New Song: Rita Ora – ‘I Will Never Let You Down’

Published: Monday 31st Mar 2014 by David

Hurricane Rita is here!

That’s right, with a move that’s set to see her blow many a Pop princess out of chart waters this year, Rita Ora has unleashed the beast that is her new single ‘I Will Never Let You Down.’

Lifted from her second studio album, the cut made its debut on the UK’s ‘Capital Breakfast Show‘, and silenced any- TGJ included- who judged the entire number using its snippet to do so.

Why the Platinum-pushing belle has us changing our tune?

Find out below…

Your thoughts?


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  1. Jack March 31, 2014

    So freaking great tune!! Wasn’t expecting this from Rita… I’ll definitely keep an eye on her!

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      The reach from TGJ…..

      I mean “Hurricane Rita”?????

      More like a splash in the puddle!

      • Molly March 31, 2014

        More like sprinkle

  2. pon_De March 31, 2014

    Sounds like P!nk on a sugar high.

  3. DIRTY LAUNDRY March 31, 2014

    Gonna flop worse then Youre mine.

    • Flop Laundry March 31, 2014

      Smelly stans are the absolute last to talk about flopping.
      #H** sit

    • FAF March 31, 2014

      ^^ This

  4. janet1814 March 31, 2014

    Nothing special

  5. FierceRokstar March 31, 2014

    Great tune! I liked her first album but I
    may like this more than those songs. Looking forward to
    her new album.

  6. Molly March 31, 2014

    Basic at best. Nothing you’ll catch me listening to.

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      Yes hunny, She should have released whatever she was working with Future!

  7. Truth Tea March 31, 2014

    on a personal note, i don’t think anything of it, it’s not my sort of song AT ALL however teenage girls will love it, so if thats what shes aiming for cool, but its a step backwards in sound she needs to work with Katy Perry if she wants a great pop song, in my opinion, this is, dry as toast.. Rihanna would NEVER! But it willl be hit!

  8. FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

    Ok all shade aside

    I did listen to it completely, and mind you this is the VERY FIRST TIME i have heard a Rita song…

    My personal opinion……

    To be positive It does have commercial appeal, The chorus is a little generic sounding and to repetitive. It lacked something special, I cant put my finger on it. To me I still dont know who she is as a new artist, It honestly sounds like something Ive already heard from a UK artist, maybe someone like Leona Lewis a bit…. Im not sure, But I do know one thing….

    She gonna have to come ALOT harder for the USA to use her, overall this song is re-used and basic, Something you would hear on Kids Bops…. Wrong single choice, It will most likely have more success in the UK than over here in America.


  9. Molly March 31, 2014

    I agree she going backwards she shoulda came out with a cute little urban track with a male feature @Truth this edm sound is dead.

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      I was saying the exact same thing…. I was like I hated this, but where is the more urban sound!!

      This is too bubble gum pop for her edgy image she tries to portray.

  10. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT March 31, 2014

    Eh, it’s ok i’m not really feeling it tho

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      Her voice sounds good, Thats about it though…..

      • PRAY FOR RIHANNA’S P**** WALLS March 31, 2014

        this song shits on anything cici has ever done

      • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

        The extensive reaching is befitting for you random h***!!

      • Flop Laundry March 31, 2014

        Lies. Everyone shits on Whora even Smelly Flopland.

    • FAF March 31, 2014





  11. Molly March 31, 2014

    @FutureCiara Yes sis this aint cutting it she better release that future track asap future makes magic.

  12. Not a hater just on fire March 31, 2014

    I feel she wants the fame bey, riri, Katy, gaga have so she sends out with these generic songs that are “different” but it’s just comes off even more basic than cici music. She has the man to take her to the top she’s just a little pathetic to be honest

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      Nice attempt, ut it went nowhere babe…

      Try again

    • FAF March 31, 2014




      F*** OUTTA HERE F*** 😆

      THESE H*** AIN’T LOYAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KIIIIIII

  13. Touché March 31, 2014

    My ears! This is way too damn generic to stomach!

