Lady GaGa Dishes On ‘Do What U Want’ Video Delay

Published: Monday 6th Jan 2014 by Sam

When a song is soaked in as much smash-potential as Lady GaGa‘s ‘Do What U Want’, it’s almost expected that its video will be awaited with fever-pitch anticipation. However, for Mother Monster’s fans, the “waiting” has been never-ending.

Indeed, despite ample teasing, the clip has yet to materialize – leaving last August’s ‘Applause’ as the sole video to be lifted from the star’s ‘ARTPOP’ album. Alarming, right?

Well, even more perplexing was the lack of explanation for the hold up. That is until today, though.

The 27-year-old singer shattered the silence with a lengthy note to fans on

Her reasons for the odd delay after the jump…

Via LM:

DWUW Video

It is late because, just like with the Applause video unfortunately, I was given a week to plan and execute it. It is very devastating for someone like me, I devote every moment of my life to creating fantasies for you. All my my most successful videos were planned over a period of time when I was rested and my creativity was honored. Those who have betrayed me gravely mismanaged my time and health and left me on my own to damage control any problems that ensued as a result. Millions of dollars are not enough for some people. They want billions. Then they need trillions. I was not enough for some people. They wanted more. I am very grateful to the photographers and designers who have always stood by me to make sure my fans are never aware of the things that happen behind the scenes, but unfortunately after my surgery I was too sick, too tired, and too sad to control the damage on my own. My label was not aware that this was going on. The next few months of ARTPOP will truly be its beginning. Because those who did not care about ARTPOP’s success are now gone, and the dreams I have been planning can now come to fruition. Please forgive me that I did not foresee this coming, I never thought after all the years of hard work that those I called friends and partners would ever care so little at a time I needed them the most. Give me a chance to show you the meaning of seeing art all around you. Open your hearts to me again that I may show you the joy of us coming together through our talents, that we are stronger as a unit than when we are alone. Let me be for you the Goddess that I know I truly am, let me show you the visions that have been in my mind for two years. I love you. Forgive me monsters. Forgive me ARTPOP. You are my whole world.


Yikes. By the sounds of this, it appears Stefani is levelling the blame at recently departed members of her team (management, maybe?)

That said, in knowing that only those involved will ever truly know what really went down, we’re just eager to see ‘ARTPOP’ receive the type of commercial push it deserves. Because as such a “visual” artist, imagery is half of GaGa’s proposition. Hence, more than any backlash or dented popularity, we see messiness of the era as due to the lack of rolling out what she’s loved for — the visuals.  Here’s hoping that’s remedied in the weeks and months ahead.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Queen of shade January 6, 2014

    I really hope that the video is released with christina! And it’s something
    S*** and erotic!

  2. Queen of shade January 6, 2014

    Gaga you need to stop blaming other for your recent flop album the music speaks for itself
    And the album was just pure mess all over the place there’s nothing artistic about the album
    So just move on from it cause at the end of the day you over hyped this album
    Way too much calling it the album of the decade! With that being I don’t think artpop is a horrible album but
    It’s not all that either…

  3. Nikki January 6, 2014

    Industry politics. The video should’ve been out a month ago to capitalize on the SNL and AMA performances. That momentum is slowly dying out now. Just release the damn video.

  4. JOHNVIDAL January 6, 2014

    All I really care is that teh album is great and I enjoy it everyday since I purchased it in November. It´s not on Born This Way level (9 out of 10) because there are 2 or 3 songs I really can not get into, but overall it´s great (8 out of 10).
    PS: can you believe I still have not checked Beyonce´s album? Only the two singles. One thing on the to-do list of 2014.

  5. h2o January 6, 2014

    I don’t give a f*ck anymore I got bored of the song after hours. Probably won’t even watch the vid until weeks later.

  6. QUEENXtina January 6, 2014

    I Need the video NOW Uhhhhhhh!!!

  7. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 6, 2014

    I hope she cancelled with R Kelly and is shooting one with Xtina

  8. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) January 6, 2014

    Who cares?? Cancel the flop sh*t anyway…

  9. KatyKadet January 6, 2014

    Is it Troy Carter’s fault that you messed yourself up with BTW?

  10. ItsCheryl2bh January 6, 2014

    R.Kelly being cut out is good news 2bh.

