Hot Topic: Super Bowl 2015…Who Should Perform?

Published: Saturday 1st Feb 2014 by David

Tomorrow night, the entire world will tune into Kevin Reilly‘s ‘FOX’ to catch Super Bowl XLVIII, and its Bruno Mars led ‘Halftime show.

Taking place one year after Beyonce‘s electrifying showing at the event, Mars’ performance will bring with hefty rewards all contributors to his music, set to see his sales rise as the general public rushes to outlets to pick up the material he’ll rock live on the night.

With this in mind- and talk of 2015’s offering already taking place- we ask…

Which act would you like to see rock next year’s show?!

Let us know who you have in mind below!


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  1. Lolz February 1, 2014

    They’ll ask Gaga before Rihfund. Wait and see.

  2. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY February 1, 2014


  3. AubreyOSlay February 1, 2014

    Certainly not Whoreanna.

  4. TurntUp4Cici February 1, 2014

    Queen Ciara of course, she doesn’t lip synch like some people.

  5. AC February 1, 2014

    Janet and give her the entire show. People are finally beginning to realize how unfair she was treated in the aftermath. My second choice would be Pink.

  6. Davis February 1, 2014

    Don’t nobody wanna see Forehead screaming her basic goat vocals exactly like the studio version and jolting around to basic choreography and p**** patting.

  7. AKissFromKeri February 1, 2014

    Ciara will be too busy paying Future’s child support debts to do it, sorry C Squad.

  8. King13 February 1, 2014


  9. Davis February 1, 2014

    And Ciara will bring in the worst ratings of all time because nobody knows her. Sorry.

  10. Alex February 1, 2014

    Kelly Rowland pleeeeeeaaaaase!!!!

  11. slay_hive February 1, 2014

    I’d rather see Beyonce again! kii

    Cierror is a FLOP and will destroy ratings!

    No one wants to see WHOREanna yodel and pat that bumpy p****! EEK

    GAGS the cokehead Drag Queen is DONE!

    Unless someone raises Micheal from the DEAD. It won’t compare to 2013 😉

  12. CassieSlaytura February 1, 2014

    Rihanna will never be asked because she can’t sing.

  13. RoyalKev February 1, 2014

    This maybe a little left, but I’m going to say Christina Aguilera or JLO. Jenny’s been slaying the stage in almost every live performance we’ve seen her for the last few years. Chrissy is just someone you can’t sleep on. She has a great catalog and most of all, she’s able to perform well. I guarantee you that both ladies would be a hit!

  14. im me February 1, 2014

    Kanye West would be AWESOME.

  15. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY February 1, 2014


  16. Davis February 1, 2014

    Maybe Ciara could perform at an after party off air or something.

  17. RoyalKev February 1, 2014

    @ AC

    Good idea! I’m so here for Damita taking to the stage again to do SB! That would be amazing!

  18. Marcus February 1, 2014

    Who I Think & Why:

    Beyonce: Obviously Because She Has An Album Out & The Super Bowl Would Be Good Promotion!

    Rihanna: The Super Bowl Could Be The Event To Start Off Her R8 Era. It’s Only Right.

  19. Kendall February 1, 2014

    They will ask a band like Coldplay or something for 2015. Pop solo artists have has their stint for a few years for now.

  20. LOL February 1, 2014

    Cierror will perform in the parking garage.

  21. RiriRoyale February 1, 2014

    Ciara can perform at the after party being thrown after the after party imo.

  22. LOL February 1, 2014



  23. BeyBeyKing February 1, 2014

    And Rihanna will perform in the men’s locker room. #CockCheck123

  24. slay_hive February 1, 2014

    TBH They should have invited Beyonce back this year. I’m not really excited for Bruno. They even had to add like 20 more performers to help the ratings. smh

  25. iconic cici February 1, 2014

    ciara of course she doest lip sync like beyonce or give s***** performances like rihfund.

  26. CandyWarhol February 1, 2014

    Janet is only remembered for exposing her tit though.

  27. Chelsea February 1, 2014

    I want Ciara to perform, she’s always high energy and KILLS every performance!

  28. Lolz February 1, 2014

    Ciara does lipsync. DELUSION IS STRONG in the C Squad.

  29. King Kelly February 1, 2014

    Queen Kelly of course.

  30. LA LA February 1, 2014

    I’m not a big fan of RIhanna but I think she should perform at the Superbowl next. She should of been this year but oh well we needed something different.

    And Ciara can’t do it next year since her c****** will be recuperating around that time. And I don’t think she is a big artist to do something like that.

    But Jay – Z, Eminem, Snoop Dog, Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, Usher, Mary J Blige, P!nk, Linkin Park and Celine Dion should all be the next contenders to think about for next year.

  31. iconic cici February 1, 2014

    no one wants to see beyonce lip sync im sorry

  32. TruthAboutPink February 1, 2014

    Is this really a question? Pink put Beyonce to ultimate shame last week and she’ll do it again if the SB asks her.

  33. Jamie February 1, 2014

    None if the above!!!!

  34. iconic cici February 1, 2014

    no one wants to hear goathanna vocals please ciara miley or gaga will perform next faaaaags

  35. BrunoMartian February 1, 2014

    Have your note pads and pens at the ready tomorrow night whores.


  36. TheTruth February 1, 2014

    Why is Ciara up there? Who’s actually tuning in to see her perform?

  37. Lana Del Slay February 1, 2014

    Ciara and DeadbeatTure can perform and have all of his kids as their backing dancers.

  38. Yeah I Said It February 1, 2014

    Pink is boring. Her Cirque Du soleil rip off is tired now. Some people can perform without gymnastics. Not here for bandwagoners. People only rate her so they can shade the best performer, Beyonce. She is boring af without gymnastics. Theres a reason shes not memorable. And what will she swing from?

  39. Yeah I Said It February 1, 2014

    I would rather watch Rihanna than Pink. At least her music brings some variety and excitement.

