Chart Check [Hot 100]: Rihanna Breaks Records As ‘Monster’ Notches Its Best Sales Week Yet

Eminem & Rihanna‘s latest duet ‘The Monster’ continues to scare away competition as it reigns for yet another week atop the Hot 100.  Roaring into its fourth week at #1, the feat brings with it yet another record-breaking feat for the Barbadian beauty.

Tuck in below to find out what it is and how much the tune sold:

Via Billboard:

“In its ninth week atop Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, Eminem’s “The Monster” takes home Digital Gainer honors thanks to a 123% increase to 433,000 downloads, its best week yet according to Nielsen SoundScan. The Rihanna-assisted cut sold 373,000 in its first week of availability (coinciding with the Nov. 16 chart date) but had not sold more than 300,000 in any week since. With this week’s impressive figure, tied primarily to the rise of holiday gift card purchases, “The Monster” has now sold 2.2 million downloads.”


1.  Eminem & Rihanna – ‘The Monster’

2.  Pitbull & Ke$ha – ‘Timber’
3.  OneRepublic – ‘Counting Stars’

4.  Lorde – ‘Royals’

5.  A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera – ‘Say Something’

6.  Imagine Dragons – ‘Demons’

7.  Passenger – ‘Let Her Go’

8.  Katy Perry – ‘Roar’

9.  One Direction – ‘Story of My Life’

10. Avicii – ‘Wake Me Up’


Regarding Ri’s latest history book entry, ‘Monster’s fourth week stay at number one gives the ‘Stay’ singer her 51st career week at the summit, which pit her past Boyz II Men (50 weeks) for the third-most weeks spent at No. 1 in the chart’s 55-year history. Mariah Carey leads with 79 total weeks at No. 1, followed by the Beatles (59), then Usher with 47 weeks at No. 1.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bey Fan January 3, 2014

    congrats to both….

    LMAO…. Sam , you aint slick.

    Why is Wake Me Up still the top 10. I loved the song…but damn.

  2. LTM January 3, 2014

    Roar’s longevity is amazing. Most of Katy’s songs last forever on the charts but I don’t remember any of them staying in the top 10 this long. Shame Unconditionally wasn’t as successful. Its a much better song.

  3. Fresh Navy January 3, 2014


    a certai n baddie bey could never!!!

    EM only collar with creatives… hence the reason he collated with Nicki Rih & P!nk

    no basic fake baddie b******

    my fav stay making records! your’s stay latching on to the past for dear life.

    Beyonce is indeed a Legend… i mean a myth all thunder no rain.


  4. Fresh Navy January 3, 2014

    Where is Drunk in Love?

    playing hide and go seek.


  5. Monstarebel January 3, 2014

    Congratulations to both i know haters dont wanna give Rihanna credit but hey without her this song wouldn’t be s***.

  6. Realest January 3, 2014

    This song is a great track but let’s be real, EMINEM makes this song. You could insert any chick in the chorus who can somewhat sing like Rihanna: Miley, Ariana, lady gaga, Ashanti, hell prolly even nicki Minaj and the song would pretty much be the same. She never OWNS a song, she just does a satisfactory job. But well done Em and Ri. Good song

  7. Fresh Navy January 3, 2014

    This dumb b**** call REALEST

    Eminem released 3 singles before Monster and NONE of them had the IMPACT THE MOSTER DID.

    The monster is a HIT because Rihanna is on it. Never get s*** twisted.

    One must allow good judgment to reign over B******* biases.

    #SCRAWLUP CREW #MomaFentyWeDidItWeDidIt


  8. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    Rihanna made this song just as much as Em! That’s why he chose her AGAIN after the slayage that was LTWYL! He knew that it would slay! Congratz to Em and Rih!

    S/O to that writing credit Rih has on the song 😉

  9. christinastherealtalent January 3, 2014

    Don’t forget that out of Rihannas 13 #1 hits, 6 of those #1’s are when she’s a featured act.

  10. Vee January 3, 2014

    @Fresh Navy your fave could never do what Baddie Bey is doing with her OWN album. Don’t try it boo.

  11. Fresh Navy January 3, 2014

    No Dunce AKA Aguilera Fan

    Don’t come for someone and look ignorant go read.

    Of her !3 #! she features on 4.

    When dumb Cuuunts fail to get their facts straight.

    Chrisitna Aguilera’s 3 Recent hits saw her in a featured position and her last 2 releases were a flop. lets keep it cute.

  12. xo January 3, 2014

    Yet Beyonce is shitting all over her album sales

  13. Yolo January 3, 2014

    Congrats EMINEM. I can’t at the navy trying to shade Beyonce while she is currently slaying the ALBUM charts and not clinging to someone elses hit. Where is What Now?

  14. Fresh Navy January 3, 2014

    What is baddie bey doing? I’m confused

    She is doing nothing extra ordinary she is not doing Taylor Swift or Adele numbers she is not she is selling as she should.

    TWhere is her singles salvage? where are her records? what is the impact the fly by night gone by morning success if funny.

  15. Yolo January 3, 2014

    @Fresh Navy she is doing something Rihanna can’t.

  16. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    @XXLtinaTheRealFlop LIES ONLY 3

    Take A Bow
    Rude Boy
    Live Your Life
    Whats My Name
    Only Girl
    We Found Love

  17. Vee January 3, 2014

    Of course the basic g**** would try to shade someone selling albums with singles lmao. What kind of basic logic.

  18. Common Sense January 3, 2014

    Can someone please explain to me how saying one line in the chorus of a song constitutes a “duet?” To me a duet is a song like ‘One Sweet Day’ or ‘Endless Love’ where both artists sing throughout the song.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you weren’t the main vocalist in the song or weren’t part of a REAL duet then the song shouldn’t count towards your #1s.

  19. Common Sense January 3, 2014

    Congratulations to Emimen though! I’m sure Rihanna has another 10 singles planned with her upcoming 875th album, so most likely she’ll get another number 1 there.

  20. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    If your voice is on the song, its just as much yours as it is the “main” artists! Especially if U have writing credits wtf! If that’s the case, Ashanti and Ja Rule hits from back in the day should not count toward her #1s!!!!!

  21. h2o January 3, 2014

    What does Beyonce have to do with this thread?

    It’s obvious she’s having massive success at the moment, both selling albums, grossing hundreds of millions on tour, and doubling her 2012 earnings.

    So I don’t see what’s there to shade …


    Grats, even though I hate “The Disaster” to death. Thank God I’m not forced to hear it around every second.

