Billboard Hot 100: Beyonce ‘Turns Up’ At #2

Published: Wednesday 5th Feb 2014 by David

After shining a bold light for the genre in the 90s and taking it to new heights in the ‘noughties’, Beyonce‘s relationship with Urban music took an unsurprising turn for the better this afternoon, when she handed it a gift few of its contributors will ever be able to match…ever.

Haven’t heard the good news already?

Join us after the jump…

After captivating audiences with a polarising performance at the 56th annual Grammy awards, Beyonce and her boozy single ‘Drunk in Love’ have found a new home at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100!

That’s right, in moving one step closer to becoming the first black act to top the chart since 2012, Bey’s live rendition of the number ignited somewhat of a ‘sales frenzy’ within the general public, who pushed the cut to the enviable spot- placing it position beneath Katy Perry’s surprise hit, ‘Dark Horse.’

Impressive, right?

Of course it is, as it serves as a welcome reminder of the performer’s mind-blowing commercial pull, able to shift numbers her peers could only dream of moving with microwaveable Pop numbers.

The lesson to be lesson to be learned? Simple…

Never doubt the Queen Bey!

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  1. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    Hold TF UP!!!!!!!!!!!
    This wasn’t supposed to happen tho! Kiiiiiii
    Beyonce was NEVER getting a top ten hit again, according to these pressed heauxs!!!!!
    F*** a top ten. YONCE got a top 5! #2 (+11) b******!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Kelly Rowland February 5, 2014

    Oh so y’all wanna buy her music and not mine even though we were both in Destiny’s Child?
    Y’all tried it

  3. The Boy Toy February 5, 2014

    Kiii where’s Slayriah

  4. applause February 5, 2014

    Lmao her first top 10 since telephone.

  5. KangBey February 5, 2014

    She keeps proving the doubters wrong!!! They said that no one was here for her anymore! They said her career was done! They said she was old and wash up! Never underestimate the power of the ONE AND ONLY QUEEN!!!! She has been winning since 1997!!!!!! All hail her highness!!! All hail the Queen!!!!

  6. Wwoowwowow February 5, 2014



  7. TrellBeyLike February 5, 2014

    LMAO Like Beyonce cares! As she has stated since IASF She give no f**** for singles! CONGRATS QUEEN they said u wouldnt get this high again and without even trying like a TRUE BOSS you did. Its that simple.

  8. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    Guess the GAG monsters won’t be using that flop #4 single again!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAASSSSSS

  9. Marcus February 5, 2014

    OMG People Were Waiting For This Article !!! Lmao

    Congrats Bey !!! 🙂

  10. RoyalKev February 5, 2014

    Wow, what will haters complain about now if she snags that #1? *Waits for randomness* …

  11. applause February 5, 2014

    It took 4 years to get another legit hit im guessing it will take another 8 years for her to get another one after this.

  12. h2o February 5, 2014

    “No, No, No”
    “Bills, Bills, Bills”
    “Say My Name”
    “Jumpin’ Jumpin'”
    “Independent Women”
    “‘Bonnie & Clyde”
    “Crazy in Love”
    “Baby Boy”
    “Lose My Breath”
    “Me, Myself and I”
    “Naughty Girl”
    “Check on It”
    “Deja Vu”
    “Beautiful Liar”
    “If I Were a Boy”
    “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)”

    23 TOP5’S


  13. My Forehead Tho February 5, 2014

    That awkward moment your predictions look like this:

    1. She’ll never have an album rated higher that ‘Rated R’ on metacritic.

    2. Her album will flop harder than 4 Britney Jean and Artpop tbh

    3. Her album will free fall down the chart by its 3rd week.

    4. She’ll never get another top ten hit.

    5. She’ll never slay both album and single charts simultaneously again.

  14. applause February 5, 2014

    It won’t reach number 1 tho

  15. Del Bey February 5, 2014

    f*** off right now, F*** OFF, no2 omg, and y’all said she won’t ever see a hit again LOOOL SEETHE (Slayriah) come on hive buy, buy, buy let’s get this to number one now!

  16. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    When will GAGS finally get her THIRD #1 ???? kiii

    It wont be this ERA!!! SOWRY!!! 😀 😀

  17. freebreezy February 5, 2014

    Congrats B! Her first top ten since 2009

  18. Metzo February 5, 2014

    LOLLL. Beyonce keeps proving these pressed haters wrong. Ya’ll heaux should just Give up!! Bey is #Winning. Where’s Slayyriah? I bet now that Bey’s got a top 5, ya’ll gonna be like “Oh well, she still can’t get a #1 song” hahaaaa

  19. La Perra February 5, 2014

    Katy is blocking this chick bad!

  20. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    Where is LoveBird????? kiii 😀

  21. TheHive February 5, 2014

    YAAAAAAASSSSSSS! The slayage STILL continues!!! AND IT WON’T STOP!

  22. GREEKGOD February 5, 2014


  23. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    I Agree with @My Forehead Tho!!!! LOOOOOOOL

  24. RICHIE_RICH February 5, 2014

    She keeps proving y’all wrong…..Congrats Beyonce’

    Haters SEETHE

  25. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 5, 2014

    I am so happy for you right now Bey’…

    I am going to put aside my dislike for you for a moment and just congratulate because I cannot hate on this achievement. I just cannot.

    – A #1 Album
    – A #1 Single
    – A #1 Selling Tour (The Mrs. Carter is already the HIGHEST GROSSING TOUR by a Black Female artist EVER)



  26. Jay Scorpio Navy General February 5, 2014

    I SMELL A RAT!!!!!!!! There are other singles that have been performing way better than DIL…. No way this song jumps from #12 to #2


  27. Molly February 5, 2014

    Congratulations im happy for her. Its sad it took a year for a another black woman to get a top 3 hit its hard out here for black female artists. Anyways this is a good look congratulations Beyonce and the hive.

  28. NAQU February 5, 2014

    Good. I’m glad they decided to focus on just ONE song instead if two. I hope she continues to promote.

    Next up, we gotta get “XO” into the top 10 next.

  29. KingYonce February 5, 2014

    Slay them Bey.

  30. iamthetruth February 5, 2014

    Take your medication BeyBonics

    Anyway, the music industry has become such a joke.

  31. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    What a LOVELY era this has been, and It’s only barely 2 months in! 😀

    The best is YET to come!!!

    Slayin em with NO mercy! YAAASSS

  32. Metzo February 5, 2014

    #2 without even trying too hard. Only one promotion T.V performance. No other T.V appearances yet, no interviews. However, she’s slaying effortlessly. The hate4rs will seethe.

    Although Beyonce doesn’t give a f*** about singles charts, the Beyhive still wanted to prove the haters wrong. And now that it’s done. We can officially say: BOW DOWN BIITCHES.

  33. KING RIH February 5, 2014

    The real KII is her songs are flopping on radio.

    XO is a FLOP
    Drunk in Love is a hit on urban radio only.

    This number 2 peak comes from streaming and digital.


    STILL A FLOP B****


  34. ShitGotReal February 5, 2014

    I’m happy for her but she won’t be the first black act to go 1st since 2012. Y’all tried it tbh. Rih had a number 1 single last year.

  35. Evan February 5, 2014

    Lol where are the ppl that were saying beyonces done? No cares about beyonce anymore! Rihanna and the new generation have taken her spot! She will never be as successful again as the new ppl! Hmmmm sold more in one day then almost every top female performer did in not only one week but two weeks! and now a top 2 single .. Boy when bey haters are wrong they are oh so wrong lol she tried too tell u guys early last year and no one wanted too listen so ill repeat .. BOW DOWN B******!

  36. Lamb4lyfe February 5, 2014

    She won’t dethrone Katy and with “Happy” now in the top 10 she will never see #1. 😉

  37. RoyalKev February 5, 2014

    Bout to go buy Yonce’s DIL single! This $1.29 will be the cheapest thing I brought from King B in years!

  38. Mssongz February 5, 2014

    HAPPY – SONG AND RECORD OF THE YEAR 2015 while Beyonce will be shunned to her little urban categories as usual

  39. GREEKGOD February 5, 2014

    All it needs now is more video views and spotify plays. TheHive better get to it.

  40. Rosie February 5, 2014

    NOT #2. Screaming. Just yesterday the haters were perched with their “Where is her top 10?” shade after she outsold everyone in a month.
    I feel sorry for the sad, pathetic bottoms.

  41. RICHIE_RICH February 5, 2014

    @My Forehead tho…..Aint that it….She prove them all wrong.

  42. CzarM February 5, 2014

    She’s just an American Idol/Dancing With The Stars performance away from #1.

  43. h2o February 5, 2014

    applause: “It won’t reach number 1 tho”

    It got sent to Top 40/Pop radios about 3 days ago.

  44. dark horse February 5, 2014

    Katy won’t let her reach that top spot tho.

  45. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    “XO is a FLOP
    Drunk in Love is a hit on urban radio only.”

    B**** you are PRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #2!!!!!!!!!! #13 on itunes singles chart. Where is Forgot to Remember?? I thought it was coming to snatch DIL’s wig??? Guess NOT! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Christian Pop Expert February 5, 2014

    Bey Rules… 7th Hip Hop/R&B #1 Single

  47. Phresh…hserhP February 5, 2014

    only took her to be a w**** on national television to pull this off… What a disgrace! congrats tho.

  48. Rosie February 5, 2014

    Kii at Applause. Mad because Fadga couldn’t go top 10 with her best single since Bad Romance.
    The other forum is a mess right now.

  49. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 5, 2014

    And here come the trolls…

    They can never just congratulate and keep it MOTHERF*CKING moving!!!!!!!


  50. dark horse February 5, 2014

    Katy cats will not allow her to take the top spot.

  51. Anne February 5, 2014

    All good! Only obsessed haters can reach for something negative to say when congrats to Beyonce are clearly in order for winning on the singles AND albums front.

  52. Vandrea February 5, 2014

    “Where’s her top 10?” indeed. Beyonce has royally served her naysayers this era. Sometimes it’s best to shut up instead of talking sh*t and having it backfire.

  53. BeyVey February 5, 2014

    “Beyonce will never see anothe rtop 10 hit”. Well, she served ya’ll a top 5 :). She now officially has 25 top 5 singles on the BB hot 100 chart history. She has Power!!

  54. iconic cici February 5, 2014

    I guess acting like a drunk stripper really pays off.