  40. iconic cici February 1, 2014

    Rather watch paint dry then watch recycleyonce

  41. BarbBey February 1, 2014

    Lmao at people thinking RihFund would ever be called! She.Is.Not.WORTHY!

  42. Licorice February 1, 2014

    Not rihanna she cant sing or dance with her d*** sucking ass I hope chris brown digg up her grandma and beat her ass too

  43. KATY PERRY QUEEN February 1, 2014

    Rihanna is not even American, why should she perform there? No thanks.

    Caca no.

    Katy should do it, she’s America’s sweetheart. Or Taylor Swift maybe.

    Not Beyfatce fans calling someone a w**** when that ugly sloppy t***** with a wig was f**** by Usher, Nas, Sean Paul and many others. She also married a drug dealer and a woman beater yet they have nerve to come for someone? The jokes writing themselves. Fake, fat, ugly cow with fake nose, fake boobs, fake smile, fake personality. Everything is trash about that s***.

  44. Licorice February 1, 2014

    We don’t want another man to perform

  45. NT February 1, 2014

    Pink for super bowl ’15

  46. BadGyalRita February 1, 2014

    “I would rather watch Rihanna than Pink. At least her music brings some variety and excitement.”

    Your MOM brings more variety and excitement.

  47. BIGESTAALIYAHFAN February 1, 2014

    I said it before and I’ll say it again JANET (JACKSON) she needs to redeem herself especially since the former FCC chairmen realized how unfair they/she was treated. P!nk also she is a true proformer and entertainer!

  48. Hi my name is RIHANNA, my talent is SPREADING my legs, and DEEP THROATING ;) February 1, 2014

    Either Beyonce, Janet, Christina or J Lo.

  49. iconic cici February 1, 2014

    pink shits on bey n rih

  50. HappyBirthdayQueenBeyonce(YAAAAASSS B**** U R The Queen) February 1, 2014

    They already hired Rihanna to service the athletes in the changing rooms so her mouth will be too full to perform.

  51. Elijah’sBijoux February 1, 2014

    Kanye would f****** smash it.

  52. slay_hive February 1, 2014

    Pink did the same thing she did at the 2010 grammys. The 2009 VMA’s, and NOW in 2014 *yawns*

    When will she slay a stage without the use of swinging from ropes??? kii

    The world knows who the BEST performer is.

    *Looks @ PollStars highest grossing tours of 2013*

    All on the power of her NAME! BYE

  53. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY February 1, 2014


  54. LaLopez February 1, 2014

    There was no need to ask this question TGJ.

  55. DOSSOME February 1, 2014

    Well for better or for worse,MS JANET DAMITA JO JACKSON has the most memorable halftime show EVER…No other artist male or otherwise,dead or alive will ever have his/her name synonimous with the event.That alone should earn her another invite TO show the younger public what they missed all these years…I Could care less for any other person TBH

  56. slay_hive February 1, 2014

    EVERYBODY SHITS on the Hermaphrodite FLOP! 😉

    Why does IT have stans anyway? Or you just a TROLL? kii

  57. Kareem Williams February 1, 2014

    Shakria and Rihanna should preform their new song.

  58. KATY PERRY QUEEN February 1, 2014

    P!nk is a better performer than T*********. What Failyonce does everyone can do. She can’t even dance, she only bootshakes her fat ass full of cellulite. What P!nk does your fav can only wish and it’s true art.

    Glitter In The Air at Grammys >>> any perfromance by Failyonce’s ugly ass. Billboard agrees with me.

  59. RitasLipstick February 1, 2014

    @SlayHive I know you’re not accusing anybody’s fav of recycling when your fav is basically a walking talking Xerox machine.

  60. Letoyastan February 1, 2014

    Hey guys post LeToya Lucketts new snippet available on amazon it’s fire!!! 🙂

  61. h2o February 1, 2014

    I’m here for Beyonce or Rihanna.

    If Beyonce, she’ll need to retire her old songs and perform new, fresh hits, with much more interesting, more impressive choreographies, change everything about the visuals, decoration, fashion, etc.

    If Rihanna, perform a medley of her biggest dance hits and finally her most recent hit, and practice very, very well for months.

  62. KATY PERRY QUEEN February 1, 2014

    Btw I think that Shania Twain would be a perfect choice. She can perform her new single + her biggest hits.

  63. TeenageDreamer February 1, 2014

    Katy just got another #1 hit by accident and Beyonce’ hasn’t had one in six years.
    Elle. Eaux. Elle.

  64. FentySoSnatched February 1, 2014

    Certainly not Whorebry 0’NoReleaseDate.

  65. My Forehead Tho February 1, 2014

    After watching her dancing in her Shakira assisted video and her iconic rendition of Mariah’s ‘Hero’, i’d vote Rihanna tbh.

    I can see the headlines now:

    “Kevin hart who? Why Barbados native Rihanna had everybody smiling for all the wrong reasons at last night Superbowl “

  66. Lolz February 1, 2014

    Katy Perry fans talking about performing. And Beyoncé has already outsold Katy’s album. LOL.

  67. slay_hive February 1, 2014

    “What Failyonce does everyone can do. ”

    Well why haven’t ANY of these b****** stepped up their performing game?

    Why can’t they outgross Bey on tour??


    i’m not here for Cierror stans hiding behind other artists! That “walking xerox” machine is a CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED PERFORMER.

    Who gives AF what the lessors have to say kiiii

  68. Hi my name is RIHANNA, my talent is SPREADING my legs, and DEEP THROATING ;) February 1, 2014

    Pink my @ss, her Monkey act is so predictable. This b**** is ALWAYS SWINGING ON ROPES.

  69. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    Lady Gaga or Xtina,maybe Usher. But I wouldn’t mind seeing Bey again

  70. DIGGER BEY February 1, 2014

    Agree @With SLAY HIVE! GIVE IT BACK TO THE QUEEN OR RAISE MJ FROM THE DEAD. DEATHHHHH @Citranny or Hoeianna or any other Basic Lesser B*tches names coming up.

