Must Read: Beyonce Hits 15 Million Solo Units Sold Milestone

Published: Thursday 6th Feb 2014 by David


…and the goods news keeps on comin’!

As if the Hot 100’s welcoming of new single ‘Drunk in Love’ wasn’t enough to give Camp Beyonce cause to rejoice, sales of her self-titled new album have pushed her career to a milestone that pens another glorious chapter in her long-running success story.

Consider yourself a fan of the ‘Apple Pie A La Mode‘ maestra?

Your good news below…

With Destiny‘s Child super-group status pulling in sales of 17,383,000 units since their self-titled debut effort, this week saw Beyonce‘s solo career arrive at the 15 million mark- bringing her combined sales to an ego-boosting  32,383,000 units sold!

Why Destiny‘s Child sales are coupled with Beyonce‘s? Well, while leading contributors of rival groups only ever went as far as leading their members on stage, Mrs.Carter’s penning and executive-producing of the group’s highest selling efforts quite literally makes her  responsible for the commercial glory they achieved during their run at the top!

Yahoo adds:

“Beyonce this week tops the 15 million mark in album sales as a solo artist. With Destiny’s Child, she has sold 17,383,000 albums. Combining the two careers, she has sold 32,383,000 albums, which puts her ahead of husband Jay Z (29,106,000). He’s currently ahead in terms of total Grammys won (19 to 17), so I wanted her to have something to come back to him with!”

Your thoughts?


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  1. black February 6, 2014

    She is the queen, point blank period….stay mad

  2. Yazmine February 6, 2014


  3. Metzo February 6, 2014

    Where my wig at….


  4. Mwah February 6, 2014

    She stay winning

  5. Barb B**** February 6, 2014

    Why she sold more than Rihanna who has 7 albums?

  6. ARTBARF February 6, 2014

    R I P …….. ARTPOP !!!!


  7. Rihanna and Ciara are LOSERS February 6, 2014

    Meanwhile Rihanna has sold 10 million with 7 albums and Ciara sold 4 million with 5 a albums LMAO

  8. BeyVey February 6, 2014

    Can we talk about how Beyonce outsold Rihanna’s 7 album career with only 5 albums?

    Beyonce, 5 albums : 15 Million U.S sales
    Rihanna, 7 albums : 10.3 Million U.S sales

    Beyonce, 9 albums (+DC) : 32 Million U.S sales
    Rihanna, 7 albums : 10.3 Million U.S sales

    Rihanna’s album sales are so mediocre, it’s pretty laughable. *Pitiful*

    Has Ciara sold 5 Million total U.S sale

    • please July 19, 2014

      Stop adding in DC sales. The RIAA does not add in group sales with a solo artist. Also, US sales are not the only sales to count. Rihanna does better internationally.

    • the truth September 24, 2014

      Beyoncé has only sold 15 million albums as a solo artist which is only 4.7 million more albums than Rihanna. In addition to that, Rihanna has more total RECORD sales (122 million CERTIFIED compared to Beyoncé’s 60 million CERTIFIED).

  9. Britney legend February 6, 2014

    Oh. Still quite low even combined with her dc sales. While britney sits on 38 million us sales and 100 million world wide. And these hive Stan’s call her a non legend. Please

    • Marquise June 17, 2015

      Chile Beyoncé nor Rihanna Will Never Top Britney , as a solo artist beyonce has sold 15 million albums & Rihanna Has Sold Like 10 ???????? they have a long way to go to complete with Britney because selling just 1 million copies worldwide will never get them there hands down ITS BRITNEY B****

  10. BeyVey February 6, 2014

    I’m sorry but Ciara stans shouldn’t come for nobody. They stan for a weak link.

  11. Jon February 6, 2014

    So Beyoncé has sold 32 MILLION ALBUMS in the U.S Alone?
    The slay is real!!

  12. Sailor Moon stan (Navy) *****Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon reboot coming 2014!!! February 6, 2014

    When will it end! Look, stop slaying already we get it! I’m sorry ok your still #1 b**** damn!

  13. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 6, 2014

    Congratulations Beyonce. 😉

    “Talent” always prevails…

  14. RoyalKev February 6, 2014

    With only 5 albums (since 2003… & not the 90’s) >>>>>>


    • the truth September 24, 2014

      Her 5 solo albums have only sold 15 million in the US while Adele’s ONE album sold 10 million+ in the US alone. And you say Beyoncé is slaying. Lol.

  15. Sailor Moon stan (Navy) *****Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon reboot coming 2014!!! February 6, 2014

    *sigh* I miss 4 when I could drag Beyoncé and the Hive for filth lol. Yall got this round though! I give her props I really did not expect her to snatch me bald like she has and, honestly I’m soooo happy for her! Even if I feel like she copied Rihanna content wise.

  16. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 6, 2014

    Rihanna need NOT be mentioned; she is a force in her own right, whether you agree or not.

    Why does she, constantly, have to be compared to Beyonce?

    The music industry is a ‘White- owned’ Business and we should be congratulating the fact that two Black Females are so commercially lucrative – on both a domestic & global scale – not pitting them against one and other.



  17. BeyVey February 6, 2014

    @Britney Legend. I agree. Britney is an Icon.

  18. truth teller February 6, 2014

    Enough of Beyoncé please. I can’t stand the overdose we are subjected to regarding this woman. It makes me dislike her.

  19. Metzo February 6, 2014

    @Empress Whitney, I like how articulate you are ;).
    And I agree with you. These two women should not be put up against each other. Rih and Bey get along very well.. it’s just the fans that love to start stan wars lol. But it should stop

  20. Kyle February 6, 2014

    B**** no ones forcing u to click and read her articles

  21. Sailor Moon stan (Navy) *****Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon reboot coming 2014!!! February 6, 2014

    Keep it cute. Beyoncé made her debut as a household name. Of course she would sell more then Rihanna. Question is why yall let Rihanna get so close to the thrown?