  55. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    NOW it’s she won’t get a #1!!!! DEATH

    Haven’t you b****** learn to shut your mouths by now!

  56. iconic cici February 5, 2014

    I thought the hive could careless about singles? Lmao hypocrites much?

  57. Lolz February 5, 2014

    Well well well. I just love her for literally kicking her haters in the teeth every mother f****** time.

    Where were all the people saying she won’t see a Top 10, ‘DRUNK IN FLOP, FLOP IN LOVE etc?’ her singles are flops, she can’t sell singles anymore. TBH singles don’t mean much me with her this era, but I just LOVE when she gives her haters a reason to eat a slice of humble pie.

  58. RICHIE_RICH February 5, 2014

    So now y’all saying it want go #1 lol….She’ll prove y’all wrong again.

  59. Rosie February 5, 2014

    I don’t see Ciara’s name anywhere on the Hot 100 or the Billboard 200 though.

  60. Marcus February 5, 2014


    Um, With Radio, The Radio Stations Play Whatever They Want

    With Streaming, YOU Have The CHOICE To Play The Song YOU Want To Hear At Anytime. It Seems Like The GP Loves “Drunk In Love” More Than You Think!

    So Don’t Try It. 😉


  61. JDE97 February 5, 2014

    Uh-oh…an R&B song is in the top 5…

    Sometimes you just have to be PATIENT. Props to Bey for not selling out when everybody acted like going pop was the thing to do.

  62. LDN Chick February 5, 2014

    Beyonce slaying with a hard core Urban song.

  63. BeyVey February 5, 2014


  64. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    Where is THE Great (NAPPY) LaceFronce????? 😀

  65. LDN Chick February 5, 2014

    The awkward moment when literally EVERY prediction from the haters has been wrong so far.

  66. Feel Free February 5, 2014

    Congratulations to Bey!! Both her and Rih are doing their thing! Love these two Women!

  67. love and war February 5, 2014

    That song is not r&b its a generic urban club song about drinking.

  68. Kareem Williams February 5, 2014

    Why is she not number one?

  69. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    THE HIVE lets say a prayer for the other b*tches KIIIII. @Applause…..How is Artflop doing struggling around the Gold mark after 3 months??? U b*tches act like THE QUEEN dropped back to back albums and didn’t score a top 10 or #1. She only skip the top with 4 h***. IASF had #1s and top tens. 4 Was the only one. So it doesn’t matter if its 5 or 6 years. She only missed it with one album.

  70. KING RIH February 5, 2014

    The nerve of the hive. Where was yall in the bruno thread when yall was getting dragged to hell and back???

    The nerve of billboard changing the rules for the lessors who cant get radio airplay

  71. JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2014

    Maybe somebody else has explained it already but can anyone tell me why? I mean, yes I´ve seen the single going top10 on itunes singles US chart after that grammys but not #1 or something to have such an important jump on the hot 100. Is the song getting huge airplay? (I doubt it cos it´s too urban) Is it because the (unfair) new rules which include youtube views and all that? I´m just asking cos it seems so weird to me. Congrats Beyonce, not a fan but I would like seeing her topping the hot 100 since it seems only the models in nowadays pop music are allowed to do it.

  72. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    FLOPconic sissy!

    B**** you haters bought this on yourselves. “Beyonce won’t get a ton ten. She won’t get a #1, She’s washed up, She’s Done!”

    WE are here to make you feel it! SEETHE b****! kiiii

  73. love and war February 5, 2014

    The song should have been in top 10 tho isn’t she a force in this industry why it take two months?

  74. danny b February 5, 2014

    WAAIIIIITTT They weren’t reaaadddyyyy!! *Kevin Hart voice*

  75. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    F*** Bruno and his Motown Parody ACT!!

    We are here for the QUEEN!!!!

    SEETHE HONEY!!!!!!!

    Bey is destroying WHOREanna! I know it hurts 😉

  76. Sexxx dreams February 5, 2014

    Only got their off streaming tho is the song even gold?

  77. Sandra February 5, 2014

    Congrats I guess. But isn’t this thanks to streaming/youtube views only? Not sales :/ But congrats Bey, I wasn’t expecting her to have another top 10 hit, so good for her regardless of how she got it 🙂

  78. KING RIH February 5, 2014

    Not even love on top did this after the VMAs. The nerve of billboard catering to flops who cant get radio airplay. STOP REWARDING FLOPS

  79. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    Beyonce sucks, Rihanna rule 🙂

  80. Sexxx dreams February 5, 2014

    Lana stan please to clinging to Beyonce and stand on your own two feet with Lana two years later and born to flop still is platinum, Artpop will be platinum by next.

  81. Theman February 5, 2014

    Lol congrats are certainly in order. But y’all do know that her single jumped that high because of streaming. It isn’t because of sales/airplay.. To the person that said she hasn’t been performing and what not, U must be under a rock. THE GRAMMYS, it gets no BIGGER. That’s the invite that sent her single to where it is, not her fans.. If it was effortless the song would’ve been bigger a while ago..

  82. Marcus February 5, 2014


    Ask Yourself This: Can Tamar Get A Song In The Top 10 (Let Alone The Top 2) In 2 Months???

    ……….Didn’t Think So.

  83. Mya February 5, 2014

    Where is can’t remember to purchase you?

  84. Sandra February 5, 2014

    By the way, Janet Jackson is the one and only Queen.
    Beyonce can be the princess if she wants;)

  85. Sexxx dreams February 5, 2014

    The song isn’t even getting much airplay either.

  86. JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2014

    Yes but the problem with streaming and youtube views and all that is that most songs that get points thanks to that, do it cos a model with a mic made a video posing half naked and everybody rugh to watch it even if they know it is trash (just an example). I still prefer sales and radio airplay (airplay was better in the past too though, when not only the most generic pop songs and artists under 25 years old were allowed to be played). But I understand your point.

  87. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    about damn time she gotten anther top ten hit!!!!!!
    Rihanna been doing thats LMAO!!!!!

  88. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    Lmao @Jay Flopio…..B**** that’s not no rat u smell. That’s ur big ass mouth hanging open smelling sh*t. I know ur delusional ass is n disbelief. B*tch THE QUEEN is going to make u h*** lives MISERABLE ASS HELL WITH THIS ERA! #CLOSE UR MOUTH

  89. danny b February 5, 2014

    These are great times to be a Mrs. Carter stan right now.

  90. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    The LESSORS are always worried about single sales! SMH

    The song is in the top 15 on itunes singles chart. It is an urban R&B song. That’s a major accomplishment, being that NO black artists topped the Billboard chart last year. Even Rih with her pop b*******!

    BEYONCE is nearing 2x PLATINUM!!!! The GP bought her ENTIRE album. I highly doubt she’s worried about single sales. She’s doing fine without them!


  91. Hasty February 5, 2014

    Rihanna will never tho…

  92. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    Jay Z and his must be working their asses off the get Beyonce this far!!!!!!
    And Beyonce needs to stop tryna be like rihanna with these s** music, a;thought Partition is good, but come on now you have a child, calm yourself down.

  93. Janevidal February 5, 2014

    When will Ciara or Mooriah in this decade lol

  94. danny b February 5, 2014

    Has Rihanna BEEN getting #1 albums and selling at least more than a million and half? B**** sit.


  95. Brandys Starr February 5, 2014

    Hmm looks the haters gonna have to look for a new drag… again. This must be getting hard for yall.

    She also deserved extra credit because the song has very hard, hip hop/R&B undertones. A lot of people can only do this with pop.

  96. Sandra February 5, 2014

    Lol no she does not have 25 top hits, that is included with Destiny child’s hits lol. On her own Beyonce has, i thin 15 top 5 hits. Why r u including DC hits on Beyonce solo success?

  97. KING RIH February 5, 2014

    Rihanna has scored 8 #1s since Beyonce’s last #1 on Hot 100.


    ok im done

  98. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    Flopnic C is mad his fav is RIP! #LAWD REST HER SOUL

  99. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    b**** plz she already gotten 13 # 1 hits


  100. Rosie February 5, 2014

    @F**** DREAMS B**** I can still stan for Lana if I want to, It’s not like F***’s album will even do half of BTD’s worldwide numbers at this point.
    Worry about Lana’s over two year old album being above Chartflop this week on Billboard.

  101. h2o February 5, 2014

    Kerry Johnson: “about damn time she gotten anther top ten hit!!!!!! Rihanna been doing thats LMAO!!!!!”

    About time Rihanna got another 2x platinum album, too? Beyonce last did it with “I Am… Sasha Fierce” and is almost with this album, the first and last time RiRi had one was 2007 …

  102. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    B**** kiss me and shut up, Beyonce is a FLOP!!!!

  103. JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2014

    @empress Whitney
    What a beautiful pic, true greatness.

  104. RICHIE_RICH February 5, 2014

    I don’t understand why some of these Navy Member are upset. Doesn’t Rihanna have more #1 Than Beyonce’? So why y’all upset. It’s no shade towards Rihanna cause I like her, But Beyonce will always reign Supreme.

  105. Back 2 J February 5, 2014

    Good for her. But i never understood why people are so obsessed with record sales & chart positions for….who the hell cares? We aren’t making the money from it unfortunately like she is & her record is…

  106. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    So Rihanna is still slaying beyonce, not to mention she gotten a grammy for unapologetic, Beyonce was #pressed LMAO!!!!!!

  107. Back 2 J February 5, 2014

    i meant record *label” is…

  108. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 5, 2014

    B*tch, what do you mean “Rihanna will never”?

    Leave Rihanna out of this!!!!!!!

    Her stats and receipts are just as impressive so lets not.

  109. Yolo February 5, 2014

    She is doing so well this era, I wasn’t even expecting this since she hasn’t really released her album in favour of singles. Well done Beyonce, exceeding every time 🙂

  110. WHATAMESS! February 5, 2014

    I predict this will be her only successful hit for this album. You gonna come harder if you want us to bow down! Watch & see…

  111. JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2014

    Why are you so hateful? Gaga already did what Lana is doing… only that way bigger. Stop acting as if Lana is breaking records or something (she´s doing amazing for the type of music she makes, I know). Hating just for the shake of hating is ridiculous. Love Lana´s music btw.

  112. Marcus February 5, 2014


    & I Understand Your Point As Well.

