‘Partition’: Beyonce ‘Monica Lewinsky’s All Over Billboard Hot 100

Published: Thursday 6th Mar 2014 by David


Guess who’s got another smash on her hands?

That’s right, in giving her rivals even more cause to sweat and fret, Beyonce has seen her latest single surf to the Billboard Hot 100’s Top 40, flying the flag for Urban music once again!

Details below…


Since its release on February 25th, ‘Partition’s official video has pulled in 28,617,092 views on VEVO alone, pushing the jam to #23 on the Hot 100, following the Top Ten glory of ‘Drunk in Love.’

Currently outperforming its Pop sister ‘XO’, Partition‘s speedy rise to the top marks the latest win for the entertainer, whose latest self-titled LP now heads towards sales of 3 million units!

So, let us know…

Could the single reach #1?

Weigh in below!

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  1. Lovebird March 6, 2014

    So only #23? What Body Party wannabe hit mess is this?

    This “smash” is about as delusional as Stephy thinking he still has any walls left.

  2. Lovebird March 6, 2014

    And I see still no #1 hit from Beyonce.

  3. Lovebird March 6, 2014

    And it’s #53 on itunes so this is entirely based on views. Nice try Bey.

  4. Ken March 6, 2014

    If she performs this on a huge award show it should go number one.

  5. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    Hey @ Angrybird……1.8 MILLION! When was the last time R**** had an album to sell this much?????? #TAKE YOUR TIME

  6. Lovebird March 6, 2014

    Digger Bey

    Stay on topic you ratchet ass ill-educated welfare piece of trash. When was the last time Beyonce had a hit?

  7. Alessandro March 6, 2014

    get a life man! u so boring LMAO

  8. Lovebird March 6, 2014

    I hear they call Stephy The grand canyon; his b**** so wide he can sit on a light pole and not feel a thing.

  9. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    THE QUEEN IS WINNING!!!!! I LUV IT! DIL still in the top 10. PARTITION heading for the top 10. Jumped 74 SPOTS LMFAOOOOO. BEYONCE IS NEAR 2X PLATINUM!!!!!!! While she’s currently on one of the highest grossing tours ever! I predict a gross of 258 Million! #REIGNING #REIGNING #REIGNING ON THE LESSER H***

  10. truthtea March 6, 2014

    It’s gone to #23 because of its video views. Where is it on iTunes?

    Now I get it, this site loves BeyBonic and will make every post about her regardless if its about her or not, but the way they fan out is just sick.

  11. ALTESSE GRACE March 6, 2014

    huum BEY is so horny ,yeah she wants to f***

  12. ( TEAM CHARDONNAY ) March 6, 2014




  13. RoyalKev March 6, 2014

    Well deserved King B!
    The monster hits on this album …

    All need to be top 10/#1!

  14. Brandy loves Beyonce March 6, 2014

    ^^^Fake brandy stan. hi love bird

  15. RoyalKev March 6, 2014

    Jealous deserves some attention too!

  16. KangBey March 6, 2014

    Beyonce’ continues to make this era a memorable. Her album has been very successful thus far, not to mention, “Drunk in Love” reached the #2 spot on BB which is a huge feat for an urban song nowadays. Beyonce’ is no longer a quick lil’ singles artist like many of her contemporaries, but she is a brand now. Give props where props are due haters.

  17. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) March 6, 2014

    Queen Rihanna’s flop “What Now” just went platinum!

    Blu Ivy is camel s***!

  18. LOL March 6, 2014




  19. ( TEAM CHARDONNAY ) March 6, 2014


  20. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    Lmfaoooo I guess @AngryBird is mad at me lmfao. You got personal and still didnt answer the question lmaooooooo

  21. Navy Commander March 6, 2014

    Congrats B

  22. Bey-Minaj March 6, 2014

    Jealous will go #1 when it hits first week. I hope she releases it as a single. Partition slays too.