  22. Kyle February 6, 2014

    B*******. Rihanna has more albums^

  23. Kyle February 6, 2014

    Anyway congrats Bey. Shes killin it this era effortlessly.

  24. beyugly February 6, 2014

    Dead @hives coming for Rihanna!! The queen has got you hos seething.Brittney, her peer, has outsold her with 2 albums!! Blah hahaha..Even if you cling to DC Brittney still sntached that nappy wig.

  25. Mark111 February 6, 2014

    Kelly Rowland has sold 18 million albums in the US, said no one ever. The Hive still adding DC sales to make it seems like she’s killing it while Adel is around or passed this mark with only 2. While Rihanna is only 5 million behind, but she’s a singles artist, than what does that make Bey?

    Also proves that TLC shuts on DC with US sales of 21+ million in the US. Or are y’all gonna count Beyonce solo sales on DC? Remember when Chilli clocked DC when they tried to combine group and solo efforts? Lol the Hive is dead.

  26. Kyle February 6, 2014

    Yes Rihanna fans cling to Britney kiii

    • the truth September 24, 2014

      We’re also clinging to Adele, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift because they all clocked Beyoncé in album sales and Rihanna has practically murdered her in TOTAL RECORD sales 122 million to 60 million. K.O. baby!

  27. Sailor Moon stan (Navy) *****Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon reboot coming 2014!!! February 6, 2014

    Again Beyoncé debuted with massive sales she was a household name coming off the heels of a wildly successful girl group where she was the blonde light skinned lead singer. You don’t see that as a major contributor to her lead over Rihanna? Who’s debut only went gold US? That’s not fair to Rihanna. Rihanna had to work to get to where she is. Beyoncé debuted a star. If you cant see that then I dunno Mr Kyle. How can a new artist ever build a name for themselves if their expected to sell more then already established acts on their debut and follow up? Not fair dude. Rihanna was not the star Beyoncé was on her first 2 albums.

  28. I stan for myself February 6, 2014

    Congrats, I like her shes talented.
    Loooool Navy should be shamed. All that biggest popstar boasting. I CANNOT. And her ww sales aint anything special either with all those albums.

    And also being in group does NOT guarantee anything. Plenty of people have come from well known groups, tried to go solo and FAILED.

  29. NT February 6, 2014

    Congrats to her

  30. Faf February 6, 2014

    Not u comparing 11years of hype to 11 years of hardly any promo. Such a weak link that hive and navy wreck their brains thinking about her success and sales 😆 why not Kelly Rowland? Why not Ashanti? Why not one of beyonces PEERS like Britney or Christina? 😆 ciara has sold wayyy more than 4 mil units in the us … Wikipedia much? 😆

  31. Sailor Moon stan (Navy) *****Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon reboot coming 2014!!! February 6, 2014

    Name lead singers who failed solo with the obvious commercial appeal Beyoncé has?

  32. _Diva_ February 6, 2014

    Rihanna’s sales are great for someone who releases annually!!! If she would stretch her eras out like Katy then she would get massive sales. GGGB should be at 10 million, RR should be at 5 and Loud should be at 8.5. TTT was released while Loud was still slaying!! R8 should be stretched out until 2016!!! Congrats Beyonce!

  33. Sailor Moon stan (Navy) *****Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon reboot coming 2014!!! February 6, 2014

    Destinys Child was not just any group they were huge in African American communities! Beyoncé was like a goddess to us all girls wanted to be her and all boys wanted there girls to look similar to her. She was a star upon her debut, are you denying that? That’s silly when you know its true.

    • the truth September 24, 2014

      Beyoncé is NOT a goddess to me, only to idol worshiping negroes. Besides, I preferred Kelly and I personally know several people who didn’t even like Beyoncé when she was in DC.

  34. Just Sayin February 6, 2014

    @Sailor moon sorry but your excuse is pathetic. Beyonces first single flopped (work it out). She didn’t have it easy. Your appeal in a group doesn’t mean you will have appeal as a solo artist, look at Nicole Sherzinger.
    Rihanna has built her brand and became big after 5 years.

  35. MRB February 6, 2014

    Congrats! Its good to see these numbers! She is really driving in the ICON lane! She hasn’t arrived yet tho! As long as Mariah Carey sits at the top with over 200 million albums SOLD as a SINGLE SOLO ARTIST Beyonce hasnt even done half of that with just her solo projects! You will always have to include Destiny’s Childs sales to even compete with Mariah!

  36. Just Sayin February 6, 2014

    2 years*

  37. beyugly February 6, 2014

    But the HIVS was just clinging to Katy’s #1s last week..

  38. Marley February 6, 2014

    Congrats Bey!

  39. Mark111 February 6, 2014

    MC haven’t sold no damn 200 million albums. Don’t confuse album sales with record sales. MC is around the 50 million mark, if that. The LAMES say 200 million records to make the seems like she’s killing, just like the hive. Sad.

  40. JOHNVIDAL February 6, 2014

    Not that impressive though. Of course more sales in the USA than Rihanna´s 100 albums. That´s obvious and Beyonce is superior on every level, success, and talent.
    But Adele is not far from 15 million in the USA in just 3 years (THAT´s impressive). Mariah, Whitney, Celine and the likes remain unbothered with their 50 or 60 million albums sold in the USA as solo artists without the boost of a previous group before their debut(and don´t give me the 90s excuse cos Destiny´s Child were out during the time sales were at their highest level in music history, and still DC+Beyonce combined “only” sold 30 million).