  113. Marcus February 5, 2014

    #1 Urban
    #3 Rhythmic (#1 Next Week, #2 Is A GUARANTEE)
    #36 Pop (Hasn’t Been Officially Added)
    #13 Urban AC (Steadily Increasing)

    I Think For A Song To Jump That Far With Minimal Pop Airplay Is Damn Good Achievement! 😀

  114. BeyVey February 5, 2014







  115. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    Beyonce needs to sit her hot breathe down somewhere and fix blue ivy’s hair!!!!!!!

  116. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    Rihanna has released EIGHT albums since Beyonce’s top ten as well!!

    Girl get real! Rihanna is basic without her BULK albums and her sales are PITIFUL!!!!


  117. black February 5, 2014


  118. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014


  119. Sandra February 5, 2014

    RIHANNA >>>> Beyonce

    Rihanna 13 #1 hits after 9 years
    Beyonce 5 #1 hits after 11 years

    Congrats though Bey on your new number 1, oops I mean number 2 hit!! 😉

  120. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 5, 2014


    Yes Honey, Whitney was truly great; I miss her so much!!! 🙁

  121. iamdiego February 5, 2014

    The song was only serviced to urban radio until 3 days ago and now because it smashed urban they are playing on the pop stations too. It is already doing well with streaming and radio airplay the promo was the cherry and more people bought the song. thats the only place it really struggled because we already have the Entire album.

  122. Gilberto February 5, 2014

    I see the haters look confused and scared… And they must be. I remember some ugly b****** here saying that she was scared to release her single. Where are them now? Not only Beyoncé slayed every b**** in the game with Beyoncé (album), but she’s also slaying the Hot 100 with an URBAN song. When will your fave?
    She doesn’t need to be Max Martin or Dr Luke’s puppet to archieve success. She can do all that by herself.

  123. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    No b**** you can suck my carmel ass, rihanna album sales are impressive as unapologetic is already going 2x platinum.

  124. B. Hill February 5, 2014

    I’ve concluded that the haters are actually good luck! 😛

    – You said her tour would flop. It didn’t.
    – You said she was “scared” to release new music and that it wouldn’t come out last year.
    – You said her album would flop. It didn’t.
    – You said she wouldn’t score another top 10. She did.

    The more you talk, the more the opposite happens! So come on and tell me again how she’ll never get another #1 single. LOL!!! I actually wanna hear it now….

  125. miley rayy February 5, 2014

    me and my frens betting about where itd peak and looks like i won 😀
    i was sure about top5 but have to admit tho i wasnt expecting #2

  126. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    Beyonce can never top Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pour it up & Diamonds>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Beyonce self titled album 🙂

    #KISS ME

  127. Bey Fan February 5, 2014

    I knew once she got a top 10 people would say something about a number 1. And if she gets number 1, it’ll be she bought it. LMAO

    Yall should just stop predicting failure.

  128. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    My d*** is your good luck too 🙂

  129. slay_hive February 5, 2014


    Beyonce>>>> rihanna

    Beyonce 5 albums in 11 years

    Rihanna 7 albums in 7 years.

    Beyonce’s tour>>>>rihanna’s

    Beyonce’s album sales>>>rihanna’s

    Beyonce’s Grammys>>>rihanna’s

    Rihanna only has to release more albums than Everyone just to get those #1 singles. Even with all her albums. Her album sales are PITIFUL!!

    Bey even slays her album sals in the U.S with just 4 albums compared to her 7. I didn’t even add the new album. #pathetic

  130. DIGGER BEY February 5, 2014

    DEEEEEEEEEATH @ THE QUEEN reviews by u b*tches were…..that s*** was boring. Lorde was the most talked about. Pink slayed Beyonce. But look who’s reaping the sales. Don’t care what u bum b*tches say. THE QUEEN is gonna b n this space this whole era. DIL isn’t even near the best song of the album and what did u b****** suspect. Promo will take a song higher.

  131. Yolo February 5, 2014



    Beyonce 5/5 #1 albums (first female to achieve this in first 5)

    Rihanna 1/7 #1 albums

  132. Trace February 5, 2014

    So what are they going to say now?
    The meltdowns we will see in this post!
    Good Job Beyonce slaying basic ass internet thugs since 97!

    A tamar stan coming for Beyonce? LOL

  133. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    Katy Perry is too powerful for Beyonce!!!!!!
    Dark horses will remain at # 1

  134. h2o February 5, 2014

    Kerry Johnson: “No b**** you can suck my carmel ass, rihanna album sales are impressive as unapologetic is already going 2x platinum.”

    It’s at 1.1 million :biblio:

  135. miley rayy February 5, 2014

    kerry, adorn you >>>>>>>>>>>> rihApe career

  136. RoyalKev February 5, 2014

    Love your avi & name! I’ve been meaning to mention this for a while now! Every time I see it I think to myself, damn right!!! Queen Whitney >>>>>>>>>

  137. Sandra February 5, 2014

    Why do you hate Rihanna so much?

  138. B. Hill February 5, 2014

    Let’s not even talk about Rihanna’s deformed foreheaded ass. That talentless h** has put out 7 albums and only JUST sold 10 million in the U.S. LOL!!! Da f#ck is THAT???? Ya mama’s won’t let yall use their debit cards to spend more than 5 quarters on her. 😆

    Let’s not.

  139. Metzo February 5, 2014

    ‘Drunk In Love’ jumps from 13-2 on Hot 100, back to #1 on Streaming Songs, 8-2 On-Demand Songs, Digital Songs (18-7), 16-14 on Radio Songs.

    #1 Single
    #1 Album
    #1 Tour

    When will your faves??????????!!! Keep it moving.

  140. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    @ Miley Rayy
    My D***>>>>>>>>>>>>> Your ass

  141. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxihj February 5, 2014

    AND YET RIH, without any promo has 3 songs in the UK TOP 40, while JUMP is slaying in AUS. That Rih reign is just not letting up.

  142. danny b February 5, 2014

    why are is the Navy in this post again?… Where do I see Rihanna’s name in the headline?

  143. Sandra February 5, 2014

    Lol good for her but #1 albums don’t matter, Wasn’t 4 a number 1 album and it flopped? And there are albums that went on to sell 20 mill+ copies and they weren´t number 1 albums. It’s all about longevity.

  144. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    I don’t hate the b****. I just dislike her and her fans 😉

  145. Marley February 5, 2014

    ‘She will never get another Top 10’

    ‘She can’t sell singles anymore’

    ‘The album will flop after the second week’

    ‘Her album won’t do 200k’

    ‘She will flop harder than Gaga and Britney Spears’

    ‘The album is never coming out, she’s too scared’


  146. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014


    you wish it did, kisss my soft lips 🙂

  147. slay_hive February 5, 2014


    and #1’s obviously don’t mean too much either. Didn’t Rated R have a #1 single and it FLOPPED?

    You say it’s all about longevity. Beyonce has proven that. She has been here longer than Rih and with LESS albums! Still the #1 b****! 😀

  148. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014


  149. Envi February 5, 2014

    What’s the matter haters, you mad? *Tsk*

  150. Yolo February 5, 2014

    @Sandra. Same can be said about #1 singles. Over half of Rihanna’s #1 singles are not any more memorable than many Beyonce songs that did not go to #1. ‘I have Nothing’ is one of the most famous Whitney Houston ballads, it didn’t go to #1 but will be remembered more than the likes of S&M and Disturbia.

  151. Marcus February 5, 2014


    #1 Albums Don’t Matter? PLEASE EXIT!!!

    I’m Done With TGJ Today LOL Smh

  152. h2o February 5, 2014

    Partition (of the Red Sea):
    Billboard Hot 100: 73
    Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: 19

    Okay Bey PLEASE!!!!!

  153. danny b February 5, 2014


    Beyonce 5 #1 albums after 11 years (5 albums released)
    Rihanna 1 #1 album after 9 years (7 albums released)

    when a single costs $1.29 and an album is $13+
    And that moment you realize none of Rihanna’s albums have sold more than 2mil each beside GGGB.

    Why am I even bothering.

  154. TinaMinaj February 5, 2014

    LOOOOL!!! Beyonce is going to send these pressed haters into some deep depression! SHE JUST KEEPS WINNING!!!

    And for anyone wondering about airplay, the song’s airplay has been rising EVERY SINGLE DAY and has even set a record on urban radio! Keep seething!!

    #RADIO BEYONCÉ – Drunk In Love f/Jay Z: 87.698 (+ 1.221)

  155. Yeah I Said It February 5, 2014

    Death @ Sandra getting dragged. #1 albums don’t matter but this comes from the same b**** trying to shade with fly by night #1 singles.

  156. Sandra February 5, 2014

    Ok but you seem kinda hateful towards her

  157. h2o February 5, 2014

    @ Kerry Johnson

    Yes, and you kiss my hard east Mediterranean pink n******

  158. johnyvb February 5, 2014

    If this is true, it’s well deserved. The song is amazing, I hope she performs it again in a talk show or something. I miss the times when she actually promoted her albums. Congrats B! Surfbooooard

  159. Bey Fan February 5, 2014

    I wont take anything away from Rihanna’s #1 singles… but how can yall shade Beyonce number 1 ALBUMS…. I mean I dont get it.

    The thing about it tho, I dont think Beyonce is as concerned about chart position as some artist who spend time begging their fans on twitter ans faceboook to buy their singles. LOL. So her having top albums and top singles is just icing on the cake.. and reading points for the Hive.

  160. LUCA February 5, 2014

    Ugh. I cant stand this beech,,, all she does is sing about s** and shake her ass and boom, a #1 single! Whereas other legends, like aretha, n whitney or mariah, got to where she is by talent. damn whoooore.

  161. Metzo February 5, 2014

    I feel extremely bad for the C-squad and the Lambs.

    The Navy can sit with us, if they want :). I actually Love Rihanna a lot.

    Her and Beyonce are the ONLY 2 black women killing the Music industry, so we all should be getting along.

    Navy + Beyhive= <3

    Shall we?

  162. Yeah I Said It February 5, 2014

    Congrats to Beyonce, the funny thing is Beyonce nor Hive don’t even see singles as priority this era, its just such a f****** kiiiiii the extent her naysayers are getting read for their own shade effortlessly by her these days.

    Certain people should have their medication ready when they see this post.

