Exclusive: 10 Questions With August Alsina [Interview]

Published: Friday 22nd Nov 2013 by Rashad

21-year-old August Alsina is undoubtedly breaking ground as one of 2013’s breakout music stars.

Bringing his refreshing, street savvy brand of hip hop/R&B to the masses, the New Orleans native – in just a few short months – has already seen his Chris Brown and Trey Songz -assisted debut single ‘I Luv This Sh*t’ skyrocket to the top of R&B charts.  This record-setting feat, the young crooner tells That Grape Juice, is just the beginning of what he has to offer.

Chatting exclusively to TGJ the ‘Ghetto’ hitmaker shares news about his successes so far, first full length LP, talks about that much-talked about ‘Wendy’ show appearance, and so much more.  Get into it all below:

TGJ:  In a time where so many are manufactured, you seem to be very in control of your image.  How important is that for you?

August:  I honestly don’t give a f*ck.  I don’t do what I do or dress the way I dress for people’s approval.  This is me and all I can give you is me.  If you rock with me, I rock with you. If you don’t, f*ck you.

As far as my image goes, this the way my mama made me. It’s just me.

TGJ:  As a New Orleans native, tell us the city’s culture has influenced you.

August:  In every way! I’m New Orleans up and down.  It’s what made me. It’s where I came from.  Watching Cash Money and Hot Boyz and just seeing them being from New Orleans coming up mad it cool for me. They were my motivation.

TGJ:  Cool!  Who else do you cite as influences?

August:  Honestly, I’m influenced by a lot. Anybody who has made it in this industry has something for me to learn from them.  Musically, it’s not just one person in particular that did it for me.

TGJ:  Your single “I Luv This Sh*t”, as of time reporting, is sitting pretty at #1 on the charts.  It’s the first R&B debut single to top the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop chart in four years! How does it feel to have such a warm reception so early?

August:  Man, it’s a blessing honestly.  Once you get a number one, all eyes are on you.  People want to see if you can do it again.

I’m not stuck on it because I’ve seen people with a #1 then after that you don’t know where they at.  So, I’m not caught up into it, but it’s a milestone and I thank God for it.  But, now I’m focused on getting another number 1.

TGJ:  We’re sure you’re hoping ‘Ghetto’ will do the trick.  Why did you feel it was the best single to follow-up?

August:  When I recorded ‘Ghetto’ I was in love in it from the beginning when I started writing it to everything else. I’m all about vibing. If my heart, spirit, and body says “yes”, I can’t deny it.

It’s something more women can feel.  I’m dropping music so people can really feel my story.

TGJ:  It’s on repeat here at TGJ HQ.  Now, let’s switch gears a bit and talk about your live television debut on ‘Wendy  Williams Show’.  The performance got mixed reviews from viewers.  What are your thoughts on its reception?

August:  TV is weird.  That was my very first live TV performance and it was a new experience for me. You’ve really got to create your own zone for those type of shows, from what I’ve learned. There is no energy there for you to feed off…it’s just you.  I’m learning as I go.

It’s not like I just got on there and bombed.  If anything, it was a learning experience.

TGJ:  Definitely!  Now, tell us more about your EP ‘Downtown: Life Under the Gun’.  What should we expect from it?

August:  Expect to go on a journey and honestly get to know me.  You can get to know me on a level that not a lot of people like to open up about. It really opens your eyes to who I am and where I come from.  If you haven’t heard it, check it out.

TGJ:  Any hints on the next single?

August:  No, not yet (laughs).  I’m focused on making sure what’s out can get heard. But, I’m dropping that at the top of the next year.

TGJ:  When should we expect a full length LP?

August:  My album has been done for a long time, but it’s a matter of timing.  Look for it at the top of next year.

TGJ:  Awesome.  Well, as we look forward to that and bring this interview to a close, tell us:  what does August Alsina bring to the game that wasn’t there before him?

August:  August Alsina is bringing August Alsina. I’m just bringing my story and my point of view.  I’m not them and they’re not me.

*Bonus – TGJ:  Advice for other up-and-comers?

August:  Always be persistent.  If you want to do something, you’ve got to put your mind, body, and soul into it and know it’s something you want to do.  First, you’ve got to love it.  Then, you’ve got to see sh*t when it’s blurry.  Even now for me at point of success in my career, I still just don’t know some things.

Go with the flow, but have a plan.  Do your best to execute.  Never conform for anyone.


Interview by: Quinno Rashad (That Grape Juice US)



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  1. BEYHIVE November 22, 2013


    • Mariyanna April 3, 2014

      Honestly, y’all needa stop hating frfr
      He has a great voice good looks and an inspirational story behind it all.

