Watch: Mariah Carey Duets With Michael Buble On New Christmas Special

Published: Thursday 19th Dec 2013 by David


NBC played host to Michael Buble‘s televised Christmas special last night, joining the crooner in welcoming Mariah Carey to its festive stage!

Their song of choice? ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, the annual smash hit released by the ‘Vision of Love’ entertainer, brought to life once again last night with results we can only describe as being…spectacular!

Watch below…

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  1. auryflam December 19, 2013

    auto tune much?

  2. Amanda Bynes December 19, 2013

    Mariah is the REAL Queen unlike the other pop starlet who call herself a self-proclaimed King/Queen. #NoShade

  3. iconic cici December 19, 2013

    Mariah needs to retire asap

  4. Common Sense December 19, 2013

    Mimi’s voice seems to be going through a crisis… It’s been sounding very thin and flat these past few weeks. As for Buble, I’ve never seen the appeal of that boring monotone voice of his.

  5. Kez December 19, 2013

    She looks like a box

  6. iconic cici December 19, 2013

    @CommonSense b**** its been sounding like that since 2005 you late b****.

  7. Common Sense December 19, 2013

    @Iconic Cici Bi tch I can link endless performances that were perfect. Just name a year and I’ll be more than happy to link flawless vocals. Has C-Error’s irrelevant ass ever had vocals to speak of though?

  8. iconic cici December 19, 2013

    @NoCommonSense Bye girl Mariah vocals sound like s***, Ciara voice may not be strong but its still beautiful angelic like and very well controlled. Dont be mad now that i clocked Whaleriahs tea.

  9. JER December 19, 2013

    Yal kids are so new. Mariah’s voice has been on indefinite hiatis since 1998. It’s lucky to show up for work here and there so get into it and enjoy when Mimi has a great performance, they are far and few and have been for a decade.

  10. Brazilian Yoncé!!! December 19, 2013

    I love her song “Art Of Letting Go” she has it. After all she is a the real vocal bible

  11. Brazilian Yoncé!!! December 19, 2013

    I love her because she’s friends with Beyoncé and plus I’ve always loved her…
    I was listening to her “Daydream” album she’s a beast

  12. Titi December 19, 2013

    Love MC !!!!

  13. Michael December 19, 2013

    Mariah looked and sounded incredible! Love the mini skirt and white boots! The Don Diva!!!

  14. SAM December 19, 2013

    Ive never seen so many haters. Give props where they are do.. She slated. Even with her “downgraded” voice she still sings better then 99% of the artist out now… smh

  15. Anonymous December 19, 2013

    @Iconic Cici b**** please. Mariah Carey at her worst performance sounds better than Ci-ERROR. LOL You must be out your mind to compare the two. Face it Ci-ERROR cant sing, never has never will. Mariah may not sound as good as she used to, but everybodys voice is expected to age over time. she’s not going to sound like she did back in 1990. Nobody will. Yall Ciara stans should be the last b****** to be talking about somebody elses voices with Ciara’s weak ass vocals. you really think Ciara can sing? LOL Thats a joke. Aint nobody checking For CI-ERROR anymore. Shes yesturdays news. that Flop B**** cant even sell over 200k these days. Mariah has 7 platinum albums and 2 DIAMOND albums (Music Box and Daydream) something Ciara will NEVER achieve. CI-ERROR only has 2 platinum albums and 1 grammy for best music video. LOL. they’re not even in the same league. Mariah is a legend with one of the best voices out there. Flopera will remain a Flop. B**** be seated.

  16. Nichole December 19, 2013

    Her performance of Christmas Time Is In The Air Again was even better.

  17. Special Delivery December 19, 2013

    Anything is better than that Washington struggle.

  18. Drea •pretty hurts• December 19, 2013

    This chick is horrible. Lol does she have a vocal coach? Damn.

  19. da TRUFF honey December 19, 2013


  20. Mik December 19, 2013


  21. FutureCIARA December 19, 2013

    Cant wait for the new Mariah album!!!!!!!!!!! Her recordings always give me life!

  22. Mik December 19, 2013

    HOLLA QUEEN MIMI! Props to Michael for giving way 🙂 Love them both!

  23. JOHNVIDAL December 23, 2013

    Really good combination. This sounded so great!

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