  163. Sandra February 5, 2014


    Beyonce doesn’t really have longevity, because she releases albums very seldom. oF COURSE her albums sell because she almost never release, and when she does her fans buy them. Real longevitity is proven through releasing albums often, Like Riri, and still stay on top for almost 10 years like Rihanna has 🙂

  164. danny b February 5, 2014


    4 flopped? Then I guess A H** Like Me, Music of the S***, Rated Flop, Loud, Flop That Talk, and Unflopagenic were all flops since they all sold no more than 1 and a half million, which is what 4 sold (and with NO hit singles)…havent you learned by now? that was so 2012. Late ass delusional stan.

  165. Britney stan February 5, 2014

    Who cares? she buying singles like she buys albums and grammys.

  166. Yeah I Said It February 5, 2014

    This is just a bonus to Beyonce, she has proved she doesn’t need singles to sell her album. Her star power and impact alone is strong enough.

  167. Anne February 5, 2014

    Thanks BEYVEY for breaking it down for slow haters like JOHNVIDAL.The song is in the top ten of every major chart INCLUDING THE DIGITAL SALES CHART. The Billboard hot 100 rules are designed to measure popularity as closely as possible since basing it on sales alone would allow the fanbase to buy the chart position without reflecting the view of the public at large. Someone would complain no matter what method they use, especially when their fav can’t get a hit or when an artist they hate does!

  168. Yeah I Said It February 5, 2014

    Where did Can’t remember to forget you chart? #NoShade #SeriousQuestion

  169. Stop the hate February 5, 2014

    Who feels sorry for the lambs? That’s so funny. Um last we checked our fave still has more #1s anyway stopping the hate congrats Beyoncé the song is a banger.

  170. Sandra February 5, 2014


    Rihanna’s singles are not forgettable. I remember almost every one of her singles and before I started doing research about Beyonce I only knew about Irreplacable, Crazy in love, Halo and If I were a boy. None of her other songs. This proves Rihanna is more globally known because I live in Sweden and her hits are more famous here than Bey’s

  171. elihkyh February 5, 2014

    aww this site is s*** if it was another artist they would be talk how they failed to reach number 1 but it beyonce so they praise her for not reaching the number 1 spot bull s***…….

  172. UnviersalChic February 5, 2014

    Since December 13,2013 the amount of back peddling delusion and crap talking has went to an entirely different level. Don’t come for beyonce if she didn’t send for you because as she is proving she is going to send you back to sender looking stupid.

    She is succeeding on all of her fronts.
    Family Life

    and she is doing it all through HER own company and her managing herself.15 years into her career she is even more important,respected and driven. She is in her own league and regardless to how hard you pray it stops it isn’t because beyonce has a special way of turning a bunch of negativity thrown at her into light. She pushes herself with it so keep it up because as you’re witnessing it showing nothing but GOOD results for her.

  173. Rosie February 5, 2014

    If Herprihs had “real longevity” then she wouldn’t have release an album of tailor-made for radio hits every year from 2007-2012 just to keep her name out there.

  174. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 5, 2014


    I think you’re being extremely disrespectful towards Beyonce’s talent. Yes, Whitney.H, Aretha.F and Mariah.C are “Legends”; their voices are timeless but Beyonce is a force of nature herself and whilst she has a long ways to go in terms of artistic/musical development, she can sing very well as well as dance very skilfully at the same time and is a 21st Century Pop Icon.

    Don’t dismiss Beyonce’s talent by saying she got to where she is by saying that all she does is “sing about s** and shake her ass” because that is not true. She got to where is is now by singing and developing her own brand and style for over a decade and even half a decade before that in her former group Destiny’s Child.

    Her fans/stans may irritate me at times but let’s be real = Beyonce is the TRUE VOICE of our generation.


  175. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    @H2O ok 🙂

  176. SageLinear February 5, 2014

    Karma was listening to the haters and contradicted you all two times. Beyoncé is in her renaissance era and you evil anonymous Internet trolls are partly responsible for it. Talking sh!t about a celebrity doesn’t make them go away, it keeps them relevant. If you really wanted her to fail, you would’ve gone out of your way to not discuss her.

    Congrats haters for making this the most exciting Beyoncé era — ever!

  177. TinaMinaj February 5, 2014

    I would also be mad if my fave sat on twitter all day and begged fans to buy a single then get overtaken by that b**** that slays effortlessly lol

  178. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    “Beyonce doesn’t really have longevity,”

    I STOPPED reading after that foolishness! 😀 😀

    Beyonce does have longevity. Everyone can’t go two and three years without releasing albums. They will become irrelevant. Ask your fave

  179. Yolo February 5, 2014

    @Sandra. Not forgettable to you maybe. My point still stands to reason.

    And if 4 is a flop what does that make Rated R, Music of the Sun and A Girl like Me? (nearly half her discography)

  180. danny b February 5, 2014


    I need you to purchase Websters and look up the word longevity cuz it sounds like you have that word and the term “fighting to stay relevant” confused hun. Longevity is not releasing an album for 3 years and still coming out slaying. Longevity is being able to sell out a world tour with no album out. Fighting to stay relevant is constantly putting out singles and albums more than McDonalds adds a new drink to their McCafe menu. When will you learn that you’re gonna dig yourself into depression with these unsolidified and retarded receipts you keep posting? Girl/sir, just go!

  181. Sandra February 5, 2014

    Yep #1 albums don’t matter. Madonna’s album MDNA was #1 and it FLOPPED hard. Not even 2 mill sold worldwide.

  182. LUCA February 5, 2014

    @EMpress WHitney

    loooooooool. no, xtina is the voice of our generation, not beyawnce. get it right??? mmm, kay???

  183. Sandra February 5, 2014

    @Danny B
    Many of Rihannas albums sold more than 2 million, are u kidding?

  184. Yolo February 5, 2014

    @Sandra I wouldn’t be talking about longevity while you stan for the human conveyer belt, Rihanna. Her albums burn out after a few months so she moves on to the next one.

    Beyonce doesn’t have to do that, and she can still Tour off a 2 year old ‘FLOP’ album and still do better.

  185. Lovebird February 5, 2014

    LMAO FINALLY!!!!!?

    And it only took her 6 years of desperately trying.

    But when will she have her next #1?

    After another 6 years maybe?

  186. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014


    F*** you 🙂

  187. Absolved February 5, 2014

    “SANDRA” wrote:
    “Beyonce doesn’t really have longevity, because she releases albums very seldom. oF COURSE her albums sell because she almost never release, and when she does her fans buy them. Real longevitity is proven through releasing albums often, Like Riri, and still stay on top for almost 10 years like Rihanna has”

    😆 Are you serious? Releasing an album every year isn’t a sign of longevity, it’s a desperation tactic by those who fear that if they don’t have something out all the time, they’ll be quickly forgotten and displaced. Beyoncé releases a new album every 2-3 years, that’s not “seldom,” that’s normal. Beyoncé and Sony have enough faith in her status and her fans to not throw together some half assed piece of album every year to maintain her status with piddly sales that’ll eventually accumulate. That’s why Beyoncé is an artist and Rihanna is just a product.

  188. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 5, 2014


    “Xtina is the voice of our Generation”?


    Says who exactly?

    Music Critics? Blog Critics? Magazine Critics? Fashion/Style Critics?

    If you were to ask any TRUE vocal pedagogic – critics who actually STUDY the voice – about Christina Aguilera, they would tell you that she is one of the WORST singers in Pop music history, with one of the WORST vocal techniques known to any singer, hence why she can barely sing songs she sang a decade ago at the mere age of 33 whereas Beyonce – who has actually taken care of her voice – has had her instrument grow and mature over time.


  189. Yolo February 5, 2014

    I see the usual TROLLS are taking their time to come today huh?

  190. Lovebird February 5, 2014

    And the mother of 1 only had to take her clothes off and spread her legs in front of 25 million people in order to achieve her first top ten song in 6 years LMAO.

  191. Sandra February 5, 2014

    Without DC beyonce wouldn’t even be successful. Over half of her sales and hits are from her days with that group. but do you see Michelle williams and Klly Rowland going around adding the DC sales to their solo sales? Nope Only Beyonce does this.

  192. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    I heard Beyonce’s album and i wasn’t impressed, she only had like 3 good songs on there!!!!!!

    Rihanna 7 Katy perry will slay her once again

  193. danny b February 5, 2014

    where are the receipts Sandra. Where are they…..


  194. Yolo February 5, 2014

    ‘And it only took her 6 years of desperately trying’

    LMAO. The exaggeration. 4 is the only era that didn’t have a Top 10. How has she been ‘desperately trying’ for 6 years when she hasn’t pushed songs for those 6 years?

    I live for the struggle shade.

  195. Lovebird February 5, 2014

    And I can see why BEYONCE is loaded with Rihanna B-sides/rejects; Blue Ivy is RIHANNA Navy after all.

    The real question is why is Rihanna’s music on Beyonce’s phone?

    Rihanna, inspiring your fav since 2007 ( I told you).

  196. Rosie February 5, 2014

    Haha, just “f*** you?” That’s all you’ve got?

  197. Lovebird February 5, 2014

    But anyway, congratulations Beyonce on your first top ten in 6 years.

    I know you’ve been trying for 6 years to get one so congrats.

    When will it sell 1 million copies though?

  198. LUCA February 5, 2014

    @EMpress WHitney

    NO,,, Beyawnce cannot outsing xtina. Can beyawnce hit notes that xtina hit in beautiful/the voice within/figher etc???????

    Beyawnce will never be as great as slaytina, don’t hate child. when will beyawnce releasean album as good as back to basics tho? seethe…

  199. Yeah I Said It February 5, 2014

    @Lovebird where did Can’t remember to forget you chart? I’m waiting for a Rihanna stan to tell me. They seem to be ignoring the question for some reason. Like I said its no shade I just want to know.

  200. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    Without BEYONCE DC wouldn’t have been successful. No shade to Kelly or Michelle ( I LOVE them too), but Bey MADE that group. She was always the focal point, and STILL is.

    When has Beyonce added DC sales to her solo sales??? You may be talking about “some” fans. But even then those are still her sales as well. A chapter in her career.

