Weigh In: Justin Bieber Downplays Usher Endorsement?

Published: Tuesday 11th Mar 2014 by David

Is Justin Bieber rubbishing the role R&B singer Usher plays in his career?

Unfortunately for the ‘Confessions’ singer, the answer to that question is…’Yeah.’ For, after seeing his bodyguard accused of attacking a photographer last year, last week saw him arrive at his deposition where he quizzed on the matter.

It was there, perhaps to the horror of the pair’s mutual mentor LA Reid, did a ‘camera-aware’ Bieber showcase a side of his personality Olivia Pope herself would be hard pressed to tidy.

Why? Watch him mock, sneer and insult his way through the deposition below…

Putting his Marky Mark impersonation aside, we can’t but feel a little saddened by the above.

For, one would have hoped the strongest release of his career (‘Journals‘) would have been accompanied with a drama-free era that would have seen push R&B back into the zeitgeist, and give himself a unique point of difference when placed next the One Direction‘s of the world.

Alas, the last year has been anything but an enjoyable ride, and now- after intentionally throwing the ‘Usher discovered me‘ narrative into disrepute, we’d say it’d take a lot more than a carefully worded press release to convince fans that he did otherwise!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Newton March 11, 2014

    I normally don’t rejoice in other people’s downfalls and public embarassments but this is absolutely hilarious! Talk about money and fame changing someone into an unaware douchebag overnight?! Hope his fans see this and he can take several seats for awhile, he doesn’t deserve what he has right now.
    That being said, why the hell was the lawyer asking him all of those random questions in a deposition regarding his bodyguard?! Usher, Selena Gomez, etc have nothing to do with it! I can definitely see why Justin was pissed…

  2. Lil Wayne March 11, 2014

    It’s alright cause we all know this little b**** ain’t going to be around in 3 years.

  3. Ciarastan March 11, 2014

    Usher didn’t discover him & isn’t doing a damn thing for his career, they attached usher for hype, even Ne-yo will tell you Justin had already been discovered way before usher came into the picture, he’s telling the truth.

  4. Truth Tea March 11, 2014

    This is silly, he wasn’t trying to down play Usher, he just didn’t want to involve him in the questioning . I don’t like Justin Bieber but I’m a fair person and this Laywer was acting more like a journalist, who was hoping for a celebrity case where he could involve other famous people, there was no reason for this guy to be asking him about Usher and Selena Gomez at all, they had nothing to do with his case whatsoever! I think
    Justin’s answers were more to not mention Usher at all rather than play him down, he literally got up and walked out when asked about Selena Gomez.

  5. taqueria arandas March 11, 2014

    “I was DETRIMENTAL to my own career” if that aint the most truthful Freudian slip ever… This dude needs a major reality check. But he’s white so he’ll be allowed to resume his career after goin to hide out for a while… WHAT A A**

  6. Tisha March 11, 2014

    Listening to this little boy speak I was amazed by how damn dumb he is.

    “I was detrimental to my own career”
    “This is like a 16 minutes interview”

    You could look at him and see he didn’t even realize he was getting the context wrong, he really f****** thinks instrumental and detrimental are the same thing. Smh.

    If I was Usher I’d be happy as hell, no one believes this kid won’t crash and burn, now Justin has pretty much given Usher the ability to distance himself like he had nothing to do with this lesbian looking wanna-be thug.

  7. Gregg March 11, 2014

    I am team Bieber on this one. This was a deposition and the line of questioning had nothing to do with the case and seemed more like an exclusive interview rather than a deposition for an impending court case. I would have been been annoyed as well and probably had the attitude that he had, which in my mind was justified.

  8. xedos March 11, 2014

    I support Justine . this deposition was stupid. this suppose to be about his bodyguard assault a paparazzi. the question have nothing to do with that. what Selena had to do with the assault she was not their.Usher was not their either. Usher did not discover him. their was a his manager did their was a bid between Usher and Justine Timberlake to sign him.

  9. XtinaTheDiva March 11, 2014

    What an asshole!!!

  10. Mr. CEE March 11, 2014

    Deposition or not, this is sad to watch. Someone so young and talented being completely rude, entitled and disrespectful and no one there correcting him. I’m angry now just after watching this. My hope is that his career TANKS! It wil serve him right. Better yet, just deport his ‘lil a$$.

  11. coolness March 11, 2014

    I saw his deposition yesterday and although it was somewhat funny to see him act all nonchalant (remember “I don’t recall”, lol), it was cringeworthy and sad to see this young man go through the most with the media. Something is obvously wrong somewhere and it needs to be fixed – FAST! As someone who doesn’t care for Bieber – I am a fan of his mentor instead – I really don’t believe he was trying to diss Usher because I think he was irritated by the obviously dumb question. Then again, he should have just answered straight up. It’s the truth, Usher didn’t ‘discover’ him. That was his manager Scooter Braun. All Usher did was provide the launching pad for his career, mentor him and introduce him to the world. That being said, I really don’t know what Usher and Selena Gomez had to do with a deposition that involves the case of JB’s bodyguard assaulting a paparazzi photographer. It seemed pointless and hell and I’d be pissed off to. I wonder if the ‘lawyer’ wanted to turn it into a tabloid post or actually try to find a link between the influence Usher(and maybe Selena) have on his career and thus, bring them in for questioning. However, his OWN lawyer should have prepped him for this and Justin should have tried not be so smug as he knew the camera was on him (winking ans all) because the viral headlines (like this blog for example) are going to ride on the notion that Justin ‘dissed’ his mentor. Of course, the Belibers have run to his defence (albeit somewhat blindly) and are now quick to deny Usher’s influence in JB’s career but like Justin himself said, “I was detrimental to my own career.” If the cap fits, wear it.

  12. Jay Scorpio Navy General March 11, 2014

    Hmmmm… It seems like the love affair is over lol… Justine needs to return to Canada an never show dat Ellen wannabe face again in the USA!

  13. Belladonna March 11, 2014

    Why think because he now does R&B & Hip Hop & moving to ATL he would get better? When a young white boy says he wants to be more Urban he’s not thinking Run DMC he’s Thinking LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA! When will people learn that as much as Urban Music can be Amazing it has a nagative image to 90% of people & most of the artist who make it are Closed minded & show there a*s every chance they get. And since Hip Hop Music has replaced Rock Music as the Music of Choice for todays Teen Straight Boys. ……………..Until Hip Hop & R&B Images become the (Pherrll’s & Macklemores) of the world this is what’s going to happen – Stupidity – Ignorance & Poor Judgment.

  14. SLAYAGE March 11, 2014

    All of you dickheads need to leave JB alone. He was not shaded anyone but this so called ‘lawyer’ who was f****** harrasing him! So many irrelevant questions towards the case.



  15. Cap March 12, 2014

    He was playing it cagey because it was a deposition. He was thwarting their questions which were all attempts at leading back to security guards, connections and relationships. Any idiot could see that. He was not throwing shade at Usher or anyone. Stop turning everything into shade. What is this site becoming…. mediatakeout?

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