Justin Bieber Mug Shot Revealed / Singer Smiling

Published: Thursday 23rd Jan 2014 by Sam

With his lucrative career hanging in the balance, Justin Bieber has little to smile about following his arrest this morning for DUI and drag racing.

However, the 19-year-old does just that is this tragic mug shot – just released by TMZ.

How many ways to spell messy? Sigh.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lana Del Ray January 23, 2014

    He is smilin’ because he knows he will be r**** by Gaga’s fans in jail…


  2. Mrs. Carter January 23, 2014

    Britney 2007 teas

  3. Riri4Ever January 23, 2014

    Chris Brown brother is in Miami’s jail. Lock him up…

  4. MusicStan( ya’ll Know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    Why Lawd??? Why Lawd did Sam display this image… This poor lesbian…. ugghh

  5. Mark111 January 23, 2014

    That smile ain’t fooling me, those eyes been crying for some hours. And data skin without makeup!

  6. stephy tha lambily January 23, 2014

    Child, he looks to pretty to be in jail. Somebody gonna take his booty…

  7. Skyfall January 23, 2014

    Hot ass mess.

  8. S****** Blonde January 23, 2014

    He was high as f***, lol.

  9. Lovebird January 23, 2014

    He looks like a woman who smokes 2 packs a day.

    Gurl, this s*** is hilarious. I cannot at this wannabe thug, Mzz Bieber trying and failing to get that street cred.

    Journals flopping harder than a Ciara album on groupon.

  10. Mrs. Carter January 23, 2014

    The f*ck is he smiling for? Breaking 9 year olds hearts? What an idiot.

  11. stephy tha lambily January 23, 2014

    His skin without make up looks basic as f***. He looks like every lil white boy I bullied in High School…


  12. RoyalKev January 23, 2014

    Wow, he was in tears! Poor thing!

  13. gilbert January 23, 2014


  14. MusicStan( ya’ll Know who I stan for) January 23, 2014


  15. Lovebird January 23, 2014

    You were a bully? You’re disgusting man.

  16. beyugly January 23, 2014

    See he’s gonna end up like that Guy from fast n furious.he better watch out

  17. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 23, 2014

    The f*** is he smiling for,to earn a little street cred? Bye Felicia

  18. Super Cisus January 23, 2014

    Deport him back to Canada with d*** ass Rosie

  19. Mrs. Carter January 23, 2014

    Proactive Justin?

  20. The Boy Toy January 23, 2014


  21. BeyHive January 23, 2014

    Bieber’s p*** career is closer and closer

  22. PlumPeach January 23, 2014

    Oops she looked like Ellen Degeneres for a hot minute.
    Oh where’s Lil’ Za this time.

    Usher those management skills boo boo not reflecting well, but hey you be getting those cheques.
    What you need to do is CHECK HIM!!

  23. RG2 January 23, 2014

    He’s surrounded by a bunch of yes men including his parents, and manager. Instead of telling him to sit the f*ck down and grow up, their too scared that telling him the truth will cost them a pay check. These young stars want all the rewards and success that come with fame, but hate to hear the truth about their behavior. I say let him sit there and learn the hard way.

  24. tits mcgee January 23, 2014

    That mug shot was after the cavity search (with no grease), that’s why he’s smiling. #NOGREASE

  25. Jay Scorpio Navy General January 23, 2014

    He needs to be gang r**** with his sissy ass… I’m sure Usher been tappin that ass…

    Once you go BLACK there’s no going BACK!

  26. MusicStan( ya’ll Know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    Ummm No Shade and I DON’T KNOW YOU personally but it is hard to believe you was a bully with a name like Stephy Tha Lambily ( No shade) like I said I don’t know you personally but I’m just saying what everyone on here is thinking!!!! *shrugs shoulders*

  27. Skyfall January 23, 2014

    He smiling cause he know hes about to get some d***

  28. The Boy Toy January 23, 2014

    Death @musicstan. Like chile who allowed YOU to bully them? Must’ve been one weak ass b****. I can’t .