    You sound more and more pressed with each comment

  201. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014


    Well it was either that or lets take our cloths off and have s** with listening to r kelly’s bump n grind remix 🙂

  202. Yeah I Said It February 5, 2014

    My Forehead Tho

    February 5, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    That awkward moment your predictions look like this:

    1. She’ll never have an album rated higher that ‘Rated R’ on metacritic.

    2. Her album will flop harder than 4 Britney Jean and Artpop tbh

    3. Her album will free fall down the chart by its 3rd week.

    4. She’ll never get another top ten hit.

    5. She’ll never slay both album and single charts simultaneously again.


  203. UnviersalChic February 5, 2014

    Beyonce has sold more SOLO records than she has with DC.Her success with her records breaking girl group is just a bonus to add with her recording breaking solo career. Her ENTIRE career EATS rihanna alive which is why y’all try and count it out but will quick fast and in a hurry claim a #1 song that your fave FEATURED on as a part of their career as a whole. GOOD and BYE with that mess.

  204. Lovebird February 5, 2014

    @yeah I said it

    Look it up, surely the hive should know how to conduct a simple Google search no?

  205. Tallb February 5, 2014

    must be hard these days being a beyonce hater…lol

  206. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    If Beyonce released an album every year for those six years than yeah I could agree with you saying she was “trying” to get a hit! LOL

  207. Metzo February 5, 2014

    @Luca Nope. Xtina’s voice is dead. She used to have a powerful voice, but her singing technique is weak. All she does is scream. beyonce is a real vocalist, the best of this generation.

    @Sandra Rihanna’s only had 1 multi-platinum album and it’s GGGB. None of her other albums has sold over 2 millios in the U.S.

  208. Xtina Warrior February 5, 2014

    Not impressed it took half a decade

  209. Lovebird February 5, 2014

    Beyonce released 3849404859385838 singles and 482049482947 re-releases, she was trying desperately to get a hit for 6 years.

  210. Xtina Warrior February 5, 2014

    Lmao Xtina voice is dead? Yet Beyonce is the one who stays lip syncing and she’s not the best singer of this generation Ariana grande is a better singer than her.

  211. Rosie February 5, 2014

    @Kerry Johnson

  212. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014


  213. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 5, 2014


    Once again, you are wrong.

    Beyonce, in 2013 and at the age off 32, can still sing/belt consistently well within the 5th octave whereas Christina, for the past several years, has shown vocal fatigue on lower- 4th octave notes.

    Why is that Bruno Mars – a Male Tenor – can sing/belt multiple C5/C#5/D5’s whereas Christina – a Female Mezzo-Soprano – is struggling to hit G4/G#4/A4’s, notes that even an undeveloped Baritones can hit with ease?

    Also, Christina can BARELY sing Fighter/Beautiful/The Voice Within anymore hence why, whenever she tries too, she lowers the key by a number of semitones and she still struggles.


    🙂 🙂 🙂

  214. TinaMinaj February 5, 2014

    The Angrybird stays mad and seething loool. Pathetic and just down right lame!

  215. Yeah I Said It February 5, 2014

    @Lovebird You don’t usually have a problem posting receipts. I can’t be bothered to look, the Billboard hot 100 hasn’t been updated. Maybe its my country.

  216. Sandra February 5, 2014

    4 flopped because the so called “King B/Queen B” should be able to sell more if she is the best thing to ever happen to the music industry that her and her fans seem to think? Adele outsold her whole discography with 1 album ;)Adele = King A / Queen A

    It’s an achievement to have steady sales on each album like Rihanna does, she sells 4-5 million on each album that she releases “every year”, Beyonce can barely do that on the albums she releases every 4th-5th year. Rihanna’s album sales are consistent.

    @Danny B
    I already gave you receipts

  217. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    For PRESSEDbird:

    “In an interview for Complex, Beyoncé expressed dissatisfaction with contemporary radio.[7] She intended 4 to help change that status, commenting, “Figuring out a way to get R&B back on the radio is challenging … With 4 I tried to mix R&B from the ’70s and the ’90s with rock ‘n’ roll and a lot of horns to create something new and exciting. I wanted musical changes, bridges, vibrata, live instrumentation and classic songwriting.”[7] On her website she wrote, “The album is definitely an evolution. It’s bolder than the music on my previous albums because I’m bolder. The more mature I become and the more life experiences I have, the more I have to talk about. I really focused on songs being classics, songs that would last, songs that I could sing when I’m 40 and when I’m 60.”[8] Beyoncé also sought to make more artistic music, rather than purely commercially-orientated songs.[9]”

    4 also only had 4 OFFICIAL singles. RTW, BTINH, Party, LOT!

    Sit with that repetitive bull b****! BYE!!!!!!!

  218. Xtina Warrior February 5, 2014

    Empress crack head if that’s so why does she lip sync

  219. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    @ Rosie

    Yea ma

  220. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    Sandra you read my last comment too, and comprehend ^^^^^


  221. LUCA February 5, 2014

    @EmpreSS WhitneY

    B*tch, you are the one that is wrong. Beyawnce could still never sing those songs or hit those notes, Why are you stans so mad tho!??? Show me where beyawnce has ever hit higher notes than xtina, lol. xtina is he VOICE not whitney or anyone else even rolling stone said so. ha.

  222. Yolo February 5, 2014

    @Sandra. I’m talking factually, not theoretically. If 4 is flop, what does that make 40% of Rihanna discography?

  223. Sandra February 5, 2014

    Maybe not in the US but worldwide Rih’s albums sold more. And Rihanna has sold over 50 mill singles in the US alone, so she’s at over 60 million records sold in the US alone, not bad for being only 25 years old

  224. Lovebird February 5, 2014

    Not you dedicating an entire novel to me, I can’t.

    @yeah I said it

    So you don’t know how to conduct a simple Google search?

  225. Yolo February 5, 2014

    Where did Beyonce say she was King/Queen of music? She is King/the Queen Bey of the Hive. But as usually people who it has nothing to do with get their panties in a twist over it.

  226. Xtina Warrior February 5, 2014

    Who has the title of voice of a generation sure not Beyonce

  227. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014


    Just stop and shut up, with you misspelled errors, rihanna wins you lose, #DEAL WITH IT

  228. Yeah I Said It February 5, 2014

    @Lovebird, I can but I’m asking you because I’m currently on this site. What’s so hard about typing a number or two? You’re usually handy on your keyboard.

  229. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    It wasn’t a novel that i wrote pressed b****. It was copy and pasted. BUT I’m sure you got the point since you didn’t reply with your typical repetitive b*******. 😉

  230. TinaMinaj February 5, 2014

    And everypone should excuse hatebird. He forgets not every artist churns out a made for radio album almost every year just to maintain relevancy…

  231. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 5, 2014


    Okay. Here I go:

    – Can Xtina support a note as low a C3 with resonance without using a close up microphone as Beyonce did in her acapella of “Halo” in Africa? No, she can’t.

    – Can Xtina sing a song that continues to climb its key higher and higher, encompassing a melodic range (not interpolated or optional notes, but actually written as part of the melody) from E3 to Bb5 with total ease as Beyonce does in “Love on top”? No, she can’t.

    – Can Xtina sing operatic, fully supported and resonant soprano high C’s the way Beyonce does in “Flawless” and “Bow Down”? No, she can’t.

    – Can Xtina sing coloratura runs crossing the three registers, up to high C, with precise intonation and perfect agility that rivals any operatic coloratura mezzo-soprano the way Beyonce does in “I Care”? No, she can’t.

    Can Xtina sing a phrase that spans more than 2 octaves, from F3 to G5 in a single breathe the way Beyonce does in “Party”? No, she can’t.

    Now that I have defied your entire, USELESS & WORTHLESS, argument with actual logic – to your cave you may return sweetheart.


  232. Lovebird February 5, 2014

    What’s so hard about opening a new tab and looking it up? You’re the one who wants the information.

  233. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014


    I see someone graduated high school with very low grades,
    Your parents must be proud of your smart remarks, take comet bleach and rub it all over your face plz!!!!!!

  234. Slayty Perry (Prismatic Tour) February 5, 2014

    Dead @ the Hive praising a top 5 hit. I’m not use to that since my fav is a regular top 5 charter. Bey should get use to #2 though, Dark Horse’s iTunes reign wont let up and its killing it on radio too. Katy hit #1 last week with no promo, kept #1 this week with the Grammy performance, and will stay #1 after more promo and the music video drops – which will bring streaming points. But congrats to Beyonce on her first top 10 since 2010.

  235. Lovebird February 5, 2014

    A Nicki Minaj fan needs to to its place at the bottom of the barrell, FLOPloaded still not platinum, stupid ho still happened.

  236. Sandra February 5, 2014

    Beyonce did not make the group, they all brought their different talents. Ok maybe Beyonce herself didn’t add DC sales to solo sales but her fans do all the time

  237. Lovebird February 5, 2014

    Not it denying it dedicated an entire novel to me LMAO, I’M CRYING HAHAHAHA.

  238. Yeah I Said It February 5, 2014

    @Lovebird its not hard. I’m just asking you.

  239. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014



  240. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    Aww poor tar baby has nothing to say! #DISMISSED

  241. Sandra February 5, 2014


    Beyonces 4 was a flop with her standards, shes supposed to be the best according to her fans. And she didn’t even have any hits on the album, at least Rihanna’s “flop” albums had memorable top 10 or number 1 hits.

  242. Xtina Warrior February 5, 2014

    Lmao @Slayty perry.

  243. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014


    Leave lovebird alone and come give me a massage!!!!!

  244. TinaMinaj February 5, 2014

    At the bottom of what barrell exactly?? Last i checked Nicki was perched right at the top of the rap game being the best seller. She’s definitely not complaining making history even on Forbes lists. Worry about your fave FOREVER being in Beyonce’s shadow…

  245. kwasi February 5, 2014

    Dark horse surprise hit???…..Drunk in love will never be number one…just a post Grammy week hype and that’s a surprise. Lol!!

  246. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014


    Ignoring me ehhh LOL, the truth hurts stupid b****!!!!

  247. LUCA February 5, 2014

    @EMpress WhitNey

    looooool, but you still never answered my question,,, can beyaaaaaaawnce hit the notes xtina hit tho???? also, where is beyawnce on rolling stones 500 greatest singers of all time list then? why is xtina higher than mariah n patti tho. hahaha. im waiting!

  248. Yolo February 5, 2014

    @Sandra The fact she had hits should be pushing the albums more. So you basically clocked yourself. Yet 4 is selling faster than all three of the albums I listed earlier.

  249. Sandra February 5, 2014

    At the end of the day, Rihanna’s career is only getting started. She’s 25, young, beautiful, talented and her 8th album will be very successful. She is only getting better.
    Beyonce had her time, she’s 33 now and a mother. She needs to not try to compete with today’s generations artists and be a good mom to Blue Ivy. Her prime is over, she had a good run from 1997- 2009 and she should be proud of what she has achieved. Now she has to take off heer clothes at Grammy awards and copy Rihanna’s style to get a top 5 hit.