  23. fatusankoh March 6, 2014

    Good for queen bey hard work and talente pay off hatters have norting on our bey fellow beehive lets continue our ever lasting love and support for our bey don’t let this hatters get to us thanks Sam for posting

  24. KREESHA TURNER STAN March 6, 2014

    This is so random but don’t you think Toni Braxton would of sound great singing this “Partition” song?

  25. Suicide Blonde March 6, 2014

    Not a fan of the song but she is doing her thing, XO should have been #1 tho. The song is so fresh.

    Sam, where is the post video for Wisin’s Adrenalina feat. Ricky Martin & J.Lo.

    Grand Canyon, really, Lmao!

  26. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    THE QUEEN is that TOP B*TCH and the Lesser Pack stans blood is boiling lmmfao. @ AngryBird got so pissed at me, he called me all kinds of names lmaoooooooooo #SEEEEEEEEEEEETH

  27. Customer Service March 6, 2014

    So, let us know…Could the single reach #1?

    NO! but she is doing really good with these urban singles… so more power to her, but i see/hear No number ones on the Hot 100 to be honest.

    Flawless Ft. M.I.A. next single, now that would be HOTTT although i know ppl were hoping for a Feature with Rih for Flawless

  28. Unbiased March 6, 2014

    I can’t at some of these stans trying to say”It’s only because of Youtube streams”. Most of your favorite artists wouldn’t have number 1’s if it wasn’t for streams. You guys are so biased. Also, Partition has been getting great radio updates, and it has only been sent to Urban and Rhythmic. If she performs it, it will definitely go top 10. DIL is certified Platinum. Beyonce is almost 2x after 2 or 3 months. DIL is still top 10 and gaining on Pop radion, I thought she was suppose to freefall out of the top 10? Lol some of you should stop doubting this woman, because sge continues to prove you wrong. She is doing great. Deal. Sam you are nasty for that headline lol

  29. Yea ok March 6, 2014

    It should also be noted that drunk in love is now platinum.

    Haters keep seething. Good day.

  30. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    Hey B*tches, if @Sam has made this into BEYONCE.NET. Then why do u all comeback?????? Ill tell u why. Its because u all luv THE QUEEN just as much as THE HIVE do. #FIND YOUR LIFE

  31. Yoli March 6, 2014

    the navy be sooooo PRESSSSSED. Beyoncé is better, richer, more talented, more beautiful, more creative, more respected and more influential than your fav. GET OVER IT! The receipts don’t lie. The general public doesn’t lie. Blog hits don’t lie. Forbes doesn’t lie. Billboard 200 doesn’t lie. iTunes doesn’t lie. Universal acclaim doesn’t lie. Legends don’t lie. Tour gross doesn’t lie. And the fact that your fav was damn near filing for bankruptcy because she was LOSING money while touring, doesn’t lie.

    Beyoncé reigns supreme just admit it and move on with your life. Even Rihanus’ good friend Katy Perry said Beyoncé is the biggest star in the world. And her boo thang Cara had VIP drooling over her concert a few days ago. They know facts, too bad you don’t.

  32. blablabla March 6, 2014

    … like… Drunk In Love is a hit… are you crazy?

  33. JER March 6, 2014

    “Top 40” isn’t a Hot 100 term, it’s a radio term for the two CHR radio formats, pop and rhythmic. If a song is Top 40, it means it’s in the Top 40 on the radio. Educate yourself, Samantha.

    “Partition” coming for the Top 10

  34. JDE97 March 6, 2014

    Radio adds for this song are INSANE! All it would take is a live performance of this song on some prime time performance show and it would blast into the top 10.

  35. Yolanda March 6, 2014

    Beyonce created an urban album with urban singles. She may not receive a #1 and she knew that going in. I love it. Betta than that pop stuff. She is bringing back RnB!!!! Thanks Bey.

  36. IStanForYourFav March 6, 2014

    So a Brandy stan coming for Beyoncé? Once again a Rihanna stan coming for Beyoncé? This will get ugly. But this is exactly what Samantha needs for trafficking and comments to get those checks. So fight on Queens.