  29. stephy tha lambily January 23, 2014


    YASSSSSSSS Somebody gonna have fun TARINNG his tight booty up!!!

    Lil Twist (His Black Friend) already started fuckking him with his big black dickk…


  30. stephy tha lambily January 23, 2014

    Also, his other little black friend LIL ZA been tapping Justin’s ass too… LOL


  31. ratedxx(love is beautiful) January 23, 2014

    I don’t find anything remotely funny about somebody driving under the influence. he could have killed somebody..

    of course he’s not going to go to prison for this..he’s white, rich and white…

    I usually don’t like comparing races..but it was quite obvious Justin was not going to get any real punishment
    when the cops went to his house, found drugs and automatically arrested the black guy that was there..

  32. Tyler January 23, 2014

    Leave CB out of this

    @Justin Beiber
    Have fun focusing on not dropping the soap BIATCH! Haha

  33. molly January 23, 2014

    smh and he supposed to be a role model

  34. Mrs. Carter January 23, 2014

    “It’s going down am yelling TIMBER” Justin Bieber to all his cellmates as they are raping him.

  35. Lovebird January 23, 2014

    No it’s just Hollywood. Hollywood stars have a different set of laws from the rest of society. If Chris Brown can’t go to jail, there’s no way Mzz Bieber is going to jail.

    Rappers have to go to jail for their image though.

  36. BeyHive January 23, 2014

    He’ll be in rehab in a year, no worries. By then his career will have started sinking as his “fans” grow up and realize he’s not worthy of losing their minds over. –

  37. ratedxx(love is beautiful) January 23, 2014

    if Justin is gay, That ain’t got s*** to do with me personally…I’m more concerned about his drunk/drugs driving..he might end up hurting or even kill somebody…

    then again he did get arrested in florida, the laws in the south are pretty much stricter than lets say California and new York..

    hopefully they punish him like they would if he was black, Hispanic, Asian, basically any race that’s not white

  38. tits mcgee January 23, 2014

    maybe the inmates will be nice and offer him some toilet wine before they bang him like a drum. #hopefully

  39. Molly January 23, 2014

    Usher must be so disappointed in him.

  40. Del January 23, 2014

    And the sad thing is he probably thinks this is cool. He has to remember his fanbase are mostly 13 yr old girls and behavior like this is not endearing to them. He needs to get it together and go make Baby pt. II before his fans really stop caring.

  41. Truth B Told January 23, 2014

    Well his acting out would never have happened if he was never pimped out to industry guys to be sexually assaulted pent up sexual abuse is to blame for his fall to the killer drug called #Fame

  42. My Forehead Tho January 23, 2014

    He’ll be thankful for the cop(s) that arrested him when he’s older.

    Remember Kesha’s son, Nick Hogan? I’m sure he wishes a cop would have stopped him before he almost killed his friend drag racing.

  43. Molly January 23, 2014

    “Deport him back to Canada with d*** ass Rosie”

    Ooooop lol

  44. Molly January 23, 2014

    Stephy are you sure you weren’t the one getting bullied? lol

  45. BAN THE BEIBS January 23, 2014


    send his ass back to Canadia so he can stop wasting my tax payer dollars on cops that constantly get called out to clean up his spoiled brat antics before eventually arresting a black member of his entourage PAID to take the fall!

  46. D January 23, 2014

    I’m beginning to think this kid is a legit sociopath. He knows he’s breaking laws but he lives as if they don’t apply to him. Oh and he’s a narcissist.

  47. DYNASTY January 23, 2014

    Wait… Stephy was a bully? That’s just as credible as @POP being Str8!!! LMFAO.

    THE SHADE!!!

    A F^G being a bully though? B^tch, who were you bullying? 11 year old White boys when they wouldn’t give up that pink bootyhole?


