Shakira Unwraps Album Cover / Announces Major Target Partnership

Published: Friday 24th Jan 2014 by Sam

Shakira is wasting no time whipping up buzz for self-titled tenth album.

Fresh from releasing the new single ‘Can’t Remember To Forget You (ft. Rihanna)’, the Latin star unveiled the cover of its parent LP moments ago. Check it out above.

Due March 25th, the project marks Shaki’s first rlease under Jay-Z’s Roc Nation management; a fact which may go some way in explaining the “all-out” approach to its roll-out.

For parallel to the artwork reveal, it was announced that the album will be supported by a major Target campaign – the first musical partnership the retail giant has made this year.

Available for pre-order on January 26th, the Target exclusive deluxe edition of ‘Shakira’ will boast three bonus tracks.

“There were three special songs I recorded for ‘Shakira’ that I decided to save for the version of the album available only at Target,” said the star.

To publicize pre-order availability, a new Target commercial in support of the set will debut during this Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

Peep a still from the TV spot below…


Shaki’s making major movements. Let’s hope future singles and the album itself do just that upon their arrival.

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  1. britney stan January 24, 2014


  2. FRAUDYONCE January 24, 2014

    Where is CRTFY video?

  3. Marcus January 24, 2014

    She Looks Good In That Still!

    Wish The Best For Her As Well 🙂

    & I Heard That Those Grammy Commercial Spots Cost Up To $1 Million ! Her Management Aint Playing This Go Around 😀

  4. Stephy Tha Lambily January 24, 2014

    Her & Ciara has 1 thing in common…

    They are beautiful (FILL IN THE BLANK).

  5. Lovebird January 24, 2014

    She’s so beautiful. She looks absolutely stunning.

  6. wow January 24, 2014

    wow somebody actually has more albums than rihanna

  7. Slayretha Franklin January 24, 2014

    Her husband is a lucky man. Very lucky..

  8. Yeah I Said It January 24, 2014

    Can she play guitar?

  9. The truth hurts January 24, 2014

    Wow! What a really bad album cover, but she’s still very good looking.

  10. Stephy Tha Lambily January 24, 2014


    Umm Mariah Carey & Madonna hasway more albums than Rihanna BYE GIRL

  11. Touché January 24, 2014

    Simple yet cute. I like it. Although I thought she would change up her hair style this era but she still looks good anyway.

  12. tyler January 24, 2014

    Good looking Shakira! Love the less is more vibe she has going on. She’s a pretty woman.

  13. tits mcgee January 24, 2014

    She looks beautiful on the cover!

  14. S****** Blonde January 24, 2014

    @Yeah I Said It
    Yes, not much these days but she used to do it in her prime, she was very inspire by Alanis M. and the Iconic Argentinian Rock band Soda Estereo.

  15. NT January 24, 2014

    i’ll save judgment till i see the commercial

  16. Khadijah January 24, 2014


  17. Del Bey January 24, 2014

    Basic, I used to think shakira was somewhat relevant but lately she’s proving to be basic as hell. and also ok response to Molly and other zsquad members, Lana is moving 5mil WW with her debut album, she will soon be performing on an AMERCAN stage, her popularity is SOLIDIFIED in Europe where I live, worry about when cici will next take to a relevant stage, if shes lucky she could do a small community hall tour in low income areas

  18. FutureCIARA January 24, 2014

    I dont see it! The cover is dry…

    It will FLOP even though Target is known for inflating numbers!

  19. iconic cici January 24, 2014

    @Delbey wants to be like Hoesie so bad it pathetic

  20. Stephy Tha Lambily January 24, 2014

    Not a Ciara stan talking about flops…

  21. GREEKGOD January 24, 2014

    CIARA – 55K

  22. Sandra January 24, 2014

    She looks beautiful on the cover!

  23. FutureCIARA January 24, 2014

    B**** I have just as much right to talk about flops just like the rest of you f****!

    All of our favs have went through the flop era. So dont try it @Stephy

  24. FutureCIARA January 24, 2014


    Yes thats sooo true!

    She wants to be hoesie bad… I totally see it!

  25. FutureCIARA January 24, 2014


    Hoesie carries multiple accounts though, So I wouldnt be surprised…..

  26. xtina4EVER January 24, 2014

    I love shakira lets face it she sold out. Her pass 2 album we okay. She needs to get back to her roots and make music us latin fans fell in love with. Song with Rihanna was trash I mean come on shakir get your s*** together…

  27. Del Bey January 24, 2014

    nice try zsquad, the only thing you proved was that lana has many loyal fans, I stan for lana and I’ll drag a heaux if necessary, try again with the fake accounts, flopnic cici is probably future ciara aswell, scrapping as many people you can into the zsquad

  28. Del Bey January 24, 2014

    lol death at the self shade, all of our favs have gone through flop eras but the thing is ciara can’t seem to leave the flop phacinity lol, forever a platinum member of the flops club

  29. FutureCIARA January 24, 2014

    But Lana has been an active flop member since 2007.


  30. FAF January 24, 2014

    Del taco doesn’t have one platinum us certification and not @stephy mad ur cat fishing ass got exposed earlier

    55k on her 5th albums first week is more than Lana will see if she even gets to 10yrs mark my words

    She will most likely join she 27 club from alcohol dependency

    Stay mad f****

    That h** will never have a #1 single or go platinum in 33 days like Ci did on “evolution” only B**** seeing her is Beyonce

  31. Mark111 January 24, 2014

    You h*** better do your research, this girl has sold 70 million ALBUMS. She’ll do fie WW with this album.

  32. Rosie January 24, 2014

    I leave the house and I’m STILL perched in the minds of the Z-Squad f***. The obsession is REAL. They care more about me than their own fave, it’s so sad.

    @FutureCedric This is my only screenname. Stay mad that no one knows you or your F-list fave outside of the projects.

  33. Rosie January 24, 2014

    Born To Die – 77K first week US (346K worldwide)
    Paradise – 66K first week US (81K including BTD:Paradise Edition rerelease with the only promo being a radio interview, compared to your fave who performed on every late night talk show, BET Awards, and 106 & Park for a week straight)

    Do your research, honey.

  34. Tiesha January 25, 2014

    flop single. she cant sing either.

  35. Ummm…no January 25, 2014

    This is going to flop and be a huge loss for her label. Getting Rihanna on your record is NOT cheap and no one was impressed by the song.

  36. I love BOTH Rih and Bey so stfu January 25, 2014


  37. Roi January 25, 2014

    kinda cheap.

  38. Bey_on_ce January 25, 2014

    Crtfy is flopping super bard on iTunes navy !!!!! It’s only a 1.29 cent y u cheap whores didn’t support that mess!??? It’s too funny about only rihanna gets ppl num 1 ??? Don’t fault shakira for her voice that’s no excuse cuz that’s her song and she’s always sounded like that!!!

  39. ADAM January 25, 2014

    WHO IS??

  40. Manu January 25, 2014

    Some people have no idea how brlliant Shakiras spanish music/albums are!! She is HUGE in latin america since 1996…i really dont like her english stuff..cannot wait for an spanish album

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