  37. the truff honey March 6, 2014

    SLAYING!!!!!! SHE JUST THE BEST!!!! SEETHE B****** SEETHE!!!! #PopsPussyFurosiouslyToPartition

  38. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 6, 2014

    Slaytition coming for that top 5 hit,YASSSS

  39. Casual March 6, 2014

    There won’t be any #1 singles from this album b/c there CAN’T be. Three million units of this audio-visual compilation sold means an automatic reduction in sales for any future singles and a somewhat muted youtube response, as many fans already own the videos.

    All told, Beyonce sacrificed singles glory for album sales.

  40. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 6, 2014

    “She will never have another hit” Well,DIL went #2, is certified platinum,and is still going on strong in the top 10. An URBAN song. Another prediction failed LOL but keep going anyway.

  41. ( TEAM CHADONNAY ) March 6, 2014


  42. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 6, 2014

    I can imagine her performing this at the VMAs,but they are too far away. She might perform Flawless,since it might probably be released by then due to high demand from fans. I can only imagine the number of bleeding scalps if she performs it LOL

  43. slay_hive March 6, 2014

    Steady making these pressed b****** look STOOPID! kii

    SLAY a bit KANG Bey! YAAAASSSS!!!! 😀

  44. Rob March 6, 2014

    I will give credit when her album sells more than Taylor Swift or Adele and when she gets a #1 single, until then, I don’t see NO KING…

  45. The Boy Toy March 6, 2014

    Chris Brown also scored his first top 15 hit in a minute with “Show Me”

  46. Envi March 6, 2014

    @CASUAL….I didn’t know that album and single sales were mutually exclusive. PLENTY of albums have sold MILLIONS upon MILLIONS, while still spinning off #1 singles. One doesn’t automatically cancel out the other. Beyoncé doesn’t seem that starved for a #1 single; if she were she’d be promoting herself and the songs harder in the media, but as it is she’s been largely distant. You can count the number of high profile appearances she’s made since the release of this album on one hand. Instead she seems more fixated on album sales and tour gross.

  47. Skyfall March 6, 2014

    Gone head Bey, Partition isn’t my favorite song from the album but i’m album shes doing good. Future singles I won’t are

    Pretty Hurts

  48. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    I’m so tired of explaining this logic to the Lesser Pack stans. @LOL….1.8 MILLION n sales are a poptart dreams. Once again, if they don’t score an number one. They will struggle in sales, see Lady Caca ArtFlopppppp. If they score back to back number ones. They will see numbers like this, see Katy Perry Prism. THE QUEEN albums always go platinum without number ones. Most of u stan for the lesser pack. #GET IT

  49. mathew March 6, 2014

    @casual cool logic. but who cares it rakes in more money. 😉

  50. slay_hive March 6, 2014

    LOL When they can’t use their faves they bring up Taylor and Adele! kiii #THESTRUGGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #KANGBEY Coming for a wig near you!!!

  51. Skyfall March 6, 2014

    This honestly is a great year for urban/R&b music.
    We have Dark Horse, Talk Dirty, All Of Me, Drunk In Love in the top 10. While Kid Inks song with Chris Brown “Show Me”, Monster, Royals sit in the top 20

  52. Truth Serum March 6, 2014

    @hatebird the bush b**** bottom…. You’re going to have another melt down like you did when Bey released the album. Calm down fella

  53. Del Bey March 6, 2014

    Wow I’m very surprised by this ascent up the charts, I barely expected any single success this era but wow, Mine & Jealous will make massive smash hits, if released and promoted correctly

  54. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 6, 2014

    @Skyfall Dark Horse isn’t urban,it’s pop. But other than that,I agree with your statement.

