Katy Perry Readies 56th Annual Grammy Performance As ‘Roar’ Nears 5x Platinum Status

Published: Wednesday 8th Jan 2014 by David

Is Katy Perry‘s knocking on 5x Platinum door this afternoon?

Fortunately for its contributors, the answer to that question is…yes!

In the mood for good news?

Fill up on our latest serving of ‘Chart Juice’ below…

After selling 157,000 units in the last week, the uplifting anthem now sits at sales of 4,567,000 million units in the US alone!

Co-penned and produced by Bonnie Mckee, Dr. Luke and Max Martin, ‘Roar‘ flirts with the 5 million units figure as sales of its supporting album ‘Prism’ reached the 1,020,000 mark in the same market, moving 51,000 copies in the last seven days!

Perhaps, with her popularity in mind, the Grammy awards enlisted the entertainer to perform at the 56th serving of the show- calling on her to deliver a performance she no doubt hopes will be one of the night’s more memorable highlights!



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  1. kim Kardashian stan January 8, 2014

    Yaaaaaaas Katy!!!!! hope she performs dark horse.

  2. kim Kardashian stan January 8, 2014

    No fraudyonce performance? kii

  3. Lovebird January 8, 2014

    Lmao, this will be a f****** mess. I thought this was the Grammy’s on CBS, not kids choice awards on Nick Jr.

    Please reconsider.

  4. iconic cici January 8, 2014

    Slay queen slay! when was the last time king bey or queen rih sold 5 million with 1 single? I’ll wait.

  5. iconic cici January 8, 2014

    @Flopbird i thought you liked Katy smh

  6. chloe January 8, 2014

    @LOVEBIRD who do u prefer perform? h**-anna? but then again this is the Grammys, not a highschool talent show

  7. chloe January 8, 2014

    @iconic cici when is the last time katy sold 800k her 1st week? ILL WAIT

  8. iconic cici January 8, 2014

    @Chloe Wendy Williams looks great in your avi sis glad to know someone stans for that drag queen. Katy is shitting on Bey BTW Katy has successful albums and singles unlike Beyonce

  9. Lovebird January 8, 2014

    How do you bring Katy Perry to perform on the same stage as Metallica? This is blasphemy.

  10. Lovebird January 8, 2014

    Rihanna ALWAYS slays the Grammy’s though. Katy Perry is good for a cute song, but a performance at the Grammy’s? I would rather watch the spin cycle on my washing machine.

  11. NT January 8, 2014

    this’ll be interesting , her singles usually do very good

  12. Mrs. Carter January 8, 2014

    Performance and Katy Perry do not belong in the same sentence. No shade but she can’t sing neither can she dance, so exactly what aspect of the word perform does Katy represent?

  13. iconic cici January 8, 2014

    @MrsCarter atleast Katy sings live unlike bey.

  14. Valerie January 8, 2014

    @Iconic Cici she doesn’t sing though. She struggles.

  15. Opssssss January 8, 2014

    and Gaga is busy editing Do What U Want in order to save her career.


  16. Jamie January 8, 2014

    did applause even scan 2 million? Katy really slayed tf outta Gaga this era.

  17. Jamie January 8, 2014

    @Valerie you mean like how Beyonce struggles to get a hit? keep it cute Katy actually can sing very well.

  18. Mrs. Carter January 8, 2014

    @IconicCici like I said she can’t sing. Gurl what are you talking about. Bey may not sing live all the time (only on songs like Love On Top) but she sings live for the majority of the time.

  19. Mrs. Carter January 8, 2014

    @Jamie Bey sells albums not singles. Let’s not forget that she has done absolutely no promo or performances for this era.

  20. SLAY_HIVE January 8, 2014

    *yawns* waiting for them to announce a REAL performer!

  21. Mark111 January 8, 2014

    Hope Rihanna performs. She has in the past 3 years. I KNOW Beyonce will, but what song?

  22. Super Cisus January 8, 2014

    Katy slays and u b****** are mad. Katy sold 2 million without gimmicks like Fraudyonce and prism will outsell unflopogetic and flop that flop kii

  23. Molly January 8, 2014

    I see the hood hive is pressed by katy atleast we know katy will be 100% live.

  24. Molly January 8, 2014

    @SuperCisus hey sis ive missed you how have you been?

  25. Super Cisus January 8, 2014

    @Molly happy New Year babe!!! Dont forget Katy writes her music and doesnt steal credits like Beyoldce and Rihalienna kii

  26. Super Cisus January 8, 2014

    @Molly I missed u more love!!! I have been good and busy with my new job but I still come to drag these pathetic haters lol. How are you doll????!

  27. Molly January 8, 2014

    @SuperCisus Kiiiii Happy new years to you aswell & that’s good hun make that money b****, Im doing good aswell just been working and s*** girl the holidays were so amazing (:

  28. Molly January 8, 2014

    @SuperCisus Beyonce and Rihanna depend on people to make them hits unlike Katy and Ciara they can write their own hits

  29. Super Cisus January 8, 2014

    @molly Im glad you enjoyed your holidays babe!!! That’s what its all about! These losers were probably on here hating their whole holiday kii no life f***. I cant wait to see ci’s Grammy celebration performance she is gonna slay 🙂

  30. Molly January 8, 2014

    @SuperCisus of course they were especially the hive you know those b****** are miserable. Cici gonna kill that stage so happy she’ll be out promoting her music.

  31. cierror January 8, 2014

    Congrats for booking the stage, it probably will be broadcasted live.

  32. Slayty (Selling out the O2 arena 5 times on the same tour) January 8, 2014

    Aww Lovebird have you seen the Billboard update? Dark Horse is sitting pretty at #6 with no promo and no video. I thought this era wouldn’t see another top 5 hit? What happened?

    Katy will hopefully end up performing Dark Horse which she will no doubt kill it. Her Grammy performances are always on point. 2011 Not Like the Movies/Teenage Dream mash up was the best.

  33. TheTruth January 8, 2014

    Do my eyes deceive me! Ciara fans coming for Beyonce about vocals and sales. LORD HAVE MERCY!! Whens the last time Ciara sold a million anything? Back in 03. 🙂

  34. Ciara January 8, 2014





  35. BeyBey January 8, 2014

    Congrats to Katy! She’s doin great. I cant wait for the Grammys. I hope Queen Bey performs as well

  36. JOHNVIDAL January 8, 2014

    LOL Grammys will spend the biggest part of their budget in Katy Perry´s performance with all the lights, costumes and extras… and it will still be the worst performance of the night. What´s new?
    She only knows how to struggle.
    PS: this can´t be the real @lovebird. Wasn´t she a Katy Perry fan?

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