New Video: Jason Derulo – ‘Stupid Love’

Published: Tuesday 4th Feb 2014 by Sam

Jason Derulo may be dancing his way up the US charts with the 2 Chainz collaboration ‘Talk Dirty’, yet the singer is wasting no time lighting a match under its follow-up ‘Stupid Love’.

The 24-year-old unwrapped the video for the track, which serves as the latest to be lifted from his ‘Tattoos’ project, today.

Watch Jason in action below…

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  1. Super Cisus February 4, 2014


  2. mara February 4, 2014

    Great song

  3. tellmeaboutit February 4, 2014

    LOL says the person who fav just gained momentum back after two of her album flopped miserably chile sit down with that

  4. Molly February 4, 2014

    His songs this era suck only song i liked is other side, marry me was corny talk dirty is annoying. Come harder boo.

  5. Super Cisus February 4, 2014

    My fav has platinum albums and a Grammy. What the f*** does Jason have other than Jordan Sparks kii

  6. Molly February 4, 2014

    @Tellmeboutit uhm does Jason have multi platinum albums?

  7. Molly February 4, 2014

    Lmao. @SuperCisus his little fans better fall back.

  8. who is ciara? February 4, 2014

    The cierror stans are like cancer on this site. they are the reason cierror gets drag. talking about a grammy and platinum album from ten f***** years ago. what a joke

  9. who is ciara? February 4, 2014

    jason derulo has a recent #1 in U.K. what does ciara have. nobody even mentions body party anymore

  10. Christian Pop Expert February 4, 2014

    Personally, I have no interest whatsoever in this person’s mediocre music. Like many other acts of today, he may have a couple of catchy songs thanks to writers and producers, but he totally lacks appeal… No personality that can be noticed. Auto-tuned vocals. And not to mention those totally played out, Michael Jackson imitation dance moves that just look ridiculous! So tired of seeing that crap…

  11. Molly February 4, 2014

    You b****** can’t take the C squad thats what it is we are the top b****** on this site.

  12. Pour It Up February 4, 2014


  13. Christian Pop Expert February 4, 2014

    It seems clear the industry has been promoting mostly female pop artists since the turn of the century, save Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, who are the poster children for what? Multiple arrests!? My point is that it would be nice to see a male artist reach the heights that several female pop stars have in recent years… Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga are all superstars. Where are the male counterparts? There are Bruno, Usher, and Justin Timberlake. However, Usher and JT are 90s relics to be extreme. And Bruno Mars is much more a true artist and musician (rock star) than a dancing, headset wearing pop star.. So where are the boys? I guess femininity is the dominate force these days.

  14. Molly February 4, 2014

    @PourItUp laughing at can’t remember to purchase yous chart position?

  15. CIARA ARMY STAN February 4, 2014

    y’all don’t want this fire from the C Squad!

    Jason is a great talent though. Let him live lol.

  16. Jason De(Breezy Wanna-B)Rulo February 4, 2014

    stupid song. stupid vid. stupid choreo and stupid performer.. everything about this is just stupid! go away Jason, no one has time for a fake ass Breezy that can’t even sing/dance/drop hits!

  17. LOL February 4, 2014

    I think the Hive are the top b******, then the Navy.. z-sqaud isn’t taken serious enough sorry

  18. Pour It Up February 4, 2014

    No the fact ‘Ciara’ still hasn’t sold 200k.

  19. Pour It Up February 4, 2014

    How can C Squad be top b******. Mock b****** more like. Yall can’t get your coins together to support your fave. Or maybe you’re just becoming extinct like her career.

  20. LOL February 4, 2014

    the fact that her last 3 albums combined havent sold 500k. so pathetic and they try to drag

  21. Lovebird February 4, 2014

    He’s a FLOP.

    HIVs, pay attention, this is a real singles artist.

  22. Lovebird February 4, 2014

    Meanwhile Beyonce is plotting how she’s going to open her legs for the cameras for her next performance.

    Did you see the TMZ post about Beyonce exposing her boob? Filthy woman.

  23. Molly (HBIC) February 4, 2014

    @Lol the fact that Beyonce stays lip syncing is pathetic.

    @PourItUp The navy is the one going extinct did they jump ship for Katy perry? lol i ain’t mad at em

    Like i said C squad are the top b****** on this site we keep you h*** bothered.

  24. Molly (HBIC) February 4, 2014

    @Lol you stan for a lip syncing prostitute who got upstaged by Bruno mars.

  25. Molly (HBIC) February 4, 2014

    You h*** LIVE for the C Squads attention.

  26. Pour It Up February 4, 2014

    How is the Navy going extinct? If the Navy is going extinct to you what does that make Flop Squad? Pre-Historic?

  27. Pour It Up February 4, 2014

    C Squad should be giving their favs album some attention though.

  28. Molly (HBIC) February 4, 2014

    C Squad has more impact on this site then the G****.

  29. Pour It Up February 4, 2014

    Too bad they don’t have impact on their favs career

  30. Molly (HBIC) February 4, 2014

    Same can be said about the g**** lets see where were yall when Right now, What now and can’t remember to forget you flopped? Yall can keep clinging to Eminem for Rihannas relevancy.

  31. Pretty_ty February 4, 2014

    This song is whack as f*** and sounds like 2003. He sucks!!!

  32. Pour It Up February 4, 2014

    Right Now charted higher than I’m Out (of the charts) and is certified Gold in Australia.

    What Now charted higher than Floppy Party with practically no promo compared to the so called biggest R&B hit of the year

    Can’t remember to forget you already has more views than all Ciflops latest videos combined

    What are the C Squad doing as fans besides claiming impact on TGJ?

  33. Pour It Up February 4, 2014

    Clinging to Eminems hit the same way you cling to Missy Elliots Grammy?

  34. Christian Pop Expert February 4, 2014

    Lovebird’s comments are always so negative and hateful. He/she is not the only one by any means but just saying. Like. Why so hateful?

  35. FAF February 4, 2014

    This sounds very dated, very 2000-ish Justin Timberlake

  36. JDEK February 4, 2014


  37. Mark111 February 4, 2014

    The Ciara non supportive fans think they finally got the ups on someone. She only has ONE multi platinum (10 years ago), but at least Jason has a top ten hit! When the last time Ciara had one of those?

  38. Yonce February 4, 2014

    Well… I actually like the song. Great message behind it. But the recycled dances moves were unnecessary, considering he does the same thing in every video. P.S Can we ever discuss the artist that’s being presented? Rather than bringing other people into every post. This is about Jason only!

  39. Casual February 5, 2014

    In the next 2-3 weeks, JD will hit #1 with Talk Dirty. Why spoil the moment with this?

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