  71. cake like lady gaga February 1, 2014

    You f*** are dumb for falling for this obvious stan-war bait. SMH

    But I know they will NEVER ask s*** del rey to perform, no one outside tumblr knows her, that’s why she has no grammys, no oscars and no #1 in the USA. #poordat

  72. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY February 1, 2014

    How The F*** can a Katy PUKErry stan talk about performing?

  73. KATY PERRY QUEEN February 1, 2014

    P!nk is predictable? And Fatyonce’s bootyshaking to flop, dated songs isn’t? She’s been doing the same coreography for years, she’s the most predictable artist of all time. At least P!nk changes her when she does acrobatics. Failyonce could never do what P!nk does.

  74. Krista February 1, 2014

    Pink swinging from the ceiling does not make her the best performer. The fact people only praise her in a failed attempt to come for Beyoncé says it all.

    When will she be able to stand on her own two feet? #PunIntended.

    Sorry but she is DRY and is milking the gymnast thing to distract from boring ass songs she can’t do much with.

  75. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    A Katy fan shouldn’t be allowed to post on a thread about performing. Not with those struggle tone deaf vocals that make Zendaya look like Whitney Houston

  76. Peacetina QueenQuilera February 1, 2014

    We could, we could belong together. ARTFLOP ARTFLOP ARTFLOOOOOOOOOP. Not even Xtina could save Cake Like LGG’s floppity fave.

  77. Krista February 1, 2014

    No Beyoncé could not do what Pink does because she is NOT A GYMNAST. Beyoncé is regarded as the best without gymnastics to separate her from the rest.

  78. Tommy7021 February 1, 2014

    Maybe Ciara should start lip syncing cause those vocals are nonexistent. That b**** wouldn’t make it past the first round of American Idol or the Voice. However, I did hear they were holding backup dance auditions for the next leg of the Mrs Carter World Tour maybe CiCi should audition. Homegirl can move

  79. KATY PERRY QUEEN February 1, 2014

    I can talk whatever I want. Katty is more talented than that Brazilian man with a wig that you stan for because she actually writes her music and plays the guitar. She overshadowed Fatyonce at Grammys and her performance was better. Parents were coming for your fav calling her trashy andf a s***. It was cheap, boring, ratchet. Even Khia would give a better performance.

  80. DOSSOME February 1, 2014

    Oh,i forgot about usher raymond.He’s a good candidate too.I didn’t enjoy madonna’s,beyonce’s or BEP’s performances at all and i doubt i’m gonna enjoy bruno’s..

  81. Think4Pink February 1, 2014

    When my fav swings from ceilings its because she wants you know that she’s above you b******.

  82. Krista February 1, 2014

    I am here for someone different. White America love Eminem but whether he will be up for it is a different story.

  83. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    I love Pink,but her performances are boring. Always swinging from the ceiling. Bey is a much better performer,she dances her heart out and serves killer vocals at the same time. See the Super Bowl.

  84. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY February 1, 2014

    Beyonce is f****** PERFORMER! She Doesn’t need to fly from the ceiling every damn time to get rave reviews. Beyonce’s ENERGY trumps anything Dynk has done onstage. GoodFuckingBye and Katy couldnt sing her way out of a cardboard box. Even R**** is a better singer than that Basic B****. FOH

  85. iconic cici February 1, 2014

    fag_hive mad? kiiiii

  86. Krista February 1, 2014

    And Beyoncé is above Pink on Rolling Stones greatest live performers without ropes.

  87. BanjeeRiri February 1, 2014

    Where’s Beyonce’s #1 though?

  88. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY February 1, 2014

    Where is R****’s #1? Right Now? What Now? CRTFY? Where Are They F**?

  89. Krista February 1, 2014

    Gymnastics again.

  90. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    BYE. Katy isn’t more talented than Bey. I doubt she has any talent AT ALL. Call me when Katy can actually hit a note on key. Hell,I’m sure Lady Gaga was at home laughing while polishing her 5 Grammys after basic perry lost for the 32682529352726 time in a row.

  91. Dark horse February 1, 2014

    First off no one wants to see strippers on stage so sorry Bey and Rih.. I think Katy will be next.

  92. Krista February 1, 2014

    Katy Perry has no chance whatsoever.

  93. Dark horse February 1, 2014

    Katy has a better voice then Beyonce. Beyonce vocals are basic b****** on YouTube sound just like her nothing special bout beys vocals sorry

  94. Krista February 1, 2014

    Dark Horse is not serious. Sorry.

  95. ashley February 1, 2014

    Kings of leon!!! Great live band!

  96. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    @BanjeeRiri Beyonce is unbothered with her 3 million CDs sold worldwide and her 200 mill grossing tour. Worry about R8 and why Rih just won her second solo effort Grammy after 7 attempts.

  97. SLAY_HIVE February 1, 2014


  98. janet1814 February 1, 2014

    @AC Love this idea!!

  99. Lolz February 1, 2014

    Katy has a better voice then Beyonce. Beyonce vocals are basic b****** on YouTube sound just like her nothing special bout beys vocals sorry


  100. KATY PERRY QUEEN February 1, 2014

    Not Uglyonce fans inflating her sales when ChartNews reported 2.4 million for her new trashy album. Not surpsied at all though, she probably bought millions of copies just like her Grammys.

  101. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    Basic b****** on YouTube slay Katy on her best day

  102. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    Billboard just confirmed 3 mill. Check twitter boo

  103. beyugly February 1, 2014

    You hos stay pressed Over Rihanna.T********* hasn’t had a #1 hit since single ladies…Wtf will she sing..flop in love????

  104. Tony Spears February 1, 2014

    Infuckingflation! It has not sold 3 million!

  105. YONCE AKA BEYONSLAY February 1, 2014


  106. Lolz February 1, 2014

    Who saw Katy’s face when they announced Royals as song of the year, she thought Roar was coming. #DEATH.

  107. iconic cici February 1, 2014

    Pink predictable but Beyonces not? Beyonce does the same s*** every show lip sync and pusssy pop.