      • Uniqe Love August 29, 2014

        B**** how old are u and to get it straight b**** i’m his girl friend like come on now i bet u don’t what he was born in soo don’t say SH*T !!

    • LoveLovevon May 4, 2014

      Now that his music hit #1 on the BillBoard…

      #YouLookStupid #Hater

    • Kei January 13, 2015

      You wrong as hell for that s*** and everyone else who’s not a fan he been through a lot. So for you to outright comment. That’s disrespectful know where someone came from before you judge. He was nervous on Wendy Williams show everyone gets nervous sometimes. Unplugs he’s my inspiration he brought it to my attention if he made it out everyone from the hood should make it out no excuse. If you don’t have a similar background or situation as him then shut the f*** up.

    • uriah May 19, 2015

      Who ever said this need to shut up and look up who got money who can up from nothing he trying and he is doing the best he can so you don’t stop august i love you!

  2. The Boy Toy November 22, 2013

    He is so fine!!!!!! But his Wendy performance was embarrassing. He needs a little more polishing, but I’m here for him!!!

  3. rihanna is getting bigger and beyonce is decreasing. November 22, 2013

    He looks like he belongs in Jail. Thank god for Justin bieber, Emiemem and Justin timberlake. Add Bruno mars and Robin thicke. It is official: White men make better black music than n*****.


  4. The Boy Toy November 22, 2013

    All of their music sucks except Bruno Mars and he’s not white. Robin Thickes new album is trash

  5. IKNOWTHETRUTH November 22, 2013

    I agree. He’s for all the people that love to drink and smoke weed. His music doesn’t go outside of clubs and bedrooms. He’s very lazy with the music and image. He has a nice voice but he has no stage presence. He’s a looker but clearly always high and no respect for whoever interviews him. He’s like the male Rihanna. No one wants to hear about f****** and drinking all day long. One urban hit does not make you a star. Just as one pop hit does not make you a star (see Lorde). He’s running this single into the ground and if he doesn’t change a few things up like his lyrics and stage shows, he’ll be stuck in the club forever. Look at Trey Songz, and he does a LOT more than this guy here does.

  6. FAF November 22, 2013

    Um @Beyhive are you forgetting “F- U pay me?” “Its my Sh-t, Bow down B-tches” ???

    Y’all self righteous hypocrites kill me

  7. You already snow November 22, 2013

    August gotta work harder ! To the first comment you wrong !!

  8. cocobutta November 22, 2013

    I like the attitude he had.
    The good thing with this interview was he warmed up as the questions went on and he gave some excellent answers.

    What I feel is great is he is aware there is a lot to learn and he trying to do that while maintaining his characteristics.

  9. Skyfall November 22, 2013

    Agreed, Blurred Lines was a terrible album

  10. Mark111 November 22, 2013

    I really dislike R&B cats trying to act like rappers. R&B does need something fresh, but this is played out. He remind me of Houston, a male singer that tried to act hard.

  11. JKR November 23, 2013

    This guy can’t sing, he is good to look at and that’s it.
    I also hate the image that he portrays! Please look up T.Q,and Houston and you see where that disgusting attitude got them.
    Sad thing is because he is the typical stereotype and is pleasant on the eyes he will continue to thrive!People are seriously thumbing down the comments that make a bunch a sense,but can’t give a clear reason why.
    This should not be the direction R&B males should be going nowadays you can’t even tell the rappers from singers now and it’s annoying.
    Bigging up someone because they are “S***” is something a s** deprived t*** or an over zealous power bottom would do. This is why R&B males aren’t taken seriously anymore. Today its 50% looks 40% social media drama,5% hype, and 5% talent as far as males go!

  12. K MICHELLES TOOTH November 26, 2013

    Who in this industry DOESN’T have ignorant lyrics? You act like he’s the first lol more like the 57th.

  13. Coldhearted_ Baby November 27, 2013

    For those who has only listened to I Luv This S*** really cant voice an opinion. I’ve heard alot of music from august and honestly the boy has a voice . people want to change who he is and that isnt going to happen. one f the reasons alot of people love august is because he’s so real and what you see is what you get. its that rawness and that edge that makes him who he is. Listen to songs like Nobody Knows, Honest rmx, or Downtown. hear him talk about his struggles and you can hear the pain in his voice. he has the potential to be something big and he is clearly the prime example of how you can be so low at the bottom and come up. You can start from the bottom and make it to the top.