  250. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014

    Beyonce can smoke a crack pot!!!!!!

  251. BEYONCÉ February 5, 2014

    Not a Kiddy Perry stan trying to shade. You can have your #1 hit while Mrs Carter slays Prisms sales after a month. LOL. B**** bye.

  252. Navy Nick February 5, 2014

    YES BEYONCE YES !!!! let’s get this #1 u all, 4real, it deserves it!!!

  253. TheHive February 5, 2014

    @Citranny army chile that weak shade the real kii is when c c*** sell 20k first week, or is that too much ??? Kiiiii

  254. Sandra February 5, 2014

    No, if people buy the hit singles many won’t buy the album too. So you just clocked YOURSELF there 😉

  255. Yolo February 5, 2014

    Beyonce’s prime is over, yet she’s still outselling this generations girls after 16 years (Katy, Gaga, Rihanna, Miley etc). Says a lot. Shouldn’t she be doing Britney or Xtina’s current numbers. Those are artists who’s prime is truly over.

  256. PRISM February 5, 2014

    With Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé has a career total of 32,383,000 U.S album sales (With 9 albums).

    Rihanna with 7 albums : 10.3 Million U.S Sales.

    Who is the Real WINNER here? Beyonce.

  257. Lovebird February 5, 2014

    Dead at it resorting to racism to justify the novel it dedicated to me.

    I’m screaming at it accusing me of nothing to day when it resorted to racism.

  258. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 5, 2014


    Sweetheart, the irony is that I’ve already DRAGGED you by your split ends and have left you with nothing but bald patches and teary eyes, surrounded by mud, p***, sh*t and dust. Why are you still TRYING to argue your point? 😉


    I wouldn’t mind if you were debating me with actual logic and rationale, but your not and your atrocious grammar makes it all the more hilarious.

    I don’t mind continuing this conversation to be honest… 🙂

  259. Yolo February 5, 2014

    @Sandra. Singles are put out to promote an album. So logically, it is supposed to help.

  260. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    Beyonce getting a top 5 hit (#2) with an URBAN R&B song is more than enough to brag about!

    We all know that Grammyless Perry and SLUTanna are regulars on the Hot 100. They make albums dedicated for the Hot 100. Beyonce DOES NOT!

    Dark Horse is a RIP OFF urban/pop song. It will die out eventually like all of her songs.

    BEYONCE is also slaying Katy’s album sales, even with those TWO #1’s. We all know who is superior here 😉

  261. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY February 5, 2014


  262. h2o February 5, 2014

    @ Prism

    That’s great! She’s also well over 35 million albums in the US including live and video albums.

  263. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    Beyonce has a very good chance @ hitting #1. Her position isn’t just based off of itunes 😉

  264. Kerry Johnson February 5, 2014



  265. LUCA February 5, 2014

    please,,, yo ass aint dragged nutin. lmaoooo. u still can’t seem to answer my questions about rolling stones saying she is a better singer thann patti n mariah. wheres beyawwwnce on the list? she is not a good singer, she can sing but she aint the voice of our generation nutin. xtina is,,, why u mad tho. also, legends have praised xtina so what u tryna say B***h? hahaahaha.

  266. NN February 5, 2014

    y do we keep comparing Rihanna (billy-goat singing self) to Beyonce? Rihanna albums sales (opening weeks), have only peaked @ 180k, that was Janet’s #, after 20years boo boo…I LOVE RIHANNA (I honestly do), but she makes FUN MUSIC FOR THE KLUB, NOTHING MORE! please stop comparing her to the greats (she herself said Beyonce is her IDOL!) take a seat. RATED R was her most personal album, adn RUDE BOY was the hit, because she is A CLUB GIRL (I would party with her!)

  267. slay_hive February 5, 2014


    How the hell is FLOPtina the voice of our generation when she can’t even sell an album?? She has been irrelevant since the mid 2000’s. She is NO threat to Beyonce AT ALL!

    Bey would NEVER

  268. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY February 5, 2014

    WAIT!!!! Xtina a better singer than Patti and Mariah? Mother Patti at 70 years old destroys Struggletina at 33!
    Mariah has no voice left so Pigtina can have That!

  269. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    Chile just look at them UGLY faces PIGtina makes when she’s straining and screaming out of tune for the gods! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    The voice of our generation MY ASS! 😀

  270. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 5, 2014


    Why is it that every Xtina stan always uses that “Legends have praised her” excuse to try and add wieght to their argument about her being the “Voice of our Generation”?

    Christina Aguilera is not a “vocalist” of any kind. A “vocalist” uses the voice with the level of virtuosity and control an instrumentalist has over the instrument.

    A true “vocalist’s” voice – if taken care of with the appropriate technique – blossoms and matures as they age – i.e: Beyonce.

    Also, isn’t ‘Rolling Stones: 500 Greatest Singers of All Time’ list the very same list that cited Justin Tmberlake as a greater “singer” than Luther Vandross, Jackie Wilson & Pavarotti?

    LMAO. 🙂

  271. Tasha February 5, 2014

    Beyoncé is literally the only female who can do this with Urban and R&B music now. Look how much her album is selling. Its sad, that’s no shade to her because she’s a goddess and it shows her impact and popularity. But when you think of how music has changed I’m like damn. Rihanna pushes pop more, so I wouldn’t really say her. Regardless, Beyoncé and Rihanna are the only two black females who can scan platinum these days.

  272. Metzo February 5, 2014

    @Sandra Beyonce’s sold more albums than Rihanna both in the U.S and WW.

    Beyonce’s best selling album is at 11 Million. While Rihanna’s best selling album is still at 7 Million WW after 7 consecutive tries!

    Rihanna is only big in some parts of Europe (France, U.K, Australia).

    Beyonce is globally succesful.

    I love Rihanna, and she’s accomplished alot at 25, but Beyonce is still a better overall artist and a better singer. Rihanna is somehow a product who is extremely smart at picking up hit singles.

  273. Sandra February 5, 2014

    It’s funny you say that Rihanna only makes music for the clubs when she has so many more beautiful and serious ballads than Beyonce. Stay, Diamonds, What now, Russian Roulette, Man down, Cry, are all better and deeper than Beyonces songs. Rihanna makes both fun club music and deep ballads.

  274. LUCA February 5, 2014


    I dont care wat yall stans say,,, xtina is the voice of our generation, not beyonce. stop trying to hate and ignore that fact. i can’t. yall are some hating mothers ust xcept that xtina runs the VOICE, not beyaaawnce, whitney or mariah or patti.

  275. Sandra February 5, 2014

    Actually Rihanna’s most selling album is at 9 million, Good girl gone bad.
    Rihanna is globally successful, to deny that is pretty stupid. She sold out huge stadiums in South Africa and on many other places on the Diamonds tour

  276. Leo February 5, 2014

    Tasha – and that is sad! I miss the days where more than one or two artists could be successful at a time! In the 90s we had Brandy, Monica, Aaliyah, Lauryn, Mary, Toni and Mariah all doing their thing . Now we only have Beyoncé and Rihanna wtf?? It’s time to even the playing field.

  277. Tasha February 5, 2014

    Sandra, that’s your personal taste sweety. Beyoncé has ballads like Dangerously In Love, Listen, Halo, Heaven, Flaws and All, I care, Disappear, Resentment, Speechless and many more which I love more.

  278. Leo February 5, 2014

    Metzo – inflation. Beyonces biggest selling album is at 8.5m. Idk where the extra 2.5m came from…..

  279. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 5, 2014


    We can go back & forth all night but the truth still remains:

    1) You are an uneducated creton.


    3) Christina Aguilera is not and never will be the “Voice of Our Generation” – objectively speaking.

    Is there anything more you have to say Sweetheart?


  280. slay_hive February 5, 2014

    Beyonce doesn’t have time to run some FLOP reality singing competition. She actually has a career. 😉 Did the voice help FLOPtus?………………. LOL

    Alot of people in the black community couldn’t even tell you who Christina is. Beyonce is WW famous! 😉

    BEYONCE>>> voice of our Generation.

    BEYONCE>>> PERFORMER of our Generation.

  281. Tasha February 5, 2014

    @Leo I know! Its the state of music now. R&B is simply not as popular as it use to be.

  282. Sandra February 5, 2014

    Yes of course Beyonce has good ballads too but so does Riri

  283. LUCA February 5, 2014


    Nope,,, still siting here tryna figure out ehy u wont accept xtina being the voice of this generation. hell, even whitney said that she loved her performance of run 2 u at bet awards in 2001. and the rolling stones have praised her so… what now. c’mon. ya’ll, all beyaaawnce stans.

  284. ***FLAWLESS February 5, 2014

    Dangerously In Love sold 317,000 copies in its first week and debuted atop the Billboard 200. As of 2014 it remains Beyoncé’s best-selling album, with 11 million copies sold worldwide. Beyoncé was the first artist in twenty years and first woman in chart history to have both an album and single debut on top of the UK and US charts at the same time.

  285. Tasha February 5, 2014

    Sandra, you said ‘better’ though. Thats your personal taste

  286. Bey_on_ce February 5, 2014

    Can someone plz tell me where can’t remember to forget u at in the charts only because riri in that song the predictions was that it was going num1??? At lovebird …..stay pressed

  287. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 5, 2014



    1) In 2001, Christina still had a, relatively, good voice; she was younger and her voice was able to handle the pressure of ill- technique and such. However, by the time she reached her mid-20’s, her voice began to deteriorate very fast whereas Beyonce’s voice only kept getting STRONGER as she aged because she knew how to retain and appreciate her instrument.

    2) ‘The Rolling Stones’ are a ‘Rock & Roll Band’ and they are musicians/instrumentalists first and foremost – Nobody has ever looked up to Mick Jagger because of his “voice” but, mainly, because of his stage- persona and performance skills thus his opinions on the “voice” are automatically void & invalid.

    3) Today, Christina can barely sing within one octave of sound without straining. HER VOICE IS FINISHED and the suit fits because so is her career.

    Keep it coming Boo… 😉

  288. ***FLAWLESS February 5, 2014

    CRTFY is dropping on itunes single chart. from #29 yesterday to #34 today. The video is losing interest fast.