  108. KATY PERRY QUEEN February 1, 2014

    Billboard said that Born This Flop sold 8 million but it did 6 million. Those are probably shipments. Inflated mess just like Dangerously in Love selling 11 million worldwide. Then you woke up. 😉

    Btw go worry about Dicki Garbaj, she’s struggling for relevancy even with 53463565+ features. The h** is a joke and she’s done.

  109. Lolz February 1, 2014

    @Katy Perry Queen. But you do realize, either way she has outsold your fav right?

  110. KATY PERRY QUEEN February 1, 2014

    Chart News ‏@chartnews 23h
    WW sales: @Beyonce, Beyoncé 113,000 (2,526,000 total).

    The last number.

  111. iconic cici February 1, 2014

    Ciara never lip syncs sorry hive. not my fault your fav keeps getting caught lipping.

  112. SLAY_HIVE February 1, 2014


    Im not even half as mad as you are. I understand it sucks stannin g for a flop b**** while having a***!! POOR YOU kiii


  113. KATY PERRY QUEEN February 1, 2014

    LOLZ you do realise that Katy will sell more in the long run? She has already sold more records. Roar has sold more than any Beyfatce single worldwide. Btw Prism is at 2.3 million, not far behind T*********. Come back when all is said and done.

  114. Marley February 1, 2014

    Beyoncé got every fan base pressed as usual. Meanwhile Beyoncé can file nails with her iconic Superbowl performance ranked with legends. While Katy Perry goes home Grammyless, she outsells and outgrosses Rihanna, and Ciara struggle with everything. B**** is laughing.

  115. NickiMutheredUHoes February 1, 2014

    Oh my. Not a Katy FlatVocalsRry worshipper coming for Slaynika Chartoppahraj.

  116. Lolz February 1, 2014

    @Katy Perry Queen. Can you see in the future now?

  117. ANDIE February 1, 2014

    KATY PERRY QUEEN you better drag them hhahahahha! billboard only tracks US sales anyways cause they get their info from Soundscan

  118. SLAY_HIVE February 1, 2014

    cierror lip synced her BET performance…The z list is TOO DELUSION for me!!!ain’t n way she sounded decent at the BET awards then turn around and sound like a cat being fisted on 106&park!! STOP

  119. iconic cici February 1, 2014

    Please we all know the hiiv++ has the biggest bunch of a*** f*** in they fan base. Tell Beyonce she has a daughter shes supposed to be a role model and to put some clothes on and stop walking around like a cheap ass hooker.

  120. BeyWhoUWanna February 1, 2014

    Has Katy ever had first week sales as big as PF’s though?

  121. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    Nicki is unbothered with her current status as The Leading female in Hip-Hop and her Cameron Diaz movie coming out soon. Don’t come for a Nicki b****. Pink Friday’s first week sales s*** on Prism’s which are pretty basic

  122. iconic cici February 1, 2014

    @Fag_Hiv++++ show me the proof

  123. ANDIE February 1, 2014

    yes queen perry right on beyonce’s heels in album sales while her ghetto fans bragging lol

  124. TisForTamar February 1, 2014

    Beyonce is boring and Katy can’t sing live so they’re both out of the question.

  125. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    And about you coming for the queen’s vocals,your lucky they won’t let me post the Dangerously In Love/Sweet Love medley performance

  126. Lolz February 1, 2014

    Ciaras opened her legs to d***** bags who can’t even pay child support and thinks marriage will solve it. Lets not talk about role model for her child.

  127. SLAY_HIVE February 1, 2014

    KATY released her album two months before Bey and had a #1 single… WHY is she BEHIND Bey????

    CLING to single sales for dear life!! Kiii s

  128. Lolz February 1, 2014

    Katy Perry shouldn’t ‘be on Beyonces heels’ considering she came out a whole month before and had huge hit. #THESTRUGGLE.

  129. Ajanni February 1, 2014

    Pink should perform as she is on par with Beyonce in terms of great live performances. Rihanna should NEVER attempt a Superbowl performance until she can give better live performances (singing on key and dancing fluidly). Her concert footage was atrocious! Ciara is actually a good live performer now, unfortunately her music won’t stand out in a Superbowl; however, she will be fine if another artist takes the stage with her. Otherwise, just repeat Prince, Beyonce, and a hologram Michael Jackson.

  130. Annie February 1, 2014

    Rather see Ms.Perry then Boreyonce. Its so sad that Katy has gotten 9 number 1s since 2008 and Beyonce hasn’t has one since that year kiiiii Katy and Gaga murdered Beyonce career it took Beyonce 16 years to become a force it took Katy only 5 years.

    • Slaydy Queenga April 17, 2014

      It took GAGA one single to beat failyonce and katy bitcherry… and oldonna, s******, putina floplera, sharkira, and every other muddafakka in the business.

  131. Yeah I Said It February 1, 2014

    Katy will always be Beyonces lessor. I can’t at the kids delusion in this post.

  132. Dev February 1, 2014

    Rihanna isn’t American so she can’t preform at the S.B. I’m sure you have to be American

  133. BEYONCÉ February 1, 2014

    LOLLLLL. Not a Tamar stan calling someone boring, THEN talking s*** about vocals. The self dragging is real in these tgj streets! 😆

  134. Annie February 1, 2014

    @Slay_Hive it took Katy 5 years to become a force and took Beyonce 16 years i know why yall mad.

  135. Yeah I Said It February 1, 2014

    @Katy Perry Queen Your fave Bows Down to the Queen though. She said it herself.

  136. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    What I don’t get is why these h*** keep shading bey for not having a number one yet she outsold all your singles queen faves

  137. ANDIE February 1, 2014

    slayty perry just got another #1 which will boost sales so and i think she has another #1 coming from prism shes about to slay bey lol

    #slayty, queen of pop

  138. BEYONCÉ February 1, 2014

    I don’t have a problem with Katy. She’s sweet, cute and makes fun music but she can’t execute a live vocal nor perform live. She is a lessor who’s even below Rihanna in the performing department.