  48. Calling all hearts January 23, 2014

    Lmao im dying at Stephy saying she’s a bully when she can bearly handle the c squad. grrrrl your as soft as cotton sit down..

  49. DYNASTY January 23, 2014

    im dying at Stephy saying SHE’S a bully when she can bearly handle the c squad.

    *Lies in Coffin & Closes Lid*

  50. stephy tha lambily January 23, 2014

    LOL Everyone I was a bad person in school. I got bullied in Elementary School but not in Middle or High School…

    I had my crew full of queens & females & undercover homo’s..

    If you are from Maryland then you will probably know the school Suitland High School. That’s where I went. That school was filled with Gays & Lesbos..

    I was the queen B… Also, lil white boys did get bullied by me & everybody else… And no I did not want their little pink bootyholes cause I was not fuckingg I WAS GETTING FUCKEDD…

    Bye Haters..

  51. stephy tha lambily January 23, 2014


    Stop calling me a HER its annoying…

  52. stephy tha lambily January 23, 2014



  53. Chile Please!! January 23, 2014

    I swear he looks like Miley & Ellen mixed in one LMAO!

  54. MusicStan(ya’ll know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    @Stephy I don’t think people care what your gender is or was or whatevah People just can’t believe that you were a bully…. like I say earlier no shad cause I don’t know you or care to know your backstory personally… I’m just saying what everyone else are thinking and what does Ciara have to do with this… see the struggle of reach is sooooo real with you… I like your avi and everything but you sometimes be trying it… Just cause you are a ThatGrapeJuice bully or constantly secertly stalking other people faves on twitter to bother them doesn’t make you a bully… Leave Ciara out of this cause she isn’t constantly on ThatGrapeJuice trying to prove herself as a bully…. Bye

  55. RICHIE_RICH January 23, 2014

    She is STONED for the gawds!!!! God bless this child!!!!!!

  56. stephy tha lambily January 23, 2014

    @Music Stan….

    Bye girl, im not tlking to you…

  57. NT January 23, 2014

    i know that school @Stephy , your stories believable to me , that’s pretty much how it works.

  58. MusicStan(ya’ll know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    @Stephy just like you was crying “Im not a girl” well I’m not a Girl I’m a Man and more Man than you… I don’t need a Group of Gays to vaild my security in life babes… and I was the one that brought it up first and everyone follow suit… so you were talking to me… Go bad to pretend to be a bully cause you can’t and never will drag or bully me on this site… I just stated Facts and you all in your feelings…. Ha ha Ha bye the thrist is real to be a real thug over the Net and at a blog at that… Negro or whatevah Ethnic you are Please….. and go play with Barbie and ken and LET’S THE GROWN FOLKS HANDLE THIS

  59. RICHIE_RICH January 23, 2014

    @Stephy I went to Woodrow Wilson…I didn’t know you were from the AREA. I was thinking Philly for some odd reason.

  60. stephy tha lambily January 23, 2014

    Music Stan, you betta put me in my place OLD MAN…

    I respect my elders…


  61. Molly January 23, 2014

    Stephy is pathetic who cares if you bullied anyone and the fact that your tryin to convince people makes you look sad.

  62. MusicStan(ya’ll know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    @Stephy really babes “old man” this is coming from someone who name is more female than anyone else on this site… with a Mariah avi as his picture…. F*** Outta Here… Son/Daughter go in the corner and cry and let the rest of us get back to the topic…. Now Back to the discussion… Stephy is under Punishment and cant come out and play….. Lol #ChildrenaresupposetoBESEENNOTHEARD

  63. MusicStan(ya’ll know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    @Molly wassup Kid

  64. Molly January 23, 2014

    @MusicStan hey hows it going? 🙂

  65. stephy tha lambily January 23, 2014

    I was not YOU started making look like im a bitchhh.. I commented on lttel whte boys

