Alexandra Burke Previews New Songs

Published: Wednesday 25th Dec 2013 by Sam

Following a fairly stealth-like 2013, Alexandra Burke has gifted her fans morsels of new material.

Taking to her Facebook page, the Pop powerhouse shared snippets of two new songs from her third studio album.

As previously reported, the X Factor alum jetted to the US to record much of the hotly anticipated LP, clocking in studio time with the likes of Rico Love, Kareem James, and the production team behind many of Drake‘s hits.

Want to heat what Ms. Burke has been baking in the studio? Preview ‘Shine’ and ‘No More You’ below…

Well hello ‘No More You’! Sounds sublime!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Blow December 25, 2013

    No More You!!! Can’t wait to hear this in its entirety

  2. iconic cici December 25, 2013

    6k lol

  3. AlexandraIsPretty December 25, 2013

    Ciara fans laughing at other people’s sales. OK.

  4. KerimelKisses December 25, 2013

    Baby Mama for deadbeat Papa.

  5. BeckyBeastie December 25, 2013

    Has Ciara claimed her job seeker’s allowance yet babe.

  6. iconic cici December 25, 2013

    B**** my favs never sold 6k tho thats truly pathetic.

  7. Ukaszenkoo December 25, 2013

    No More You for a lead single! It will smash!

  8. iconic cici December 25, 2013

    Death yall more concerned about Cici then this donkey looking b****.

  9. Lambsrunthis December 25, 2013

    I’m digging No More You…. Shine is a little basic….I like this girl though she can really sing

  10. Mother December 25, 2013

    Not the 57k squad trying to turn up when their fav is the American equivalent of Alexandra! Kiii

  11. iconic cici December 25, 2013

    Girl please people actually know Ciara no one knows this chick especially in America.

  12. cocobutta December 25, 2013

    Putting the vocals first it sounds like so i’m ready.
    Good girl

  13. KatyB4RitaO December 25, 2013

    I’ve had enough of the stupid CSquad starting s*** with every fan base here.

  14. RoyaLorde December 25, 2013

    Alexandra flopped because she was blacklisted. My best friend lives in Scotland and she told me that this website is one of the only things in the Uk that goes in for her because Radio and TV blocked her from doing promo there.

    Ciara had all the help in the world and still flopped.

  15. Mother December 25, 2013

    No one is checking for Flopara though. Three flop albums in a row?? Chile that is extremely tragic! She’s no better than Alexandra, at least Alexandra can sing unlike Flopara and her struggle vocals.

  16. iconic cici December 25, 2013

    @Royal b**** save your damn excuses.

  17. Rhiyonce December 25, 2013

    No more you is everything!

  18. iconic cici December 25, 2013

    @Mother Ciara Has 2 Platinum album plus all of her last 3 albums have sold over 140k each. Shes still doing fine she had two top 40 hits this year and got some endorsements this year, btw cunnt Ciara can sing just because shes not a loud mess like others doesn’t mean she can’t sing.

  19. iconic cici December 25, 2013

    Merry Christmas to my fellow C squad love you girls hope are having a wonderful Christmas #CsquadRunIt..

  20. Mother December 25, 2013

    @iconic cici

    The fact STILL remains, her last three efforts have tanked! Dead at you stating they’ve sold over 140k like that’s anything to be proud of. The 57k squad will settle for anything now, desperate times, huh? And no girl, Flopara cannot sing, not with that voice as thin and non existent as her music career. You having a nice Christmas by the way, dear?

  21. iconic cici December 25, 2013

    @Mother Ciara is still way more successful than this chick and that’s a fact you girls love discrediting Ciara. & My Christmas is going great sippin on some wine looking fabulous bout to start making food for my Families Christmas party #hateonit

  22. Cierror December 25, 2013

    Tell me what you think about me, I buy my own diamonds and my own rings.
    All the women who independent, don’t get knocked up by a dead beat.
    All the honey’s who making money, serve them papers at their own McDonalds tour.

  23. Mother December 25, 2013

    @iconic cici

    Girl the 57k can’t deal, y’all always so quick to drag and discredit other artists but when it’s done to Flopara (like there’s anything to discredit) y’all start crying and hollering. Flopara’s music career is done and dusted, especially now she’s becoming Future’s what 10th baby mama? You should start finding someone else to stan for. Don’t choke on your good gwarl!

  24. BeySupreme December 25, 2013

    Tell me what you think about me
    Sold 57k on my last CD
    Used to be on top, number one OG
    Now I’m pregnant for a deadbeat daddy

  25. Ciara flop forever December 25, 2013

    Didn’t Basic Instinct peak at like 33? Oop, truly basic. #basicsquad

  26. Jamie December 25, 2013

    You guys look pathetic trying to bully Ciara.

  27. Jamie December 25, 2013

    Just because one fan says something does not mean yall need attack them like a wild beast do you think yall look hard 6 of you vs one Ciara fan? losers i swear.

  28. anonymous December 25, 2013

    and 6k will be Ciara’s next album sales. LOL. yall remember when Basic flop sold 37k in the first week. every album she releases sales lower than the last.