  55. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    Yesssssss @ Slay Hive……They always name drop Adele or Taylor lmfaooooo. They know their fav is out of the question so they cling to them b*tches. The Struggle lmfaooooooooooooo

  56. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    Slay Hive……Who’s wig is that THE QUEEN SNATCHED? KIIIIII

  57. Blow March 6, 2014

    * checks BB charts * Oh Hi Drunk in Love
    sit yo tired ass down somewhere ole hating ass bum 🙁

  58. slay_hive March 6, 2014

    @Digger Bey IKR! What they don’t know is no one will know those b****** in 15 years. kii Hopefully Taylor’s teenage fans won’t grow out of her corny childish music and hopefully Adele’s old fans won’t die soon. 😉

  59. slay_hive March 6, 2014

    Digger Bey. I think that’s SLUTanna’s wig! kiii

  60. Blow March 6, 2014

    @ANGRYBIRD ^^^^^

  61. Got Bey snatchin wigs…snatchin wigs March 6, 2014

    Did someone say snatched wig?

  62. ( TEAM CHARDONNAY ) March 6, 2014

    Welp the game comes on every Tuesday 10/9 ….o lord she might steal something off that to…

  63. Manny G. March 6, 2014

    It’s sad how this girl continues to struggle for a #1 record. Her music is that lame.

  64. B. Hill March 6, 2014

    Every time you haters come here making doomsday predictions for Bey, she later contradicts you!

    You said her tour wouldn’t do well, but it’s currently the biggest of the past year.

    You said she was too scared to release, but she did and with no pre-promotion.

    You said she would sell under 200k, she did over 800k.

    You said her next album would flop, but it’s outsold ALL her contemporaries most recent albums.

    You said she wouldn’t have another top 10, but she just scored a #2 hit. Now she’s about to crack the top 20 with a song that came out just last week.

    You said CRTFY would take the attention away from Beyoncé’s album; it hasn’t!


    You’re all really BAD at this sh!t! 😉 PLEASE make some more predictions! You’re good luck in reverse! The more you say she WON’T, she DOES!

  65. Slay_hive March 6, 2014

    With songs like Monster and Timber (LAME) topping the charts. Bey is just fine! Especially when all of her songs make instant impact on pop culture ” UH UH, To the Left, Put a ring on it, Surfboard, Watermelon, I been Drankin” 😀

    When she get this #1 I wonder what the heaux will come up with then?…………. She paid for it! DUH! LOOOOL


  66. Absolved March 6, 2014

    You know when she does get another #1 hit, they’ll just say “look how long it took…” or “she still doesn’t have as many as…” The desperation of people who are too stupid/stubborn to admit when they were wrong and have been defeated.

  67. Skyfall March 6, 2014


    Adele has a huge fan base ranging from pre-teens to the elderly, her and her music appeals to everyone. Taylor on the other hand…. Music is very basic but like Adele she appeals to a wider audience then her peers which is to why she can easily sell over 1 mill first week and go on to be 4x plat in the USA as to her peers barley scraps platinum or can get a #1. but yes her music is the most forgettable

  68. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    Slay Hive….I thought so. I hope THE QUEEN washed her hands thoroughly!!!! Its NO telling who’s c*m was on that wig KIIIIII

  69. common sense March 6, 2014

    How the f*** drunk in love not a hit!!!!!!!!! Drunk in love went to #2 billboard 100 #1millionn everything else..Beyonce even have my MoMmy sining drunk in love and she a beyoncetoater.. lol. Youll fail to realize that everybody bought the whole ablum already…….how can 3 mill buy the same song on itunes again…..the tea is she is still winning if she.doing good from radio and video play when eveybody brought the song and the singles still.going platinum…stop hating

  70. slay_hive March 6, 2014


    Chile I’ll stab that bxtch if she gave my queen a***!! Hopefully as soon as she snatched that wig, it was bagged and burned ASAP! kiii

  71. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 6, 2014

    @Absolved LOL we all know that the excuse will be that she paid for it. They’re so damn predictable,you can’t help but laugh.

  72. slay_hive March 6, 2014

    girl ain’t no pre-teens listening to no damn Adele kii

  73. mk March 6, 2014

    Driver roll up the partition please!!!! My fav with Yonce on his mouth like liquor!!!

