Success This Year. #1 Urban Single. Top 25 Hot 100. #2 Album USA. Gold Certification. VMA, AMA, & Peoples Choice Nomination. Now All These Units Shifted In Korea. “Overdose” Is Destined For Success, No Matter Where That Might Be. For The Haters, 13 Top 40 Hot 100 Hits, Grammy Winner, 8+ Million Albums WW, 20+ Million Singles WW, Billboard Woman Of The Year, Longest-Running Debut Female Single Since 77′ (“Goodies”),5 Billboard #1’s (“Goodies”-Hot 100, “1,2 Step”-Pop, “Like You”-R&B & Rap, “Promise”-R&B, “Body Party” Dance & Urban) Will NEVER Be A Flop. Get Over It, Ciara Is Clearly Here To Stay. Stop Comparing Her. It’s Been A DECADE & She is Still Making Waves In Music, Media, Magazines, Blogs, Etc. That My Friends Is WINNING & Longevity, No Matter How You Look at It. Congrats To Ciara, Epic, Her Team, & CSquad For The Continued Success!

  85. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

    LMAO, not the giving buying the PR scheme Beyonce’s team is trying to push.

    I’ve never hear MJ, Justin Timberlake or even Bowe claim Jackson 5, N’sync or Beatles sales, why, they don’t need HELP to sell albums.

    That claim is as credible as Beyonce’s “Grammy’s” when Matthew was on the Grammy committee.

  86. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    Billboard and various sources confirmed that Destinys Child Sales are Beyonces Sales because Beyonce was Destinys Child.
    DC was relevant because of beyonce

    • Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

      Is that so, then how many albums have Bowe, Justin Timberlake and MJ sold??

      I guess that means Bowe has passed MJ as the most successful male artist of all time.

      I can’t at this self shade LMAO.

  87. h2o November 30, 2013

    Brandy is NOT more successful than Beyonce.

    Beyonce has since 1998 sold 30 million+ albums in the US alone according to Billboard.

    Beyonce is today’s biggest female touring act since Madonna, current tour will pass $200 million worldwide in 2014.

    With all respect, I don’t see how Brandy is anywhere as big as Bey atp ..

  88. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

    Not Destiny’s Child was successful because of Beyonce delusion when Beyonce’s sales without the HELP have been swan diving to the bottom of the billboard charts.

  89. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    Still cannot change it.. Beyonce is DC. We can sit here and argue the whole day it won’t change haha 🙂

  90. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

    But Brandy didn’t need THE HELP to sell albums.

  91. TheHive November 30, 2013

    Lmao at everbody still callin it a flop

  92. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    Beyonce did all the work!
    Wrote the songs
    Gave Epic Vocals
    Out shined Every member
    Made the group pretty much relevant
    Sang almost 80% of the songs, some songs she sang alone e.g “Brown Eyes”.
    You’re really trying boo.
    Keep on failing …. I can’t tbh

  93. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

    If Beyonce is Destiny’s Child then Rihanna has sold over 230 million records (50 million albums + 180 million digital tracks) making her the most successful artist of the last 10 years. Such a global iconic queen.

  94. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    Even without DC
    Beyonces CIL is still way more Iconic than any Brandy single.
    #FailsAgain LMAO

  95. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    We are not even talking about Rihanna.. So childish
    Dark Skinned people are dumb exactly like they dark brain!
    Rihanna doesn’t even have one album that has sold 10 Million WW. “Global Icon” My brazilian tight A*** 🙂

  96. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

    Lmao I like how you think calling someone dark skinned is an insult. It’s like calling someone a f** or homosexual.

    I will maintain Rihanna has sold over 230 million records if you’re going to maintain Beyonce is DC.

  97. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

    I guess Beyonce does not only have the dumbest fan base, she also has the most ignorant. I now see why she pays her fans dust.

  98. RICHIE_RICH November 30, 2013

    Girl shut up with you’re conspiracy theoy crap.

  99. RICHIE_RICH November 30, 2013

    How dare you shitbird , for god sake you’re from South Africa.#enoughsaid

    • Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) November 30, 2013

      Nope, not from SA. Try again.

      • RICHIE_RICH November 30, 2013

        Sure ….At the end of the day you’re still TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Kpop Fan November 30, 2013

    It can’t sell 500K in 2 week when the #1 international sales for the 2 last week has sold 29 156 & 26 915 copies.

    • JanetXone November 30, 2013

      It happened in October. I just checked it out.

  101. RICHIE_RICH November 30, 2013


  102. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    Beyonce has sold 30 Million Albums in the US.

    Richie Ignore him, he is a lonely ugly p**** has no life.

    • RICHIE_RICH November 30, 2013

      I like to make IT upset, as well all know here at TGJ Lovebird has NO life.

  103. FAF November 30, 2013

    Oh my f*** u love you queen!!!!

  104. h2o November 30, 2013

    If Rihanna has sold 50M albums, then Beyonce has sold 100M of them worldwide ..

    Ask Pepsi



    ** goes to bed, 11:50PM ***

  105. Brazilian Beyonce!!! November 30, 2013

    I know right.. I left TGJ for months and I return “IT” is still commenting on TGJ everyday. I get why it is Bitter. This thing is trashy

  106. Career Ender November 30, 2013

    Lol @BrazilianBeyonce dragging the demented Lovebird

  107. overdose on ci November 30, 2013

    Yassssss ciara!!!*Plays the whole album. N brittney’s tik tik boom**

  108. Nicki Is Queen Other B****** Take A Seat> November 30, 2013

    this is impressive but no one cares about south Korea’s charts.. you tried

  109. BeyBeyBey November 30, 2013

    You really think there was like 5 songs that sold over million this week in Korea? that’s not how many it sold bud
    sorry ciara. but you are not even close.