  139. KATY PERRY QUEEN February 1, 2014

    Who gives a s*** about first week sales when Dicki is still struggling for Platinum in sales, don’t bring me shipments certification for 1 million? Katy has sold 1.1 in the USA, more than Dicki in 3 years lol. That Lil Kim’s knock off is done, ain’t no one checking for her. Where is her #1 single? Prism has sold more in 2 months that Roman Retdarded did in 2 years Lmaoooooo

    @LOLZ yes and my magic ball says that Katy will end up outselling her. Has Drunk in Flop cracked Top 10 yet?

    Like I said, T********* dans should be the last to come for any other female artist being a w**** when she f***** Eminem, Nas, Usher, Sean Paul and many others. And the h** married Gay Z, a drug dealer/a woman abuser who already had child with other woman. No wonder many people hate her and they do mostly because of her trashy, unclassy, ratchet fans that think that she’s perfect when she is acting like a s*** right now trying to sell that rubbish of her album.

  140. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    What force is Katy exactly? Certainly not an album selling force. Or tour force. Or Grammy force. Or vocal force. Or talent force.

  141. ann February 1, 2014

    I want Janet to perform again, I miss her. Usher would’ve another good choice.

  142. Annie February 1, 2014

    Katy is a way better performer then Rihanna.@Fraudyonce

  143. BEYONCÉ February 1, 2014

    “Slayty” is a singles queen. Let’s hope her $25 ticket tour can gross as much as the queens. 😉

  144. Annie February 1, 2014

    Can’t wait for Icki to flop harder then Britney jean,

  145. Common Sense February 1, 2014

    If Mariah got her nodules removed and got her s*** together (no more chamPAGknee, constant late nights, skipping warmups) she could do it! Special guest appearances by Boyz II Men, Jay Z, and Hologram Whitney Houston and Luther Vandross. She would slay everyone with 90’s talent.

  146. Lolz February 1, 2014

    @Katy Perry Queen. In the words of your supposed fave ‘Beyoncé is a living legend’ now BOW DOWN. Joke is on you TBH.

  147. BEYONCÉ February 1, 2014

    I think these trolls are Ciara and Rihanna fans in disguise. We all know they have no lives. 😆

  148. SLAY_HIVE February 1, 2014

    DEATH Beyond has been a force since 2003!! None of these batches have had a hit more impactful as CIL and SL. CIL was #1 for FOURTEEN WEEKS!!!! kid

    Katy only had to release as many albums as Beyond to when chart!! Still her WWW sales are BELOW the Queens!!

    She’s a HORRIBLE LIVE performer and singer AND the pitch still has ZERO grammies!! LOOOOOOL

    GAGS IS resting in PEACE!!

  149. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    @Basic Perry Flop LOLOLOLOL Not you bringing in Roman Reloaded/The Re-Up sales when those two were clearly made to reach out to the mainstream audience. She has said on multiple occasions that she’s done with pop,and she’s coming back to murder you h*** with a Pink Friday slayage. Plus,she is the only female hip-hop artist winning right now. And she has worked with legends,who have praised her as well. What legend,let alone icon,has credited Katy as one of the best? Patti recently dragged her non-singing ass indirectly. And receipts for her sleeping with all those men? Because I’m sure they were all confirmed as false.

  150. Xtina warrior February 1, 2014

    Bey and Rihanna are overrated so no thanks

    I think Christina, Gaga, or Miley should perform they don’t lip sync or recycle they know how to put on a real show

  151. Lolz February 1, 2014

    @Beyoncé I was thinking that as well. Funny how some of these names just came out nowhere acting super pressed.

  152. Torn4LeToya February 1, 2014

    Yaaaaasss Keri slayed!

  153. Sean February 1, 2014

    – Macklemore
    – Pink
    – Coldplay
    – Maroon 5
    – Fleetwood Mac

    No, it will not be Rihanna, Ciara or Katy.

  154. SLAY_HIVE February 1, 2014

    Chile what would this site be without the HIVE>>>>

    Get to work TROLLS while Yonce sits at home sipping in her pajamas and flip flops SLAYING these b****** after 17 years!! YAAAASS!

  155. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    I’m talking about Bey by the way in the last statement

  156. BEYONCÉ February 1, 2014

    @Lolz right? Tboz stans, Xtina stans, random Katy stans haha yeah okay I see you Z-Squad and Salvation Army 😆

  157. Can’t remember yonce February 1, 2014

    US iTunes
    19. Shakira – Can’t Remember To Forget You (feat. Rihanna) [+1]
    I’m sure they wanted Rihanna this year , but she’ll own 2014-2015
    Ciara can’t even book a mainstream award show let alone the Super Bowl

  158. KATY PERRY QUEEN February 1, 2014

    Lmao at flop_hive’s delusion. Even T***** CaCa has had more impact than T*********. She brought dance music and made it popular, everyone was trying to rip off her style. Poker Face and Bad Romance were bigger all over the world than any Bey’s song. Not only in sales, but impact wise. The Fame was a bigger era than any Beyfatce album. Caca doesn’t have to re-release every single album 24654654 times with 2415646546 $1 videos and singles in order to sell album. What has T********* done that was revolutionary or original? She was never as Britney or Caca at their peaks.

    Not to mention that it took Beyfatce 5 tries to finally sell as much as Bbay One More Time by Britney lol

  159. Chad February 1, 2014


  160. Molly February 1, 2014

    Lets be realistic Ciara wont be performing there neither will Rihanna, it will either be Gaga Katy Pink or Taylor Swift.

  161. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 1, 2014

    You can’t call Bey overrated when you would rather hear Miley perform. B**** sounds so out of breath

  162. Molly February 1, 2014

    They wont ask Beyonce anytime soon, I would love Ciara to perform she’d give the best performance in along time.

  163. Naomi February 1, 2014

    How tf can you try and drag and you have Katy Perry in your name. She stands out for nothing. Not talent, not Touring, not singles, not album sales, not acclaim/awards. SIT THE F*** DOWN.

    Katy will always be BELOW Beyoncé, even Katy herself has accepted that. So should you.

