Miley Cyrus Manager Blames Attorney For ‘Bangerz’ Tour Failure?

Published: Saturday 1st Mar 2014 by David

Miley Cyrus‘ headline-grabbing antics may have boosted her streaming stock, but it seems her touring endeavours are yet to enjoy the fruits of her hammer-licking labor.

For, while the likes of Katy Perry have no struggle filling venues, Miley‘s ‘Bangerz’ tour has now been billed a failure by industry critics, after her agent and attorney reported overestimated her pulling power, and now face the wrath of manager Larry Rudolph.

Details below…

According to a number of ‘info-spilling’ insiders in her camp, Cyrus’ attorney Bill Sobel and agent Jeff Frasco believed the hype she enjoyed in 2013 would be enough to fill the basketball arenas she was booked to perform in 2014.

Alas, despite being warned against doing so by Rudolph, the pair went ahead with their plans- responsible for show’s notably high ticket prices. Now, as industry critics write the tour off as a commercial failure, ‘Hits Daily Double’ explains:

“Miley’s attorney Bill Sobel (she doesn’t make a move without him) and her longtime agent Jeff Frasco at CAA are responsible for the overreaching (e.g., three dates in the New York area), despite the protestations of savvy manager Larry Rudolph. That said, their grand ambitions are understandable given that TEA sales on her RCA album have passed 1.7m, putting Miley in the thick of the diva competition with Beyoncé, labelmateP!nk and Rihanna, if not yet in Katy territory.”

Tonight, the show touches down in Las Vegas to rock the ‘MGM Grand Garden Arena’, two weeks after its February 14th launch in Vancouver, Canada.


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  1. sleazy March 1, 2014

    rihanna can barely fill her seats

  2. KatyPatra Perry March 1, 2014

    Guess she and Rihanna have more in common than we thought.

  3. Josh March 1, 2014

    How is it a commercial failure when all of the shows have been sold out so far?! People just want to see Miley fail and yet she keeps on doing her thing and proving them wrong. I went to the LA date and let me tell you it was f****** amazing! One of the best concerts I have ever been to!! Oh and it was packed out!!;)

  4. SoGone4Monica March 1, 2014

    The show is a failure if it’s failing to fill seats on every single date. At the end of the day, someone who had as much press coverage as Miley should be selling out stadiums but oops she can’t because not many people will spend their hard earned money to see her nonsense live.

  5. Basura Caliente March 1, 2014

    Speculation without hard facts = HDD. This tour is so not a failure. The shows have sold out, album is actually quite good, she puts up a good performance and she obviously can sing even though she is an attention-w**** & brings unnecessary attention to herself.

  6. FAF March 1, 2014

    In what world is she on a Beyonce/pink level they have sold her ww numbers in the US alone

  7. BeyBeyKing March 1, 2014

    @BasuraCaliente. Facts are fact sister, the tour is flopping.

  8. GoodGollyMiley March 1, 2014

    The nerve of HDD to compare Miley to Beyonce! When was the last time Beyonce had a number one single?

  9. Del Bey March 1, 2014

    Miley is a vulgar specimen, those pictures of her tour where she literally looks like she’s fingering herself on stage make me sick, Hannah Montana ewww

  10. Tisha March 1, 2014

    You’re a one trick pony b****. You thought you’d wiggle your ass and waggle your tongue and it would just cover that you put NO effort into any other part of your act. Nope.

    Once the shock value crowd bought the tickets she didn’t have enough pull or talent to encourage others to come see her. Who is running to see her chicken cutlet ass grinding on an Oscar Mayer?

  11. justme March 1, 2014

    IM so sick of ppl saying when was the last time Beyonce had a #1 single. We can’t tell you but we can tell you the last time she had a #1 album. Congrats to anyone who can get a #1 single. But Beyonce fan base buys albums not singles. That’s why she has outsold miley and katy in just two months. Beyonce fan base spends that 15.99 not .99 cents. Everyone is like #1 single u can run with that call everyone Queens for getting one but we all know labels want your album to sell. Your considered a flop if your album doesn’t sell. Too many singles are considered successful while albums are considered flops. Beyonce said on the documentary I make albums. Fans want a body of work not something quick that will dry up fast. So the next fan base to yell out when was Beyonce last #1 single plz put up your fav album numbers sold not shipped and plz be current nothing less than the last two years. And stop riding the coat tail of adele cuz that ain’t your fav that’s your go to artist when you have nothing to say.