  22. RICHIE_RICH January 3, 2014

    Congrats , but it’s funny how the Navy acting as if it’s her song. Why would Beyonce care? HER ALBUM is going on it’s 4th week @ #1. Album>>>>>>>>>>>single, but congrats.

  23. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    Congrats Rihanna! She is becoming the most successful singles artist in HISTORY!

    Also, who ever the f*** was that NIGGAA named ALEX f**** you N***** I dont give a rats asss if you dont like me N***** SUCK MY D*** BITCCH!!!!

  24. the truff honey January 3, 2014


  25. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    The Hive-Navy feud will go on forever until they get together and make a song! Stop acting surprised when Beyonce name is brought up in Rih threads and vice versa. LOLOLOL you b****** been on here for years and U should know Better!!!!!

  26. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    Yall FAGSS needs to stop hating! Rihanna is the reason why this song is so successful.

    I keep telling yall RIHANNA is the “IT” girl of this generation SHE IS THE BIGGEST POP STAR IN THE WORLD when it comes to singles. Mostley everything she does that is catchy will go number 1. Whether its a duet and.or feature.

    This song is number 1 mainly because of Miss Rihanna! Stop Hating & SUCK A BIG DICKKKK

  27. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    @The Lie
    It is her song! She sings on it and contributed to the writing so she also gets the accolades. Em handpicked her again because he knew it would slay! Why didn’t he pick Miley? Because it would not have been as successful. If Mike Will put Rih on “23” it would be a #1 hit too. Why you mad? Go buy some more Fantasia albums so she can go Gold.

  28. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    And so it remains that you cannot escape RIHANNA, the biggest pop star in the universe and pop phenomenon of the digital age.

    If Pour it up and Birthday Cake didn’t slay lives, there would be no Bangerz, Dark Horse, Do what you want, I’m out…etc.

    Rihanna is in her own lane and creates trends. There is no stopping her.

    Shakira Feat Rihanna drops this month, you cannot hide from her try as you might.

  29. just me January 3, 2014

    Rih keeps on winning, the haters keep on seething
    those of you asking of what now. Is it all madonna, mariah, MJ’s single that went top 10.
    Lol @ the hives with their hive of flop beyonce singles.
    Lol @ the christina fan talking of rihanna features. When was the last time christina had a hit on her own, 2005?
    Just congratulate and keep it moving.

  30. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    I keep saying Talk That Talk birthed this whole ratchet/vulgar popstar era. These silly Rabbits dont want to believe it, but we know the real tea 🙂

  31. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    @Common Sense

    How many albums did Mariah release in the 90s? I lost count.

  32. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    Talk That Talk made trap music popular, which is why favs are now including it in their discography.

    Sis couldn’t even get work until Rihanna gave her the biggest hit of her career.

    If it wasn’t for Talk That Talk, some people wouldn’t be sluting it up, singing about s**, oral, c** and twerking it up on stage.

    That Rihanna influence.

    *plays Watch n Learn*

  33. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    Just like Timber is just as much Kesha’s as it is Pitbul’s. Now if he would have featured Ri the song would be even more massive 🙂

  34. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    Rihanna will overtake Mariah Carey & The Beatles in the all time USA number 1 hits list.


    Because Rihanna is the worlds biggest POP star in a era where you can purchase a single from the comforte of your cell phone. The music industry is bigger than ever due to the internent. She is getting number 1 hits everywhere due to her being the biggest pop star during the DIGITAL ERA…

    Back during the old days artist used PAYOLA to achieve number 1 hits. Becuase RADIO was in control of whos songs goes to number 1 BUT NOT ANYMORE. The INTERNET is in control now… NOT THE RECORD COMPANIES

  35. RICHIE_RICH January 3, 2014

    How is she the bigggest pop star in the world? Please explain!!!!!!! She is big, but not the biggest pop act in the world. lmao this is to comical

  36. Marley January 3, 2014

    Do not shade Beyonce right now she is slaying off her name right now. That is true slayage. Cute for Rihanna and her lil singles reign but theres no need to come for someone selling the big numbers.

  37. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    Mariah Carey Albums History For Lovebird

    Mariah Carey: 1990 (15,000,000+)

    Emotions: 1991 (12,000,000+)

    Mtv Unplugged: 1992 (7,000,000+)

    Music Box: 1993 (32,000,000+)

    Merry Chrtistmas: 1994 (15,000,000+)

    Daydream: 1995 (25,000,000+)

    Butterfly: 1997 (10,000,000+)

    The #1’s: 1998 (17,000,000+)

    Rainbow: 1999 (8,000,000+)

    Glitter: 2001 (4,000,000+)

    The Remixes: 2002 (1,000,000+)

    Charmbracelet: 2002 (4,000,000+)

    Greatest Hits: 2003 (5,000,000+)

    The Emancipation: 2005 (12,000,000+)

    E=MC2: 2008 (3,000,000+)

    Imperfect Angel: 2009 (2,000,000+)

    Merry Christmas II You: 2010 (1,000,000+)

  38. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    Mariah is legend. 24 years and her lowest selling album is gold. What kind of slayage?

  39. chloe January 3, 2014

    poor riri. her thrown is limited to itunes Soley. With the exception of bought youtube views she really doesnt stand out anywhere else. Her tours arent topping anything, her albums sales arent making headlines, hell even her performances cant get her titles. Stick to what u know riri. keep jumping on hooks and popping out microwave singles.

  40. Slayty (Selling out the O2 Arena 5 times on the same tour) January 3, 2014

    Katy Perry is truly the Queen of the Digital Age! Slaying the top 10 with a song released back in August with NO FEATURES NEEDED. 8 #1 singles from 3 studio albums in almost 6 years all written by her. Dark Horse is coming to take over were Roar left off. I wonder if Katy will break Teenage Dream’s record for most weeks spent in the top 10 on the Hot 100.

  41. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014


    Mariah Carey’s United States Of America Certifications Provided By The RIAA.