  11. HOTSTUFF January 6, 2014

    ‘Because those who did not care about ARTPOP’s success are now gone’
    ‘I was given a week to plan and execute it’

    but she doesn’t care about the charts, she does everything by herself , also the label does not control her, shes not a puppet, according to the little morons…LMAO WHAT A MESS.


  12. Miley slaaaayyysss January 6, 2014

    She’s a flop!!!!

  13. DOSSOME January 6, 2014

    It’s great she learned early enough how s***** the industry really is…Well @john,i bought myself a copy of beyonce’s album on new year’s eve and i must admit,it’s pretty solid.Definitely a step in the right direction for her..And btw,JD kinda teased mimi is going on tour this year and so far,it’s rumoured that hitboy produced the single that’ll be released on valentine’s,featuring nas.It’s the alleged stevie wonder duet i’m most excited about though

  14. Jessie January 6, 2014

    She is always playing the f****** victim.

  15. Lovebird January 6, 2014

    All I’m hearing are excuses Gaga. Either put in or shut it.

  16. S****** Blonde January 6, 2014

    She should let it go, start over again, Artpop is over, a new album is a better idea.

  17. M-boy January 6, 2014

    Ha GAGA is so over, Madonna wil come back in 2014 with a new smashing album.
    Just check the first leaked demo and you will hear some real ARTPOP!!!

    just check:

  18. Tisha January 6, 2014

    Smh, unless you’re naming names it all just sounds like a work of fiction, Gaga.

    If you weren’t physically ready to come back then you should have sat your ass down with your ‘hip’ surgery. You can see the writing on the wall with this era and now you’re trying to lessen the blow by going “Oh I wasn’t physically ready” “Oh they wanted trillions” sorry no matter what bullsht is going down we ALL know when Artpop’s beginning was. When you rely on stunts and drama some twerking fool will snatch your shine.

  19. CARMEN January 6, 2014

    im sorry but that whole statement just sounds really pretentious. esp: “Let me be for you the Goddess that I know I truly am, let me show you the visions that have been in my mind for two years. I love you. Forgive me monsters. Forgive me ARTPOP. You are my whole world.”

  20. JOHNVIDAL January 6, 2014

    I hope so. I just want full albums I can enjoy. Entire body of work. If Beyonce is the one who is going to give me one more, let it happen. It looks like it doesn´t have great singles but the album it´s great, kind of what has happened with all the albums I´ve been liking the most lately. People with hit singles nowadays are pretty basic most of the times nowadays, so I wouldn´t worry if I were Beyonce or the others.
    About Mariah: I just can´t wait. Looks like a great album without stand outs. Same case.

  21. Molly January 6, 2014

    This chick loves to play the victim.

  22. Molly January 6, 2014

    Honestly i see why @Rosie stopped stanning for this b**** she’s a joke.

  23. Slayty (Selling out the O2 Arena 5 times on the same tour) January 6, 2014

    She’s complaining about paying her team? I thought she hated money anyways. She’s blaming people for not wanting the record to be successful? I thought she didn’t care about the charts. This sounds like a bunch of PR excuses to get people to be interested in her music again. Do What U Want isn’t going anywhere. Its just pathetic to see an artist scramble around like this. She’s so arrogant that she can’t even flop with grace. Xtina did it twice but you never saw her penning these sob stories or other desperate tactics.

  24. Loyalty January 6, 2014

    Oh shut up

  25. Lana Del Bey January 6, 2014

    wow gaga is truly losing it! she’s obviously so self absorbed that she can’t handle the decline in her relevance so she reaches out blaming others and making excuses, DECORUM gaga, in my best critique I can say ARTPOP did NOT live up to it’s expectation ACTUALLY is scored much lower than the expectation, the whole album is a rigid EDM mess! the melodys and scructures of songs are WEAK, not enjoyable in the long run and DEFINATLEY far from ART, the only solid songs are, Donatella, Manicure & DWUW and still they’re just ALRIGHT pop songs, no where near art. AND I’m pretty sure beyonce has numerous insecurities before she released her commercially successful album, I know beyonce was scared about her fading relevance BUT the queen keeps composure and dosnt utter a word unlike leaky, insecure gags

  26. RIP January 6, 2014

    what a bloody mess… 🙁

  27. Mone January 6, 2014

    Goddess? What? Asylum much!