  41. Just Sayin February 6, 2014

    And also Beyonce had a lot of hate after DC shenanigans. People blamed her all through her teenage years in the spotlight as part of DC.

  42. ROC.NATIONALE February 6, 2014


  43. Unbiased February 6, 2014

    @ Mark, you seem pressed, Let me break it down to you. Rihanna has 7, she has toured for every album, she has multiple number 1’s, massive airplay, and promotion, She should not be behind Beyonce, who only has 5 albums and less number ones. Also, save the whole she releases annually BS, because Unapologetic has yet to reach 1.2 in the US with a number 1 and a sold out world tour. I don’t add Destiny Child sales to Beyonce’s, she is killing your girl regardless in that area. Just wait until she gets to 7 albums :). But, I do like Rih, so keep it cute. Let’s not talking about Adele who has also sold Rih’s entire discography with 1 album.

  44. Allofme February 6, 2014


    Goodies – 2.6m
    Evolution – 1.3m
    Fantasy ride – 195k
    Basic instinct – 116k
    Ciara – 134k

  45. Perch February 6, 2014

    Congrats…I guess? Her sales are very average imo. She shouldn’t be outsold by bland robots like Taylor Swift. The way her fans act, you would think she was selling big numbers but that’s not the case. Alicia has already sold 17m+ In the US with the same amount of albums.

  46. Mark111 February 6, 2014

    Me pressed? Ha! Of what? Of even a flopping Christina Aguilera sold 17 million with the same amount of releases and 3 flops. Or at using a yahoo article as a source? Hahaha, meanwhile, JT nor Paul McCartney don’t count their group success even tho they wrote and produced some of their group songs as well.

    To the lessor, Adele out sold Beyonce with only 2. Rihanna has a great career that she built on her own, not stepping on 5 other girls dreams to get here when artist like Aaliyah, Brandy and Monica was doing it solo at age 15. Bey is good, but not epic.

    And are you b****** gonna decide if DC sales is Bey or the group, cause don’t be flipping when it comes to Rihanna or TLC. Which is it? Pathetic.

  47. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014

    Mark 111 Please STFU! THE QUEEN 200 MILLION RECORDS SOLD >>>>>>>>>>>>>> TLC 65 Million records sold. THE QUEEN IS GONNA BE AN SERIAL CRIMINAL SOON! THE B*TCH IS SLAYING LIVES FASTER THAN JASON AND MICHAEL COMBINED! I CAN’T @ HER SELLING 32 MILLION ALBUMS! DEEEEEATH @S****** stans. S****** is around 33 million albums sold. The Zombie is no where near no damn 38 million. How many copies has Britney Gean sold bwahahahahahahahahaha. #BOW THE FAWK DOWN H***

  48. Tasha February 6, 2014

    I said it before in the other post. Beyonce is the ONLY female now who can sell urban/r&b well like this. She deserves credit. This album is EXTREMELY urban with like 2 or 3 pop songs out of 14 and look how much its selling. Not to mention people are buying her urban single ovef her pop one. Rihanna not only has more albums, she also pushes pop significantly more. She has some cute urban songs, but Beyonce actually gets top 5 with her urban songs and sells whole albums of the genre.

    She has the most the longevity out of all her peers in the same generation. People like Brit may have sold more, but look at what Beyonce is still doing, after 16 years. Thats alone makes her an icon.

  49. Tasha February 6, 2014

    Its kind of sad for the genre though.

  50. Unbiased February 6, 2014

    @Just Sayin Please sir or ma’am “Work It Out” was for the Austin Power’s film, not her first lead single. Also, please lets not discuss brands because, Bey was making far more money than Rihanna at her age, You need to ask yourself why Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift have a higher Net Worth than Rih after fewer years in the industry. Where is all her money going? To Blue Ivy’s Trust?

    @John, please shut up, you are getting on my nerves comparing Adele to everyone. Adele is not singing about nothing that Black soul singers have’nt been singing about for Years! Jill Scott discography smashes Adele’s, but does she get the same recognition? No.

  51. coolness February 6, 2014

    Congratulations to Beyonce!!! I’m a proud fan 🙂 However, this whole business of combining her solo sales with DC’s is fishy at times. I mean, I get why it’s done because it’s all part of her career journey and without DC there probably wouldn’t have been no Beyonce. But I don’t get why it’s done because the likes of Michael and Paul McCartney don’t add their group sales and I doubt the RIAA counts it. Anyway, it’s good to see a talented blcak woman succeeding in today’s cutthroat industry and y’all need to stop with this Rih vs Bey mess. They’re two different artists whose lanes cross at times but there’s no animosity between them. Rihanna is great in her own right but you stans stay doing the most.

  52. Just sayin February 6, 2014

    @Unbiased. Yu do realize i am defending Beyonce right in response to Sailor Moon.

  53. Mark111 February 6, 2014

    “MARK111 STFU, quit stating facts.”

    Never, the camel said it best “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. ” But congratulations non the less Beyonce.

    [The fact that I get under the hive skin tho]

  54. Hush February 6, 2014

    Let me just point out AGAIN (because I know how much it irritates the Navy) that Beyoncé has OUTSOLD Rihanna with only 5 albums vs. her 7.