    Mariah Carey: 1990 (9,000,000+) 9x Platinum USA

    Emotions: 1991 (5,000,000+) 5x Platinum USA

    Mtv Unplugged: 1992 (3,000,000+) 3x Platinum USA

    Music Box: 1993 (10,000,000+) Diamond USA

    Merry Christmas: 1994 (6,000,000+) 6x Platinum USA

    Daydream: 1995 (10,000,000+) Diamond USA

    Butterfly: 1997 (5,000,000+) 5x Platinum USA

    The #1’s: 1998 (4,000,000+) 4x Platinum USA

    Rainbow: 1999 (3,000,000+) 3x Platinum USA

    Glitter: 2001 (700,000+) Gold USA

    The Remixes: 2002 (500,000+) Gold USA

    Charmbracelet: 2002 (1,000,000+) Platinum USA

    Greatest Hits: 2003 (2,000,000+) 2x Platinum USA

    The Emancipation: 2005 (6,000,000+) 6x Platinum USA

    E=MC2: 2008 (1,000,000+) Platinum USA

    Imperfect Angel: 2009 (500,000+) Gold USA

    Merry Christmas 2: 2010 (600,000+) Gold USA

    Mariah Carey is the secod best selling female artist in America behind OLD ASS Barbra S…

    The Biggest Selling Female Artist Of The Nielsen Soundscan Era Sold Over 53,000,000+ Albums since 1991

  42. Navy Commander January 3, 2014


  43. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    Who cares about the no features and singles written by her shade? Rihanna is and will remain the Queen. Kisses Doll!

  44. chloe January 3, 2014


  45. Navy Commander January 3, 2014

    But bey’s last #1 was a feature sooo.

    And Katy perry is no ones queen. She might slay sales but she is truly basic & generic.

  46. Slayty (Selling out the O2 Arena 5 times on the same tour) January 3, 2014

    A real queen doesn’t need people to write her hits or other artists to get there. But I’ll keep it cute 😉

  47. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    Rihanna’s RIAA Albums Sales

    Music Of The Sun: 2005 (600,000+) Gold USA

    A Girl Like Me: 2006 (1,000,000+) Platinum USA

    GGGB: 2007 (2,000,000+) 2x Platinum USA

    Rated R: 2009 (1,000,000+) Platinum USA

    Loud: 2010 (1,000,000+) Platinum USA

    Talk That TAlk: 2011 (1,000,000+) Platinum USA

    Unapologetic: 2012 (1,000,000+) Platinum USA


  48. Slayty (Selling out the O2 Arena 5 times on the same tour) January 3, 2014

    A Rihanna fan calling someone basic and generic? I guess they would know when Rihanna’s biggest hit We Found Love is as basic and generic as it comes.

  49. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    Thriller: 1982 (30,000,000+) 3x Diamond In America


  50. Navy Commander January 3, 2014

    “And my runway never looked so clear
    But the hottest b**** in heels right here”

  51. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014


    21: 2010 (10,000,000+) Diamond Status USA

  52. My Forehead Tho January 3, 2014

    Quick Question: Where is ‘What Now’, RIhanna’s solo song, on the charts?

    I agree. The fact that Katy is set to surpass Rihanna’s #1 singles with 1/334535454th amount of albums/singles and no features speaks volumes.

    Katy is the true singles queen.

    And LOL @ a navy calling anybody “basic & generic.”

  53. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    Katy’s catalog is filled with basic and generic trash. I tried to keep it cute but Disneychannel Perry is nobodys queen. Idgaf if she writes her music or not.

  54. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    What Now FLOPPED so what it peaked at #25 and the Navy begged her to release a video so she did. Def Jam did not support it. They supported stale ass Right Now but Ri paid it dust!!! She paid for Pour It Up and What Now videos herself because her fans wanted them! Everything after Stays timing was off but she still got 3 multi-platinum singles and 1 Gold track that wasn’t even released as a single and a $142m Grossing Tour. 🙂

  55. Navy Commander January 3, 2014

    I guess people like generic hits. Which explains all 8 of Katy Perry’s #1s. Meanwhile the queen only has one basic #1. .

  56. The Boy Toy January 3, 2014

    Kiiiiii @ Disney Perry lmaoooo!!! I like Katy but Prism sounds like a bunch of TD b-sides. I like “Dark Horse,” her grills and “Birthday” though. I’m sure she thanked her buddy Rih for the inspiration. 🙂

  57. The Boy Toy January 3, 2014

    Congrats to Rihminem. They are unstoppable together! 🙂

  58. Sisqo is a legend January 3, 2014


  59. Navy Commander January 3, 2014

    Why don’t you post her WW albums sales? Queen is very global. Not local like some people kiii

  60. RICHIE_RICH January 3, 2014

    Rihanna’s RIAA Albums Sales

    Music Of The Sun: 2005 (600,000+) Gold USA

    A Girl Like Me: 2006 (1,000,000+) Platinum USA

    GGGB: 2007 (2,000,000+) 2x Platinum USA

    Rated R: 2009 (1,000,000+) Platinum USA

    Loud: 2010 (1,000,000+) Platinum USA

    Talk That TAlk: 2011 (1,000,000+) Platinum USA

    Unapologetic: 2012 (1,000,000+) Platinum USA


    This is to comical, The navy needs to have a world full of seats, but she suppose to be the biggest pop star in the world. Not on planet earth, maybe URANUS.

  61. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    Rihanna has more than just 1 basic number 1

    S&M is horrible cheap nasty & forgettable

    Disturbia is a knock of Michael Jacksons Thriller. Chris Brown should’ve just kept that song to himself.

    The Monster is so cheesy forgettable & it repeats the same line over & over again.. UGH

    Stay, Unfaithful, Rehab should’ve taken the number 1 spots of the 3 other number 1 songs..

    Rihannas ballads are underrated! Hate That I Love You should’ve went number 1 NOT THRILLER opps I mean Disturbia UGHH Chris Brown you should have kept that song for your album grafloppi cause you needed it//

  62. Slayty (Selling out the O2 Arena 5 times on the same tour) January 3, 2014

    Lets not talk about basic and generic when Rih has
    Right Now
    We Found Love
    Yo Da One
    Where Have You Been
    Pour It Up
    Only Girl
    What’s My Name
    Shut Up and Drive
    Pon De Replay
    Rude Boy
    Don’t Stop the Music
    Raining Men
    California King Bed
    I’m sure there’s more but I forgot the rest. Not at all surprised that a R****** doesn’t care about an artist being involved in their music. Is Disney Perry suppose to be shade? Your shading Katy cause she doesn’t need pat her p**** and twerk with scraps of clothes on to barely scan platinum? Oh

  63. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    Rihanna’s Worldwide Albums Sales

    Music Of The Sun: 2005 (1,000,000+)

    A Girl Like Me: 2006 (3,000,000+)

    Good Girl, Gone Bad: 2007 (8,000,000+)

    Rated R: 2009 (3,000,000+)

    Loud: 2010 (5,000,000+)

    TAlk That Talk: 2011 (4,000,000+)

    Unapologetic: 2012 (3,000,000+)


    THANK GOD FOR HER 1.29 singles or she would be No Where Near REAL legends ON THE BEST SELLERS LIST

  64. Navy Commander January 3, 2014

    Unapologetic 2,953,000 WW(around 3.5 mil now)
    Talk That Talk +3,500,000 WW
    LOUD +6,000,000 WW
    Rated R 3,000,000 WW
    GGGB ~9,000,000 WW
    A Girl Like Me ~3,200,000 WW
    Music Of The Sun +1,500,000 WW

    Total Worldwide Album Sales: +29,153,000
    Updated as of 5/10

    Claimed Sales (Not Certified) 100 million

  65. The Boy Toy January 3, 2014

    Stephy boo are you bipolar hun? I can’t with you. 😆

    @Katy stan: all of those songs s*** on everything Katy has ever “written”. Tell her to perform “Roar” without the band and background singers purposely overpowering her.