  164. Molly February 1, 2014

    Lmao yall dragging Beyonce she had her moment already next.

  165. SLAY_HIVE February 1, 2014

    YAS Gas slayed for five years..Now the b**** can’t sell an album or single to save her life!!! Beyonce has LONGEVITY and is more respected than the gimmick clown t*****!

    GAGS only has how many #1 singles?? Kii TWO? AFTER all those albums and gimmicks.

    you’re right tho. man CACA only has to discount her albums to 99 cents to get people to look her way!!

    How are those FLOPpop tour ticket sells going??? Loooool

  166. Molly February 1, 2014

    When will Katy and Ciara what? Lip sync so effortlessly like Beyonce?

  167. Lolz February 1, 2014

    @Molly there is a video underneath that will answer your question.

  168. KATY PERRY QUEEN February 1, 2014

    How can you come for Katy Perry who writes her own songs and for other artists, plays the guitar for Beyfatce, the biggest thief/shame in the industry?

    -needed her daddy to succeed in music industry (Katy, Rihanna, Gaga didn’t have that)
    -buys her awards
    -fakes pregnancy and uses it to boost her album sales
    -numerous times accused of pagirism
    -caught lying about writing credits trying to pass it as hers
    -lip syncs in front of entire nation and president
    -bootyshakes her ass and acts like a s*** in order to sell her ratchet, trashy album
    -has fake smile/personality/boobs/nose
    -her fans make fun of Rihanna because Chris Brown hit her face, but your fave married a drug dealer/a woman abuser who had a child with other woman

    The list is long.

  169. ANDIE February 1, 2014

    @beyonce you just mad cause yall getting dragggggggged

  170. Lolz February 1, 2014

    @Katy Perry Queen. And Katy is still her lessor after all that.

  171. Lolz February 1, 2014

    Nobody is mad. You stan for Keri Hilson, Ciara and Katy Perry yet are trying to drag Beyoncé. The jokes write themselves.

  172. Molly February 1, 2014

    Beyonce impact is ass shaking thats all Beyonce is not known for her voice like Adele Whitney and Mariah are.

  173. KATY PERRY QUEEN February 1, 2014

    And with only 2 #1 singles Caca has sold more albums than Failyonce lol. She didn’t need payola like your fave to slay. She is actually more talented as well, she writes her music, cmposes it, plays many instruments, is a good performer. For example, your fave needed payole back when DIl was released but still was slayed by Christina, Shakira, Avril and many others who didn’t have it. LOL

    Artpop might be underperfoming (it still did 1.5 million without a big hit), but she is still selling well for today’s standards. Most of her shows are already sold out if that’s what bothers you. Wasn’t your fav’s last Top 10 hit thanks to Gaga? kiiiiiii

  174. Lolz February 1, 2014

    Lol @ Molly. Delusion is one hell of drug.

  175. Molly February 1, 2014

    Tell me why dark horse reached number 1 without a video and drunk ho in love bearly reached number 12 with a video plus major hype. I think its obvious who is more superior

  176. ANDIE February 1, 2014

    queen katy and queen keri write their own music and sing live bey is a fraud and professional ass shaker

  177. Lolz February 1, 2014

    @Katy Perry Queen. Are you a Gaga stan? In which case I see why you are seething for the Gods.

  178. Molly February 1, 2014

    @Lolz glad you know your a delusional b**** babe

  179. SLAY_HIVE February 1, 2014

    Kathy you reaching for the gods with NO receipts!

    His many grams has Katy won for those BASIC songs she write? The pitch gets NO love from the grammy are respected critics!

    Out of that entire list of exaggeration and bull.Beyonce is STILL here selling albums and outgoing poptarts on tour even with their generic singles!!

    5 #1 albums consecutively! History
    Fastest selling digital album in HISTORY

    Highest gross tour brought African American female artist in HISTORY!

    ALL IN One year!! The Queen is bothered!! THE REACH!!! LOOOL

  180. SLAY_HIVE February 1, 2014


  181. BEYONCÉ February 1, 2014

    Ultimate death @ that Katy video.

  182. Lolz February 1, 2014

    @Molly no boo fail. You know Beyoncé has had more impact than ass shaking. Trying to convince yourself what you said is true is not cute.

  183. Rosie February 1, 2014

    Screaming at a Katy Perry stan coming for talent.

  184. IJS February 1, 2014

    Damn, why can’t people just answer the question without making this into a stan war?
    Usher,Rihanna,Lady Gaga,Katy Perry or some old school act should perform.

    Beyonce’s vocals > Katy’s on her best day.
    I don’t care about being thumbed down it’s the same 3 people refreshing the page doing the same thing anyway.

    Katy Perry absolutely loves Beyonce so why all the hate?
    Why are Ciara stans even taken seriously,who in their right mind would even consider a flop like that for the superbowl? Some of you live in lala land and need to see a therapist. Ciara isn’t even an option for the parking lot performance.Simply because her last three albums were failures,and she had to use streams to take body party to #25(lol). No one cares about Ciara enough to watch her or buy her albums..My receipts? Fantasy Ride,Basic Instinct,Ciara.
    I can deal with logical commentary but when it becomes fan fiction,smh it’s just too much.
    Let us not forget the scalping these random hating asses received the last time they counted Beyonce out(including myself).
    Katy can have all the #1’s she wants the fact still remains Beyonce remains bothered, she destroyed her this time around in album sales. Or how fishy it was for her to have 5 consecutive #1’s and yet the parent album has yet to do past 5 Million worldwide, some of you don’t have logic or use it at all!

  185. Jewel February 1, 2014

    Katy will never be on Beyonces level lmao delusion is real in these streets. It’s like you want Katy to get dragged.

  186. ANDIE February 1, 2014

    beyonce=milli vanilla even they won a grammy plus her dad payed for 16 of them

  187. Kyle February 1, 2014


    The b**** is trying it with Gagas soon to be forgotten stats more than Katy’s. Hiding behind Katy so she can get dragged because it knows damn well it get dragged as a monster. I CANNOT.

