Lady GaGa Offers ‘ARTPOP’ Update / Promises “The Wait Is Worth It”

Published: Tuesday 28th Jan 2014 by Sam

For all its potential, Lady GaGa‘s ‘ARTPOP’ LP has been marred by a brand of “messiness” few thought possible.

Indeed, the project has yielded just one video (last August’s ‘Applause’), has barely been promoted beyond its November release, and has subsequently delivered sub-par sales. Add to this the departure of the star’s manager at  the most pivotal point of its cycle and an already muddy situation quickly becomes mucky.

It appears, however, that Mother Monster is looking to clean-up.

Notably silent of late, the outspoken star took to her website,, to post the shot above and update fans on what they can expect in the coming weeks and months.

GaGa, in her words, below…

“I know you’re anxious for more ARTPOP. I am working so so so so hard and the wait will be worth it. We are 100 percent back on track and I’m busy creating behind the scenes. I miss you so much!” 



As solid an album as ‘ARTPOP’ is, Mother Monster has quite the task ahead of her if rebooting the project is the plan.

Still, in an era that sees the likes of Beyonce and Jay-Z re-writing the “rules”, an album resurrection – comparatively – isn’t that far-fetched. It’s all in its backing and execution. Time will tell how this plays out.

In the meanwhile, we’ll keep hitting replay on this ball of brilliance…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Metzo` January 28, 2014

    I can’t Wait! I even forgot about her existence

  2. Del Bey January 28, 2014

    Can we all have a moment of silence for the mess that was this era, apart from the highly underwhelming EDM mess and the messy wardrobe themes, she can’t seem to keep composure, spilling her emotions and doubts to a non caring public, get your s*** together gags, stop pushing this mess and let the era be done. I will be checking next time gags

  3. BEYONCEBITCH January 28, 2014


  4. Tisha January 28, 2014

    That picture looks like the beginnings of a mental breakdown.

  5. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me January 28, 2014

    This is just an observation, no shade. In no way do I believe she can spark an interest with this project. It is officially dead girl. Just sweep up the unsold copies and get back to work and create a less weird, more real version of yourself and people may buy your next album. Artpop is the definition of “not relatable”.

  6. la Perra January 28, 2014

    T***** is scrambling trying to regroup!

  7. madbrax January 28, 2014

    what a toolbox. there’s no polishing a turd, the album was s*** and everyone knows it. she should just forge ahead with the tour that will eventually be cancelled due to poor tickets sales again. your time is up c*********

  8. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me January 28, 2014

    At least the shelves at Target look…. “interesting” with all of those unsold copies of Artpop and that mess of a cover she put out! Brings some color into the store!

  9. Yonce Yall January 28, 2014

    #Chart Drunk In love is now #7 on iTUNES!

    Didn’t the haters say it wouldn’t enter top 10??? Hahaaa.

  10. Rosie January 28, 2014

    This era has been an absolute mess. Interscope and her management need to take notes from Capitol, Columbia, and RCA on how to manage and promote artists, especially with RCA’s handling of Miley and Capitol spending literally all of their promo budget on Katy.
    I honestly think she’s on the verge of a mental breakdown.

  11. ratedxx(love is beautiful) January 28, 2014

    please, lets keep it real, even if Artpop did huge numbers you bitter h*** would still have something negative to say about the album and Gaga…

    I think Artpop is so much better than Born this way..

    as a gaga fan, I think next album she needs to focus on the music, because she can sing her a** off, and less on the way she dresses..

  12. demis our queen January 28, 2014

    girl i forgot all about you tbh.

  13. demis our queen January 28, 2014

    it must suck so hard to peak so early in your career you cant go no where but down at this moment.

  14. Common Sense January 28, 2014

    I don’t know her…

  15. ratedxx(love is beautiful) January 28, 2014

    and lets keep it 100…the rules of music suddenly changed because it’s all about payola and less focus on real talent and music…

    like I stated, I do not trust billboard or any music stuff because we all know they are on the carters payroll..

    because after all these years all it took to go automatically platinum is to have a company or yourself buy a million copies and give them away for free?

    give me a break..that’s why I have a lot more respect for Madonna, janet, Mariah, Britney, whitney, celine dion..they actually went platinum on their own..ain’t had shiit to do with payola

  16. DRUNKIN♥ January 28, 2014

    is still she alive?