  66. Navy Commander January 3, 2014

    “Rihanna doesn’t sell albums. These MILLIONS mean nothing.

    She’s simply a singles artist who happens to also sale millions of albums.”

  67. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    This should be Rihanna’s REAL sales for how big she is…

    Music Of The Sun: 2005 (2,000,000+)

    A Girl Like Me: 2006 (4,000,000+)

    Good Girl, Gone Bad: 2007 (12,000,000+)

    Rated R: 2009 (6,000,000+)

    Loud: 2010 (10,000,000+)

    Talk That Talk: 2011 (7,000,000+)

    Unapologetic: 2012 (5,000,000+)

    That should be her album sales but Nooo she appeals to people that aint got money SO THEY STEAL HER S***!!!

  68. Navy Commander January 3, 2014

    Rihanna US singles (Unapologetic & TTT Era):
    Loveeeee Song – Gold
    Pour It Up – Platinum
    We Found Love – 7x Platinum
    Stay – Platinum
    Diamonds – 2x Platinum
    Birthday Cake – Platinum
    Talk That Talk – Platinum
    Where Have You Been – Platinum
    You Da One – Platinum

    Updated 5/10

  69. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    Hi Boy Toy…. I love that avi… & yes I am a little CRAZY in tha head haha

  70. Navy Commander January 3, 2014

    The only basic songs on that list are right now & we found love.

    Pour it up is basic? California king? S&M? Only girl? What’s my name?
    Those are far from basic. But it looks like you might be a closet navy seeing ass you know all her songs…

  71. Bey_on_ce_wokeuplikethis January 3, 2014

    Lemme know when it says Rihanna ft eminem ….until then thanks eminem for winning lol cuz rihanna dans are delusional …if most of songs are duets I only counted 6 singles so how is she #1 in singles lol plz the thirst is real thanks bey for making the self entitled album BEYONCE’ it’s still num 1 …#beyhive

  72. The Boy Toy January 3, 2014

    If she stretched her eras out more, those could EASILY be her sales but she doesn’t sooo it is what it is! It is unrealistic for an artist in this day and age to sell that much YEARLY! She drops a platinum album every year! Some people can’t even sell 500k every 2 years!

  73. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014


    Sold 125,000,000+ Singles Worldwide

    Sold 30,000,000+ Albums Worldwide

    Incredible I Think So…

  74. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    LOLOLOLOL ALL of Katy’s singles are basic! Each and every one of them! Rihanna isn’t afraid to take risks meanwhile Katy is always releasing Disney theme songs. The “cute kiddie” act will only Last but so long But I will let u have your moment lolololol

  75. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    The government need to take over the internet so people can STOP stealing artist music. UGH Rihannas albums ever since GGGB has been EXCELLENT

    She does not have the album sales she deserve..

  76. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    WFL May be “generic” or “Basic” but it will forever remain a Dance classic! Go into any club and watch people still go off to it! CeCe Peniston has “Finally” and Ri has We Found Love!!!!!!!!

    Right Now was trash I do agree with that. Def Jam wanted her to release it so bad but she fought them and didn’t make a video!!!!!

  77. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    Rih will not sell huge like GGGB or Loud again until she focuses on one era and promotes like a normal artist. She relesed Talk That Talk while she was still on the Loud tour!!!!!!! Her next album should still be getting #1 singles well into 2015!!!!!!

  78. Justgimmeeareason January 3, 2014

    Congrats to Eminem!!!
    Singles are so easy, only $1.99 to get them, so it’s pretty normal to gain all those downloads especially when you have singles artists like Rihanna in the song.. Just sayin..

  79. carole January 3, 2014

    Why are people saying that Monster is Rihanna’s song? This is not her song she is just a feature on it. Now when Drake, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicky, Beyonce etc. have a feature on their song this makes it the feature’s song. Bullsh*t. Yes the features get a percentage but not like the original artist’s who made the song.

  80. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    Katy Perry music is for CHILDREN and/or stupid teens.

    Her music is overlyproduced POP trash!! Her albums are so f****** LOUD. Most of her songs be so overly produced that it hides her horrible vocals. But I guess thats the point huh…

    I will NEVER purchase another Katy Perry anything. She made me feel like I was a 16 year old girl listening to her PRISM flop ass album

  81. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    Loud should have surpassed GGGB in sales that was her iconic album but she was over that phase so moved on to the next!

  82. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    Katy Perry will never be an icon like Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

    Rihanna’s impact > Katy’s local hits.

    When Katy is close to unthroaning Madonna in the UK for most sales by a female artist and sell out iconic stadiums like STADE DE FRANCE, call me.

  83. Navy Commander January 3, 2014

    Where’s slaty perry?

  84. Beyhive January 3, 2014

    Congrats to Eminem and Rihanna. I love this song so much. Rihanna just has a magic in her, that in every song she appears it becomes a hit or at least it is very catchy. She’s definitely a singles artist.
    Not the total package tho. She lacks a lil bit of drive and strength in her live performances. She has a cute unique voice tho but lacks something and her albums in general lack quality and substance.
    Her best album is Talk that Talk, in my opinion.

  85. mekaela January 3, 2014

    Why u all think the navy putting beyonce accomplish ments down im convince its a behive trying to act like a navy and start stan war anyone with common sense knows b is selling albums im not a b fan but when hating ass behive come for ri I will attack

  86. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    Notice Roar is Katy’s only top five hit from this era, even after she shot and promoted unconditionally?

    Katy’s clock is ticking, she has no hits on PRISM even though I like it.

  87. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    Even Lorde who is 17 years old makes better music than 30 year old Katy.
    ..:::Now Playing – Lorde NO BETTER:::..