    • FuckYoMotha July 17, 2015

      “Fans want a body of work not something quick that will dry up fast.”

      Then why did the BEYONCE era ended after 2 weeks?

  12. Mark111 March 1, 2014

    Shock value doesn’t last for long these days. We live in a short attention span society. Askk Gaga, one year on top of the world, next year FLOP.

  13. gilbert March 1, 2014

    man u better preach it. ALBUMS>SINGLES

  14. Soriah Fierce March 1, 2014

    Look here b****, don’t be mad that Beyonce’s tour has sold out multiple times on multiple legs while Miley can barely sell out ONE of the arenas she thought she could.

  15. My Gums Tho(aka Teacher) March 1, 2014

    But albums AND singles>>>>>>>

    Miley is trash

    Beyonce’s breath stank

    Blu Ivy ugly!

  16. Skyfall March 1, 2014

    If the tour is selling out, how is it a failure I’m confused

  17. Noah Spears March 1, 2014

    Beyonce fans talking about class when their fave has become a singing p*** star. Jokes upon jokes.

  18. PaulAllah Slaydul March 1, 2014

    @Skyfall It ISN’T selling out that, that’s the point.

  19. Haus Mutha Adele March 1, 2014

    Esscuze me, but where do the Flea Hive get off coming for Miley when Beyonce is just as filthy. The only difference is that Beyonce is more talented than her and has the voice to back it up but she is just as desperate for the spotlight as Miley is.

  20. iconic cici March 1, 2014

    she’s a basic performer who’s going to her shows?

  21. iconic cici March 1, 2014

    “Esscuze me, but where do the Flea Hive get off coming for Miley when Beyonce is just as filthy. The only difference is that Beyonce is more talented than her and has the voice to back it up but she is just as desperate for the spotlight as Miley is.”


  22. iconic cici March 1, 2014

    I dont get how the hive can justify Beyonce when she’s always naked but always try and come for Miley

  23. Patrick March 1, 2014

    Heres the thing, why would anyone pay to see some child who is doing her best to come off grown and daring, licking hammers, wearing stupid costumes, and acting a fool? Id turn down free tickets to see Miley. She is annoying to say the least. Almost everyone is sick to death of her tired gimmicks. I think she is having a breakdown or something, and dont even get me started on that stupid mushroom haircut. She is just EXTREMELY obnoxious in every sense. Its not cutting edge or pushing the envelope, but more desperate and makes people want to kick her ass. She needs to revamp her image and come correct.

  24. Fresh Navi March 1, 2014

    When has KATY PERRY had a SUCCESSFUL tour? NEXT NEVER B****

    Katy Perry’s TD tour grossed a mere 48Mil
    Katy Peaked in TD she had the most hype then….

    RIhanna’s LOUD came out after TD and the LOUD TOUR grossed 90 MILLION!
    RIhanna’s DWT which was STADIUM tour not arena that katy perry is barely selling as it is. sold the f*** out.. she sold out all the biggest stadiums Stade de France.

    When will Katy, when will Miley? ohh next never
    DWT tour Gross 148 Mill… Katy Perry TD Tour 48 Mill
    do we see the disparity or is it you b****** suck at math

    Katy is not on RIh’s Bey or Pink’s touring Level not get s*** twisted. ALL IF RIHANNA’S STADIUM DATES WERE SOLD OUT

    Call me when Katy Perry sells out the 02 Arena in the UK 9 times. More than any other Artist!!! THAT RIHANNA REIGN.

    ohh last Tid Bit… Rihanna has struggled t sell out a tour before with her LGOE Tour… so has Beyonce with her IASF tour which had several reported dates with very low attendance despite grossing 100mill plus, which was partly due to her adding several dates couple month after.

    Instead of dragging b****** need to read and be impartial instead of sounding stupid as f***.

  25. UrSoKaty March 1, 2014

    Sweetheart, don’t do it to yourself. You should know better to talk about anyone’s tours when Rihanna has NEVER had a tour as successful as ANY of Beyonce or Katy’s tours. Don’t forget that Rihanna doesn’t see HALF of the money she makes on tour because she still owes Universal money for all the money they wasted on her.

  26. BeySting (I’ll Sting A B****) March 1, 2014

    @FreshNavi F*** YOU! How dare you?! Prove that IASF struggled to sell tickets honey, because I can prove that Rihanna never sold out any of her stadium dates with ease ok b****?
    You don’t advertise something that’s already sold out, so why oh why were NEW Unapologetic tour billboards put up AFTER she said the shows were sold out?