  66. MusicStan(ya’ll know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    @molly it is great here in Atlanta, Just ready to get off from work three more hours to go and reading these post to get me thru the day

  67. stephy tha lambily January 23, 2014

    Music Stan, I respect you old man..Seems like your the one that might need that seat

  68. MusicStan(ya’ll know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    @Stephy I’m not that old babes I’m in My Mid twenties…. with a lot of wisdom along with knowledge and street knowledge something that half don’t even have a clue about…. I can see you respect me and thank you for the respect But I’m calling a Spade a Spade… and You are a Two of Clubs in this deck of cards…. Now back to your regular schedule…. and beside you might want to stop coming for me cause didn’t one of the navy stans clock you teas about how ou was desperate to find a man on ThatGrapeJuice and you try to #CATFISH them I think it was @BoyToy who pointed it out… like two weeks ago on a Rihanna Post

  69. Molly January 23, 2014

    @MusicStan thats wassup hun im just chillen before i have to go to work in a couple of hours :-/.. Lmao you better clock Stephys tea tho.

  70. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    @molly he keeps coming for me so I have to lol

  71. Stephy Tha Lambily January 23, 2014

    Music Stan, that was not a catfish. I was trying to play a prank on S******. It was Pop Royalty that clocked my tea but I almost had Blondie. Ugh makes me mad thinking about it…

    Anyways, im not match for you OLD-er MAN… Besides, im just a q**** to you anyways. I don’t argue with MEN I simply make them c** or get fuccked by them so goodbye …

  72. Stephy Tha Lambily January 23, 2014

    Opps typos I hope you can fix them with your GROWN MAN BRAIN!!!

    *Rolls Eyes*

  73. Jamie January 23, 2014

    That comes from longing to belong to the wrong people. I hope he wises up.

  74. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    @Stephy I along with every commenters on this site that you should change your name To Stephy Tha Catfish or Stephy Tha Desperate cause you look and sound real thristy to play a trick on someone you probably never going to get in bed with is a epic Fail…… damn you that insecure to play a trick on someone you’d never met before to sleep with them… that is worst then trying to sleep with someone who is drunk and don’t have a clue on to what is going on… #SAD and beside you are right you aren’t my match babes cause your comebacks are weak as hell… and I never sleep or even give you a try on my good hard night… *This is fun to me * I hope you aren’t take this serious cause like I say before and I will say it again I don’t personally know you and vice versa but I will let you have it… I’m a disher and taker so I can do this at anytime*

  75. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    *Think that*

  76. Stephy Tha Lambily January 23, 2014

    @Music Stan.. Exactly… THIS IS FUN FOR ME TOO..

    I love coming to this site & grossing people out with my shocking comments. Its fun for me to watch people flip out. I even got so nasty one time that Sam blocked me but I wont go that far again..

    Also, im not stupid. I’m not trying to have s** with people I DONT KNOW. Im simply having guilty pleasure fun saying things over the internet I WOULD NEVER DARE SAY TO SOMEONE IN PERSON. Its fun.

    If you take what people say on this site seriously then you are batshit cray cray.. People on this site be calling Beyoncé fans A*** patience & lots of worst things that I say…

    Besides, I get enough DICKK in REAL LIFE to EVERRR want it threw the internet from a WHITE racist like BLONDIE… 🙂

    Ps… You could never handle me on your HARDEST day.


  77. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    @Stephy Don’t write a Check your ass can’t cash… I don’t brag on myself cause I don’t have an ego like typical gays in the united states… I can show people better than I can tell them… and as far as taking people on this site serious I don’t cause I never will meet these people, none of them are my instagram follwers or facebook freinds and I don’t have personal phone convo or txts with them…. What I notice about a lot of people on here they are disher but not takers, except a couple you are include cause I do sit back and see what goes on before I put my two cents in… now as far as what you did to Blondie you might want to explain that to him and the others cause it does make you look foolish, when I read it I was like really?? but now you explain and own up to it I can respect you…. Now I have respect for a lot of people on here like Beyfan, FutureCiara, Molly, SlayHive and BoyToy and you but I will call a spade a spade… I like Ciara Beyonce and Rihanna , but when people start reaching I have to call it out… some people believe a blog before they believe a celeb… I rather heard it from them then a blog cause sometime their info is wrong or they don’t get it from the source him/herself expcet they go to a friend of the celebs dog walker or some s*** like that

