Watch: Nicki Minaj Makes Big Screen Debut In ‘The Other Woman’

Published: Thursday 19th Dec 2013 by David

Stacks’ & Cassavetes‘ ‘The Other Woman’ unleashes its first trailer this afternoon, teasing the world with the flick’s April 25th 2014 release almost a year after shooting wrapped in New York City.

Starring ‘Vanilla Sky’ actress Cameron Diaz, the project marks the big screen debut of ‘Catch Me’ Rapper Nicki Minaj, who portrays Diaz’ assistant- starring alongside supermodel Kate Upton and ‘White Air’s Taylor Kinney.

Press play below!

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  1. Barb B**** December 19, 2013

    OMGGGG Slayinka!!!!! #FAINTS

  2. MRMinajesty December 19, 2013


    minaj looks gorgeeeeousssss

  3. BarbzRUs December 19, 2013

    Yall are so fast. For real for real this deadass just came out.

  4. Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) December 19, 2013

    she looks good! from what i tell so far, the acting is terrible! but I’ll reserve my judgement til i see the final thing! otherwise good job Nicki! expand that brand gurl! (I haven’t liked any of her music past her first album, hope she can win me over again)

  5. NickiBEENBad December 19, 2013

    TGJ finna make me fall in love if they keep going in this hard. My ass was at school tryna find it and yall have it here waiting for me like it’s nothing.

  6. BarbBey December 19, 2013

    Kiiiii! That Speedy Gonzales Juice.

  7. WhoIsTheQueen(Onika That’s Who) December 19, 2013

    This site loves the Queen and the Queen loves her.

  8. Yolo December 19, 2013

    She looks great.

  9. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 19, 2013

    QUEEENNNNN!!!!!! I’m definitely checking for this!!!!!!

  10. Amanda Bynes December 19, 2013

    Beyonce and Nicki *sips bleach

  11. Worship Ha December 19, 2013

    Your loyalty to QueenNika Slayraj hasn’t gone unnoticed.

  12. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 19, 2013

    And Druggie Bynes is still a crazy attention whoring b****. #next

  13. Barb B**** December 19, 2013

    He likes Xtinincta he can sip that bleach if he wants he’ll only go to the same place her career went… To its grave!

  14. Yea ok December 19, 2013

    I would see this movie for cameon Diaz and that other chick from this is 40 regardless. So excited.

    It looks good. I can care less about Nicky being in it tho. With her annoying voice. But it’s not like she is making or breaking the movie so who cares.

  15. Lovebird (LOUDER – 04.03.14) December 19, 2013

    SlayNika slaaayyyiiinnngggg

    Yassssss Mzz Business Mogul, I live.

    Beautiful, talented, educated.

  16. VANNY December 19, 2013

    b**** please!!! sit your hating ass down !! you barely saw nicki in the trailer how can u judge her acting already!! smh

  17. Roman Minaj December 19, 2013

    “Shoot movies. Jennifer. Aniston.” Point blank. She’s a f****** queen. All the hate you woke up early to do, is just gonna f*** up YA’LL day and make ours better. Cause your spreading the word for us without our help. Thank you. You monkey in the face, beef jerky neck, sasauge lip, Franlkin D. Roosevelt built ass b******. may god be with ya’ll. LMAOOOOO. #winning #STANup

  18. Roman Minaj December 19, 2013

    obviously you do. Cause you wouldn’t have clicked the post that basically is telling you “NICKI MINAJ IS IN THE MOVIE!” you would’ve just went to see it or waited for the DVD part. you wanted to see Nicki in action. Thank you. ^_^

  19. Yeah I Said It December 19, 2013

    Nicki is doing her thing can’t hate on that!