  17. ratedxx(love is beautiful) January 28, 2014

    maybe next time Gaga should buy her own albums..gosh forbid she flops because she refuses to pay people to buy her shiit…

    or maybe she should just get married and have a child and act like a $4 wh00re..because I know people are going to say she is married, she’s acting like a wh00re for her husband, right?

  18. Rosie January 28, 2014

    F** are you still trying to shade the Carters with these long ass essays? Sit down. No one even brought them up except for the person mentioning DIL’s iTunes position.

  19. Suicide Blonde January 28, 2014

    Only a miracle could save this era, there are new releases this year, the album seems already old, we are waiting for BEYONCÉ new singles, Rihanna & Madonna new albums, she wasted so much time, good luck tho. her talent should win at the end, it seems yesterday when i used to stan for her, there is no one to blame for this era but herself and honestly only her can make this era work the way it should, she just need to wake up and live in the real world again.

  20. demis our queen January 28, 2014

    @ratedxx do i detect beyonce shade?

  21. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT January 28, 2014


  22. Yonce Yall January 28, 2014

    Drunk In Love is now #6 on iTUNRES! OMG. I’m Freaking out!!!!!! Yasss. F*** you haters. Ya’ll thought Beyonce was done huh? No b****.

  23. demis our queen January 28, 2014

    @Rosie i see ultra violence doing 4 million worldwide. Lana makes real art without trying to hard

  24. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT January 28, 2014

    Who the f*** gives a s*** about iTunes chart??? F*** out of her b*****

  25. molly January 28, 2014

    Of course a icki stan would be on Gags side both are clowns.

  26. Rosie January 28, 2014

    @Demis Our Queen Yes she will. People like to act like she’s a flop when her album went #1 in 11 countries with barely any promo outside of SNL and some late night talk shows and is still constantly selling, charting for over two years, and she doesn’t resort to payola and theatrics like pop stars do. She will do even better first week sales now that she has US support and a cult following.

  27. Girl bye January 28, 2014

    Its over b****!!!
    New album please…..

    In other news: why is shakira waiting so long to drop that video?? That song already felt outside the iTunes top 100!!!

  28. Rosie January 28, 2014

    @Icki stan It’s the #1 digital music retailer in the US.
    Since that’s basically your fave’s only market, you would care if Icki could chart there without 3719283 features now. Death at her only charting non-feature being Super Bass at 958. Truly forgotten.

  29. Suicide Blonde January 28, 2014

    Sam where is Lana post, new song!!!

  30. molly January 28, 2014

    Lmao @Rosie drag it!

  31. Del Bey January 28, 2014

    The release of Lana’s 2nd studio album ‘Ultravoilence’ will be the bugged indie release of the year and still outsell most mainstream albums, tumblr will be teeming with ultra promo, you f*** better be careful because lana will outsell your favs with silence and dignity, no gimmicks or twitter rants, lizzy will remain silent and her album will still go multi platinum

  32. Slaylor Swift January 28, 2014

    Lol where are the Gaga stans??? did they just disappear from this site once Gaga album flopped ? Them h*** aint loyal.

  33. Navy Nick January 28, 2014

    SLAYLOR SWIFT, u said that!! hahaha, I dont understand where her fans went. I still love, and support GAGA, but what happened to the millions that were on her buts a few yrs ago? 🙁 BRING IT GAGA, I wanna go on this tour, I missed the last 1-

  34. MUSicMatters101 January 28, 2014

    Yes, “Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me”


  35. The truth hurst January 28, 2014

    @suicide blonde
    I know, every relevant music source has an article on it (and how much it slays). I can’t with Sam always putting up stories on non-factors like ‘Snoh Alegra’ and ‘Khia’. He is usually 1 million hours late on actual interesting news.

  36. HOTSTUFF January 28, 2014


  37. Lovebird January 28, 2014

    The album is good but I’m sorry Gaga, this era cannot be saved.