  74. Bosslady March 6, 2014

    I like partition, and I like Flawless also, in the beginning I wasn’t really feeling any of the songs…but I really like these two…I hope it does well for her…I’m all for the Black LADIES taking over the music game

  75. Manny G. March 6, 2014

    Bee hasn’t had a #1 song since SIngle Ladies. I think folks are gettin tired of her music.

  76. slay_hive March 6, 2014

    March 4, 2014 at 6:42 pm
    yaaas @futureCiara beyonce album got boring fast, @slay_hive girl please Xo couldnt even chart higher then im out partition will peak at like 50 and fall off the charts faster then rihoes generic right now single.”

    FLOPconic sissy A*K*A PASTCIERROR Where you at gurl???? kii

    I predict you’ll bypass this post 😉

  77. ashley March 6, 2014

    Drunk in Love has been in the top ten over a month and her album is still selling. How are people getting tired? Don’t let your delusion and hate cloud your logic. lmao

  78. ashley March 6, 2014

    I m happy for Bey

  79. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    Lmao @ B Hill……Those c*nts did say Can’t Remember To Purchase would take the shine away from DIL. Lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Where oh where is Can’t Remember To Purchase You?????????

  80. Skyfall March 6, 2014

    They may not listen to the album in full but they do listen to her singles. everyone was singing Rolling In The Deep and Set Fire to the rain

  81. YAWNce’, Queen of Illiterate Ghetto Trash March 6, 2014

    “Nasty Girl” by Desinty’s Child

    You’s a nasty (nasty) Trashy (nasty)
    Sleazy (nasty) Classless (nasty)

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  82. ( TEAM CHARDONNAY ) March 6, 2014

    LIKE THEIF IN THE NIGHT….she even stillen hair oil

  83. BossB*tchBeyonce March 6, 2014

    Beyonce Monica Lewinksyed all over bb hot 100…kii

  84. ( TEAM CHARDONNAY ) March 6, 2014

    LIKE THEIF IN THE NIGHT….she even stealing hair oil

  85. nAVY nICK March 6, 2014

    THAT LOVEBIRD girl be on it….Beyonce is an album selling/arena filling artist: please let the basics have the singles charts boo boo….HAVE A SEAT PLEASE! If Beyonce does go #1, kool, BUT I promise u she gets sleep, regardless…SLAYING STAGES!!

  86. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    Lmfaooooooo @ Slay Hive…….The Non Factor Squad will most likely skip this post lmfao. Partition is already bout to SLAY body part and THE QUEEN just released it. Hmm…..I don’t even see them bottom h*** in here. Maybe they finally listened to me and got togather and searched for Citranny KIIIIII

  87. Touché March 6, 2014

    But Samantha don’t you always shade other artist for not even getting in the top ten? Just saying…

  88. pressed March 6, 2014

    Partition jumped 74 spots to #23. What is there to shade? Plus the single was just officially released last week.thanx 😉

  89. Jewel March 6, 2014

    That picture is giving me life more than anything! Congrats Bey, people trying to shade her this era are just pressed. She has ticked all the boxes effortlessly sales, acclaim, hits there is literally nothing to shade.

  90. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    These b*tches are soooooo pressed lmao @The Illiterate C*nt…….Um……You got the wrong post durling……R**** is the that flirt and fawk men to men.

  91. FutureCIARA March 6, 2014




  92. pressed March 6, 2014



  93. anonymous March 6, 2014

    Congrats bey and congrats on your latest albums sales. your US sales should be at 2 mil in a couple more weeks. it looks like its turning out to be a good year for Black R&B/urban artists on the charts.

  94. Justin March 6, 2014

    All that matters is that the album was #1. She released all the songs at once so when they hit radio we enjoy them but its not a new song to buy.