  20. Molly December 19, 2013

    CameoNika next

  21. Navy Commander December 19, 2013

    The hate is real smh

  22. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 19, 2013

    @molly she’s a main character

  23. Nicki is queen other b****** take a seat> December 19, 2013


  24. da TRUFF honey December 19, 2013

    nicki a flop b****!! SAM GODDESS BEY CD IS IN WALMART TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST PURCHASED IT!!!!!! #BLAST YONCE

  25. Chile Please!! December 19, 2013

    GTFOH!! Ain’t nobody checking for Sicki Garbage anymore…I’m so glad she faded away for a min. Next…all we need is Wigawnce wack ass to disappear!

  26. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 19, 2013

    You clearly clicked on the post and cared to comment. So obviously you are checking for her

  27. Taylor Swift December 19, 2013

    Silicone Barbie ewww..

  28. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 19, 2013

    That’s the same thing I said when I saw the number of men who licked Taylor’s thirsty v*****

  29. Taylor Swift December 19, 2013

    This b**** is plastic so fake ewww

  30. Taylor Swift December 19, 2013

    Say what you want about taylor but she made this b**** famous.. Plastic all over her she 40 degrees will make her melt . Taylor didn’t use plastic butts and nose to be famous

  31. Hivy December 19, 2013

    My good sis @beyhive_minaj clocking trailor swift stans. LMAO

  32. BEYHIVE_MINAJ December 19, 2013

    @Hivy honey,I thought the navy,monsters(some) and c squad were delusional until I ran into these trailer stans. They always keep asking to get clocked. I can’t at them always acting like Taylor is the s*** when they should be paying homage to Kanye for letting everyone know her name

  33. Bey Fan December 19, 2013

    Nicki all on the screen like liquor …. this is really good for Nick. And she looked f***** gorgeous

  34. Still I Rise! December 19, 2013

    Nicki Minaj isn’t even supposed to be the STAR of the movie but all the hype of the movie is centered around her. That’s how you know Nicki is who people are most interested in seeing. Nicki’s “haters” are also her “promoters” so keep talking haters we appreciate you. Nicki sends her love HaHa…

  35. DA TRUFF HONEY December 19, 2013

    ^^^STFU H**

  36. Rosie December 19, 2013

    LMAO no one cares about this movie except for a few urban blogs. This will flop just like the Re-Fund. White people don’t use her anymore, neither do black people looking at how all 4828584 of her features this year flopped except Love More in the US.

  37. Lana Del Bey December 19, 2013

    ONIKA ONIKA SLAY, Her transition into acting feels VERY authentic and genuine, I see many more cameos to come, can’t wait for the pink print

  38. Lana Del Bey December 19, 2013

    and I also look forward to watching this movie online when legit versions come out online with a blunt and some cranberry juice

  39. Common Sense December 19, 2013

    Speaking of K-Mart, Sam your site might be hacked as my anti-virus just blocked something.

  40. nicko December 19, 2013

    Black ppl still love Nic. High School, Tapout n Love More all received certifications AND Nicki had 10 Billboard entries this year ;)* sips Myx which sold 1M bottles in 6 months in the US* 😉

  41. GREEKGOD December 19, 2013

    Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are the only black girls doing it for me in a mainstream level. I live and stan for them both.

  42. Os December 19, 2013

    Who cares you say, well i do care and the main reason i am going to see this movie is because of Nicki,i am checking it out first week,

  43. opd2 December 19, 2013

    i never see you on Lana post sigh.

  44. FutureCIARA December 19, 2013

    Work Nicki

  45. Kev December 20, 2013

    Flop but her last single went Gold and she has a Single nearing Diamond…. mmkay.

  46. Bey-Minaj December 20, 2013

    GreekGod u a fan after my won heart. Who else is there to stan for besides Nicki and Bey? Not a god damn soul.

  47. Nicki Minaj the queen January 1, 2014

    Nicki is slaying this h***. I love for the fact that she has done alot of things in a short time she is definetly great artist and if haters hate her so who cares Nicki is geting her money while u sit down and hate on her. 🙂

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