Watch: Lady Gaga Wails ‘Artpop’ On ‘Tonight Show’

Published: Wednesday 19th Feb 2014 by Rashad

‘Venus’ vixen Lady Gaga brought and out of this world performance to ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ moments ago.

On hand to deliver a stirring rendition of her latest album’s title track ‘ArtPop’, Gaga’s appearance marks her second stop by the show after surprising last night’s audience with a guest appearance for Fallon’s inauguration.

Stirring rumors that the ballad is to be the album’s next single, tuck in below to see the songstress wow onlookers like only she can:

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  1. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** February 19, 2014

    YASS GAGA YASS~ YOUR FAVS COULD NEVER! and death at sam! ‘wail’ o ok

  2. Yea ok February 19, 2014

    I was really Into gags when she came out up until the fame monster. I checked out when born this way came and everything after. It all just seems so contrived. I really do believe she has it in her to come back with a great era in the future cuz she def is talented. But baby this ain’t it. I applaud her tho she won’t let artpop die.

    I hate her back up dancers they are über g a y she needs to let that go. I was like this was decent performance but alas at th very end here they come shimmying onto the stage. Ugh.

    That wig was everything tho! I think she tripped on it a little coming down them stairs tho.

  3. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me February 19, 2014

    Totally confused – what is the point of performing this song? This surely isn’t her next single… Gaga hang up this era as quickly as your wigs and get in the studio and come out with some music and a look that are relatable because that performance prompted a whopping ZERO people to buy the song/album.

  4. KINGB February 19, 2014

    That was ……… GREAT!

  5. Molly February 19, 2014

    Why am i not surprised to see an Icki stan clinging to Gags saggy puss.


  6. Molly February 19, 2014

    @CheckYourLipstick Your avi is everything mama >

  7. My Forehead Tho February 19, 2014

    Never been a fan of Gaga’s, but at least I could always say she was a decent performer. I can’t even say that now.

  8. h2o February 19, 2014

    A platinum certification is like a dream to Daddy GayGay and hir Little Blowjobs nowadays ..

    Poor zat

  9. Molly February 19, 2014

    Im so confused. @H20 you used to stan for Gaga why did you jump ship?

  10. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT February 19, 2014

    I can’t with the citranny stan! some nerve! Bytch! you have been clinging to hagriah for awhile haven’t you? and the nerve you have calling others tired.. #57k

  11. h2o February 19, 2014

    @ Molly

    I’m a flipflopper..

  12. iconic cici February 19, 2014

    I like this song not a strong single tho.

  13. iconic cici February 19, 2014

    @MyForehead well atleast Gaga always sings live unlike Fraudyonce.

  14. iconic cici February 19, 2014

    57k? is that how much nicki i mean roman paid to get his dickk removed.

  15. Marcus February 19, 2014

    This Was My First Time Hearing This Song “Artpop” & I’m Impressed With This Performance!

    She Did That Forreal.

    Let Me Go Watch It Again. 🙂

  16. iconic cici February 19, 2014

    Maybe Garbaj spent 57k on a s** change nose job and donkey teeth.

  17. iconic cici February 19, 2014

    @H20 no one likes a fake bitchh

  18. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT February 19, 2014

    death @iconicflop bytch everyone knows ciara got a nose job ( and who knows what else) not only that we all know she is a man! the bytch is a f****** t*****! so you can keep these petty surgery nonsense cuz you sound like a hypocrite.

  19. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT February 19, 2014

    is ‘cierror’ brass? copper?

  20. h2o February 19, 2014

    @ Iconic CENA

    No one knows the chemical formula to water either apparently.

  21. rih’s birthday cake February 19, 2014

    omg that was a great performance gaga never fails to impress with her live performances

  22. Navy Nick February 19, 2014

    This song is great, she did good (as always); I am gay, and I have to agree, her gay dancers just do too much for me, u dont need all that extra…., I LOVE GAGA, idk whats next, but I dont want her to fall off, she is amazing.

  23. BEYHIVE_MINAJ February 19, 2014

    Great performance,but at this point Gaga basically looks like the joke of the industry. Let this era go honey. Go to the studio,recreate the Fame era,and come back and shut the haters down like your friend Bey. I really want her to get back on her game.

