Drake Weighs In On Kanye West / Roasts ‘Rolling Stone’ For ‘Yeezus’ Drama

Published: Thursday 13th Feb 2014 by David

He may be one of the rapper’s biggest fans, but that didn’t stop Drake from weighing in on Kanye West‘s latest offering ‘Yeezus’, during a recent conversation with ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine.

Alas,much to the surprise of the publication’s readers, today saw Drake launch a scathing Twitter ‘attack’ on them, once he learned that his remarks on West were published in the magazine…despite being shared ‘off the record.’

What he tweeted and later deleted?

Read below…



So, let us know…

Was ‘Stone’ wrong to publish Graham’s off-air comments?

Weigh n below!

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  1. 2bad2bme February 13, 2014

    who the F*ck do he think he is…this silly c*nt

  2. Arie February 13, 2014

    He finally showed his a$$, Drake the hater.

  3. Lovebird February 13, 2014

    Two queens fighting; really who is interested in seeing or hearing about this b**** fest by the biggest queeny bottoms in hip hop music?

    I LOVE Yeezus though and still maintain Kanye is a genius.

  4. Rihyeezy February 13, 2014

    Prince Drake Stan’s for King Yeezy. RS is just trying to drum up some b******* between the two. Kinda like how TGJ tried to stir s*** up with Rih and Bey. Only thing is they COuld NEVER get an interview from a A or B List celeb

  5. FutureCIARA February 13, 2014


    But Drakeisha need to stop being a bottom, and shut tf up!

    him and Kanye are too annoying bitching power bttms!

  6. FutureCIARA February 13, 2014


    Post about CIARA & KIM KARDASHIAN Pre-baby shopping together!!

  7. RoyalKev February 13, 2014

    Damn Drake, you really put your foot in your mouth this time! Well, if you said it own it! That’s obviously how you feel. Stop hiding … If you really didn’t take shots at ‘Ye & Jay (and they quoted you wrong), it pretty much sucks that it was thrown in!

  8. cocobutta February 13, 2014

    ABC: A B**** Can’t

    A b**** can’t: Be humble
    A b**** can’t: Slow their role
    A b**** can’t: Accept that she’s weak sauce
    A b**** can’t: Understand why people think she’s a b****!

  9. Mark111 February 13, 2014


  10. MIQ VERSE February 14, 2014

    Yes ethically you could possibly say since they were “off-air” comments maybe they should not have published them but at the same time Drake has been playing the game long enough to know that if you don’t want ti out there than don’t say it. Deal with the backlash if there is any Drake and just own it.

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