  95. ***flawless March 6, 2014

    “Beyonce gives 2,000 percent, others can barely give 90” – @Pharrell on Beyoncé

    *coughs* Rihanna

  96. ***flawless March 6, 2014

    “Beyonce, “Blow” from “Beyonce” (2013): Pharrell says while Beyonce gives 2,000 percent, others can barely give 90. “Sis is like another level, dude. She is like a freak of nature. She’s such a perfectionist,” said Pharrell, who produced the upbeat jam from Beyonce’s surprise album, which is sexually charged, much like Bey’s “Kitty Kat” from “B’Day,” a song Pharrell also worked on.”

  97. Justin March 6, 2014

    you are speaking the complete truth!! Don’t they see the even being #2 is amazing considering everyone that bought the album (which was clearly a lot) have already heard the song a million times!!

  98. Metzo March 6, 2014

    #STATS DIL is now Platinum in under 3 months (1.05 Million copies sold). DIL is now the 6th biggest song on radio: 134.403 (+ 1.373). Partiion is currently #9 on US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and #15 on U.S RnB. It’s also #17 on RnB Airplay Radio.

  99. Metzo March 6, 2014

    OMGGGG!!! *MusiCharts* just announced that BEYONCE only sold 2.9 Million copies in ONLY 11 COUNTRIES and it’s actually sold almost 5 Million Globally, more precisely 4.853,700 Million WW!!

    It’s not 3 Million WW it’s 3 Million in only 11 countries, but 5 Million Gobally.. in less than 3 Months!! #QUEEN Slayyyyyyy

  100. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    Flawless…..I saw that too. Pharrell was Bowing Down to the ONE AND ONLY QUEEN!

  101. Metzo March 6, 2014

    The 11 countries being the 11 mainstream commercial countries (USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Australia, Italy, Canada, Spain, China).

    Now we all know.

  102. RICHIE_RICH (HI HATERS) March 6, 2014

    Yessssssssssss @Metzo I got that cheese earlier today too. Yesss Beyonce is slaying these girls left and right with lil promo…….. Keep them heels on them c**** NECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  103. slay_hive March 6, 2014

    YAAAAASSS! @Metzo for bringing in those reciepts!! The Queen is slaying with absolutely NO mercy in less than 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  104. TinaMinaj March 6, 2014

    Hahahahaha hating b****** will continue to seethe!!! Beyonce is on top of her game and you will deal!!! *blasts partition*

  105. DIGGER BEY March 6, 2014

    Metzo……..Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill that tea! I knew something was funky. I think THE QUEEN actuallly sold 3 million around late January. #QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN

  106. Stankonce March 6, 2014

    The only reasons beyonce is slaying is because no one important is releasing any new music. let’s see her try this when she has some real competition and not when no one is releasing music.

  107. Kanyinsola March 6, 2014

    Beyonce is no longer a singles artist like most of her ‘competitors’ are but she’s still slaying! How many of her contemporaries who started in the late 90s and early 200s can compete with the young artists now? R Kelly,Usher,50 Cent and she’s still the top artist in the world right now! Yes,I said it. She has the best selling album in recent months,she’s slaying with an urban song,she’s blwong up on twitter,her tour is making headlines and her Youtube views are just exploding. How many of her contemporaries(and by that,I mean the current ones Rihanna,Katy Perry,Gaga) can take a rap song that high on the chart? She is slaying with genres that have become somewhat inferior to topping charts. There are many songs that will do well,with GOOD PROMOTION! I don’t like the fact that XO was hardly promoted in America,there’s still hope though. I’m going to predict the success of a few single-worthy tracks if adequately promoted.

    Blow-top 5
    Mine- top 10
    Jealous- top 20
    Haunted- top 40
    Pretty Hurts- top 10
    Flawless- top 40
    Partition- top 5
    XO- top 20 or top 10.
    What do you think? Haters,do not comment!

  108. Jesso March 6, 2014

    @Stankonce. So because no ones releasing we are forced to buy Beyonce music? No boo. Last time I checked Katy, Miley, Gaga and britney all had music out the same time. The only one who has maintained herself of Katy. Try again. Its not Beys fault everyone around her is not performing as well as her.