    Why can’t Rihanna score a MULTIPLATINUM album? She has all those #1 singles but can’t go 2x platinum with any album (except that one like 6-7 years ago)? It’s like she literally crawls to platinum and then dies. What’s the matter with THIS picture? lol

  55. Sailor Moon stan (Navy) *****Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon reboot coming 2014!!! February 6, 2014

    Yall don’t get it. Beyoncé is a stronger artist and a bigger star then Rihanna. I am Navy and can admit this…(Rihanna is more musically relevant though) Rihanna is not even close to what Beyoncé is capable of in terms of skill. Yet Rihanna from just 2005 is the best selling artist of the 2000s with her first album only going gold US, MOTS came out in 2005 that’s a whole 5 years deep in that decade yet Rihanna #1. You don’t see the significance in that? Rihanna was a nobody on her debut and look how far she’s come I don’t care what the hive thinks Rihanna is killing the game why wouldn’t somebody like Beyoncé the woman whos performed the superbowl twice, friends with the f****** president and lead a super successful girl group. Yes Bey winning Rihanna a close second with much less to offer as singer and performer yet she coming 4 your girl with 25% of the natural ability Queen Bey has. I mean I think its amazing Rihanna can get away with her lazy performances in still be in demand while Beyoncé gotta do the absolute most possible. What if Rihanna just been holding back and shes actually a strong live act lol. She could get there shes only 25 hold on to yall wigs.

  56. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014


  57. Just sayin February 6, 2014

    Thats right, numbers don’t lie. And Beyonce has 5 albums and has sold more than Rihanna with 7

  58. Unbiased February 6, 2014

    @Mark let’s not talk, because if Rihanna didn’t have Beyonce’s husband and his machine behind her, she wouldn’t be here. I don’t remember any of the album before GGGB. Every aritsts has a team, Whitney had Clive, Mariah had Tommy, Bey had Matthew, and Rihanna has Jay and Roc Nation. You can’t be delusional thinking Rih had no help building her brand, every artist had someone helping them! That doesn’t take away from them though. You said Bey wouldn’t get a top 10 this era, you were right she got a top 5. Number # 2 on the Hot 100, she just keeps proving ya’ll wrong.

  59. JOHNVIDAL February 6, 2014

    Really? Has Alicia Keys still sold more albums than Beyonce in the USA even now? Adding “Beyoncé”´s number? Congrats to Alicia too.

    • Christian November 3, 2014

      She has. 18.5 million in the US. Over 35 million WW.

  60. Just sayin February 6, 2014

    Sailor Moon. You act like Rihanna is some new up and coming artist. She been in the game almost 10 years and considering her brand and exposure, she should be outselling beyonce for the simple fact she has MORE albums but she has not.

  61. Unbiased February 6, 2014

    @Just Sayin sorry lol I @ the wrong person.

  62. Just sayin February 6, 2014

    Shes outsold beyonce overall purely because of her quantity. Whats stopping her from doing it in us?

  63. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014


  64. L21480 February 6, 2014

    No I’m NOT gonna give Rihanna credit too for being a “successful black woman,” simply because of what she panders to: POP. Beyoncé makes black music, she’s always made black music, and is winning. Sure she may have a poppier song from time to time, but Bey is primarily R&B. Rihanna on the other hand makes music that sounds like Britney/Katy/Kesha rejects it…that’s that difference. As a black person, I don’t relate to ANYTHING Rihanna does. She’s too pop and basically a sell out. Her s***** afterthought attempts at “urban” are always laughable.

    So no, I ONLY give Bey credit for being a black woman winning. Although I would like to see more of them do it. I’d love to see Kelly, Ashanti, Brandy, Monica and even Ciara come back and smash hard like Bey with black/R&B music…but f*** ’em if they do it with valley girl pop tailor-made for white teenage girls/gays. That don’t count.

  65. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014


  66. Perch February 6, 2014

    @johnvidal yeah, Alicia has. Her debut sold 6.2m alone but all of her sales are dated. She may or may not be pushing 18m by now. Beyonce just crossed the 15m threshold recently. Compared to Rihanna, Katy and Miley her sales are great, but she’s not up there with the big sellers

  67. rihanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS February 6, 2014

    RIH RIH sold over 20 million in the UK in less than a decade and she does not need add girl band sales, she done it on her name.

    WHO IS THE REAL WINNER? THE UK is not even her country

  68. Mark111 February 6, 2014

    @DragQueen Bey

    again with facts, it was LA Reid that made Rihanna a house hold name with GGGB, not Jay, he only signed her. And I said talk to me when Beyonce get a top 10, never said she couldn’t, even those it took 4 years. Now h**, talk to me when she get 13 #1’s. Rihanna had 10 on her 5th album. #HushMode

  69. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014

    I guess Whoreianna is going to hit 15 million after her 15th album KIIIIIIIIII

  70. Sailor Moon stan (Navy) *****Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon reboot coming 2014!!! February 6, 2014

    Well I was seeing if you guys could be objective but I see that’s impossible lol. Continue dragging Rihanna for selling slightly less then Beyoncé with 2 more albums even though Rihanna has never sold exceptionally well in the US ever and her debut only sold 700k while Beyonces debut sold 5 million. I’m happy with Rihanna who has a plaque for 100 million records sold. A plaque Beyoncé is never likely to see.

  71. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014

    Lmfao The haters luv saying Alicia or Britney sold more albums but those b*tches album sales started dropping like Flies when THE QUEEN ENTERTED THE GAME SOLO KIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  72. The Boy Toy February 6, 2014

    Lmaooooo @ Rihanna being a sell out! Rihanna’s music has ALWAYS been pop with reggae, urban and R&B undertones, going all the way back to MOTS. A sell out would be someone like Usher or Ne-Yo who started out singing R&B and ended up doing EDM. But even then, would could blame them? Black people don’t buy music anyway. 😆

    Your logic is STUPID and Rih doesn’t need your kudos anyway. 😉

  73. OQRAM February 6, 2014

    “I mean I think its amazing Rihanna can get away with her lazy performances in still be in demand while Beyoncé gotta do the absolute most possible. What if Rihanna just been holding back and shes actually a strong live act lol. She could get there shes only 25 hold on to yall wigs.”


