Official: Cheryl Cole Returns To ‘The X Factor’

Published: Monday 10th Mar 2014 by Sam

It looks like someone has an album to promote.

For, despite vowing never to come back, Cheryl Cole‘s return to The X Factor UK has been confirmed.

Details after the jump…

Creator and judge Simon Cowell ended months of speculation tonight on Twitter, writing…



Inevitably, Cole’s comeback will be billed as a triumphant return “home”, however ploughing through the smoke and mirrors reveals an altogether different story.

Indeed, for us, it’s a narrative defined by the reality that she all but had no choice but to return to the ITV show. After all, her planned American takeover was axed quicker than you could say lip-synch. Remember, she was shown the door on the US version of the show (just two days into auditions). What’s more, her music sales on home soil sans the X Factor machine have been so-so at best.

So what better way to resuscitate her fortunes than the tried and tested seat at the judges panel? It’s a smart move and one that should keep her star burning bright (no matter how artificially) – despite having a voice that’s thinner than A4 paper.

Cue an album campaign with two singles max, one mimed “live” performance, and press propaganda aplenty. She’s back. She’s Cheryl.

Your thoughts?

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  1. QUEEN OF BUYING GRAMMYS March 10, 2014

    Fix factor, no one cares about a woman with no talent judging talent..

  2. Lovebird March 10, 2014

    Lol, really who cares? And Kelly is still jobless.

  3. NT March 10, 2014

    So does this mean that we should be expecting her 3rd studio album? I actually liked seeing her on the X-factor she’s a very pretty lady and she has some form of stardom.

  4. Tasha March 10, 2014

    But she cannot sing.

  5. Tom March 10, 2014

    I’m not fan of Cheryl’s but the truth is the show needs her just as bad as she needs the show, Nicole & Kellys seasons flopped and her last so so selling album still produced a single that became the fastest selling song of the year? Kelly and Nicole could never 😉 ….

  6. FutureCIARA March 10, 2014


    And honestly, Since the show has been axed in USA…

    NOBODY GIVES A F****!!!!!

  7. The Queen of R&B March 10, 2014

    No you should not be talking because kelly replaced your fave because nobody liked her but kelly up with Brittany vocally Kelly wins and kelly was voted people favorite judge on the show so have several!!!!

  8. Hiro March 10, 2014

    Whose Kelly?

  9. angela wesley March 10, 2014

    Yea, Britney was the Big super star who was paid
    millions of dollars and was suppose to be superior
    to as far as talent , and marketable but it didn’t
    work. Kelly had the whole package. She had talent,
    and the looks and the personality for the show.
    That is why the rating improved substantially.
    I stop watching the UX version when Kelly

  10. The Real Truth Tea March 10, 2014

    Im only here for Cheryl if Dannii Minogue us back also, that line of Dannii, Louie, Cheryl and Simon was gold and they way Dannii and Cheryl were cool with each other but always trying to out do each other with the outfits (with Dannii always winning( was TV Gold, Cheryl on her own will not cut it, yes she now’s how to pick talent but she is not as entertaining with out the female to female banter which is why she was axed from the USA show, bring back Dannii Minogue and i’m here for this!

  11. CARMEN March 11, 2014

    wtf is up with the putting down of Cheryl????? ur beloved Ciara has an equally paper thin voice. have several seats sam. Cheryl still makes more money than ur hating ass

  12. sleazy March 11, 2014

    She is a performer and shenperforms great!!!
    @Carmen ciara sings live and sounds great she knows how to command a stage that bish slays

  13. Supreme March 11, 2014

    I was really upset when they fired her from US X Factor. I really like her and I felt she had a lot of potential to start a music career here

  14. Joey March 11, 2014

    Dis b****! Cha!

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