    Time to move on to the next project.

  38. Lovebird January 28, 2014

    Looking at all the squares in the pic, for a moment I thought it was a picture of Mariah Carey.

  39. FutureCIARA January 28, 2014





    And really where have all the Gaga stans gone too on TGJ, They disappeared! @CakeLikeLadyGaga was my biitch!

  40. Anti garbage singing voices January 28, 2014

    Gaga, give up.

  41. FutureCIARA January 28, 2014

    Why did the UK gorls drag Beyonce tho?????

    I guess she’s a whoore if you ask them!

  42. Lovebird January 28, 2014

    Gurl they’re not the only ones who dragged Beyonce for being a drunk ho at the Grammy’s.

  43. Mya January 28, 2014

    Has she not learned that the more she is hyped it up, the more people switch off.

  44. PRINCE MACHIAVEL January 28, 2014

    MOLLY &FUTURECFLOP You B****** Can Shut The F*** Up, Cause You Xsquad Have Nothing To Laugh Too Since Your Bitter Petty Ass Stan For A Certified FlopAss!
    @FailedSquad How Can Your Loser Ass Call Anybody FLOP And T***** While Your Pathetic Ass Stan For Carlos?!!?
    Carlos Keeps Hiting The Flop Wall With No Mercy After GOODIES And She’ll Stay At FLOPLANDE For Ever B******!
    With All The Support From Her Label And Big Promo, Carlos Failed Again! Damn Carlos Should Be The Face Of Flopper!!
    Carlos Is A Flop Even In Her Personal Life Cause Every Smart Girl Will Never Accept To Be Babymama-X!
    I Knew That Carlos Was Over When Rihanna Puts Her In The DList When She Asked Carlos:”Sorry Did I Forgot To Typs You???? Baaaaaaahahahahahahaha!!! I Was Like….. Czero Is Dead!!!!
    And You Are Very Hypocrite, You Always Cry Why People “Are So Evil Toward CFlop” But You Never Miss Your Way To Hate When Its Come To Gaga! Flipper Please… Ciao!

    @SB, I Like These Unbiased Opinion And I Agree With You Gaga Need To Take Responsabilities For This “Failed” Era, She Can Do Better Than This!

  45. FutureCIARA January 28, 2014

    Is somebody coming for us with a Lil Kim avi????????????????


    Sure attack Csquad for a little bit of TGJ fame!

    #Csquad dont address this has been!

  46. FutureCIARA January 28, 2014


    its a kii that they were dragging her so fiercely though. I never thought a performance could make people so angry!

    I was falling out LMAO

  47. Just give me a reason (To smack a b****) January 28, 2014

    Desperate flop.

  48. KING BEY13 January 28, 2014

    People are angry eh? Looks up at the CHARTS… C Errors needs to make people angry, at least she could probably sell 2 copies more of her album lol!

  49. Yes January 28, 2014

    I still can not fathom why a CIARA Stan would try to come for BEYONCE..LOL..LOOK who you Stan for, that’s an embarrassment in itself. I can’t with you basic “Off your meds” bi*ch’s.

  50. JER January 28, 2014

    But who’s checking for it?

  51. Bey Fan January 29, 2014

    just didnt feel this album…. but Gaga is talented…

  52. Bri Bri January 29, 2014

    Artflop!!! Enough Said! Next!

  53. JOHNVIDAL January 29, 2014

    You b****** are crazy haters LOL
    Gaga has morer talent than most, Artpop is the best pop album of 2013, for the people asking where are Lady Gaga fans: there were never many Gaga fans in this blog, never, only you all undercover stans who follow her every move and would call her flop even if she had sold 1 million albums first week again 🙂

    I just can´t at @lovebird!!! He just said in this post that the album is GOOD!!!!! When he has benn saying for months that it was crap lol B**** you are the biggest bandwagoner out there. You have been defending Mariah Carey for a long time and now you suddendly hate her as much as Celine Dion. You even tried to jump into Beyonce´s bandwagon once she released this successful new album. I mean, totally pathetic.

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