She’s Back: Kelis Announces New Album ‘Food’

Published: Wednesday 11th Dec 2013 by Sam

After a lengthy spell away from the spotlight, eclectic songbird Kelis is back with a new album and record deal.

Details after the jump…

Three years have passed since the singer released last effort ‘Fleshtone’, an EDM flavoured set which was showered with critical acclaim.

Fast forward to today and the 34-year-old has revealed the title of its follow-up – ‘Food’.

In a press released issued just moments ago, it was announced that the LP, which arrives on April 28th 2014, will be released on boutique indie label Ninja Tune.

Though a London based imprint, the deal is for a worldwide release.

Little else was divulged about the set beyond the fact that it is entirely produced by Dave Sitek (founder of TV On The Radio and producer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Liars and Foals amongst others).

Sonically, the album is billed as a “homecoming for Kelis: a soul record that’s as raw and alternative as it is classic. Ninja Tune were blown away by the record, and leapt at the chance to work with a legend that’s always had a forward-thinking sound and oozed style.

‘Food’ is a startling combination of Kelis’ most frank and vulnerable vocals to date, and Sitek’s inimitable sonic imprint. Littered with transcendent, Spector-esque lift, warm bottom ends and vast depth, the music is the perfect backdrop for Kelis’ unique voice. The latter has only improved with time and experience, and the album candidly explores pain, happiness and everything in between.”

On signing with Ninja Tune for the project, the ‘Milkshake’ maestra said

“I’m really happy to be partnering with Ninja Tune on my new record. This is the album I’ve wanted to make for a long time and I want the team around me to be as excited and energetic about it as I am. I’m also very happy to be working with some of the most creative people in the industry.” 


Yes, yes, and yes!

Kelis boasts one of the most underrated catalogues in the industry; as such, in being one of those that ever-appreciate her contributions, we’re elated at the news that new material is on the horizon.

Our plates are ready!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly December 11, 2013

    She looks like Keyshia cole in that pic.

  2. brenda jenkins December 11, 2013

    whoever airbrushed her skin should be fired…..asap

  3. Nas stan December 11, 2013

    It should be called FLOP

  4. Mrs. Carter December 11, 2013

    The f*ck kinda album name is Food? Accapella is still my jam tho.

  5. llcoolsik December 11, 2013

    she better bring dem milkshakes to the yard!!

  6. Revolution December 11, 2013


  7. AsIfTheQueenIsBothered December 11, 2013

    Tamar Braxton coming for them milkshakes have several!!

  8. JB102 December 11, 2013

    Careful Kelis, Rihanna might try to steal your look again.

  9. poop December 11, 2013


  10. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 11, 2013


  11. Marcel December 11, 2013

    I always loved Kelis… I had a chance to see her live and she gave a stelar performance here in DC… werk Ma!!!

    Check out “Dare” by new artist Marcel

  12. D December 11, 2013

    Beyond ready for this !!!

    Jerk Ribs better be on the album. That song was easily one of the best Kelis has ever recorded and if it’s any indication of the overall quality of the album it’s gonna be a personal best and blow the haters and competition out of the water. Some serious alternative throwback soul.

  13. CHILE PLEASE!! December 11, 2013

    It’s a shame how Kelis gets played out left & right by ya’ll stupid adolescent children on this blog….Kelis is a legend in the game…she may not have any grammys but the b**** is talented & I will always support her! Welcome back Kelis!

  14. cocobutta December 11, 2013

    Don’t get me wrong, a bish like me get’s hungry BUT I eat food not listen to it.

    Change that name Kelis

  15. Diamond Princess December 11, 2013

    Everything about Kelis is dope! Can’t wait til the album

  16. C-mo December 11, 2013


  17. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me December 11, 2013

    It’s a shame that all most people know from Kelis are Bossy and Milkshake – although those were both bangin’ songs, she has tons of fantastic music. One great thing about her is that she is always forward-thinking, and music has shifted into the past with what she serves up, even if she doesn’t get the credit. So if we are going to a retro-soul vibe with “Food”, I am READY. Just give us a great album Kelis, as you always do!

  18. Antonio December 11, 2013

    Ashkmuvdjkmffrxgg!!!!!!!! Finally, a true artist. For these high schoolers who think Kelis’ only songs are Milkshake and Bossy needs to do their research. Rihanna, Gaga, Katy, Lorde, Lana all owe the EDM/Electro Soul sound/style to P!nk, she was doing music like they’re doing now on Kaleidoscope, Wanderland, Tasty and Kelis Was Here. Flesh Tone is without a doubt the greatest EDM album of the past 15 yrs. Songs like Acapella, 4th of July, Brave, Scream and Emancipate s*** on the aforementioned artists entire discographies.
    P.S. Rihanna completely swagga jacked Kelis’ 4th of July video concept in the Only Girl video and Kelis’ Acapella video concept in the Where Have You Been… so in the words of Kelis, she was the first girl to scream on a track

  19. NAVY COMMANDER December 11, 2013

    Hopefully she promotes it… I don’t understand how you release a album with no promotion KNOWING your sales are the struggle

  20. Kelis December 12, 2013

    Yes, Love all Kelis Albums, cant waint for.the New one!

  21. Kijano December 12, 2013

    Can’t waiiiit ! Kelis always brings fresh air

  22. Logic December 12, 2013

    Her name alone is enough promotion for an indie label. Most indie Artist don’t sell more than 5k units. Kelis has sold over 6 million records worldwide so she has a fan-base. She charts Top 10 single wise constantly in the UK. She ‘s on a uk label now. She will do fine. If you sell 100k units on an indie label THAT’S A HUGE PROFIT and sucess buddy becuz there aren’t no big wigs charging $50k a track to produce, mix, or write a song. Just average joes who enjoy muisc that you pay around $300 dollars.

  23. Darren December 12, 2013

    Can’t freakin wait… There is no other artist like Kelis and simple chicks wish they could make it to her level.

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