  14. Lady Alsina November 27, 2013

    August Alsina is the F****** Best, just in case you didnt know!! This man is talented, real, and not to mention s*** af! And to the first comment he has the #1record on the Billboard charts!! Come back and holla at me when you accomplish that goal!! And yea this N**** makes the best songs i done heard in a while!! He really did start from the bottom, and yall hating now that he’s here. Hey everyone’s entitled to their own opinion! But F YOUUUUUUUU IF YOU HATIN!

  15. Julia November 27, 2013

    I disagree with a lot of comments people SHULD be able to be whom they are & make good music tattoos smoking or being from da hood doesn’t make u a bad person & doesn’t make u dumb or doesn’t mean u cnt be successful he ain’t got no record he ain’t got no kids running around he finished skool & now doin wat he luvs most he’s supporting his 3 nieces his brother left behind I see a stand up guy we all make mistakes but dat dnt define u as a human I met him he’s a very humble YUNG man with a beautiful voice yes we all gota lot to learn & Neva once did he deny dat I respect da fact he saying dis is me I’m happy wit me he’s respectful & u dnt get dat from many artist look at Chris Brown amazing performer but people got everything in da world to say bout him u can Neva satisfy people especially us bein African American all we kno is discrediting each other we hate to see one anutha succeed but I support all & it is #TEAM Aug wit me luv his music & him as a YUNG man keep up da great work we rooting for you Mr. August A. Alsina!!!

  16. M. December 11, 2013

    More like those white men lucked up on making music that black people like. Not all of their music is that good

  17. Antoinette Hines December 24, 2013

    August Alsina is such a stupid, clueless, n**-brained, foolish, floppy hedgehog! I am not thankful for him!

  18. courtney February 3, 2014

    what r u doing august I really want to meet u and see your point of view and where I stand with I luv ur music and I also luv u even though I have never seen u I would really luv 2 see u in person.

  19. courtney February 3, 2014

    I mean that is not how I feel I meant to say that I would like to meet you in person and see the real u becuz it nothing more good if you could see the real you and see what u is about and what u up against and I hate that happen to your brother I really do and you have some beautiful nieces and you is s*** ur self I love all you songs especially nobody knows and down town and don’t forget about me and we meet I know I want forget about u always wonder what it would be like if I meet u for real I would say is you a gentleman , is you very aggressive and just a lot of other things I mean u never know what to expect when u see somebody for the first time. P.S I would like 2 meet u in person I think u would luv me.

  20. Jasmine February 17, 2014

    shut up like get off his d*** u a hater he is going tp make it .. his lyrices its lazy u dont no wat yu talking bout so shut up

  21. Jasmine February 17, 2014

    august is a gud singer i love all his songs to me i think he is going to make it .. so all the haters can stop .. love you august #1 one fan you inspire me to do bette in become sum in life .. …

  22. jakira February 20, 2014

    how rude he just telling his point of view && how he sees it .. it aint always easy && and especially for him. he went through alot and hes just ding what he can && doing him youre not him && hes not you take a step in his shoes && see what he felt

  23. Peyton March 1, 2014

    Obviously who’s saying that he’s weak , not real, and a disgrace to Blacks, clearly have only heard his well known song “I Love this Sh-t” . Before you judge him how about taking some time to listen to his album ” Life under the gun”! In this album , he is most realest rapper/ out there! Because he is telling his story, testimonies, and feelings, like the song “Don’t forget about me” and “Downtown”! So think before you say somethings about people before you even get to know them. #thinkAboutIt

    • Tanyetta April 2, 2014

      He isn’t a rapper he is a singer. All of you who are constantly insulting and criticisizing listen to more than one song. He is just someone who turned there bad situation into a good one. He is admire by the people who still live that life he gives hope. He was once homeless now look at him. He became successful and that is without compromising who he is and where he came from. If you are not feeling his music fine but don’t judge him so harshly off of one song.

  24. angela April 3, 2014

    he is a good singer and all yall haters need to sit yall a** down and stop hatting cause none of yall made it like he did yall who hating yall must be jealouse of him saying he look like he suspose to be in jail for one thing he is fine and you know his life story so why judge

  25. Layla May 1, 2014

    All y’all need to stfu hating on August. He just real. Trey Songz old ass ain’t got s*** on him!!
    I rather hear songs about drinking and smoking than dropping panties
    neighbors knowing his name & a whole lot of other s*** Tey Songs
    talks about. August is on his way. He doesn’t give a flying f***
    about your opinion. He’s getting paid not you. So just sit the f***
    down & shut the f*** up.

  26. Tera July 5, 2014

    #1 on the billboard charts, 2014 best new artist, winner of viewers choice awards 2013….now you can stfu :-))!