  188. Lmao_Hoe February 1, 2014

    I say Chris Brown because that boy can dance, no shade or hate and he has the right music to playlist off of.

  189. SLAY_HIVE February 1, 2014

    Molly you re a Cierror stan..and a cierror stan that believes she hasnt lip synced Looool

    Thats what you call DELUSIONAL!! smh

  190. BEYSTAN February 1, 2014

    Honestly let Chris Brown no lie, f*** ass the BS

    He can perform

    KISS KISS with T-Pain
    Yeah X
    I Can Transform U
    Run It
    Beautiful People
    Look At Me
    Take You Down
    Gimme That
    Wall to Wall
    Turn Up The Music
    Love More with Nicki

  191. DIGGER BEY February 1, 2014

    Visiting TGJ reminds me of an Stand Up Comedy Show lmaoooo. These lesser h*** stans are very very laughable. A Basic Kerry stan coming for THE QUEEN! BWAHAHAHA BWAHAHAHAHA BWAHAHAHAHA BWAHAHAHA. Basic Kerry is laughing her ass off also.

  192. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) February 1, 2014

    Adele outsold EVERY Destiny’s Child album and Beyonce album in a year. And they’ve been out for years so the H**+ can stfu w that!

    And Blue Ivy is an ugly lil camel faced B****! KIIIII

    AND her SB performance was all weave and p****..nothin new!

  193. Drew February 1, 2014

    @My Gums Tho thats low. The Navy can’t ever cry about anyone putting a picture of Rihanna beat to pulp anymore. Coming for child is so low.

  194. DIGGER BEY February 1, 2014

    Um @Teacher….Your Seeeeeething Ass forgot to mention Adele also OUTSOLD UR FAVS DISCOGRAPHY WITH ONE ALBUM LMAO. Mule Face Bytch also PRINCESS BLUE IVY LIFE @2 YEARS OLD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YOUR RAGGEDY PATHETIC BUM NON FACTOR BROKE BITTER WHOLE F*G LIFE

  195. Drew February 1, 2014

    And Rihanna will never book the Superbowl lmao. It will be Katy or Gaga before that forehead island monkey gets acknowledged.

  196. DIGGER BEY February 1, 2014

    PERFORMANCE WISE: THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN S*** BRICKS ON EVERY BREATHING B*TCH N MUSIC! Known of these lesser h*** can get rave reviews comparable to Prince, MJ and Tina but KING B! #BOW THE FAWK DOWN

  197. i lol February 1, 2014

    Rihanna ofc. if that bowl would smoke that style, just for the fun of it. hilarious air footage.

    i’m sorry. that was just there. 😀

  198. Suicide Blonde February 1, 2014

    I would like to see Rihanna or Justin Timberlake.

  199. ashley February 1, 2014

    Thirty Seconds to Mars!! Amazing,look up there music on youtube.

  200. Kyle February 1, 2014

    Judas TimberSNAKE would have some nerve doing Superbowl after that Janet incident.

  201. Can’t remember yonce February 1, 2014

    #CRTFYVideo breaks 3 VEVO records in 24 HOURS:
    -Most Viewed by a Latin Artist
    -Most Viewed in 2014
    -Most Viewed Duet

  202. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) February 1, 2014

    I can come for whoever I want b****! Facts are facts! Beyonce lip syncs and Blue looks like a camel! Stay mad! Yeah Rihanna got her as beat but I’m not mad about it. But you mad cuz Blu ugly af! Kiiiiii #Deal #StayMad

  203. Drew February 1, 2014

    Ugh please grow tf up. No Im not ‘mad’ you are just a hot ass mess. This is not about Beyonce grow up you pathetic F**. Coming for a child is LOW end of story. Drag Beyonce all you want but what does an innocent child have to do with it? The power of screen huh. I know this F** would never put his picture up which is the irony of it all.

  204. Queen of R&B February 1, 2014

    Kelly slayland , I think it’s her time to shine

  205. boo hoo February 1, 2014

    According to Nielsen ratings, Super Bowl XLVI halftime show headlined by Madonna in 2012 remains the most-watched halftime show in history, with 114 million viewers or about 3 million more than the actual game. It is listed on the Guinness World Records as the largest TV audience for a Super Bowl half-time performance.

  206. Luckett Luver February 1, 2014

    Lol in a perfect world, it would be Beyonce but since she already performed last year…nope! It will probably be a rock band or country artist. I wouldn’t mind seeing Kelly Clarkson!

  207. bossbey93 February 1, 2014

    now u know god damn well that’s a flat out lie! no other b**** is selling or has as much talent as beyonce! katy perry was huffing and puffing, barely vocalizing at the grammys to keep up with a boring 1-2 step choreography to dark horse…next!

  208. bossbey93 February 1, 2014

    they need beyonce to perform again! 2014 is the year of the flawless “BEYONCE” era!

  209. bossbey93 February 1, 2014

    shes too lazy..she probably wouldn’t want to do it anyway

  210. Emeral February 1, 2014


  211. The truth hurts February 1, 2014

    @my gums tho
    How grown up making fun of the way a young child looks. Your the definition of pathetic.

  212. TinaMinaj February 1, 2014

    There’s A LOT of unnecessary bitching in this thread and just down right INSULTING comparisons.
    Beyonce >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Katy, Rihanna, Pink and Ciara. We ALL KNOW these facts. Whether we choose to deny them doesn’t change the fact of the matter.

  213. iamdexxx February 1, 2014

    I’d JLO def would be an amazing show

  214. TinaMinaj February 1, 2014

    DEATH @ the squad thinking Ciara ever has a chance of seeing that SuperBowl stage! LMAO!! IN what universe???
    Not with sales of less than 200k WW. SHE IS THE DEFINITION OF A FLOOOOP

  215. A February 1, 2014


  216. Nikko February 1, 2014

    Definitely P!nk should do it we all know she is the best performer of the 21st century !! 😉

  217. Nikko February 1, 2014

    Queen Britney!!! She is getting better on her performances!