    *Speeds the f*** out the post*

  14. Realest March 31, 2014

    No disrespect, she’s just corny, unoriginal and fetch (not happening). Nothing about her stands out except her looks. This song is super generic and not even one of the better generic songs. I’m sorry I just don’t see her here in America. Maybe across the water but not over here where it truly counts. Her voice and music are the true definition of subpar. No tea, no shade…. Just facts. Sounds like a Hilary Duff (Lizzy Maguire) track tbh

    • Troy April 7, 2014

      Her voice isn’t subpar. It’s great, her songs aren’t all that though. This song sounds better the more you hear it.

  15. Molly March 31, 2014

    Yes the main issue is it being generic and dated well good luck Rita save them coins sis cause im sure if you flop roc nation will be dropping you.

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      Dont know why they signed her in the first place, Guess they had in mind that Rihanna is getting older, and they need to soon replace their cash cow.

      • Molly March 31, 2014

        Lol but she looks older then Rihanna ahaha Idk i don’t see it for Rita.

  16. PRAY FOR RIHANNA’S P**** WALLS March 31, 2014

    QUEEN! YASS BABY SLAYY!! these b****** can stay mad! she is here to stay!!!!!!!!

    • Flop Laundry March 31, 2014

      Queen? She is here to flop as expected.
      #Rihanna understudy

  17. PRAY FOR RIHANNA’S P**** WALLS March 31, 2014

    b**** please! your fav coud never!

    • the truth honey March 31, 2014

      Honey yo name is slayn me from here to Timbuktu! I c NO lies in yo name!

  18. FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

    I get the vibe that Ritas team is paying TGJ to pump her up this era, and write these articles to promote her that are so far from the truth about who she is as an artist and what she is releasing….. Or maybe they are just wanting their precious UK artist to be more prevalent on the music scene

    Either way after listening to the song, and then re-reading the article…. Its clear that they are getting paid off to shove this generic girl down our throats every chance they get. The song fell short and she just doesn’t live up to these “Amazing” articles they try to feed to us. Well I don’t want it!!!!

    Im giving very Beyonce #Haunted right now….

    “Im on to you, on to you….. you must be on to meeeeee”

  19. Kim Kardashian Stan March 31, 2014

    Who needs Rita Whora when you have Ellie Goulding someone who actually has US hits

    • PRAY FOR RIHANNA’S P**** WALLS March 31, 2014

      LMAOOOOOOOO! please tell me your joking! you really stan for kim? KIM? that f****** w****? leave idiot.. who r u gonna judge?

      • Kim Kardashian Stan March 31, 2014

        Mad because Kim is more known and relevant than the lessor you stan for?

  20. Kim Kardashian Stan March 31, 2014

    Ciara > Rita whora

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      Yes babe….. That random newb is reaching!

  21. PRAY FOR RIHANNA’S P**** WALLS March 31, 2014

    everyone else > Kim

  22. Flop Laundry March 31, 2014

    The bottom of everyone’s shoes>Whora’s presence

  23. Molly March 31, 2014

    The irony of its name saying pray for Rihannas p**** walls when Rita Whora fuckked over 20 guys in a year.

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014


      • PRAY FOR RIHANNA’S P**** WALLS March 31, 2014

        molly, rihanna is a certified w****… Rita isn’t.. and death at Ciara bout to marry that “pimp” how many baby mamma’s he got?

      • Molly March 31, 2014

        Word on the street is Ritas a bigger s*** then Rihanna i mean Rita must have a good head she sure isn’t racking up them endorsements off success or relevancy. Future is far from a pimp that would be Jay z

      • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

        How many white men did Rita Payola f**** last year?

  24. PRAY FOR RIHANNA’S P**** WALLS March 31, 2014

    the only reason she relevant and known is because she is a w****! useless b****! I don’t think rita would w**** around fir that kind of fame…

  25. BEYAWNCE March 31, 2014

    Rihanna Wannabe. Ciara Lessor. Kelly Rowland level

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      No babe, she is even a lessor to Kelly….

