Exclusive: Sevyn Streeter Dishes On ‘Call Me Crazy, But..’

Published: Saturday 21st Dec 2013 by David

R&B heroin.

With material that’s seen her win over the support of critics and music buyers alike, Sevyn Streeter can now boast of being part of an elite group of Contemporary R&B acts able to pose a serious threat to her Pop counterparts.

Think we’re exaggerating?

Well, tell that to Top 30 position held by her new single ‘It Won’t Stop’, its #1 spot on the Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop airplay chart and then Top 10 glory scored by her new EP ‘Call Me Crazy, But…’ on iTunes USA.

Yes, after years of triers, it would seem the industry has finally given birth to an R&B belle with the talent, star power and resources to fly the genre’s flag in realms oft closed off to its staples.

So, why so many have fallen head over heels with the beauty? Watch her dish on the EP when we caught up with her last week…above!


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  1. lovebird – Shade Gala WT, your fav is not safe (20TH – 23RD) December 20, 2013

    Flop, Legentoya Jackson slays this FLOPyonce reject on every stage.

  2. Sheena December 20, 2013

    I knew she was going to blow up she is so dope so Sevyn

  3. SevynWontStop December 20, 2013

    I knew she read this site.

  4. TurntUp4Cici December 20, 2013

    Flawless Queen.

  5. Tammy December 20, 2013

    Yassss work Sevyn all I knew is she better be nominated for best new artist at the bet awards and the Grammy of 2014 cuz she is better than a lot if these girls out now and she can sang live #shewins lol

  6. DIGGER BEY December 20, 2013

    Her new song IT WON’T STOP is turning me into a stan! I haven’t heard a new R&B chick SLAY like this n awhile. I see her as the R&B “IT Girl”. I definitely have to get Call Me Crazy But! #NEW SLAY BISH

  7. ItsCheryl2bh December 20, 2013

    Kelly and Ciara don’t stand a chance against her 2bh.

  8. Mizuki December 20, 2013

    LoveBird must be on some hard drugs lol or that really isn’t him.

  9. DIGGER BEY December 20, 2013

    Well @LoveShit…..She SLAYS ur Worthless Piece of A S*** Life. Now lick the crumbs off the floor Bum Dusty B****. #SEVYN

  10. DIGGER BEY December 20, 2013

    Now @Its Cherry Don’t go there b****. She has took Ciflop spot and if Kelly don’t straighten up. Sevyn will have hers too. #IT WON’T STOP

  11. lovebird – Shade Gala WT, your fav is not safe (20TH – 23RD) December 20, 2013

    @N***** Bey

    B**** do you see the crown? I didn’t send for you peasant.

  12. DIGGER BEY December 20, 2013

    Bwahahahahahahaha B**** F*ck u and that Ronald Mcdonald crown.

  13. DIGGER December 20, 2013

    I bet @LoveShit looks just like that thing n her gravtar lmao. Ashy Ass Delusional Dumb b****.

  14. lovebird – Shade Gala WT, your fav is not safe (20TH – 23RD) December 20, 2013

    And I bet you look like Solange v*****, broke and beaten.

  15. Hivy December 20, 2013

    @lovebird Madea slaying the lessors!! LOL

  16. lovebird – Shade Gala WT, your fav is not safe (20TH – 23RD) December 20, 2013

    Yassss hunty, on her Black Swan, I stan for winners heuller 🙂

  17. the voice December 20, 2013

    I cant say enough about this EP.

    Really Really good music. Sevyn girl if u are reading this please do some more tv and do some intl music festivals too.

    I really like the song NEXT and Call Me Crazy But song, and ofcourse IT WONT STOP.

    u did that girl. Keep going.

  18. DIGGER BEY December 20, 2013

    LoveShit is pissed she looks like Garlic Goat S***. #BROKE PENNYLESS H**

  19. DIGGER BEY December 20, 2013

    And Solange’s Broke & beaten v***** still SLAYS ur lonesome n need off a friend needs some d*** life.

  20. lovebird – Shade Gala WT, your fav is not safe (20TH – 23RD) December 20, 2013

    B**** how about you find a d*** and stop being so thirsty for mine.

  21. The Boy Toy December 20, 2013

    I love the EP. “Next” and “BANS” are my fave songs. I like Sevyn because she’s HUNGRY unlike a lot of R&B chicks. If her album is as good as her EP I may start stanning for her.

  22. Hivy December 20, 2013

    @Boy toy I see you be cheating on me with my good sis slay_hive but its all good. -plays “Cockiness”-

  23. The Boy Toy December 20, 2013

    @Hivy there’s enough of me to go around boo :-*

  24. Trousers December 20, 2013

    Sevyn I know you are reading this but you truly do not realize the gift you have the lyrics you gives us are too real…NEXT is my fave track!! You hit the mail on the head when you said our ex is somethingFAMILIAR. And safe… Thank you for sharing your talent…and giving us personality too!

  25. Mark111 December 21, 2013

    Her EP is the bomb!!!!! She can write her cute face off. She’s my favorite new R&B aritst.

  26. PINK V***** December 21, 2013

    I love her and her ep, i really hope she will blow up cause she deserves to.

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