That Grape Juice Interviews Gospel Singer Jessica Reedy


Introduced as the silver medal winner of BET’s ‘Sunday Best’ (season 2), Jessica Reedy has since brought home the gold in more ways than one since her 2009 exordium to the masses.

A golden voice with an illuminating personality to match, gospel music lovers quickly gravitated to the Michigan belle – a feat evidenced by the #1 debut of her inaugural album ‘From the Heart’.

Now, with ‘Heart’ and its hits in her rearview, Reedy readies embarkation on a new chapter in her already storied career.  Chatting exclusively with That Grape Juice, see below as the songstress dishes on her new album, the dark side of the industry, and even weighs in on recent gospel scandals.

As always, Miss Reedy keeps it really real.




TGJ:  We’re loving your new single ‘Better’. Tell us all about the inspiration behind it.

Jessica Reedy:  When I first heard the track, I sat down and started crying because the music sings all by itself.  I sat down and asked the Holy Spirit what to say.  By the time I got done recording, I cried so hard because I’d finally gotten out the full expression of how hurt I’d been in the industry, as an individual, and more.

I was happy that I gave those feelings a voice.

TGJ:  And, we find the choice an interesting one considering the contemporary direction gospel is going in. Did you ever have any fears about kicking your album off with a ballad?

Jessica:  The truth is, I’m a balladeer. I slow down every song that I sing. I believe in ministering the song.  Sometimes, it can go so fast that you don’t even know what you said.  So, in order for you to “get it”, I need to slow it down and make sure you get it.  No rushing.

TGJ:  Along those same lines, tell us about ‘Better’s parent album as an entire body of work.

Jessica:  It is transparent. It’s me and my full expression.  Nobody knows, but I was in and out of depression all last year.  Most of the songs were written while I was sad or extremely happy. It’s a great overall body of work.

TGJ:  Your first album ‘From the Heart’ was so successful, yet, as you stated earlier, you dealt with bouts of depression. You mentioned that some of it was caused by “the industry”.  So, if you can, shed light to up-and-comers about the dark side of the industry.

Jessica:  When I started this business, it was because I loved Jesus. I thought everyone felt the same way.  But, as time went on, it became less about that because the industry got to them.

People are not nice to nice people all the time.  So, keep your eye on Jesus and not to be a star.  If you’re doing this without Jesus, even at your top moment, you’ll still feel alone.

TGJ:  Would you say realizing this was the inspiration behind the creation of your new label Purity Records?

Jessica:  Yes.  I’ve never been the type to wait on someone else to grab my hand to do something.  Even as a child, my mom worked 15 hours a day, so my siblings and I raised ourselves.

I never knew how that upbringing would come into play in my life until I became an artist.  God trained me.  Jessica is her own boss and will be wise enough to leave an inheritance for her children’s children.

Purity Records is all about setting a higher standard than what is. I’m so excited about it.


TGJ:  Now, as with many interviews, we have a segment called “Fast Five From Fans” where we received five questions from our readers for you. 

Jessica:  I’m ready (laughs)!

TGJ: 1)  With your first album being so successful, is there any pressure to match or top it?

Jessica:  No, not at all.  Everything has its own moment.  Like winters and summers don’t compete from year to year, my new album will have its own moment like ‘From the Heart’ had its moment.

TGJ:  2)  You’re often compared to acts like Toni Braxton, Anita Baker, and Brandy.  Did they have any influence on your style?

Jessica:  Growing up, I loved Brandy’s voice.  If anything though, I mimic my mom’s singing.  I love Brandy, but I never actually studied her. My sister loved Toni Braxton too.

TGJ: 3)  As auditions approach, any advice for ‘Sunday Best’ hopefuls?

Jessica:  Do not compete.  Go in it loving Jesus. If you compete, you’re going to go home. You will not make it far.  God puts us in places to test our heart and its intentions.


TGJ:  4)  What will be different about the new album than your first album?

Jessica:  I wrote all the songs on my new album.  On the first album, I co-wrote some of the songs – but they already had a direction.  The new project is all me from scratch.

TGJ:  5)  With 2013 seeing so many gospel scandals rock the net (i.e. Leandria Johnson vs. Matthew Knowles, sex scandals of Kevin Terry), how do you feel when mainstreamers jump on the bandwagon to publicly criticize them?

Jessica (audio response):

TGJ:  Bringing it all home, what else should we expect from you this year?

Jessica:  I’m in a movie, doing some touring, writing a book, more things from Purity Records, and I’m going to get involved in so much more!


Interview by: Quinno Rashad (That Grape Juice US)



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  1. welly February 23, 2014

    wow thanks ms reedy i stumbled on you on charles jenkins song Awesome and was blessed so ima go find your music..keep up the good work!

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