  24. Mark111 February 19, 2014

    Ok I see Gaga, but where are her stans? lol! When I say the people are over her. I called it, the crazy outfits are out of style and this girls is as lost as ever because she depended so much on it, even Nickie ditched it. Like a brown paper bag, America has tossed this trash.

  25. beyonce f***** barak obama February 19, 2014

    Do what u want was her only shot this era, this mess aint gonna do s*** for her flop ass.

  26. beyonce f***** barak obama February 19, 2014

    @behaive_minaj i agree

  27. True Talent (Formerly Lil Mo’s fake stan) Stan and Trey Burke’s husband (Kendricks d*** game wasnt on point, so I divorced that a**)) February 19, 2014

    Good single choice. Mary Jane Holland should be next followed by s** dreams. Then, s new album should be thought about. Artpop still has lifelines, but not many more.

  28. JOHNVIDAL February 19, 2014

    She is SO DAMN GOOD!
    True musician and good performer. Artpop keeps being a great album no matter what trends want to impose. Can´t believe how people are so influenced by media and blogs. There´s a person in this comment section saying he or she never heard this song but he or she likes it. No shade, but why didn´t you know about it? because it was cool to say Artpop is crap and Gaga is a flop so you didn´t check it by your own and form an opinion? You should know better.
    And to the few haters in this post: this post is about a performance (a really good one). Why are you talking about Artpop´s chart run? You willalways hate no matter what. It doesn´t matter if the music is good or the artist sells a million copies in no time. You are just prepared to hate. Sad lives.

  29. SLAYSURFAV February 19, 2014

    and your a f****** dumbass if you think this isn’t the next single

  30. SLAYSURFAV February 19, 2014

    @iconiccici no b**** you know that’s how many copies Ciara wack ass sold gagas lowest selling album sold 269k a Ciara stan should be silent when album sales and certifications are brought up you b****** so mad that ARTPOP slayed all yall favs album except beyonces!

  31. SLAYSURFAV February 19, 2014

    the shade will be that lady gaga will still be plugging artpop for it to be such a flop album it sure has longevity

  32. The truth hurts February 19, 2014

    Death at this performance making no significant impact on itunes.

  33. Himeros February 19, 2014

    Long live the queen!
    Nobody owns a promo quite like her

  34. hi February 19, 2014

    How do I change my icon

  35. Marley February 19, 2014

    The struggle

  36. pat February 19, 2014


  37. metzo February 19, 2014

    Loll she better promote

  38. IStanForYourFav February 19, 2014

    Smh at all these queens hatred. She did that. And I finally listened to the record and enjoyed it. It’s not The Fame /Monster but it is better than Born This Way imo. Either way it go, she’s gold, and her live performances are still on point. Hate all you want, but not since Madonna & Britney has a pop star made such an impact on music. Ever since Gaga mainstream debut she has tore up charts, sold millions, loved the Gays, started an orginaztion to prevent bullying and s****** (RIP to those victims and may God bless those families), and changed the way you hear the radio. Gaga debuted right when R&B was slipping away. Her debut has sold way over 11+ million with the likes of B, MC, WH, Britney, Madonna, and other Queens. Stop the shade, because Gaga is talented. Yes she uses gimmicks, but please name one entertainer who doesn’t. The marketing is off for this record (R. Kelly should only be a producer, not singing. The album came out a year too late. The record company didn’t put out the right singles. The record company overexposed her to sell BTW when they should’ve pulled out last era to make this era a comeback [a Rated R to Loud transition] & Gaga should blame herself) but I think she can pull platinum by 2015. No shade. I still have my ticket and I’m excited. See you soon Gaga. Please wear that wig!!!

  39. PRINCE MACHIAVEL February 19, 2014

    “Gaga need to go away, People are tired of her, people don’t care anymore…” Yet You Never Miss Her Post With The Same Tired And Repetitive Comments, Pathetic Losers SMFH!!

    Lady G Was Perfect, God I Love Her!!!!!

  40. Sandra February 19, 2014

    ARTPOP has longevity? lol it is out of the Billboard 200 and it sold 1,2000 copies this week, lol.

  41. Sandra February 19, 2014

    Why is she singing this irrelevant flop song when she supposedly has a new single out any day now? Isn’t the new single G.U.Y? So why isn’t she singing that song?? BTW, BORING PERFORMANCE, And she was lip syncing.

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