‘Say Something’: Christina Aguilera Rises On UK Radio

Published: Thursday 13th Feb 2014 by David

If the prayers of her fans are answered, 2014 will bring with it a brand new album from Christina Aguilera.

Fortunately, her recent duet with Epic’s ‘A Great Big World’ has now made the uphill journey back to ‘mega-seller city’ a little easier this year, as their collaborative number now heads to ‘smash’ status in the United Kingdom!

Details below…

Released on November 4th 2013, ‘Say Something‘ has now been certified Double Platinum in the US for sales of over 2 million units, helped in great part by Christina’s heartfelt contribution to it.

This week, the number floats towards British chart glory as it works its way up the ‘UK Radio Airplay Chart‘, thanks to the number of spins it scored in the nation in the last seven days.

Indeed, after spending last week at #44, the song moved 28 spaces up to #16 on the chart, giving it no choice but to reach a sizeable audience, and reintroduce Christina to British music lovers, who have purchased 9,422 copies of her latest LP ‘Lotus‘ since November 9th 2012!

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  1. Queen of shade February 13, 2014

    DIVA!!! i love her shes gonna make a comeback this year i know it!! i cant wait to hear hew next album and new image! shes a great artist that always reinvents herself takes risk regardless if it works or not i honestly love bionic and lotus but i cant wait for a more a raw honest album a la stripped or back to basics and showcased those amazing vocals!!! because with a voice like hers she would never be a has been NEVER! #2014 the year of Christina!!!

  2. h2o February 13, 2014

    She could smash really hard next era. She’s effortlessly overtaken MooRIP, Knee and will soon overtake a certain generic, non-improving, non-versatile, prenatally-approved D!nk.

    I’m rooting, go Legend X.

  3. RED February 13, 2014

    the ugly witch is back xD

  4. ASBEENISH February 13, 2014

    Sam make a post about ‘Can’t remember this song’ dropping out of the Billboard Top 20

  5. christinastherealtalent February 13, 2014

    I am so happy for her. What I still don’t understand is how it’s not #1 in the US yet? It keeps dropping and rising and returning to its #4 peak position? Somebody has to be paying billboard to keep her from scoring that #1.

  6. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) February 13, 2014


  7. ADAM February 13, 2014

    floptina flopelera is a loser, Queen Bey is better.

  8. Mike February 13, 2014

    It doesn’t seem she wants to smash

    She could’ve performed this song way more times to shoot it to #1 (as it goes back to #1 on Itunes everytime she performed it with AGBW), but only chose to perform it twice. AGBW have been going on all the talk-shows performing it without her, and even more ironically in Los Angeles which is right where she lives.

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