    As if bragging about Rihanna being lazy but successful is some kind of credit to her. So her own fans think she’s an incompetent hack who basically got lucky. Cute. Well then it’s decided. Rihanna can thank her songwriters, producers, A&R and manipulative management for giving her what she’s got, because she hasn’t legitimately earned it. Guess what though, “success” like that is built on a sand and is very fragile and when it finally dies — it dies hard. Which means that if any one of her cards falls, her entire house will crumble. When Rihanna starts to NOT win (and believe that her “Glitter” moment IS coming) it won’t be pretty. Beyoncé is basically setting up her legendary status. In the end, she’ll go on to be like Tina Turner/Patti LaBelle/Barbra Streisand/Aretha Franklin, someone who will ALWAYS be respected and relevant to the industry, even after the commercial success is over. Rihanna won’t have that. When it’s over for her, it’ll REALLY be over. She’s not building a legacy and no one is going to harken back to her glory days when they’re done.

    THAT is the difference between earning your place with legitimate talent (Beyonce) and winning the lottery (Rihanna).

  74. The Boy Toy February 6, 2014

    Chile people are always writing essays about Robyn Fenty. She’s not going ANYWHERE and you peasants will deal. 😉

    Anyway, Rih just got her third American Vogue cover. Post the photo shoot Sam. 😀 This makes her 7th or 8th Vogue cover overall. Brazilian Vogue cover coming soon! 🙂

  75. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014

    THE SELF DRAGGGGGING LMFAO. @Mark 111 And that’s all Hoeianna has is her 13 #1s. She’s a singles queen and Certified Flop Album seller. That’s how she got that fake ass Icon award. If Katy wouldve had 13 she wouldve got it also lmaoooooooo. Hoeianna is an Basic Pathetic Lesser B*tch and u WILL DEAL.

  76. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014

    Bwahahahahaha You know ur a Basic h** when u only get mention next to Great names like Whitney due to single sales. While THE QUEEN get mention with The Greats due to sales and talent! #BASICANNA

  77. AMMIE LEANN February 6, 2014

    US sales: Adele 13 mil (2 ALBUMS), Taylor Swift 20 mil (4 ALBUMS)already outsold bayonce solo career.
    Those girls won Grammy Album of the Year, and and succeed effortlessly, no stripper show, no free music videos bundles.
    bayonce has to work twice as hard to be half as good.

  78. Bosslady February 6, 2014

    I have no problem with homosexuality, but these gay Bey fans are the worst…putting two successful girls against each other all the time….#what’sYOURlifelike….SMH

  79. OQRAM February 6, 2014


    Talk to me when Rihanna can finally score an RIAA-certified multi-platinum album. All those #1’s, yet her album sales remain pitiful. What does that say about how the public REALLY see’s her? I’ll tell you. It says that the GP doesn’t give 2 shits about Rihanna. They just like the songs and would like them even if someone else’s name was attached to them. They don’t trust that she’s an artist worthy of a measly $10. All she’s worth to them are five quarters for a forgettable iTunes single download. Even when Def Jam discounts her albums to $4, she still doesn’t sell. So maybe it’s not a money issue after all. Maybe they just don’t wanna listen to Rihanna croaking through an albums worth of material.

    By contrast, the GP will come out of their pockets for Beyoncé. Everything she puts out has a more expensive price tag than Rihanna. Her album is expensive and so are her concert tickets. Rihanna could never get away with what Bey charges for anything. She charges less and still generates less. Hmmm.

  80. The Boy Toy February 6, 2014

    Rihanna followed Jay Z’s blueprint by releasing albums every year. Do you really think she would pull huge numbers every year? Like someone said, her eras are short and her sales reflect it! She still has SIX platinum albums in a row, 7 worldwide. Her longest era (GGGB) reflects the two year stretch! What part of that don’t y’all understand? 😆

  81. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014

    Bosslady STFU H**! THE HIVE IS GOING AFTER THESE SEEETHIN PRESSED H***. DEAL B*TCH! @Ammie Lean…..I truly hope u have every Taylor and Adele albums. Because if ur ass stan for someone else other than them bwahahahahahahahaha. THE SELF DRAGGGGGGING AND STRUGGLES to cling to others sales unstead of ur fav to come for THE QUEEN. #SUCH AN STUPID B*TCH

  82. CzarM February 6, 2014

    I disagree that Rihanna is a sell-out, simply because she doesn’t have a real music personality. She’s basically a tool-product-puppet for Def Jam to co-opt whatever’s currently happening in the market with. That’s why she can teeter totter from pop to urban to EDM to whatever else. It’s not because she’s versatile, flexible, or talented (lol); it’s because she’s not defined as an artist and has no real style of her own. Therefore can just sort of “exist” wherever she’s put. If they tell her to put out a country album next, she’ll do it. She has no say or defining style that would make it an absurd thing to do. This isn’t a good thing. In the end, it makes her very vague and “gray.”

  83. The Boy Toy February 6, 2014

    ^^and you know this because? You must work for Def Jam. 😆 They don’t MAKE Rihanna do anything. As a matter of fact, she goes against their wishes a lot but since she’s pretty much the only successful artist on their roster, they have no choice but to deal! She really pissed them off when she started working with CB. They refused to promote “Birthday Cake” and that’s only one example. Rih is a chameleon, but she does have a style of her own. If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard, “that sounds like a Rihanna song,” or “that looks like a rip off Rihanna outfit,” I’d be rich. 😆

  84. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014

    Hey @Ammie Lean. Are Taylor and Adele Icons like THE QUEEN??? Do they have longevity like THE QUEEEN ??? Have either one sold over 200 Million records like THE QUEEN??? Are either one a culture icon like THE QUEEN????? Are either one compared to greats a lot like THE QUEEN??? #SIT THE FAWK DOWN DELUSIONAL BUM H**

  85. Lovebird February 6, 2014

    LMAO I’m screaming aaaahhhhhhhhhhh

    I can’t breathe

    Not Beyonce getting her team to add up those Destiny’s Child sales to inflate her sales.