      Atleast Kelly has being a part of a best selling group under her belt before becoming a flop…..

      Rita is like … lessor to the lessors!!

      • Molly March 31, 2014

        LOL Rita isn’t even on Kreayshawns level atleast her song Gucci Gucci went gold in the US kiiiii

  26. Molly March 31, 2014

    I love that Rob Kardashian put this s*** on blast hahaha Jay z only signs whores.

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      OMG sis when?

      • Molly March 31, 2014

        Google it sis he put her on blast on Twitter like a year or two ago haha its such a kiiiiiii #20MenAYear4RitaWhora

      • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

        Ok I will…. Hahaha

        No shade to Rob, but I hope he lost some weight… He was super obese in the last KUWTK episode i saw

      • Molly March 31, 2014

        Yes he does he looks a mess he starting gaining his weight after Rita cheated on him with over 20 guys he went into a depression after that girl get into them teas

      • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

        OH S***!!!

        Omg now I totally remember hearing all those rumors surrounding them two!

        Wow, what a s***!!! Khloe should have fuckked her asss up!

  27. Flop Laundry March 31, 2014

    “I don’t think rita would w**** around fir that kind of fame…”

    Your girl is a W****. Where do you think the nickname Rita Whora came from? She is known for f****** for relevance.

  28. the voice March 31, 2014

    Rita … girl bye

  29. PRAY FOR RIHANNA’S P**** WALLS March 31, 2014

    whora came from you demeaning her last nme for no reason!

  30. Letoya Lover March 31, 2014

    Everyone knows Rihanna & Rita are whores that Jayz been pimping out since day one if i was Beyonce I’d keep a close eye on this sneaky no walls having b**** Rita.

    • BEYAWNCE March 31, 2014

      Nope! YAWNCE is w**** since day one. She being submissive to Jayz ever since

      • There once was a pimp and his h**…. March 31, 2014


  31. PRAY FOR RIHANNA’S P**** WALLS March 31, 2014

    lmaoo i still can’t!! Kim Kardashian stans actually exist! kiii i didn’t know pornstars had stans! XD

  32. Flop Laundry March 31, 2014

    Lies. She’s been sucking all kinds of d*** from DJ’s, music executives, to that camel named Gay-z. She’s a desperate h** like all the rest.

  33. FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

    The single artwork has Illuminati all over it….

    The song sounds like she is professing her dedication to her pimp JayZ

    Catch her one eye symbolism and the 666 in her name……

    Illuminati Whora!

  34. There once was a pimp and his h**…. March 31, 2014


  35. PRAY FOR RIHANNA’S P**** WALLS March 31, 2014

    really? illuminati? You’re a dumber then i thought! everyone in the music industry has been accused if this..

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      You can choose to be a skeptic all you want… But I wont be blinded when proof is so blatant and in your face now-a-days.

      What are the odds of so many celebrities taking One eye photos… Whether its for Album covers, Mahazine shoots, Press or whatever! There are people that control which photos get released and which ones dont… So Bye

  36. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT March 31, 2014

    jesus! this turned into a messy ass post!

  37. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT March 31, 2014

    @rihanna’s p**** walls

    wow you take delusion to a whole new level!!!

  38. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT March 31, 2014

    LMAOO a nicki stan coming fir Queen Rita supreme? the jokes write themselves ya’ll!!!!

    • Molly March 31, 2014

      Huh????????????????? what’s going on here

    • There once was a pimp and his h**…. March 31, 2014

      #Troll exposed

    • BEYAWNCE March 31, 2014

      Nicki garbage seething

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014



      TGJ start moderating and blocking these b****** using multiple accounts again!!!!!

      How pathetic to start your own stan war using 2 different accounts!

      BYE FELICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BEYAWNCE March 31, 2014

      LMAO! So, this nicki garbage + newbie p**** walls are the same B*****? What a mess. EXPOSED

    • the truth honey March 31, 2014

      Dead! I dont even hav to drag u…U just did it to yoself

  39. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT March 31, 2014

    damn ya’ll caught me trolling! swear my first tim tho couldnt resist!