  88. Rihiconna January 3, 2014

    Rihanna and Katy Perry are friends people so relax! And Rihanna could easily have an GGGB/Loud if she really wanted but she gets lazy when she’s on tour.she promotes 1 or 2 singles than pay the others dust.All she needs is direction.

  89. HOTSTUFF January 3, 2014

    30 M ALBUM WW & 10 M in the US ! a total of 40+M abum sold…. but she only sells singles….LOLz …..i’m waiting for Beyonso’s WW sale in a few months….*goes back to foiling nails*

  90. Yolo January 3, 2014

    And whats so special about Rihannas WW sales? Death @ the Navy making out they are huge.

  91. Hivy January 3, 2014

    HELLO everyone. Congrats to Eminem and Rihanna.

  92. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    I can’t even believe someone mentioned Katy Perry in the same sentence as the icon when the icon is in her own lane.

  93. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    Rihanna’s Albums all have THEMES!!!!

    Music Of The Sun: Comprised of mostly Demos. Cute Island breezy pop songs with a dash of dancehall and R&B

    A Girl Like Me: Cute, Girly, Flirty, pop music

    Good Girl Gone Bad: The Introduction of the REAL Rihanna when she took her image and sound into her own hands. She wanted yall to know that she was here to stay and she was not that perfect girl Def Jam wanted her to be!

    Rated R: Darkhanna. Her finest album. Emotional, dark, gangster, hip hop, dubstep, poprock, grungy pop, electronica with a dash of R&B

    LOUD: The return of the Rihanna that the world loved. Her most commercial offering to Date. Fun, mainstream, dancey, VERY POP, s***, flirty, very airy.

    Talk That Talk: Cocky, Aggressive, Ratchet, monumental. This album birthed Miley Cyrus and a lot of pop girls have tried to follow this formula and failed.

    Unapologetic: F*** you. I’m gonna drink, f***, love, smoke, curse you out and I will have no apologies.

  94. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    And Katy is practically Dr Luke’s speaker box, everything she churns out is written and produced by Dr Luke, which explains her lack of musical growth and depth.

    The icon has a diverse rich discography of music that Katy could only dream of. Remember that Dark Horse wouldn’t exist if the icon didn’t smash with Birthday Cake and Pour it up.

  95. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    Always remember that Beyonce decided to be a video w**** because of the icon, not Katy Perry.

    Gaga decided to be a nudist because of the icon, not Katy Perry. Gaga did dance music because the icon smashed with SOS, dont stop the music and disturbia.

    Always remember that.

  96. MuiMui January 3, 2014

    Chloe u r one to talk about ho many lines somebody sings, when Beyomce change a single word,and claim writing royalties.

  97. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez January 3, 2014

    You mean three?

  98. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    Not when Rock Legend Stevie Knicks said the icon can have a very successful rock band after seeing her perform the punk rock hit shut up and drive.

    The icon is being called the voice of our generation. OWN LANE, get it?

  99. MuiMui January 3, 2014

    Rihanna and Eminem says if it worked the first
    time “Less Do It Again”. And If you are worrying about Features, then check Jayz,Wayne,Chris,Gaga,Beyonce them too.

  100. The Boy Toy January 3, 2014

    Awww guys I hate to put Rih and Katy against each other because they’re friends. 🙁 Too bad that Katy stan started it!

  101. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    It stil amazes me that Rihanna sold out STADIUMS with her horrible performancing skills

    Freddie Mercury WORKED a STADIUM like NO OTHER

  102. MuiMui January 3, 2014

    Rihanna is the “CHART QUEEN” DEAL WITH IT.

  103. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    Mariah will NEVER sell out a stadium.

  104. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    Almost home sounds like an Unapologetic reject, the icon’s impact.

  105. Slayty (Selling Out the O2 Arena 5 times on the same tour) January 3, 2014

    @Navy Commander
    Pour It Up sounds like every other urban track released. Only Girls is generic dance music. What’s My Name is beyond generic lmao I cannot with the delusions! I own a copy of GGGB, Rated R, and Loud. I never hate on artist without trying their music.

    You were staning hard for Katy months ago, so I won’t bother with your flip flop ass. Katy has only released 3 singles and one was released recently and is currently at #11. Try again.

    Not you trying to use Lorde when she actually writes her own material. Rihanna cant and won’t ever write an entire album

    @Boy Toy
    Dead @ you trying it with vocals when Rihanna abuses playback like her life depends on it. I’d like to hear her sing Complicated live. Or sing Only Girl In the World without playback. Lets not try it.

    A Mariah stan is the last person who should be commenting on musical maturity. I love MiMi so I’ll just leave it at that. Katy doesn’t need your coins, she has everyone else

  106. The Boy Toy January 3, 2014

    Mariah has to get a single off the ground first 🙂

    Sorry Stephy I don’t usually shade Mimi EVER, but simmer down. 😉

  107. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 3, 2014

    Congrats to Rihanna

  108. Rihiconna January 3, 2014

    yolo the navy does not hype up Rihanna’s album sales. We always say it is consistent and her albums have longevity.We praise her singles because she slays with the hits. Beyoncé’s albums are just as basic as Rihanna’s albums.

  109. MuiMui January 3, 2014

    Keep driving them crazy.

  110. The Boy Toy January 3, 2014

    @Slaty I wouldn’t like to hear Krapty sing ANYTHING live. My ears wouldn’t be able to take. 🙂

    Rih may not be the best with her uptempos, but she ALWAYS slays her mid tempos and ballads. Katy can’t even do that.

  111. Slayty (Selling Out the O2 Arena 5 times on the same tour) January 3, 2014

    Lol the delusions are too real! Dark Horse wouldn’t exist if it E.T didn’t smash. Try again. Katy is credited as the first songwriter in all of her songs which means she did the most writing. Try again. Rih wouldn’t be here if a team of songwriters and producers didn’t give her hits and an image. She relies on them more than Katy relies on Dr. Luke. Try again.

  112. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 3, 2014

    I’m excited for R8. I loved Unapologetic. Stay, Love without Tragedy, Get it over With, and No Love Allowed are my songs. Loud is still the best though.

  113. Yolo January 3, 2014

    @Rihiconna that’s not what I am reading. You hype her WW sales up like that are massive. I am not even gonna get on a comparative mode though what Beyoncé is doing now speaks for itself.

  114. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 3, 2014

    I do not need a Katy Perry Stan worrying about Mariah. Not when One of the boys opened with 47k and peaked at #9. #sorry

  115. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    I’m sorry but

    MOTS 1.5 million
    Kate Hudson 2 copies?

    Yep, Kate Hudson NEEDS Dr Luke. Think again before you come for the icon with a Nick Jr artist.