    Is Kelly still talking to her AFTER this?

  86. Lovebird February 6, 2014

    How do you call yourself King or whatever and need help from Kelly and Michelle to make your numbers look better…..aaaahhhhhhhhhhh I’m weak LMAO.

  87. Lovebird February 6, 2014

    And I’ve never heard MJ or Justin Timberlake add J5 or No’Sync sales to their sales….aahhhhhhh too funny.

    Beyonce has me weak, I’m crying… This is too much.

    You better inflate and cling to those DC sales ahhhhhhhhhhhh I f****** can’t.

  88. whut February 6, 2014

    This puts to rest that ridiculous debate over which group sold more. TLC reigns supreme.

  89. Sailor Moon stan (Navy) *****Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon reboot coming 2014!!! February 6, 2014

    @QRAM Yes Beyoncé will go unto being a legend in the old style like them women. Rihanna is not that kind of artist though, shes more like Princess Diana celebrity pop star in the vein of Madonna with cutting edge songs and more of creative input into her work rather then musicianship. If Rihannas was to never do music again. She would still have stans. You get it? Rihanna has more then music. She has something that makes people interested in the things she does. That wont change. She’s the most recognizable black woman in the world. yall can have that legendary mess I stan for Rihanna not her singing voice that’s just part of her package.

  90. fatusankoh February 6, 2014

    constant bey hard and talent go fair long live queen more success on all you do thanks Sam for posting

  91. Rihboy February 6, 2014

    But Rihanna has sold more lol…its funny how you guys fail to mention that. Moreover some of you sound so stupid. Bey makes black music? lol. Rihanna has done every genre of music. So please take that b******* argument, put it beside you and sleep with it. If anyone is a sellout its Bey. Her latest drops were a desperate attempt for miley and Rihs fanbases. Moreover the navy can see past that try hard garbage. She already got gagas…but she is mistaken if she thinks being Rih inspired will help her stay relevant. When Rihanna drops, nobody will be thinking about Bey. So she can put that partition up and stay jealous.She looks absolutely ridiculous trying to sell s**, with her matronly looking face. No amount of procedures and paint can make her look 20. yall so stuck on album selling….Bey can barely sell the singles within an album tho…point blank. She cannot sell without going vegan, or acting like her and jayz got issues, or without hanging blue ivy from her arms like a rag doll. The dull h** uses propaganda to sell. Rih doesnt have to work so hard. music isnt the only thing selling well for either.

    • kelvin August 22, 2014

      Rih only has to open her flat b****** n bony downstairs cookie for her album to sell…lol

  92. Absolved February 6, 2014

    Idiots. Beyoncé, nor her team, did not add those DC figures into her sales. Whoever wrote this article decided to combine/note them. The article more than explicitly points out what her solo numbers are. I see no official press release from Beyoncé’s camp that adds Destiny’s Child’s numbers to Beyoncé’s solo numbers and ultimately claim the sum of it as all her.

    Try again.

  93. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014

    AngryBird But why is MJ and The J5 sales combined. MJ sales stand @ over 750 million with The J5. Diana sales are with The Supremes. Please tell me why Billboard and others say Diana is the proud owner of 12#1 singles???? B*tch continue to seeeeeeeeeeeth while THE QUEEN DRAGGGGS them poptart b*tches u stan for lmao. ***SIDE NOTE*** Have u purchased Can’t Rember to Purchase You yet????? KIIIII

  94. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014


  95. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014

    Solo THE QUEEN S*** BRICKS on @ AngryBird favs lmaoooooooo. #BREATH B*TCH

  96. B. Hill February 6, 2014

    I find it funny that a Rihanna fan has the audacity to claim that Beyoncé has to do this and that to sell when Rihanna basically has a books worth of gimmicks she uses to get attention and push her material (and distract from that God-awful voice of hers): from constant tacky hairstyle changes to publicly cozying up to the guy who famously whopped her ass to cyber bullying to posting nude images of herself online. And matronly face? Ha. I’ll take Bey’s face over Riri’s Klingon forehead and pig-shaped nose every day of the damn week.

    We cling to album sales because album sales are ultimately more important than single sales. Albums cost $11.99, singles cost $1.29. You tell me which is more impressive to move. DIL is #2 on the charts, bully bully for it…but I wouldn’t take it going to #1 if it meant sacrificing 1/2 the album sales. That’s just stupid. You all cling to single sales, because you know Riri’s album sales are paltry.

    Finally, lol@the claim that Beyoncé’s latest music is “Rihanna”-inspired. No one with talent allows themselves to be inspired by that creature feature. The Navy laughably wants so bad for Riri to get credited for Bey’s new album because they know that Riri could never put out anything that will produce the kind of praise and returns it has.

  97. Vandrea February 6, 2014

    Wait, did someone really just compare Rihanna to Princess Diana? Oh Jehovah, I dun heard it all now…

  98. Navy crazy February 6, 2014

    Rihboy Please tell me on what planet has R**** sold more than Beyonce??? Definitely not Earth! Beyonce is an album seller. R**** is an singles seller. The fact that Beyonce 5 albums has out sold R****’s 7. Explain that R**** is basic as hell and can’t sell albums.

  99. DIGGER BEY February 6, 2014

    The Hoeianna Rihc*nts are a TRAGIC MESS just like her ass lmaoooooooo. I bet some are breaking s*** up n their raggedy homes lmfao. Seeeeeeeth C*nts. THE QUEEN is proving Whoreianna is an Certified Lesser B*tch. 10 million sold with 7 albums, while THE QUEEN sits at 15 million with **HOLD UP HAND* KIIIIIIIIIII

  100. TinaMinaj February 6, 2014

    Oh so Beyonce keeps winning and the usual hating b****** continue to SEETHE? Oh nothing new here then..