  109. Jesso March 6, 2014

    is Katy*

  110. Comptons Finest March 6, 2014

    Her work ethic is unmatched by her peers it’s ridiculous.

  111. Avon March 6, 2014

    The song is not being sold as a single, in order to get it you have to buy the whole album. If her single were on sell as traditional single release she would have a number 1 already.

  112. josh March 6, 2014

    Beyoncé is everything. <3

  113. Nery March 7, 2014

    @Digger Bey

    #8 Beyonce

    Total Gross: $104,358,899
    Total Attendance: 883,062
    Total Capacity: 934,021
    No. of Shows: 59
    No. of Sellouts: 40

    You can pad all the Essence, Ebony and whatever festivals to her receipts. via Pollstar.
    Record books Beyoncé finished #8 ranking in 2013 tours.
    and she needed 50k for a. Rihanna 4700.

    Source: Billboard Year-end 2013 tours.
    Girl, still hasn’t performed in a stadium.. Damn… Gaga, Rihanna, Taylor, Madonna did a stadium. Oops and now One direction.

  114. Nery March 7, 2014

    @Digger Bey

    My numbers are not made up.. I copied /paste directly from Billboard those tour rankings. You seem to like Billboard when it favors Beyoncé for her singles, but not when they report Concert tour rankings.

  115. Nery March 7, 2014


    Total Gross: $147,947,543
    Total Attendance: 1,581,939
    Total Capacity: 1,583,801
    No. of Shows: 114
    No. of Sellouts: 111

    Rihanna #5
    Total Gross: $137,982,530
    Total Attendance: 1,595,161
    Total Capacity: 1,600,851
    No. of Shows: 87
    No. of Sellouts: 84

    Taylor Swift #7
    Total Gross: $115,379,331
    Total Attendance: 1,363,510
    Total Capacity: 1,363,510
    No. of Shows: 66
    No. of Sellouts: 66

    BEYONCE #8
    Total Gross: $104,358,899
    Total Attendance: 883,062
    Total Capacity: 934,021
    No. of Shows: 59
    No. of Sellouts: 40

    Source: BILLLBOARD

  116. Nery March 7, 2014

    @ DiggerBey

    What’s wrong with this picture.. All three female artists above her sold out all or except 3 shows by less than 5k… Beyoncé didn’t sell-out 19 shows by 50k..

  117. h2o March 7, 2014

    @ Nery


    Billboard have now reported all but 4 dates of the tour: $178,101,151 from 103 dates (guess what, even Billboard include festivals reported to them, so miss me with that flopped shade.)

    And according to Pollstar even better: $188,600,000+ / 107 dates

    And she’s not even close to done!!!!

  118. Patrick March 7, 2014

    You reap what you sow. You are so full of hate and negativity, and I suspect your life outside the net is boring and unfulfilled to say the least. You throw gay slurs, insults to everyone, and are just an all around asshole. I feel sorry for you and hope you find something to make you happy someday so you dont stay so pressed. Its no way to live. Do you ever ask yourself why you are so full of hate and anger? That sort of thing will consume you if you dont let it go and move on. Real talk.

  119. DIGGER BEY March 8, 2014

    Lmfaoooo @Nery……Chile are u still rambling about THE QUEEN’S gross numbers?????? I thought we settled this already????? I’m not hear for your old ass numbers from before Pollstar & Billboard put THE QUEEN ahead of those other h*** for 2013 lmaoooooooooooooo. #BYE ANGRY H**

  120. DIGGER BEY March 8, 2014

    And THE QUEEN toured stadiums in Brazil. All those back to back sold out shows she played in Europe, she could of easily played stadiums their. Hm I wonder why THE QUEEN played arenas and still outgrossed ALL those b*tches with their stadiums tour lmfaooooooo. $188 MILLION GROSSED >>>>>>>>> Taylor, Pink and Whoreianna tours. Plus over $200 Million will go to her bank account. #ONCE AGAIN #BYE ANGRY H**

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