  116. The Boy Toy January 3, 2014

    Rih has been in control of her image since 2007. Stylists (both former and current) have vouched for that. She can’t help it if everyone wants her to be their muse. 🙂 Katy’s songwriting skills doesn’t make her better than anyone! Her s*** is B-A-S-I-C nursery rhymes that my niece would sing at daycare!

  117. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 3, 2014

    “Mariah will NEVER sell out a stadium.”

    LIES!!! She sold out South Africa’s Stade El Menzah on the adventure’s of Mimi Tour.

  118. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    Kate Hudson is right now promoting and struggling to perform Unconditionally, and yet where is it on the Hot 100?

    The icon had a GLOBAL SMASH with 1 Grammy’s performance.

    The icon had a #1 and #1 single in the same week with one SNL performance. Katy is no competition for the icon.

  119. MuiMui January 3, 2014

    RIHANNA TELL ME WHO ARE writing essays now, looool.

  120. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    And it’s cute Kate Hudson has sold out the O2 5 times, the icon did double that on LOUD tour.

  121. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 3, 2014

    She also sold out the Tokyo Dome three times for her Daydream Tour.

  122. king_music January 3, 2014

    @rihallah the savior
    If Rihanna is everything u say she is then why do
    u constantly need to remind us? seems like someone is
    very insecure about their FAV.
    Rihanna is great at wat she does but lets be honest
    she doesnt have artistry everything is handed to her
    she is a industry puppet and lets not forget at the end
    of the day she is working for Jay-Z King B husband
    Rihanna’s Success = more money for the Carter Family
    like if they where to need it. I dont stand for Rihanna but im proud of her success but BEYONCE is in a level
    witch Rihanna could never be
    Rihanna = Best digital artist
    Beyonce = Best Female Performer of All time

    U tell Me who will be remembered 20 yrs from now?

    im sure people arent gonna check for Charts they are
    gonna check for live performances and believe me
    Rihanna will not be one of those artist that are gonna
    be talked about because shes not leaving a Legacy behind and Beyonce is. Dont need to reply.
    Point here is that ur FAV is not that great or atleast
    how her fans put her out to be.. 😉

  123. MuiMui January 3, 2014

    Nail them to the big oak tree, let them
    know who the Real Chart “Queen”is.

  124. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 3, 2014

    Is this the real Lovebird though? He is supposed to be a Katy Stan. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  125. MuiMui January 3, 2014

    Making His-To-Rih!

  126. MuiMui January 3, 2014

    Navy where is Beyonce singles!

  127. Dark Horse January 3, 2014

    Rihanna didn’t sell out the O2 for LOUD Tour though.

    The O2 Arena London 166,717 / 172,050 (98%) $12,076,950[56

  128. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    She sold more dates at the O2 than Kate Hudson.

  129. Navy Commander January 3, 2014

    Roar was the most basic song released this year so

  130. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014


    I do not have to Constantly remind anything but I will defend my fav against the Haters. That is all Im doing! Rihanna is boss at what she does. She has writing credits she runs her career just like SHAWN “JAY Z” CARTER said. SHe runs it! He cannot intervene!!! Rihanna’s iconic name is already etched into the history books. She couldn’t be forgotten even if you tried. Next year will make it an entire decade in the business for the “one hit wonder puppet”. People have been seething since 2005 :):)

  131. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    Lovebird. Mariah Carey was never a staduim act. Mariah Carey NEVER was a touring act. She was forced into doing that because she sold alot of records.

    Mariah Carey was just a singer/songwritter thats it..

    But she did sell out a stadium in japan & in mexico! So sit.

    Mariah Carey is a legend so stop comparing her to Rihanna & Katy Perry whos voices can & will never do the things Mariah Carey COULD DO cause her old ass cant sing s*** NOWADAYS

  132. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    @sLATEy Perry

    Yes,Lorde writes her own music and it is better than Katy’s self written Disney Channel Commercial music! I hear her Next single will be the theme for Winnie The Pooh

  133. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    There you go again putting the icon’s name in the same sentence as Kate Hudson.

    The icon is in her own lane, she makes hits, sells albums and sells out venues. Her own lane.

  134. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    Kate Hudson’s competition; Ke$ha, Gaga, Miley.

    The icon is way passed these. Remember, the only reason the 30 YO with 16 years experience is now a video w.h.o.r.e is because of the icon.

  135. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    Beyonce >>>>> Rihanna

  136. MuiMui January 3, 2014

    Navy reminds haters of Rihanna greatness,because her haters are always down playing her ,just like they are trying to do now.

  137. Fresh Navi January 3, 2014

    is a Katy Fan really talking about being GENERIC?

    what is katy perry’s influence?

    Katy’s last tour grossed 48 mil rihanna’s Loud tour did 90.

    Rihanna is considered iconic. in Fashion and music.

    Katy is only known for singles. Katy is basic as f***

    and with lyrics like sucking real bad at Mariah Carey-ok being a song writer is nothing to brag about with her abc rhyme that 5 year old could do. keep it the f*** cute

    Rihanna sold out the 02 7 times what exactly is katy perry better at?

    WHAT ? Roar is the most corny and basic song in the world and lets not pretend as if she didn’t model her song off sera Barilles Brave.

    I remember her tweeting the link months before prism came out…… your fave is a copy right infringing fraud.

  138. MuiMui January 3, 2014

    Rihanna the Therapist,says Shes taking patients

  139. Slayty (Selling Out the O2 Arena 5 times on the same tour) January 3, 2014

    Katy Hudson was a gospel album released by a label that later went bankrupt. What’s Rih’s excuse for only 2/7 albums being successful? The global icon struggles to sell over 4 million worldwide? The icon takes almost a year to scan platinum? Katy has only announced UK dates, I expect to see stadiums in Australia. They love her

    @Boy Toy
    Katy slays all of her acoustic sets, you tried it. Are you trying to say Thinking of You is lyrically basic? Katy wrote that one herself. I’d like to sew Rihanna do better. Or better than Lost, Not Like the Movies, E.T, I’m Still Breathing, Choose Your Battles, Spiritual, By the Grace of God, or even Peacock lmao!

    First week sales are irrelevant. One of the Boys sold 1.5 million in the US (more than Music of the Sun has done worldwide to date) and over 3.2 million worldwide.