    Explain that you sahara dry p**** having schlong swallowing pill popping no rent paying c***! EXPLAIN IT!

  27. FRESH NAVI March 1, 2014

    To The Katy Fan… katy has successful tours?
    i can’t I’m CRINE. Niggah is you blind or stupid?

    Katy has never had a tour that has outgrossed DWT or The Loud tour. Furthermore Katys highest tour gross is 48 Mill.
    Basic perry strikes again. Lets not.

    for the Beyonce fan thats up its feelings. Did we not see the Pollstar thing that sam posted.

    Where Beyonce’s Arena Tour Outgrossed Rihanna’s DWT with around 30 Million more for her tour gross. In that same report, it shows that RIHANNA had MORE sold out dates than Beyonce. Do we pick and choose facts from a given music authority i can’t.

    Back to the Katy Fan… felicia what does Rihanna owing universal have to do with the fact that Katy Perry has not done 1/3 of what Rihanna’s most successful tour.

    Furthermore since you’re an accountant or play some financial administrative position at universal i’ll tie you’re word for. Mind telling us how much or is the general public not privy to such info??

    The Katy cats be trying it with their lies…. these niggahs tho i can’t.

  28. ChartToppahNika March 1, 2014

    @FreshNavi The only tour Rihanna slayed was her tour of Drizzy’s hotel room last night.

  29. UrSoKaty March 1, 2014

    I want you to listen and listen very good w****, Katy Perry sells albums and singles and Rihanna cannot. This is a fact, and that is the real reason you are so pressed durling.

  30. BowDownBitch March 1, 2014

    Notice how Fresh Navi didn’t explain why Rihanna was advertising her tour AFTER she said it was sold out.

  31. Molly March 1, 2014

    I like her album but i wouldn’t care to see her on tour.

  32. FRESH NAVI March 1, 2014

    Do we also notice that the Katy fan has moved from TOURS to singles and albums.

    In looking at things.
    Who has the most hot100 #1’s? Rihanna
    Who has the most 3 million sellers in the Us? Rihanna
    Who has THE BIGGEST social media(twitter, Facebook, instagram) following? Rihanna
    Who is the fashion icon who has impacted culture like none other? Rihanna
    Digital Artist of the Us? Rihanna
    Most streamed? Rihanna
    Biggest tour out of the katy and rihanna? Rihanna
    Most #1 Singles in the UK? Rihanna with 7, katy has 2
    Biggest Artist in the UK? Rihanna second to only Madonna
    Biggest following in France? Rihanna
    Biggest following in Australia? Pink with Rihanna a close second?

    LOUD WW sales 6.7 Million
    TD WW sales 6.5 with a Re Release.

    So aum boo exactly how does bubble gum pop artist reductive perry slay my fave? I’m in utter confusion.

    To the Beyhive troll… IN the event that she had those Billboards which she did.. it clearly payed off her tour Gross was 137 Million. it took BEYONCE 15 years to see 167 Mill so Rihanna has time. Im not worried. Cudos to Bey for holding it down, Her tour was stellar especially since she’s been doing the same routines since Jesus was a boy and slaying many years after. Cute.

  33. My Forehead Tho March 1, 2014

    ^The delusion though. Not a Navy calling Katy a “bubble gum pop artist” and “reductive”.

    You can’t compare Rihanna to Katy. One has to release 2 – 3 times more albums/singles than her peers to “reign”, the other doesn’t. One has to take credit for other artist’s songs to boost her stats, the other doesn’t. One can take 2- 3 years between albums, the other can’t. The only thing they have in common other than their generic music is the fact that they both are tied for having the most #1 pop songs on Billboard, though, like I said before, the difference being one didn’t have to release 234242 albums/singles and claim other peoples songs to do it

  34. resa March 1, 2014

    Anybody can take 2-3 years off between albums if they want to. Rihanna can if she wants to, but why benefit is it to her? Just to it down and do nothing for two to three years just because. Rihanna is a young and vibrant individual, not some retiree. She is working for her money. Sit down for what? She has the rest of her senior years to take two to three years off. Some of you sound so stupid as if you could take two to three years off your job.

  35. what? March 1, 2014


    Umm…Drunk in love???? K.

  36. FRESH NAVI March 1, 2014

    @my four head

    Who takes credits for other peoples songs more than BEYFATBITCH ONCE

    im in awe of the audacity.