    Yonce still holding firm in the Top 15

  289. Hmmm February 5, 2014

    No Max Martin, Dr Luke or David Guetta needed.

  290. mekaela February 5, 2014

    If Beyonce such a big ass star how come it took such a star to make it to number one it takes Miley and katy a day I’m just surprised u behive praise your queen and it takes her so long to make a number one wow this is a slow ass news day

  291. Sandra February 5, 2014

    Well it was fun talking to you all. Good night, it’s late here 🙂

  292. LUCA February 5, 2014


    But I still prefer xtina over mariah n patti tho because they are better emotional singers. stop tryna hate bi*tch it aint gonna work. xtina is the voice and beyawwwnce is not. they could never sing with emotion like xtina could and does,,, she is a vocal icon and that is fact so boy! mariah n patti could still never hit notes than xtina did in her prime with ease so, loool. stawwp.

  293. Hmmm February 5, 2014

    I been drankin, I been drankin….

  294. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 5, 2014


    Once again,your lack of logic astounds me. Are you still trying to defy me? Girl……. 🙂

    1) “Emotion and tone” are the most basic ways to relate to music. They are entirely subjective as emotion is as much dependent on the listener and their willingness to receive as it is of the performer.

    2) You could argue that you PREFER someone like ‘Christina Aguilera’ over ‘Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Patti Labelle & Beyonce’ – that’s valid. However, the truth still remains that Whitney, Mariah, Patti & Beyonce had/have infinitely more vocal and musical possibilities – OBJECTIVELY SPEAKING – than Christina Aguilera’. Why? It is a fallacy to judge the violin instead of the violinist as an instrument is only as good as the musician playing it and a Stradivarius will still make ugly noises if played by an amateur whilst a humble, cheap violin will make beautiful music when played by a virtuoso. That is simply a fact.

    3) Beyonce has taken care of her voice which is why she is able to produce stronger vocal feats now, at 32 years old, compared to when she was 22 or 12.

  295. fatusankoh February 5, 2014

    congrant queenbey talente and hard work go fair i so love this album one of best work ever every song on it is good the one and only may god continue to bless proteict you and your family for life more success in all you do thanks Sam for posting

  296. Slayty Perry (Prismatic Tour) February 5, 2014

    Lmao @ Dark Horse being a rip off urban song. Let me add that to the collection of excuses haters have for Katy’s slayage! Slay-Hive, please explain that to me. Also explain how Katy’s hits don’t last when she spent over a year in the Billboard top 10? Lmao stick to the stale Grammy/kid shade.

  297. Rosie February 5, 2014

    Dark Horse is bandwagoning the “urban/trap” trend, though. No shade. The song is better than most of the top 30.

  298. SLAY_HIVE February 5, 2014

    Let me explain… When i say DH is a “rip off” urban song, I mean that is is urban/pop. That song isnt being played on ANY urban radio stations. IT’s strictly POP.

    DIL is PURE urban front the beat to the lyrics. A Hit on urban radio and currently slaying pop as well.

    Her music is very stale and only for quick pop success. The reason the grammys don’t even take her “hits” seriously!

    Beyonce is slaying Katy in album sales and is on her ass on the Hot 100!!

  299. Oh Yeah!!! February 5, 2014

    Bey has Rih in hiding!

  300. Common Sense February 5, 2014

    Congratulations to Bey! I’m honestly shocked DiL is the one reaching for #1. I thought if any single on her album made it there, it would be XO. I’m surprised Slayriah isn’t here to give his congratulations as well.

    Here’s a lost gem from 2005 to bait him out of lurking.

  301. Ajanni February 5, 2014

    @ Sandra–Her time is over? Wait did she die? Why the hell should she take off or retire just to appease you? Her brand is HOT and she sells and sells well. If no one was interested then no one would buy her music. Bottom line if you don’t like Bey, don’t buy her music and feel free to turn the radio channel when her music plays. BTW she is 32 years old and fine as hell. She can compete with whoever the hell she damn well wants too. THE NERVE!

  302. JER February 5, 2014


    The haters are PressedTTTTTTTTTT to life, death, and the hereafter to infinity and BEYOND!!!!! I’m so proud!

  303. FutureCIARA February 5, 2014

    This is slayage.

    I don’t doubt that it will make it to #1.

  304. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxihj February 5, 2014

    Rih is on USA VOGUE, HER 3RD

  305. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxihj February 5, 2014



    ANNA WINTOUR LOVES RIH RIH, SHE knows s he is a legend.

  306. KingBee February 5, 2014

    She needs to release Survivor 2.0 for these haters. She is winning with no promotion might I add. #KINGGGG

  307. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxihj February 5, 2014


    beyonce is NOT AS FAMOUS AS RIH. LOL LOL OL AND SHOULD RIh be worried about RITA ORA?


  308. Cici’s goodies February 5, 2014

    Cici doesn’t wear a prosthetic belly though b****

  309. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxihj February 5, 2014

    The vogue cover comes on FEB, so this means her new single will be going to Radio, in the next week, ooop, the same time as Rita ORA. RITA AND RIH WILL GO HEAD TO HEAD.

    This is great, rih keeps on beyonce nappy blonde wig. By next week or so….Rih will have the following songs on the charts:

    R8 new lead off
    What now


    WE navy have more front covers booked: vogue USA, VOGUE AUS, VOGUE BRAZIL


  310. quetta February 5, 2014

    I am so happy for her right now. I love it when she prove people wrong and @iconic cici we’re not stanning for singles we are happy that she was able to prove the naysayers wrong.

  311. Krissy February 5, 2014

    I thought she was never gonna have a top 10 again let alone top 5?

  312. TAMARS REIGN February 5, 2014


  313. Mark111 February 5, 2014


    The hive cracks me up, a week ago a #1 single was trash and cheap. Now it’s epic when Bey does it, but it’s a giving when Rihanna does it? Hmmmm…

    But IF it goes #1, it will only be her 6th. lol.


  314. Legendtina February 5, 2014

    Congrats to Beyonce! Drunk on Love is currently my favorite song. Nice to see urban do well.

    I cannot with the pressed Whitney fan trying it. Christina is considered the Voice of her Generation by every credible music source. You cant argue with facts darling. What do you think the history books will remember? Their opinion or a pressed fan on an R&B blog? Lol I love the haters!

  315. Mark111 February 5, 2014

    8 #1’s since 2010 > 1 #2 since 2010

    I think the hive should compare their queen to Gaga, and then Katy. Rihanna is busy aiming at Mariah’s #1 crown.

    Who was the last Black woman to have a #1 hit in 2012? Who was the last to have a #1 hit as a feat in 2013?

    Still proud of Bey tho.

  316. UnviersalChic February 5, 2014

    Beyonce has never had anything to prove and anybody who is not deluded by stan wars can see that. She has carved her own path and it has been their for awhile now. I don’t even feel vindicated about her slaying because at the end of the day my fave has been her since 1-9-9-7. She is past the “It Girl” phase she has moved onto a whole different ball park that only legends see and play on something that their faves may NEVER see. You can say whatever you want to say but she has made her impact she has earned her spot and that is why she can do what she is doing with such little effort.

  317. Mark111 February 5, 2014

    “She has carved her own path” “my fave has been her since 1-9-9-7.”

    And this is how stupid the hive are. How does one “carve their own path” when they had to be in a group of 5 rotating chicks in it?

    “Their faves may NEVER see.” But be talking to the C Squad there.

    Universal dumbass.

  318. beyugly February 5, 2014

    Y’all so dum.Rihanna has slayed with urban..Rude Boy?? What’s my Name?? Cake?? Keep seething

    Congrats to t********* for finally getting a top 10 took this b*Tch years.

  319. SLAY_HIVE February 5, 2014

    I agree with everything you said universal chic!!

    Rihanna has released 3 albums since 2010 and did a million features!

    Beyonce released an album in 2011 and just released the second one two months ago!!!

    Yall kill me trying to shade with those #1’s when it took her twenty eras to do it and her sales still lack!!

    The HIVE is shading because certain fanbases thought Beyonce would never get another hit! She is constantly proving yall wrong! Keep ya mouths closed and you wont get dragged tbh 😉

  320. Mark111 February 5, 2014

    @Slay_Hive can you name the “million” Rihanna features? So you mean Rihanna got 7 #1’s in 3 eras is a flook?

  321. SLAY_HIVE February 5, 2014

    B**** WMN and RB were urban POP!!wherer tf did cake peak @ on the hot 100 ??? Piu even peaked @ #19!!

  322. phillydoinit February 5, 2014

    The Queen is here to stay, simply.

  323. SLAY_HIVE February 5, 2014

    3 with loud
    1 with ttt
    1 with una
    Eminem feature 2011
    Eminem feature 2013

    She is desperate to release music to stay on the charts.. When she cant get anymore “hits” she mshe moves to the next project or relies on features!

  324. MC!! February 5, 2014

    Why should the lambs be mad we have the most #1 singles period and let’s not start on albums try getting a single that #1 and #2 on the charts at the same time! #sitdownhive

  325. rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxihjrh February 5, 2014


  326. Mark111 February 5, 2014

    @Slay_hive you stated that Rihanna has a million features when it’s only 5. I recall BEyonce never taking a break through out her career, she didn’t take a break till 2010 and after the birth of Blue (kinda).

  327. beyugly February 5, 2014

    Whats my Name,Rude Boy are still urban tracks.Cake slayed without huge promo and video.. #24 on the BB Hot 100 without promo is impressive.

  328. UnviersalChic February 5, 2014


    The same way Michale Jackson, Diana Ross, Tina Turner and countless others have that where in groups. Being in a group does not guarantee a person a successful solo career and only a FOOL would try and downplay being able to have TWO successful music careers when most artist strive to have just one.There is a reason that they have a college course developed around her career. What I want to understand is why you Rihanna stans are in here pressed as f#ck if you have nothing to be worried about? Nothing I said was even directed at you but you are very much so in your feelings over it. Carry on though.

  329. Slayretha Franklin February 5, 2014

    Congratz bey. Tell jay thanks for the payola.

  330. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 5, 2014

    Death @ Empress Whitney dragging that pathetic Christina stan. lol Christina is garbage.

  331. beyugly February 5, 2014

    Hard peaked at #8 on the BB Hot 100.

  332. Mark111 February 5, 2014

    Let me put the “Rihanna can’t take a break cause she’ll lose her spot” to rest when it’s Beyonce the one who was scard to take a break.