  27. jadira July 24, 2014

    hi you single

  28. August’s bae n Beyonce’s bestie July 26, 2014

    I love him like frfr. N all these negative comments are disgraceful. August have good looks,a great voice,and a story to tell so y’all need to stop bullsh*****g. Last time I checked y’all wasn’t famous and for y’all to say go back to being homeless.REALLY he was never homeless. Y’all most not know how it is to be from New Orleans huh? So if y’all don’t just SHUT UP cuz it’s really a struggle to survive everyday when somebody always getting killed. So I give August his props cuz he really inspire me every time I listen to his music. I can kinda relate to his story because of something very personal to me. So y’all need to stop hating n think about what he been through because I know y’all bum behinds ain’t high and mighty to be judging him on what y’all think about him!!!

  29. Uniqe Love August 29, 2014

    B**** how old are u I bet u don’t now wat year he was born in soo get that straight b****

  30. francis October 3, 2014

    August is just gud than many keep up N****

  31. Zainab October 21, 2014

    I loveeee your songss and I’m obssessed with your voice , ooouuu n**** you so dope ! Iloveyouu #team august alsina # got much love for you howmie
    You like ma idol
    You and nickiminaj , get married to her and adopt meeeeeee

  32. kabreya November 6, 2014

    hey u r cute

  33. coach factory outlet December 14, 2014

    The Los Angeles Lakers celebrate their 16th NBA championship — which puts them one short of tying the record held by the Boston Celtics

  34. Audrey January 2, 2015

    Look,all those dat are saying bad stuffs abt August it jst doesn’t make sense.The guy in question is out there making his money he might not even read all these comment but the truth is he is an up and coming artiste no matter what he will make some mistakes and lapses but let us remember Rome was not built in a day he can’t be perfect in a day that’s why he has people like us to listen 2 his music and judge fairly not to abuse nor mock him.PLS THE FACT THAT HE PERFORMS ON STAGE MAKES IT CLEAR THAT HE CHOSE THIS PATH AND HE WANTS TO BE BETTER let’s encourage him and not discourage.Its not easy he has feelings too no matter how man enough he looks.

  35. Miss theo babe March 31, 2015

    U guyz r so mean thou. Try putting yrselfs in alsinas shoes.. Most of u would not have made it. Losing 3 people so close to u, circumstances at home. All da things he went thru all the pain he faced! Damn this dude went to hell and back and guess what he made it and he is going places unlike most of u dumb ass bithes. So he smokes weed and drinks who doesn’t?? Atleast he aint out there killing ppl. Raping woman. And all the other bad things happening. Some of u guys do far more worst things than him so shut up and try to understand his story instead of talking a bunch of rubbish. U say his lyrics and stuff is lazy.. U try and do better. August I respect u and I love your music and get where u coming from. With God by year side anything is possible. Downtown, testify, let me hit that, kissing on my tattoos, nobody knows, heavy, honest, cool on you, right there, p*** star, back seat etc all of those songs r good. Keep it up love mwuah!!!!!

  36. selamawit getnet October 2, 2015

    damn he got ze greatest atitude and as we know he is free sprited like who says whateva he need .all ppls hate him coz of i luv zis s****.bt we hav to take a look on his songs lyk honest,gettho,nobody knows,benediction,in ur hood,no luv ………he hav extrimely nice voice,he is good lookin by all hiss things august is ze man zat no one cant hate he is ma man well done bae !!!!!xoxo

  37. amaiyah December 7, 2015

    I love him he is my man I love forever and in life he will always be mine

  38. www.muaythaitrainingcamp.co.uk/?p=148 July 26, 2016

    Nice answer back in return of this question with real arguments and telling all about that.

  39. penelope johnson November 11, 2016

    im not surprised at those awful comments..haters will always be there to speak..august is a nyc guy even though i havent met him he has voice looks and he has actually inspired many people…so haters before talking s**t just think twice and luk at the bright side of this dude…i luv u alsinaaaaaaaa!!!!

  40. penelope November 11, 2016

    august is a nyc guy.he got looks .killer voice..he has actually inspired many pple so haters before you talk s**t.just think twice and luk at the other side of this dude..i luv u august alsina…big ups to all alsina ‘s fans

  41. Emmanuel/Hlatsiboy January 11, 2017

    I got to say this august,haters will always be haters.Anywhere I would like to take this moment to thank u for giving me motivation if it wasn’t ur songs I couldn’t be who I am today but because of you I am ma nigg,you inspired me and I luv u man.you like my idol and keep it up man still waiting 4 more.All m************ who hate you,they don’t have a vision…xoxo ma dawg I’m in S.A

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