  28. Lady Mehga January 6, 2014


  29. Antonio January 6, 2014

    She’s so afraid to fail, it’s not even funny. Ciara and Xtina flopped with grace. All Ciara said was her label didn’t support her single choices for FR and didn’t want to release BI which is why Gimmie Dat and Speechless received hardly no promo and she had to pay for videos and Jive confirmed that after they released her. This has been Gaga’s excuse for every failed single and now that her album isn’t selling as well as expected, it’s the label and PR team’s fault. Since July/August, Gaga has had non stop promo for ARTPOP and after 10 wks it’s only moved 600k in the US and 1.45 mil WW. She’s not humble. She and her stans are very arrogan and for no reason. That’s why Katy is slaying her. She has remained humble since her debut.

  30. Anti-Garbage Singing Voices January 6, 2014

    Blaming everybody but herself and her Little Monsters that didn’t give a sh!t about ARTPOP,noooooo, not even when they could buy it for just $1. ARTPOP is just a piece of sh!t album. Soon she will be HISTORY. They don’t gonna accept this from Gaga, she has now powerful enemies in the Music business, they gonna finish her.

  31. Lady OVER January 6, 2014

    She just needs to stop acting like the victim. She is over and nothing can change that. Artpop is a huge flop and saying “it’s the start” isn’t going to make the GP interested again. YOU’RE DONE!

  32. John January 6, 2014

    So let me get this straight….Beyonce & team can put together 17 diverse music videos on the sly and then just release them all and this Girl and her team cannot even manage one? I just do not understand this at all. I mean, where did that 25 mil go? Surely there was some put away for the DWUW video? If not, surely she could’ve just paid for the video herself if it meant that much to her? Like Ciara had too. Also, what does she mean she had only one week to film it? If that’s true and if there was that pressure from whoever, where the f*** is the video? She says she’s had all these idea’s for 2 years…well ok, then what’s the problem? You’ve had ample time then to come up with and then execute a concept for DWUW and then make it and still…nothing.
    Also, one week to plan and execute a video is PLENTY of time by the way. Not ideal by any stretch but not impossible, especially when you can afford to pump millions into it. Beyonce did a load of simple videos for her Bday video anthology in like 2 weeks so the proof is there that these things are possible.
    You have a big team full of idea’s, the “Haus of Gaga”, you’re friends with Bob Wilson, renowned avant-garde production designer and stage designer, as well as a host of other “Creative’s” including those in the fashion industry Gaga. Surely if you were stuck you could’ve recruited any number of those people to help you to pull this off. Stop talking nonsense.
    This statement is a pile of s*** and makes zero sense to me.
    And acting the victim is never cute.

    Jesus Lord. Lady Gaga, what has happened?!

  33. PRINCE MACHIAVEL January 6, 2014

    Gaga’s Posts Always Polluted With Bunch Of Negatif And Hateful B******! Losers Are So Blind By Hate They Can’t Even See How biased Pathetic They Are Repeating The Same BS Every Day!

    Gaga Girl Keep Doing Your Thing And Have Faith Every Artist Has His Flop Moment, This Is Your And It’s Ok Girl, You’ll Bounce Again!!!

  34. QUEEN MINAJ January 6, 2014

    artpop has been on discount since the day of its release

  35. MusicLover1 January 6, 2014

    To me for Lady Gaga Artpop album is that there is 6 songs on the album are good. Do What U Want, Venus, Sexx Dreams, G.U.Y, Gypsy, Artpop songs from the album are good. The other ones are in a mess. Lady Gaga just take your time to release the video. But i will still listen to your song featuring R.Kelly. R.Kelly version is way better then the remix she did with Christina Aguilera. Lady Gaga live performance with Christina is way better then the studio version. The thing is remixes ruined the original to the song. Back in the day of remixes of songs was good for Busta Rhymes. He had 2 good songs of the way he did the remix to. The songs were called Touch it and Arab Money.

  36. FutureCIARA January 7, 2014

    Honestly…… She should just release DONATELLA……

    ….Or else scrap the whole got damn project and just focus this year on being the face of VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE!

    No shade, Just true Tz.

    Its sad to see comments saying that she already peaked, I hate to admit or agree, but I think she has.

  37. TinaMinaj January 7, 2014

    What people don’t realize is that all the huge costumes and s*** gaga pulls off costs her a lot of money so she can’t even afford to pump her own personal money into projects.
    Also she needs to stop with this art s*** coz her album is faaaaaar from artistic. The fame monster is where she needs to go back to and quit trying to make songs for the charts then claim otherwise.

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