  218. DIGGER BEY February 1, 2014

    Lmao @That S*** Face C*nt @My Gums. Raggedy Ass F** u can come for THE QUEEN & PRINCESS all u want. That still won’t STOP THE THRONE and it won’t stop u from being an poor broke seeeeething piece of s*** f*g. #FIND UR LIFE

  219. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) February 1, 2014

    And after ALL that the lil b**** is STILL ugly! Kiiiii

  220. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) February 1, 2014

    And she gon be a s*** just like her mama!..I can see it now..’Ooh Mommy I wanna pop my p**** like you did at The Grammys that year!’

  221. DIGGER BEY February 1, 2014

    F*g @My Gums ur to funny. Ur ass is judging someone who has everything they want n life and can get any man she wants. While u don’t have s*** lmao. I bet u stay n a little raggedy house right smack n the ghetto. While THE QUEEN & PRINCESS HAS HOUSES AROUND THE WORLD. Don’t be mad that your Ugly Ass Momma gave u her looks. No wonder u look like the crack of my ass. Seeeeeeeeth on b*tch

  222. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) February 1, 2014

    And you’re still ranting…while camel jr.remains ugly! Kiiiii

  223. DIGGER BEY February 1, 2014

    BWAHAHHA @My Gums…..Someonse is mad that they are only n the world due to a gang of drunk men gangbanging their whorish mother bwahahahahahahaha?.

  224. The Queen of R&B February 1, 2014

    Kelly Rowland would kill it

  225. DIGGER BEY February 1, 2014

    I’m still ranting but yet you’re still pressed that MY ASS CRACK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Your Face Broke B*tch. #DEAL H**

  226. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) February 1, 2014


  227. FutureCIARA February 2, 2014

    I would actually like to see more MALE talent grace the Super-bowl half time. All the fish wars are getting ridiculous.

    Im supper happy my babe Bruno Mars will be performing this year! That kid is going to be Legend before you know it. He has so many Michael Jackson qualities about him!

  228. XtinaTheDiva February 2, 2014

    Xtina, JLo or Britney!

  229. Derya February 2, 2014

    Beyonce <3

  230. Slayretha Franklin February 2, 2014


  231. Umm…f***? February 2, 2014

    Ciara? She’s nowhere NEAR ready to do a Superbowl performance – she can’t even pick the OBVIOUS singles on her album (and sweetie, there are only 10 songs on it…it’s pretty obvious what could’ve made tons of $$$ – “Livin it up” and “Overdose.”)

    Rihanna. She has hits by the boatload and is SLOWLY becoming a better performer, but I’d give her five to ten years so she can become a better performer and give a huge, Madonna-esque Superbowl performance. Her performance at the Victoria Secret show showed that she had swagger and could “own” the stage whereas her performances that I had seen before had been pretty bad. Rihanna is the closest thing to a Madonna successor that we have now – she sings in multiple genres (every genre except country, and I expect she’ll do that soon), is a chameleon in terms of looks, tabloid personality, etc.

    Gaga is far too divisive – her trying to create the “Little Monsters” really made it hard to be a casual fan of hers (little monsters are usually obese teenagers from flyover country who are nasty/spiteful) . She only has a few good songs and now seems way too desperate and “past her prime.” The Artpop album really sealed the deal in terms of how much the public is sick of her.

    For Beyonce? I’m going to say that her sales are pretty fishy. I’m not saying any more.

  232. Special Delivery February 2, 2014

    Rihanna should be at her peak at performing now. She is 25 now. If she is not showcasing much now, she never will. She has had years to perfect her performing yet is still always getting called out as a weak performer. The ‘give her time’ excuse is dead.

  233. Sandra February 2, 2014


  234. Tia February 2, 2014

    Keep on dreaming, boo! ROFL

  235. Dante February 2, 2014

    Ciara is a good performer but on a small scale. Not enough people know her, she could’ve been featured in an earlier superbowl and maybe did 1,2 step and goodies because those are her strongest songs.

    I love Rihanna so I think she would be very good at the superbowl….. BUT, yes there is a but, she would have to sing select songs to get a good review. Songs I think that would be good for her would be SOS, We Found Love, Only Girl, Diamonds, Where Have You Been, and Umbrella as the encore. I also think that she could also maybe use some additional help… Maybe shakira, maybe Eminem, maybe Jay-Z. Who knows.

    I think P!nk would SLAY the halftime show. She would kill it.

    I think that Jennifer Lopez would be entertaining but she would need some people to be up there with her because I don’t think she could do it by herself.

    Although GaGa is a good performer, I don’t think she would be able to win over the whole crowd and get good ratings.

    I also think Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera would well…. but christina would need some help from other singers because she is a better singer than entertainer.

  236. Joshu February 2, 2014

    Beyonce is better singer and more relevant than all of these weak b******. Sad, but true.

  237. Rihanna February 2, 2014

    Beyonce already went and had her shot, she was great but … they will not be calling her anytime

  238. Ian February 3, 2014

    Lady Gaga has the stage presence to not only live up to, but exceed expectations for a show as massive as the super bowl.

  239. ChristianBale’sWart February 3, 2014

    None of them, because as Bruno Mars and RHCP demonstrated, it doesn’t take c-popping to put on a good show.

  240. NKOTBGirl February 20, 2014

    I’m actually gonna say new kids on the block. I have been in love with them since their comeback. They are amazing. Also, I believe that this year or next year will be their 30th anniversary. On top of that, they don’t get to perform at grammys or vmas like most of the other artists/contenders. JT is usally at the top of my list. He did dominate the vmas last year. I love JT, but he gets to perform all the time. I do however feel like he should be able to redeem himself after the janet incident. Janet, herself, would also be a great performer for halftime. I also think Biebz, Rihanna or Eminem would be amazing. Maybe Biebz for 2016. I feel like new kids deserve it, though.

  241. devo93 March 5, 2014

    Bon Jovi !! would be awesome 🙂

  242. Ze Jeux June 30, 2014

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