  110. REAL Brandy stan November 30, 2013

    Not these fake Brandy stans using her name to get her “dragged” lmao.

    Brandy and Beyonce love each other, no beef between them or the Starrz/Hive BUT Brandy was slaying when DC was still performing in middle school talent shows. First black Barbie, successful movies, first black Cinderella handpicked by Whitney Houston herself, star of one of the longest running black sitcoms on television, over 20 million records sold before the age of 30, Covergirl, still holds the record as one of the youngest artists to have a #1 (13 weeks) on billboard …. And I can go on and on. Let’s not discredit Brandy.

    • REAL Brandy stan November 30, 2013

      Over 20 million albums sold before the age of 20*

  111. CherylSoldier November 30, 2013

    Lana is a basic version of Adele. Homegirl can only DREAM that she’ll be big in the US

    • Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

      B**** who the f*** is Cheryl. Sis can’t even slay in her own country anymore. Local ass CHAV.

  112. Skyfall November 30, 2013

    Something’s fishy, and it smells worst then your favs stanky ass p****

  113. Skyfall November 30, 2013

    Lana is more relevant then Ciara and brandy

    • CherylSoldier November 30, 2013

      spell ‘than’ right and maybe ppl will start to take your opinion seriously

  114. Rach November 30, 2013

    Yasss @ Brazilian Beyonce dragging!

  115. ciara is everything November 30, 2013

    lana isnt relvant tho ciara has grammies number 1 hits and albums in america , lana 1st album hasnt even gone platinum w****…

  116. BeyRihStan November 30, 2013

    FLOP! 😆

  117. ciara is everything November 30, 2013

    beyonce rihanna are the real flops those h*** to be legends and icons yet can do a million or even 700k first week how pathetic

  118. FutureCIARA November 30, 2013

    Yes Babe!!!!!

  119. Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) November 30, 2013

    And Born To Die still outsold Cierror’s last three albums combined in the US. A mess. Has Cedric sold 140K yet in the US?

  120. BeyRihStan November 30, 2013

    Both Bey and Rih’s last albums have outsold Ciara’s last four combined so I wouldn’t try to drag if I were you.

  121. C squad above you all November 30, 2013

    Ok but bey and rih wouldn’t be s*** without Matthew Knowles and Jay z so stfu Ciara doing her damn thing and this b**** lana is a non factor she’s not a threat to no one….

  122. C squad above you all November 30, 2013

    Lana still hanging onto GaGas coat tails huh b****?

  123. CherylSoldier November 30, 2013

    A Lana stan talking about not slaying in her own country LOL
    How many number 1s does Lana have again?

  124. CherylSoldier November 30, 2013

    You keep talking about these ‘worldwide sales’ of BTD, but Lana hasn’t even gone platinum in her own country LOL

    • Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) December 1, 2013

      Not a Chavyl Cole stan coming for American sales. But it can’t even get a career outside of the UK? Don’t come for sales when Born To Die has outsold every Chavyl album in its own country.

      • CherylSoldier December 1, 2013

        Idk where @rosie gets her info but Cheryl’s debut album has gone 3x platinum in the UK, OUTSELLING Lana’s. Cheryl’s debut album sold more in the UK than Lana’s did in the US. now that’s embarrassing hun.
        get your facts straight before your try to come for my fav

  125. Molly November 30, 2013

    Yaas drag Rosie and that drunk h** lana

  126. FAF November 30, 2013


  127. put your EBT card away, and pull that STAn card out h**! December 1, 2013

    She still trying? Well at least she winning somewhere

  128. Haw December 1, 2013

    If this song is the first single,
    I think this album would sell more.

    Anyway, Where is the Music Video?
    I love this song actually, but you let us waiting so long.
    This song came out in last year, and should be the 1st single or second.

    Anyway, congratulations.

  129. Rosie (TROPICO – December 5) December 1, 2013

    Yes, F.A.G. better SEETHE writing these long ass essays about me. Only forum homosexuals believe Lana isn’t relevant. Every straight person worships her, while forum homosexuals like you remain broke and on welfare, not being able to support your own fave while writing BS on your Gateway laptop.
    And not you coming for my music taste when I only posted about it once. The obsession. Bow down to your Canadian princess.

  130. Kpop Fan December 1, 2013

    She never sold 500K since Ylvis – The Fox is the biggest INTERNATIONAL SONG OF THE YEAR in Korea and it is about to sell over 500K, this week or next week.
    359 K it’s what big local artist like 2NE1, SNSD, BigBang pull in 1 week where they are #1, Ciara is no Amerie aka the only American to pull Local numbers (even if she had the help of Local Idols like 4Minute, Se7en & TaeYang). And she is not Beyonce who sold 2 Millions records this year (but it was her entire discography and also she’s been covered all year long by singers like Ailee, Hyorin, 2NE1, Kahi, and Reality TV contestants).

    And It can’t have a major success in Urban Radio in South Korea, on the simple fact there is no radio format there like in Western Countries.

  131. CherylSoldier December 1, 2013

    @rosie check your facts before you ATTEMPT to come for my fav next time

  132. Slingshot December 3, 2013

    This whole post is fake, who made you post this @ Grapejuice??
    There’s no urban radio in Korea and no international artists sells that much only Korean girl groups sells over 100k…this whole post is completely BS…

  133. Riley December 4, 2013


  134. Riley December 4, 2013

    my email tucked up yo

  135. Riley December 4, 2013

    F*** this

  136. Devin Weymouth December 16, 2014

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