  29. FutureCIARA December 25, 2013


    And THIRD studio album??????????

    TGJ said it right when they said she had a ‘STEALTHY’ 2013, seems to me like a STEALTHY existence. #NoShade #AllTea

  30. Dev December 26, 2013

    Back to some constructive comments.
    I think Alexandra can sing, but…..
    Whatever team she was using for the xfactor (stylists and vocal coach) and first album I felt that she sang her best and even through the auditions she sang songs, but now I feel that she just sings which isn’t enough. The songs are okay but with some fire vocals, runs and adjusted they could be great but it just seems like the voice lacked the personality and energy that it used to.
    I think Alex needs to look to the singers like Jasmine Sullivan, Fantasia, KeKe Whyatt, Tamar Braxton, and even YK singers like Joss Stone and Jessie J to get some energy into her lethargic vocals as she uses the same “signature” run and is starting to make everything sound the same.
    This is really no hate but if she wants to make it as an R&B singer she mad to cater to the R&B market

  31. Im so sick of Ciara Stans December 26, 2013

    OMG! Has anyone else had enough of the flop squad?
    Let me make this clear,I have absolutely nothing against Ciara;Songs from her first three albums still make their way on my playlist.The C-Squad has just become way worse than the “Navy” or “Beyhive”. I mean they are in a British R&B/Pop artist post talking ish!

    It’s not anyone’s fault but Ciara and her label why she is on her last leg in her career.
    It also might be the lack of interest by the general public. Her downfall started with Fantasy Ride,which was pushed back so many times and making “Neva Ever” the first single was a terrible decision.Then we get to the leaner Basic Instinct album and it becomes clear the G.P doesn’t care anymore,wrong single choices,bland music,same promo and she still flops. Then here comes the “Ciara” album and at that point no one cared besides her fans.Ciara was just a basic album and showed no growth vocally or artistically. The Ciara album could’ve been released in 2005 as a follow up to “Goodies” that’s how dated the album is.Selling a little over 100K in the Us is not fine,selling 500K or less Worldwide is even worse. Instead of worrying about every other artist, why not worry about Ciara and her downward spiral of a career.

    The fact remains,her debut was fire! Evolution was absolutely FIRE and then all we kept getting were duds. Beyonce may be unoriginal but she sales,her flop(4)would’ve been comeback numbers for Ciara. Rihanna might not be that great of a singer but her lowest selling album would’ve still been comeback numbers for Ciara. If you’re going to use the first two eras of Ciara to shade artist then make sure they don’t have albums or eras that surpass hers. These aggressive attacks towards other artist just go to show that the C-Squad is angry that her time has came and went and she hasn’t left one bit of impact in the music industry.I mean s*** got so real she was selling the “Ciara” album and a “Playlist(Greatest Hits)” album as a bundle on Groupon! Desperate to make it look like she still could sale singles,her label got her “Gold” single using streams and not actual sales.

  32. Karl December 26, 2013

    Ciara fans are very ignorant. If you like her show respect for yourselves and stop making enemies. Alexandra is talented and deserves to have another shot at success. There is no need to put anyone else down.

  33. Slayandra December 26, 2013

    You cannot compare opening sales of Alexandra and Ciara. You’re talking about US sales but Alexandra has never released an album there!!! AB’s 6k was the UK where not many top 50k first week these days. Bieber sold like 40k first week in the UK last year so it’s really incomparable. Alexandra has never promoted or launched in the US and you’re already a writing her off saying nobody knows her. EXACTLY!! Because she hasn’t launched yet! Everyone has to start somewhere. Think logically you dumbos.

  34. Lana Del Bey December 26, 2013

    THIS GIRL IS FROM A UK TALENT SHOW, Obviously she isn’t going to be highly exposed, this girl has AMAZING vocal range and one of the best selling singles of all time in the UK (Hallelujah) and a string of top ten hits and that’s just from a local UK b****, ciara has had exposure in almost every country in the world and is still struggling to keep her head above relevant waters

  35. anonymous December 26, 2013

    @Im so sick of Ciara stans and @Karl I agree with you both. I couldnt have said it better myself. I think everybody is sick of ciara’s stans. Thats why people attack Ciara, because her stans are so bitter and come for everybody else, when the truth is that all the people they attack sell more than her nowdays. they come for Beyonce, Rihanna, Kelly, Tamar, K Michelle,and Fantasia. when all these girls have out sold Ciara this year. At least Beyonce and Rihanna stans have something to back up their bragging. Ciara stans are still clinging on to old sales from the Goodies and The Evolution Era whch was 7 YEARS AGO. this just shows that C squad is pitiful, dullusional and need to grow up.

  36. idgi December 26, 2013

    It’s funny how cierror stans call other fanbases ” insecure” whenever they comment on other artists post but will be the first to bring their bitter self’s in everybody else’s post whilst cierror posts stay empty lol. Your attempts at dragging, shading and just being bitter are getting pathetic now, just focus on buying c’s material so you can help him and dead end future take care of his 10 kids and the others on the way we don’t know about. F****** basics.

  37. Ian December 27, 2013

    No more you!! <3 <3 <3

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