  78. Truelife January 23, 2014

    I hope he can sing his way out of a b*** f*** (clears throat)
    “I was like baby baby baby NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” 3x
    hahahaha #icant #madeforthecellblock

  79. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    and rosegold too

  80. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) January 23, 2014

    @Music Stan

    I agree with everything you said. 😀

  81. Stephy Tha Lambily January 23, 2014

    @Music Stan…

    Let me win an argument DAMN!!! Why you gotta drag me for filth everytime you comment to me.

    Sometimes you have to learn to be NICE & HUMBLE since you are the oldest & more smarter.

    My ego is hurt right now but I will drag you another day.


    I have to go walk my dog… 🙂

  82. MusicStan( Ya’ll know who I stan for) January 23, 2014

    @stephy Bye

  83. JER January 23, 2014

    YASSSSSS!!!! Deport ha!!!!!

  84. Molly January 23, 2014

    Shes out

  85. TMM January 23, 2014

    he’s just to stoned.

  86. quetta January 23, 2014

    I don’t think he was crying. That guy was STONED! lmao he’s a little too happy.

  87. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) January 23, 2014

    Huh…what are celebs without makeup and lighting….#Ugly

  88. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) January 23, 2014

    I thought proactive worked according to Justin?? And y’all know he’s smiling cause he got a date with Bobo after the showers in cell C7 lol!!! *plays Drunk in Love*

  89. FutureCIARA January 23, 2014

    I agree they need to deport his lame ass!

  90. FutureCIARA January 24, 2014

    #DeportBieber is trending in America and #KeepBieber is trending in Canada.

    @Hoesie needs to come pick up their garbage!

  91. Bassman January 27, 2014

    Some think that Justin and Miley could actually be the same person. You can tell them apart though because Justin’s b*** is much more round and full than Miley’s. Oh, she’s actually a much more talented musician.

  92. IwasInthecellnexttojustin April 7, 2014

    I was in the cell next to him down in miami Beach. You want to know something funny. It took 15 correction officer to put him in his Jail cell. He had to be carry into his jail cell. I heard him yelling get me out of here I do not want to be someone’s b**** please I wasn’t doing anything wrong. As he calm down he actly did start crying and saying my Beliebers are going to leave me. I told him if they were true fans they won’t leave you. They know people make mistake I didn’t know his name so I was just guessing it was Justin. He said something really strange well I kind of know how thing work around here and If I need to protection I need to either give someone a blow job or b*** s** right. Since me and you are right beside each other in difference cell we would be put in the shower together only two go in their at a time. The only chance you have of getting r*** by me. If I am really horney but you safe with me. Then a dumba** yell I want that pretty boy to be my boyfrined and I yell shut the f*** up. Finally the guard that tried of us yelling at each other He went and knock the f*** out of that guy. Good thing that day my brother was the Correction guard. If I leave before Justin can you protect him with out any kind of payment. Of course he said yes he did until Justin bond or bail out of jail.

    • IwasInthecellnexttojustin April 8, 2014

      It took 15 correction officer to put him in the Jail cell. he a tough little fart I give him that when he wants to be. Lets just said right after he came back it was shower time and like I said he and I was in the shower together. He ask if he could Bj me. No, but if you want to you could and he did. I didn’t release in his mouth I told him you do not want to be my b**** so I do not want to release in you mouth or you will and I actly did. He did a pretty good job selena taught him well. I know he had to learn it from her and I told him after that BJ go get you girl back. When you get out and he did.

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