    Like it or not Beyonce is doing it big and keeps adding records to her career. Pretty sure she’ll have the highest grossing tour by a black artist ever.

  101. Slayage February 6, 2014

    Girl go to f****** Bed!!!!!!’ Mariah sold 32 million copies of 1 Cd n y’all carrying on about those PITIFUL SALES!!!! The only thing the H** click should do is take their meds leave MC out of the popcorn numbers y’all pulling in!!!!!!! Have a seat don’t pass go don’t collect 200 hundred dollars the b**** is nothing compared to 2 MC

  102. Absolved February 6, 2014

    Go on somewhere with that off topic “Mariah sold…” sh*t. This ain’t 1995. No one cares about yesterday, it’s today that matters. And today if Mariah released a new album, she’d be lucky if it went Gold domestically and sold a million in total.

    BTW, Mariah hasn’t sold 32 million of one CD in the U.S., and that’s what we’re discussing here: U.S. sales.

    Be quiet.

  103. Bey Fan February 6, 2014

    Beyonce keeps winning. And while she hasn’t seen the same album success as Britney …. she is still a pretty solid album seller. I cant hate, what Britney and the pop stars did in the 90 was very impressive. But their success doesn’t take away from Bey.

    Beyonce with little effort this era has proven that sometimes a little less is more. Now I need for her to do some tv appearances and magazine interviews. LOL

  104. ABC February 6, 2014

    Mariah fans are stuck in 1990 lls

  105. DD1G February 6, 2014

    Slayage, that was pathetic. Were you that desperate to join the conversation and to have Mariah be part of it? lol

    Do you not have anyone to talk to?

  106. bey my king February 6, 2014

    preach!!!!!!!! these stan wars are so tired really i m not even a rih rih stan and its pissed me off when some dumb ass try to compare her to beyonce in term of talent … but put that aside folks need to get in thier mind that rih rih had achieved many thing and established her self as a force in the pop industry let her be great they can both slay without being put against each other

  107. Beyond Amazing (Cause Queen Bey really is!) February 6, 2014

    This how a real Queen does it, no gimmicks needed. Can’t speak for the other ginmmicky losers though.

  108. slay_hive February 6, 2014

    *sips wine* while the slayage continues 😀 #KINGBEY

  109. candace February 6, 2014

    Beyonce outsold rih in only usa, but rih outsold bey in ww. She has sold 20 millions albums in only UK.Why compare Bey and rih, we know that bey is bigger in usa, but rih is bigger in the world! bey is a usa star, but rih is the star in uk, france, spain, germany, all over in europe, in asia, in africa . Europe people prefer rih, but usa people prefer bey. The world is not limited to usa, and rih understood that . That’s why she is the smartest between bey and rih. You can laugh at rih in usa, you can tell things in order to destroy rih career, but for people around the world outside usa, rih is more appreciate, her music is very listened. If you have to go in a club in europe, you can listen many rih music in one night. After CB incident, during the Rated R era, we could see the high hate of rih in usa, people going in every blog putting the illuminati thing, the h** thing, people doing a pressed campaign against her album. We, outside usa, are very desapointed by the way you biased rih albums sells. If rih has over 20 millions albums in UK and 10 millions albums in usa, then what about her global sells? Rih totalizes 30 millions in only 2 countrys!Thats why people estimates rih albums sells over 35 millions!

  110. Dezi February 6, 2014

    Beyonce ain’t thinking about none of you ignorant silly ass kissing bytches. Is she paying you for bragging on her accomplishments? EXACTLY. That’s her shyt not yours HOW SILLY! Beyonce would have more respect for someone who does not kiss her ass PERIOD,POINT BLANK.

  111. candace February 6, 2014

    I’am a black woman, and appreciate rih and bey music, i have all their albums. These two beautiful and talented woman are doing things that few black women can do, I admire these two ladies. So I can’t understand the hate of black usa people over rihanna. There is a place in the worl for thes two women. Rih has let the usa for bey, ciara, kelly, katy,miley,… and took place in the rest of the world. These two women didn’t compete because they have not the same public, the same interests, the same orientation. So what is the problem? rihanna doesn’t stole anything to bey, so why is the necesserity to oppose these women, to write in every blog the talentless rihanna thing? Albums sells of rih are great, but not the greatest, but rih is the advantage to be a records seller, and it’s a big addition. Rihanna is in a place she can’t imagine to be years ago, and she’s a winner.

  112. JOHNVIDAL February 6, 2014

    Rihanna 20 million ALBUMS in the UK??????????? LOLOLOL Rihanna has sold around 25-28 million albums WORLDWIDE with 7 albums. Beyonce is a better seller. She´s far from the very best sellers but she murders Rihanna. End of story.

    That´s amazing for someone who has always been pure R&B and pure quality. I thought Beyonce would be surpassing her by now. Congrats to Alicia Keys.

    • facts April 6, 2014

      Rhi has sold more than bey overall ck the total album sales.jlo shakira also have sold more than bey has worldwide…. ck list peep….

  113. Lolz February 6, 2014

    Rihanna fans this is not the post for you.

  114. Dezi February 6, 2014

    @ CANDACE As blacks and that is if you really are black we need to be careful about accusing black people of hating on rihanna and beyonce THAT SHYT IS SIMPLY NOT GONNA FLY. You don’t know who’s hiding behind these avatars so ENOUGH with accusing blacks i’m absolutely sick of the shyt myself.