  140. king_music January 3, 2014

    @rihallah the savior
    I was just stating my opinion.
    Sometimes “us” stans can be very Delusional
    and i dont blame u sweetie.
    But Wat will Rihanna have to offer in her 30’s?
    lets not forget the pattern with all these POP stars
    who only offer sexiness. they start fading away it only works to a certain age.
    her voice?
    her stage presence?
    her performing ability?
    her artistry?
    look at britney, christina aguilera even Katy is
    fading trust me she wont be a excused specially because
    shes black honey. but we are just gonna have to wait and see wont we 😉

  141. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014


    Also, Beyonce been shaking her ass acting whooooorish in her videos long before Miss Forehead came along SIT!

  142. Slayty (Selling Out the O2 Arena 5 times on the same tour) January 3, 2014

    I stopped reading after you said Katy’s tour grossed 48 million. That incorrect fact discredits anything else you have to say. California Dreams Tour grossed 60 million with a sellout rate of over 98%.

  143. MuiMui January 3, 2014

    Nothing like making the music history books,
    like Ri keep doing so well. She has fast become a part of the music history. People are talking about how she keep making History in music. Why is the haters all so mad. And why do they try to find who ever is doing good as well to pit against her,like they are doing adding katy name to the mix.
    The Katy fan isn’t a Katy kat in the first place, that is a hive parading as a Katy kat.

  144. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    Rihanna will probably be retired in her 30’s or having a more mature sound and Deeper life experience! She will probably be married with a child by a rich white man! Yes we will see 🙂

  145. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 3, 2014

    I’m sorry but Mariah won the BMI Icon Songwriter award in 2012. Daydream and Butterfly has been lauded by music critics who have praised and pointed out strong improvement in her songwriting abilities. You tried. You really f***** tried.

  146. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    What Impact has Katy made on pop culture? I don’t see anyone emulating anything she does.

  147. Navy Commander January 3, 2014

    B**** rihanna is only 25. And you are not a fortune tell sis so sit

  148. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    “The global icon struggles to sell over 4 million worldwide? The icon takes almost a year to scan platinum?”

    Hold up, didn’t it take Kate Hudson close to 2 years to sell 5 million WW when the icon did this in a couple of months with LOUD?

  149. Avenger January 3, 2014

    How did Rihanna break a record when it’s Eminem’s song? All she did was play Nate Dogg…

  150. rnblover January 3, 2014

    USHER IS THE KING…can’t wait for new album!

  151. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 3, 2014

    And the Beyonce Stans can continue to cling to that metacritic ish cause no one gives a F*ck. People are impressed by the way the album was released not the actual music. And death @her falling to #2 on iTunes being outsold by the Frozen Soundtrack which was released months ago. And the absolute death @ Drunk in Love struggling to break top 15 on ITunes while Roar and Wrecking ball have been slaying for months.

  152. Marcellas January 3, 2014

    @Slayriah metacritic analyze the music not the way it was released.

    Is it true Bey’s performing at the world cup this year? There was something about it on Brazilian news.

  153. Slayty (Selling Out the O2 Arena 5 times on the same tour) January 3, 2014

    Lol Katy got a standing ovation at the AMAs, remember? Teenage Dream sold 6 million worldwide, Katy’s albums have longer legs than Rihanna’s.

  154. dada January 3, 2014

    Album>single! . Beyonce makes albums not McDonald’s big mac kinda pop songs. Which would u rather? A gourmet nutritious meal or french fries with ketchup? Thats beyonce and rihanna.

  155. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 3, 2014

    “@Slayriah metacritic analyze the music not the way it was released.”

    Did my comment mention anything about metacritic analyzing the way albums are released though? I said “people.”

  156. RICHIE_RICH January 3, 2014

    Yes Queen Beyonce’ will be @World Cup 2014 Brazil in Rio@Marcellas

  157. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    Excuse me but Beyonce music isnt that f****** Great. This latest album is her best because she stopped trying to be Miss Perfect and actually Made a personal album for once!!!!!! She recorded BDay in 2 weeks that is the definition of a microwave album. Her performing and Matthew Knowles saved her because her catalougue is no better than an Ashanti or Nivea

  158. RICHIE_RICH January 3, 2014

    @riah is that xtina and mariah in you’re avi, if so mariha seem as if she lost a lil weight.

  159. Marcellas January 3, 2014

    Yeah because you spoke about ‘people’ in the same sentence as metacritic. People obviously being critics. Don’t try it. Metacritic scores come from a compilation of the most credible critical sources. And if no one gives a s***, why do you feel the need to bring it up. It wasn’t even mentioned in the post.

  160. Marcellas January 3, 2014

    Well, not the same sentence but you get my point. What’s the relevance of speaking about metacritic and then saying that. You aint playing me for a fool.

  161. RICHIE_RICH January 3, 2014

    yep that album was made in two weeks and sold 7,000,000+ ww, something rihanna damn sure can’t do.

    Rihanna is sub-par at best get over it . Beyonce is the Overall better artist. Beyonce’>>>>>>>Rihanna

  162. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 3, 2014


    I only shaded Bey because of that ridiculous comment you made on the last Rihanna post. You tried it.

  163. My Forehead Tho January 3, 2014

    Not the navy bragging about performances.

    When your fave is on the course to have the same musical impact on music industry as Latoya Jackson by the time she takes a break, you tend to overhype them and make them everything they’re not. I get it. Same s*** happened with Jessica Simpson and Ashanti. But if you’re going to do it, stick to her strong points- $1.29 generic, trend hopping, singles

    Has Rihanna even performed ‘Pour It Up’ live yet?

  164. RICHIE_RICH January 3, 2014

    @Riah girl cut it out you been shading Bey for the past 2 or more yrs. To be real with you I wasn’t even tryin to shade Mariah on that last post. That was a cut and paste no shade. The shade was towards Rihanna.

  165. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    B’Day sold 6 million, that 7 million is delusion.

  166. RIHALLAH THE SAVIOR January 3, 2014

    Rihanna has already done it in a shorter time period. My point is don’t Call Rihanna’s s*** “popcorn music” when Beyonce does the same S***.

  167. Marcellas January 3, 2014

    @Richie_Rich OMG that’s going to be massive!

  168. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 3, 2014


    Lol, majority of the comment was directed at Mariah and even one of the other hive said that I should have been there to read it. The problem is that you “cut and paste” something that wasn’t even factual but whatever. I haven’t been shading Beyonce for 2 years. I was even defending her just yesterday against the deluded people saying that she bought her albums on iTunes. I’ve only been on TGJ for a year now.

  169. Lovebird January 3, 2014

    Know your lane.

  170. RICHIE_RICH January 3, 2014

    Bday did sell 7,0000,0000+ ww prove me wrong.