    1998: DC release their first album.
    1999: DC release their second album (sounds familiar?)
    2000: DC drops Independent Women. Before dropping members
    2001: Dc release Survivor.
    2002: Austin Powers and Work It Out. Plus 03 Bonnie & C
    2003: First solo album DIL.
    2004: DC last album Destiny Fulfilled.
    2005: DC #1’s Greatest Hits/Pink Panther/Check Up On It
    2006: B-Day/Dream Girls
    2007: B-Day Re-release/Beautiful Liar
    2008: I Am/Cadillac Records
    2009: Obsessed/ I Am World Tour
    2010: I Am Re-release/Why Don’t You Love ME/Telephone
    2011: 4
    2012: Revel (right after giving birth)
    2013: Ms Carter World Tour/Beyonce

    So tell me who’s really the one scared to take a break. She took a year off before 4 and almost fell off. Don’t come at Rihanna when Bey been doing the same through out her career.

  333. Mark111 February 5, 2014

    Universe p***, MJ, JT and Paul don’t count their group success as their solo’s. In that case, Paul mcCartney is the highest selling artist of all time and with the most #1’s with 30. No, why? cause they don’t count it. Now Ross may slide with it cause they were named Dianna and the Supremes, but I don’t think she count her group’s as her own. You hive try the most to make Bey look like she’s killing it, although she IS (I’m not a hater, I’m a fan)but not on the level you guys want to make her seem bigger than most or Rihanna who’s doing is solo out the gate.

    I NEVER heard them count those DC hits for Kelly, so stop it.

  334. beyugly February 5, 2014

    Beyoncé #1s

    Crazy in Love features FlopZ
    Baby Boy Features Sean Paul
    Irreplaceable No feature
    Single Ladies No feature
    Telephone Features Beyoncé

    If DIL goes to # 1 it will feature her ugly a** camel.

  335. Stav February 5, 2014

    I’m getting my life at all the haters trying desperately to backtrack, downplay, make excuses and divert. Even from the keyboard, I can tell that Beyonce’s surreal success over the past 2 months has you seething SO much that it’s literally killing your spirits! I’m imagining all you clocked losers sitting at TGJ with headaches, fevers, stomach aches and chronic diarrhea and tears in your eyes over how WRONG you were about Beyonce’s comeback. How EMBARRASSING for you! Just be glad we can’t see your ugly ass faces in the midst of all this slayage.

    “I bet it sucks to be you right now.”

    Sure doesn’t suck to be Beyonce, who has literally steamrolled over ALL these silly little pop whores you had the audacity to try and throw up over her…and by default that means she steamrolled over YOU too.

    Oh well! You shoulda kept it cute, but you didn’t so now you gotta suffer! Be mad. Be miserable. Be upset. Be bewildered. BEYONCE!!!! lol

  336. UnviersalChic February 5, 2014

    *sigh*You must have been BORN in 1997. Learn to have a civil conversation with someone because I wasn’t throwing insults immature.

    If you are SPECIFICALLY referring to someones solo career of COURSE you would NOT count their group accolades. One member can’t take credit for something they did not do by themselves HENCE me saying TWO music careers because that is exactly what it is TWO different contracts,material and everything else. HOWEVER if you are talking about their careers as a WHOLE you would compare everything musically that they have done. Beyonce career didn’t begin in 2003 so I’m not going to act like it did.

    It’s funny you all complain and have such a huge problem with it when music journalist always INCLUDE her DC sales when talking about her stats as a whole. They just SEPARATE it and at the end of the day DC sales are just as much Kelly and Michelle’s as they are hers. If people choose to not acknowledge it that’s on them because I’m sure their royalty checks do.

    The only reason it’s a problem to you and people like you is because it shows how truly successful she has been. She has two careers that have spawned hits, grammy’s, millions of records sold and tours. Any biography you see of any of the artist I have named start with their BEGINNINGS in their GROUPS and than follows them to where they are now. If you want to compare Rihanna’s WHOLE career to Beyonce WHOLE career than compare everything. Ff she is really the bigger artist it should show. I’m done with you now because obviously you’re living through Rihanna’s accomplishments lol

  337. Excuse me… February 5, 2014

    I think you need to worry about why Lady Gaga is worth more than Rihanna, over 100+ million. Along with Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Miley Cyrus. All those hits and vevo views and facebook likes and twitter followers and instagram followers and ~En0rm0uszzzz~~ popularity and all the other pop gurlz have bigger pockets. Why iz dat, Navi?

  338. saine February 6, 2014

    And Yonce is about surpass Rihaha’s IG follower count by the time she reaches 500 pics. She had a roughly 4 million gap and has tightened it to little over 1 million in a short time, matter of weeks actually. She’s gon get more followers than It in half the time with zero interaction. Rihaha fans thought she had social media on lock until Yonce showed up with a vengeance. Slay a bit, King!

  339. cocobutta February 6, 2014

    She dished out an WHOLE ALBUM WITH VIDEO’s

    Is a top 5 single supposed to happen when releasing music this way???

    WOW what a piece of history.
    Didn’t realise the song moved up like that singles wise.

  340. XXX February 6, 2014

    Mark 111 know the Hive is just laughing at people like you who use that tired top 10 shade. No one said it was epic.

    We done Bey

  341. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 6, 2014


    Girl……. The delusion that exists within this fanbase is hilarious.:)


    LMFAO. Oh my goodness…

    I suggest you save yourself the humiliation and don’t address me again.

  342. NERY February 6, 2014

    @chartnews is reporting today that Beyoncé has sold 15 million albums as a solo artist.
    Damn, I thought she sold much more as a solo artist. That’s averaging 3 mil per album.

    Pharell’s “Happy” has sold 800k digital downloads. So, I guess it’s fair to say “Drunk in Love” hasn’t reached 1 mil downloads to date.

    “Drunk in Love” #2 what a joke.. Payola at its best.
    Just like she performed on the Grammy’s and wasn’t nominated for an award. Her performance wasn’t even the most watched segment at the Grammy’s.
    Are the Carter’s going to pay for a #1?

  343. Basura Caliente February 6, 2014

    The hive gone have a heart attack today lmao. Too much excitement. What a way to start the day with such good news. Congrats Beyonce Knowles-Carter. Real history indeed.

  344. FakeSales February 6, 2014

    This Bytch still buying her own music! DAme Drunk in Love got over 50 million views and can’t go platnium or number 2 ???? and out of no where a #2 song Called (Fraud) on the 100????Yeah ok!

  345. Antonio February 6, 2014

    Y’all really think Mariah is worried about any b**** in the industry, old or new when her flops (Glitter, Charmbracelet, E=MC and Memoirs) are pulling the #s that all these basic Pop h*** ar taking a year to sell. Obessed, Mariah’s last Top 10 single, sold 1.8 mil in the US w/o any major promo and #Beautiful has sold 1.4 mil in the US and oewked at #15 w/o any major promo except that tired ass BET Awards performance.
    Glitter 1.3 mil US/ 3.2 mil WW
    Charmbracelet 800k US/ 2.4 mil WW
    E=MC 1.5 mil US/ 3.5 mil WW
    Memoirs 550k US/ 1.5 mil WW
    Total 10.6 mil WW/ 3 BB Hot 100 Top 10s… If you add Emancipation and Merry Christmas II You, that brings her total WW sales during the 2000s/2010s to 24 mil… Just under what Beyonce has sold as a solo artist… But anyways, congrats Bey, I don’t care for the album at all, but the congrats on the success. It’s also so sad that Ciara could’ve put R&B/Urban music back on the Mainstream had she and her team devised a similar marketing strategy. They kept everything limited to Urban markets. Body Party reached #22 on the Hot 100 based on airplay and streams, the sales came later. Had they given the singles and album a larger push to mainstream markets, Ciara could’ve went platinum tbh. Body Party, DUI, Read My Lips, Super Turnt Up could’ve been huge Urban crossover singles like Drunk in Love and of course the Pop songs like Overdose, Livin’ It Up and Where You Go would’ve slayed the Pop charts. Hopfully Bey and her team start pushing XO harder. I think Jealous and Pretty Hurts should be the next singles…

  346. FakeSales February 6, 2014

    And on that note e-flat…Number 1 song in 110 countries and she’s quote unquote Beyonce and only sold 2.5 million sold world wide?????. Biggest flop ever! It’s really embarassing. Have (You) checked Katy Perry’s sales????

    That’s what happens when you buy your own sh4t,, you cant keep the hype! Pepsi wants thier money back!!!!!

  347. Bosslady February 6, 2014

    well we all the know the reason she made Jay-Z her only manager, so they could buy sales without anyone else knowing…sad, do you really feel accomplished after buying ya own sh#$….

  348. TinaMinaj February 6, 2014

    The haters will look for every excuse in the book but the fact is Beyonce is SLAYING! PERIOD!

    Let’s not even talk about how she has stayed in the top 5 for EIGHT weeks on the albums chart.

  349. TinaMinaj February 6, 2014

    The haters will look for every excuse in the book but the fact is Beyonce is SLAYING! PERIOD!

    Let’s not even talk about how she has stayed in the top 5 for EIGHT weeks on the albums chart since it’s debut.

  350. Kanyinsola February 6, 2014

    Seriously? I never knew people could be so bitter! @lovebird you hating b****! Just when you said she’ll never get a top 10 hit,she proved you wrong. Now you’re willing to risk being proven wrong AGAIN by doubting that she’ll get a number one??? Knowing fully weell that DIL is not the biggest song on the album(yeah,we still have bigger hits coming).and it’s her fist top ten in 4 years!!! Her last top ten was in 2010(Telephone) and stop speaking like it’s such a bad thing,she has only had. ONE album which failed to provide any top ten hits.

  351. Jdek February 6, 2014

    Looool but all of her singles are flopping

  352. Metzo February 6, 2014

    Beyonce has 17 years in, and she’s more relevant and acclaimed that she’s ever been now. Her Social network is widely growing too, since she started opening up. She’s about to surpass Rihanna’s Instagram fololowers with less than 500 posts and 0 following. WOWW

  353. Rob February 7, 2014

    It’s about time. It sure took her long enough to get a hit song again. Too bad she had to bend over naked on the Grammys to do it. Soo sad.

  354. oh yeah February 8, 2014

    Bey had to bend over naked? That is rih’s job to all the males in the industry!

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