    • Molly March 31, 2014

      Girl you gotta do better #mess

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT March 31, 2014

        i still think your lovebird!

      • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

        NO BITTCH,

        You tried it!!

        Dont point your accusation @Molly because you exposed your own p**** walls!

      • Molly March 31, 2014

        @FutureCiara bitchh you got me dying hahahaha that bitchh knows better tho.

  40. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT March 31, 2014

    i still love ya babe lmaoooo

  41. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT March 31, 2014

    sorry not you molly that other h**

    • There once was a pimp and his h**…. March 31, 2014

      Gurl bye! You were exposed. Don’t try and make this about me boo 😉

      • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014


    • There once was a pimp and his h**…. March 31, 2014

      But since we’re on the subject of trolls. Your writing style seems very familiar…..BEYHIVE_MINAJ writes just like you and usually messes up with the reply box. Could it be?….No it can’t be….Or is it 😀

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT March 31, 2014

        beyhive_minaj is her own person she was here before me…

      • There once was a pimp and his h**…. March 31, 2014

        “she was here before me… “?

        P*** poor excuse. Anyone can be a troll boo…..

  42. Christuna Aguihaha March 31, 2014

    Rita Ora? What a s***** name. Ora sounds like junk food. junk name, junk voice, junk music. FLOP

    • BEYAWNCE March 31, 2014

      Sound like YAWNCE G-string brand. Oral

  43. Realest March 31, 2014

    Notice how when no stans are around the Ciara Stan’s engage on a deluded shade fest. As if they’re actually saying something of relevance that isn’t automatically muffled by 57k… Yikes

    • Molly March 31, 2014

      Nicki girl is that you?

      • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

        WORK @MOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        The gorls cant take us

  44. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT March 31, 2014

    i’m sorry everyone! yes i tried to troll the post and damn did i fail! anyway like i said its my first time! you have all trolled and if you say otherwise your a liar!

    • Molly March 31, 2014

      Atleast you’re owning up to it.

    • Christuna Aguihaha March 31, 2014

      Shame on you kiddo, you better stop trolling lol

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      I have never trolled, sorry boo!

      I drag enough of these bittches, I don’t need to create false drama… its not that serious to me.

      But Im glad you owned up to it

      Now go to time-out and think about what youve done.
      And dont come back under a new username, I think people would respect you more for keeping your Nicki stan account!

    • the truth honey March 31, 2014

      B****!! #TROLL

  45. Molly March 31, 2014

    No lie i still love @Nicki

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      Why sis

      She tried to dragg Ciara under a Rihanna bashing account!?!?!

  46. Flop Laundry March 31, 2014

    Lmao! P**** walls has been exposed.

  47. BEYAWNCE March 31, 2014

    Nicki garbage + P**** walls + Beyhive + any account with nicki name are the same person. What a psychopath. B****, get a life

  48. Dev March 31, 2014

    This does nothing for me what so ever. This is so generic its unbelievable! and her voice sounds autotuned in parts.
    If this charts its all because of hype, because to be honest it sounds like a leftover from Alexandra Burkes Heartbreak on Hold which did nothing due to the lack of airplay.

  49. Christuna Aguihaha March 31, 2014

    ROFL! Nicki is a joker

  50. Molly March 31, 2014

    Lol this post was a huge kiiii.

    Anyways i miss @Lovebird.