    Yessss hunty I’m a RICH B****. Get you a piece boo!!!!1

  171. RICHIE_RICH January 3, 2014

    Oh ok ….On the real I was busy shading Rihanna til I didn’t see that last part about Mariah. Girl you been on her longer than a year babe, well it seem as if it’s been 2years.@Riah

  172. Rosie January 3, 2014

    This is the worst chart I’ve seen in ages. When Counting Stars is the best song on the top 10, you know there’s a problem.

  173. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 3, 2014


    Btw, Beyonce is expected to land at #2 on the billboard 200 in the upcoming chart week. Looks like that Beyonce reign is coming to and end. No shade. What’s your top 3 Beyonce songs? Mine are Sweet Dreams, Déjà Vu, and Hello.

  174. Yaz January 3, 2014

    That’s cute for Eminem’s song.

  175. Stephy Tha Lambily January 3, 2014

    OMGOD Slayriah you actually said something nice about Beyonce

  176. In Bey We Trust January 3, 2014

    Oh the delusions…..

    What is baddie bey doing??? What Rihanna could not, has not , and will not ever!

    Enjoy her 5th CONSECUTIVE No. 1 ALBUM honey! The ONLY woman in history to have ALL of her solo albums go to number No. 1

    Rihanna is cute and all and give her her credit. But if she took all 13 of them singles the Navy loves to run around talking about she would have ONE Album. Maybe finally achieving that 2nd No. 1 album she is hoping to achieve with R8. Her record is 1/7 HA!!!!!

    F*** with the Slayvior Bey when 100% of your albums are No. 1 (One of which is currently No.1) and you have 17 Grammys

    Until then keep it cute. Give Rih her DUE credit….but let’s not get delusional. I’ll gladly give .99 cents to a cute jingle. But my full coin is going to Mother Bey. And CLEARLY the nation agrees

  177. Rihiconna January 3, 2014

    A hive telling the Navy not to get delusion???? Smh save the long essay for somebody who gives a f**k sis.

  178. NICKY January 4, 2014


    A katy fan coming for rih? lmaooooooooooooooooooo

    Prism 1.7 million after 10 weeks
    Unapologetic 1.7 million after 3 weeks with 1/20 the promo


    Lmao @ bey h** lmaoooooooooooooooooooooo
    Why are you so mad at the Icon’s success? Lmaoooooooo #legendstatus is near.

    Preopare for R8 that will slay a la LOUD and GGGB, Rih is not playing around this time. And a blockbuster tour at the end of the year…And a blockbuster tour for 2015 LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  179. DaVinci January 4, 2014

    She was only the featured artist on THREE, but Carry On…

  180. NICKY January 4, 2014

    13 #1s and only 3 features


    Icon is coming for Mariah’s wig. Shakira collab going #1 and at least 2-3 #1s for R8 lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Who’s ready for more millions of albums sold so effortlessly? LMAO!

  181. Mya January 4, 2014

    If its because of Rihanna that this song is hit why couldn’t she do it with right now or what now?

  182. NICKY January 4, 2014

    THE BEY Hive loves to lie

    TI Live your Life
    Eminem LTWYL and Monster =3 FEATURES

    So should we discredit CIL, Check on It, Baby Boy since there were featured artists?


  183. Mya January 4, 2014

    Dumb much? Beyonce wasn’t a feauture on any of those songs^

  184. NICKY January 4, 2014

    Because she was too busy on her SOLD OUT TOUR that had only 2 unsold dates with 99.7% capacity

    While others had 20 unsold dates accoridng to billboard and reported festivals


  185. NICKY January 4, 2014


    Sweetie i was responding to someone said she had 6 features lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. Mya January 4, 2014

    @Nicky do you not rememer when Ri reported her festivals during Loud. And dead at you using that when Beyonce still would have outgrossed her.

  187. Mya January 4, 2014

    Rihanna Britney and Pink have all reported festivals at some point. It is not cheating so you can stop clinging to that. Beyonce still would have OUTGROSSED her minus them. Beyonces Mrs Carter Word Tour will still be classed as more successful and you will deal.

  188. Mya January 4, 2014

    Well if you are responding usually you @ the person so its clear! ‘LMAOOO’

  189. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) January 4, 2014

    I’m SCREAMING at the illogical monkeys in here trying to use ANYTHING they can to knock someone who’s REALLY winning down right now lol!!! From trying to use worldwide sales to SINGLE positions (half of which she is just a feature on), y’all really think that beats a million plus albums being sold in 3 weeks?????? LOL!!!! And someone had the audacity to say “Rihanna is WW and not local like some”????? Have you SEEN Rihanna’s album sales in the US??? LOL!!! You gotta slay your primary region first before you can become WW lol!!!

  190. Mya January 4, 2014

    Remember Beyonce Toured off her NAME. Or a 2 year old ‘flop’ era as yall
    would call it. So a navy dragging any aspect of her Tour is VOID when their fav has yet to prove she can Tour off her star power and be successful like Mrs Carter has.

  191. Career Ender January 4, 2014

    Just stopped-by to clock SLAYRIAH CAREY:

    There is no stadium called “Stade El Menzah” in South Africa .

    Stop lying to the multitudes

  192. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 4, 2014


    MY BAD… There is a stadium called Stade El Menzah but it’s in Tunisia, not South Africa.

    Stade El Menzah Tunis 42,525 / 42,525 (100%) $5,626,738

    You’re not “clocking” anything babe. I’m not stupid to go and make up stats like that. It was an honest mistake

  193. Maracaibo January 4, 2014

    @nicky who gives a s*** it wasnt soldout when it effortlessly shat on the almounds world tour? you can kiss my ass with that b*******

  194. FutureCIARA January 4, 2014

    Im sooo baffled, The song FUKKIN SUCKS!!!

    Its a generic version of Love The Way You Lie…. They tried it!

    Whoever dik they both sucked in the industry for this song to be as successful as it is, that person must had the best brain EVER!!! Rihanna get back to work on your own material industry h**!!

    Congrats none the less

  195. JOHNVIDAL January 4, 2014

    Too bad it´s not her song, as half of the times with her.
    There are two sad things about this:
    – The song is bad and generic (can´t believe such a supposed talented rapper as Eminem degrates himself to this generic point just to be present on singles charts)
    – Rihanna´s numbers (only worth the mention when it comes to singles) are so unfair. She has radio support no matter what or how bad the song she is in is. And secondly it is unfair cos all those weeks at #1 (starting to be comparable to Beatles, Mariah and all that) are partially thanks to mere features.
    #Unfair #Basic

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