    It wasn’t blacks who called rihanna a N*GGA BYTCH IN A MAGAZINE — It wasn’t a black woman who called beyonce a W****. That shyt is coming from JEALOUS WHITE PEOPLE BUT BLACKS WITH YOUR MIND-SET ALWAYS FAIL TO POINT THAT OUT. Because you have been brain-washed and conditioned to attack your OWN. Get off the plantation sista and get rid of the s**** mentality. You believe the absolute WORST about yourself and those who look like you DAMN SHAME.

  115. Slay_hive February 6, 2014

    Dezi b**** stfu! We are fans. It’s always a problem when Beyonce fans “stan”. We are not doing anything that any other fanbase doesn’t do!

    Stop being a bitter ass hateful b**** and mind you mf business! 😉

    Beyonce has plenty of respect for her “non ass kissing” HATERs. She even dedicated a song to them #BOWDOWNBITCHES!!!

    This s*** has nothing to do with race. I am black and I don’t like Rihanna. I don’t have to be fake and pretend to like an artists music or character just because of their damn skin color. the b**** is wack to me, and I will voice my opinion.

    It’s always when Beyonce is doing better than rihanna and getting praised more, when the salty WASPS wanna talk race, and “there both black and successful”, “Rihanna slays in her own lane”, ” We should support both black artist” B*******, but when Bey was underperforming. People were quick to shade her without giving two f****

    FOH with the hypocrisy!

  116. Tyler February 6, 2014

    Wtf does race have to do with anything? She doesn’t believe that Rihanna obtains a substantial amount of talent…why should she be entitled to like her?

  117. ROSEGOLD February 6, 2014

    My God, how old are some of you people?

  118. FutureCIARA February 6, 2014


    Now I will continue wishing and hoping for atleast ONE MORE DC ALBUM!!!!!

  119. really tho?? February 6, 2014

    Only 15 million after being solo for 11 years but yet you’ll trying to shade fenty when clearly the shades on bey… Let’s compare her sales to someone more her age and generation you’ll beehive will never do it. Cause a Britney Spears or Christina Aguilar, a gaga or Adele eats bey whole. Its pityful that rihanna at 25 has sold 10.5mil n bey @ 32 only 15 mil, ONLY 15mil for the queen, the legend…only?? But you’ll wanna bash the no talent singles artist. When you the best or wanna be the best one compares to the best… The fact that the hives always compares bey to rih says a lot.

  120. BeyVey February 6, 2014

    It’s not about who sold more totally. It’s about who’s still selling outstanding numbers after almost 20 years in the Game.

    Most artists start their careers as powerhouses (selling over 10 million copies on their debut albums, but then after a couple of years in, their sales start dramatically decreasing.. Artists like Britney Spears, lady gaga and Xtina are perfect examples.. they can’t even see a platinum album anymore). While Beyonce is still selling pretty well after 17 years in the Game! She is CONSISTENT. That proves how timeless her music is.

    Now, when Rihanna stays in the game after 17 years, one child and a husband and is still selling great numbers, then maybe i’ll give her credit. Otherwise, I’m not impressed by her. She does make catchy clubby music, but they’re not timeless.

    Who’s the baddest chick In the Game? BEYONCE.
    Who’s the voice of this Generation? Beyonce
    Who’s the best performer of this generation? BEYONCE.

  121. BeyVey February 6, 2014

    Anyways, here’s my top 10 best female vocalists of the past 2 decades:

    1. Whitney King Houston
    2. Mariah Carey (Although she’s irrelevant now, and her voice is dead)
    3.Celine Dion
    4. Beyonce (The queen of vibrato and riffs)
    5. Aretha Franklin
    6. Patti Labelle
    7. Adele
    8. Brandy (The queen of runs)
    9 Toni Braxton
    10. Xtina

    *This is just based on my opinion and some top 10 best female singers lists on the net. Don’t attack me.*

  122. I’m that chick you like!!! February 6, 2014

    Mariah sold 50 million in total records in the 2000s decade alone and 63 million records on the US she just behind babara and Madonna #dontstart she didn’t sell 32 million in the US with one cd she only sold 9/10 million with her first third and fourth studio album and I love how Mariah gets into everything when she’s not mentioned at all!!! Mariah is a good overall worldwide seller. good for beyonce I guess after 10 years of being solo.

  123. ROC.NATIONALE February 6, 2014


  124. Rihboy February 6, 2014

    How are we stuck on numbers when the hive throw. album sales daily…b**** yall stuck on numbers too. So all you dumb f**** can be seated next to Beyd album sales. like dude said above compare her to brit or chris she is flopping. Rih came in the game later and has more number 1 singles tho. Your fave is a pathetic self centered miserable wench. Smiling with no reason to smile. She is unoriginal and close to her menopausal stage.

  125. tHEoNEandOnlyDC February 6, 2014

    And Beyonce didn’t? She had to compete with other female groups (TLC, SWV, Esape, Blaque, etc.) and DC still triumphed respectfully. Then she had to get the audience acquainted to only seeing her, without her fellow bandmates. The work she put into the group, as well as her solo career needs to be recognized. I kills me when people tries to ignore the hard work that went into Destiny’s Child and try to scale Bey only on her solo career. DC was 8+ years of her career and should be accounted for. That’s like someone ignoring the ladders you climbed to get a PHD or to get to a CEO position at a corporate office. SMH

  126. h2o February 7, 2014

    So, 32 million albums in the US alone.


  127. EMPRESS WHITNEY February 9, 2014


  128. mya February 9, 2014

    I don’t know why you all keep calling ‘BEYONCE’ album R&B when it’s not. Learn your genres it’s pop/electro-r&b there’s a lot of sounds on Beyonce’s album. An R&B album is K. Michelle or Tamar’s album.

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