Watch: Day26 Perform Together For First Time In 4 Years

Published: Monday 27th Jan 2014 by Sam

As previously reported, the gentleman of Day26 are following in the footsteps of their Making The Band comrades Danity Kane and reuniting.

However, unlike the ladies, each member of the quintet has returned to the fold.

Currently prepping a national US tour, the group gave fans a taste of what to expect with a performance of ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ at SOB’s in New York last night.

The showing was the first the group have given – with all members – in over four years. Do they still have “it”? Find out after the jump…


Granted at times there was entirely too much riffing and running (see: the end), we’re ultimately still in awe as the performance reminded us exactly why we rock with their proposition.

In an era where true vocalists are the hardest of finds, here we have a group of young men who each have powerhouse ability, as well as the skill of harmony. It’s a potent potion and one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

No word (yet) on the guys’ label situation, but here’s hoping someone scoops them up stat. If the likes of TGT can be given a platform to carve out a dedicated audience in today’s uber crowded market, then there’s most certainly space for Willie, Que, Robert, Mike, and Brian.

Welcome back!

Your thoughts?

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  1. OVOBarbie January 27, 2014

    I hope they’ve finally resolved ALL of their issues.

  2. AubreyOSlay January 27, 2014

    Uh. MAY. ZING.

  3. CiaraTheFemaleMj January 27, 2014


  4. RiriRoyale January 27, 2014

    Their ship has sailed unfortunately. Nobody is here for R&B male groups anymore.

  5. BeyBeyKing January 27, 2014

    Nobody is here for glorified whores.

  6. BarbzRUs January 27, 2014

    Willie had solo potential but all his songs sounded the same.

  7. RiriRoyale January 27, 2014

    Nobody is here for insecure singers trying to copy Rihanna at award shows.

  8. TurntUp4Cici January 27, 2014

    Not the Navy thinking that anybody wants to be their goat sounding no album of the year grammy having fave.

  9. KissesForKelly January 27, 2014

    Does Ciara even have her own Grammy, or nah?

  10. AKissFromKeri January 27, 2014

    Please, Kelly fans need to worry about their faves non-existent impact on Pop culture and leave BabymamaAra alone.

  11. RiriRoyale January 27, 2014

    At the end of the day Beyonce is insecure and it’s starting to show. I cannot believe she thought that was a Grammy worthy performance because even I can admit that she’s better than that. Guess Ri’s reign is getting to her.

  12. FlawlessBey January 27, 2014

    Now see here b****, the only insecure one around here is your fav so have a seat on any one of the chairs she DIDN’T sell out on the Diamonds tour.

  13. TYLER* January 27, 2014


  14. MusicStan(ya’ll know who I stan for) January 27, 2014

    I’m here for them we need more r&b groups period…. to the comments that said r&b male group aren’t needed ummmmm Yea they are….. I love them next to Jodeci Boys 2 Men, Dru Hill, and 112…. Robert is my fave out of all of them… he is a vocal beast imo

  15. tamartian January 27, 2014

    I no i’m going to get dislikes after this comment oh well their no danity kane. the reason why I support danity kane over day 26. They have actual stage presents and kills their performance every time. day 26 still overly trying to outdue their big sisters with no success.

  16. tamartian January 27, 2014


  17. cocobutta January 27, 2014

    Get THE F** out of here on about Beyonce in this muthafuckin post!!

    Good job D26. Que gone be that 1st bitching one again though lol.
    “Where’s my leads. Ya’ll don’t care about my feelings”

  18. Yonce January 27, 2014

    Yes Day 26!!! They look like a group again. R&B is dying and I’m trying to support it before it completely fades away. Good job boys

  19. Molly January 27, 2014

    i like there song since you been gone.

  20. ABC January 27, 2014

    They don’t stand a chance tbh. Not with stale, generic sounding R&B “girl let me f*** you” music anyway.

  21. Casual January 27, 2014

    Glad to see them back together, but Day 21 is going to have to come up with good material AND a better stage show than what they presented in this video.

  22. BEYHIVE_MINAJ January 27, 2014

    Yessssss!!!!!! I’ve been waiting 4 years for Slay 26 to come back! Finally,some REAL R&B

  23. Chile Please!! January 27, 2014

    People bugg me out when they say an artist do too many runs & riffs…..that’s talent right there & shows diversity in your vocal ability….it’s always the non-singing folks that’s always quick to criticize someone that CAN ACTUALLY SING. Doing runs & riffs is not easy, I know because i’m a singing.

  24. Chile Please!! January 27, 2014


  25. BeyUnique January 27, 2014

    It takes a skilled singer to know when to hold back so too many runs is never a good thing. If they want to be played on radio they’ll have to learn that.

  26. TONIO HIZZO January 27, 2014

    BIG MIKE doubling on everybody’s vocal…. thats how you make your GROUP sound right….

  27. SeeSeeCC January 27, 2014

    lmao you say that again

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