    Rihanna co-wrote Rated R every song on it
    and has co wrote more than 3/4 of the songs on Unappologetic

    Secondly Rihanna does not make purely pop music… she makes urban pop r&m hip up and reggae infused pop.

    Katy perry makes purely pop songs

  37. what? March 1, 2014

    Most artist money comes from tours. thats why.

  38. what? March 1, 2014

    Last time I checked its best to have a NUMBER ONE ALBUM than a single. ANYBODY can have a number one single. Kids.

  39. Lovebird March 1, 2014

    The jokes are writing themselves; clearly the fools have populated the village. On what ivory tower do the hive stand on where they can come for Miley Cyrus when their fav is also the biggest s**** putting on p*** shows on her tour with her pimp?

    The difference is Miley is single and young whereas Beyonce is decrepit, old and a mother; constantly shoving her vag and opening her legs for people to see, disgusting for a mother to do.

  40. Lovebird March 1, 2014

    It’s so funny seeing Beyonce fans make excuses for Beyonce who is doing the exact thing if not worst than what Miley is doing (who you’re slamming).

    You Beyonce fans cannot come for Miley because Beyonce’s situation is much worst, she has a daughter and is an old married woman behaving like a drunken ho, putting on stripper shows and opening her legs for millions to see her saggy vag on stage.

    The the woman has lost all semblance of class; she literally opens her legs anywhere and everywhere, including the Grammy’s in front of 25 million viewers.

  41. ASBEENISH (IS IT ME OR IS U THIRST N****) March 1, 2014

    umm the staples sold out? And that was the only listed date on wiki

  42. JOHNVIDAL March 1, 2014

    I just watched the video… and let me ask a question: who the hell wants to see all these talentless s****? Seriously!
    With all the worldwide attention she has got since you know what… has she only sold 1,7 million albums worldwide? With the same amount of attention others have sold 6-8 million albums. I´ll leave it there.

  43. QUEEN MINAJ♥ March 1, 2014

    I am sorry but I wouldn´t waste my money to go see miley cyrus. Oh and the katy perry fan that is saying katy is succesful that rihanna, you are delusunal

  44. Navy Commander March 1, 2014

    I’ll probably go to her tour date in charlotte .

  45. Slayty Perry (Prismatic Tour) March 2, 2014

    @Fresh Navi
    A stadium of seats awaits you. The California Dreams Tour grossed $60 million dollars c*nt. I absolutely CANNOT @ the R****** Navy and their made up receipts that they pull out of their asses!! Find me any credible source that clocks Katy’s tour at 48 million? Billboard reported several times it grossed OVER 60 million!!

    The self drag when you’re comparing a b**** on her 7th studio album while Katy has 3. Why does Katy have 9 #1 singles in the US from 3 albums while Rihanna needs 7 albums to get 13? Pathetic. Especially when she needs other big names like Britney and Eminem to carry her to #1.

    I CANNOT with you saying Katy barely sales when R******’s last 2 albums struggled to hit platinum in the US and 3 million worldwide. DEATH @ you still using Loud, her only other successful album, to compare to Teenage Dream. Why don’t you use Talk That Talk? Oh wait, Teenage Dream’s US sales almost eclipse TTT worldwide numbers. How about Unapologetic? Oh, its the same situation. Lets compare Prism’s sales after 4 months to Unapologetic’s sales after 4 months and tell me your results. Worldwide or US, IDC. Katy has been Shitting on that wh*re since 2008 and will continue to do so. @ Me when R****** sees an album pass 5 million again

  46. HIMEROS March 3, 2014

    The Katy fans are truly desperate

  47. HELLO U March 3, 2014

    Lol. Katy Perry California Dreams tour grossed a mere 48.9 million. Rihanna Loud Tour 90 -99 million. Bear in mind both artists did NOT sell out ALL venues. Rihanna embarked on another tour since then, and had the 5th highest grossing tour of 2013 – Venues sold out. Miley could never .

  48. BeYAWNce March 5, 2014

    Hm…. Ain’t nobody got tome for that *YAWNNNNNce’

  49. BeYAWNce March 5, 2014

    Hmmm…. This underage b**** again? Ain’t nobody got time for that *YAWNNNNNce’

  50. Cotton March 10, 2014

    These stories are all hoaxes, an Australien website relishes in fabricating this crap and watching an eager gossip media eat it up…..her shows for all intents and purposes are always sold out……..there is great jealousy out there…..

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