Justin Timberlake’s ‘The 20/20 Experience (2 of 2)’ Certified Platinum

Published: Thursday 12th Dec 2013 by Sam

He’s bringing Platinum back!

After racking up blockbuster sales with the comeback LP ‘The 20/20 Experience’, Justin Timberlake is ending the year how he started it — with a bang!

Find out why after the jump…

The Pop titan has ample cause for celebration this week, for the RIAA have officially certified the ’20/20′ sequel Platinum – signifying shipments of over 1 million in the US since its release in September. Actual sales, as of last week, are 657,000. This despite the set’s singles, ‘Take Back The Night’ and ‘T.K.O’, doing little on the singles charts.

Its predecessor, which debuted atop of the Billboard 200 after actually selling almost 1 million units first week, has gone on to be rewarded with a Double Platinum plaque. The ‘Suit & Tie’ led LP has to-date sold 2,381,000 copies – in America alone.

Uncertainty engulfs suggestion that the two LP’s sales + shipments are combinable – as ‘2 of 2’ reportedly sold the majority of its copies as a standalone album vs the double-disc “Complete Experience” edition that was issued at the time of its release. Wondering why this is of any relevance? Well, if indeed combinable (which heavily depends on whether the project is considered two separate LP’s or one body of work), it would actually make the ‘Experience’ 3x Platinum by way of total sales.

Whatever the case, Justin is winning and then some with this project. And while we feel it a touch overrated, kudos are most certainly due.

Your thoughts?

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  1. slaylor swift December 12, 2013

    When will bangerz?

  2. Mrs. Carter December 12, 2013

    This was no doubt one of the most over-hyped and overrated albums in music history.

  3. loveides December 12, 2013

    He may be the top selling album artist of the year and have the top selling album, but both albums were not that good. I have heard the best of him on his first two albums. Most of it were recycle old beats from Timbaland, and majority of the songs sounded mediocre. Even the Grammys didn’t recognize it to give it Album of the Year nomination. It didn’t even top the top ten albums list from magazines, websites, etc. He only had a couple of songs worth listing to. In ten years I don’t think people will remember these two albums of his.

  4. HOTSTUFF December 12, 2013

    But WW hes a flop tho…

  5. Angela December 12, 2013


  6. Manuel December 12, 2013

    I think two platinum album in less than 8 months is a great accomplishment, his WW sales are also pretty good considering that his most successful album “FutureSex/LoveSounds” only sold like 10 million WW so i think 4 or 2 million for each of these records it’s phenomenal, more impressive, if you think that both albums are far from being commercial, Combined, he has the best selling album of the year worldwide.

  7. cake like lady gaga December 12, 2013

    Shipped vs Actual Sales!!

    Kiiiiiiii at the people at the RIAA bending backwards for justin, it must be his skin colour. Next they gonna reward him with all grammys he is nominated for, all because of his skin colour.

  8. Stephy Tha Lambily December 12, 2013

    REALLY?!?! His album was so forgettable. WOW…. I dont use this word alot but OVERRATED INDEED. 2013 wa the worst year in music history. All the songs that topped the charts would’ve been album fillers 20 years ago…

  9. adeleRules December 12, 2013

    Bruno Mars has the best selling albumof the year worldwide.
    Even tho his album was released last year.
    Get your facts right people!

  10. Marcel December 12, 2013

    wow those are awesome numbers.. He did that… I can only wish…

    Check out new artist Marcel’s new single “Dare”


  11. pottsywbcv December 12, 2013

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  12. XoMoDe December 12, 2013

    Congrats JT. He’s the years best selling artist! Who cares if the platinum plaque comes ahead of the million in sales? That album is less than 3 months old and is already at almost 700k, so it’ll eventually sell that much. Also, the RIAA makes the rules…and the rule has almost been that certifications are based on SHIPMENTS, not sales. Why so many people have a hard time with this very, very old concept is beyond me. It’s not new.

  13. Mark111 December 12, 2013

    Good for him, but I’m about sales, not shipments.

  14. Chile Please!! December 12, 2013

    Uggggghhhh….I can’t stand Ms. Timberflake…she want to be black so bad! & I’m so tired of seeing people doing MJ moves & poses! GTFOH!

  15. iamdiego December 12, 2013

    wouldnt he actually be 6x platinum due to some double albums get double sale in a lot of cases. (SEE: OUTCAST SPEAKERBOX/LOVE BELOW) or maybe how ever many of the complete experience albums sold will count as double in sales combined with 1 and 2 sold separately. idk why not just release a double album on the same day and save the confusion.

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