  51. Christuna Aguihaha March 31, 2014

    How come people create multiple accounts/names to defense their flopping ass fav. Obsessed? No life? Trolling is a business I guess. So unreal

    • BEYAWNCE March 31, 2014

      You betta believe it darling. Here the list I identified of Trolls making multiple accounts:

      1) Nicki + P**** walls + Beyhive_minaj + Dev = Nicki garbage stans

      2) Rosie + Lana_ Bey = Lana + YAWNCE stans

      3) Slay_hive + lolz + Yazmine + Mietzo = YAWNCE stans

      4) Iconic cici + future ciara + Flop laundry = Ciara stans

      5) Applause + Himerous = Lady gaga stans

      6) Kisses down low + Sarah + Rowland stone = Kelly stans

      7) Mark + Touche = Sade stans

      8) Slayriah + Mimi carey + MC = Mariah stans

      *Rihanna stans are clean

      • BEYAWNCE March 31, 2014

        This is the list of one person making multiple accounts. I agreed troll is a business lol

      • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

        B**** Lies!!!!!

        You can take my name down sweetheart!!!

        And ask TGJ for receipts… They keep a list of IP addressess, and mine is linked only to @FUTURECIARA!!!!!!

        So stop trying to be a detective and just make sure your posting under the same account tomorrow babe!

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      Mariah, Rih and Bey stans have the most troll accounts though!

      Samantha needs to expose them!

      • BEYAWNCE March 31, 2014

        I trust nobody here but I consider to take down your name. But most of my list are valid and make sense. There are some new users pop up nowhere and disappear of all sudden lol

  52. Mimi carey March 31, 2014

    This song sounds so dated. This site overrates her and Elijah Blake so much

    • h2o March 31, 2014

      Le f*cking irony

      • BEYAWNCE March 31, 2014

        Shut Up @Niggerbey!

  53. Sleazy March 31, 2014

    You tryna get future some money I see for all his babies? Girl sit

  54. h2o March 31, 2014

    Cool, I like it.

    This’s kinda different from Calvin’s pervious songs and is Rita’s strongest and most commercial single to date so I hope it becomes a hit.

  55. Royalkev March 31, 2014

    Rita woke me up! I’m loving this song! If this girl keep this up I might become a fan! We’ll see…

    • BEYAWNCE March 31, 2014

      Who are you stan for. Your taste somehow disgusting. Did you really like this crap tune?

      • RoyalKev March 31, 2014

        Your soul is pressed! You’re asking dumb questions like who do I stan for while pretending to focus on hating this song (when we all know who really got you bothered). B**** you see my avi! The question is who do you stan for ? I know Bey got you mad (it’s obvious with your obsessive dedication to her in your name), but now your worried about who’s into Rita? If the song is such a fail you wouldn’t make a full time job out of attacking people that like the single. Don’t worry about the favs I stan for because those 4 women sold over 500 million combined! What’s disgusting is your life!

  56. FutureCIARA March 31, 2014



    • BEYAWNCE March 31, 2014

      This h20 must be either NiggerBey / Slay_HIV+. And Mathew is new username of nicki is queen after p**** wall was exposed. smh

      • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

        Im not so sure…

        @H2O is a regular

  57. Mathew March 31, 2014

    Very average song…..

  58. Mathew March 31, 2014


  59. Hol Up March 31, 2014

    I’m usually the one trying to give a girl some good promo and see the bright side…but I just don’t get why her music always sounds like they forgot to finish her song…like there’s always a beat drop or a bridge that just never comes than the song ends good luck I guess

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014


  60. Navy commander March 31, 2014

    “NICKI IS TROLL OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT March 31, 2014 at 4:02 am LMAOO a nicki stan coming fir Queen Rita supreme? the jokes write themselves ya’ll!!!! Report this comment”


    Navy would never

    • BEYAWNCE March 31, 2014

      EXPOSED! Huge mess

  61. Super Cisus March 31, 2014

    I dont get the hype she is basic nothing separates her from everybody else. I see a Rihalienna Beyoldce hybrid boring next

  62. Navy Commander March 31, 2014

    But this song is basic like I expected . Can’t wait to see her parody drunk in love in the video

  63. Navy Commander March 31, 2014

    ^the f****** irony
    I’m not even here to drag ci tho. I actually like SOME of her stans

    • Super Cisus March 31, 2014

      Drag your fav to the clinic b**** and stop checking for me ho

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      Love you 2 babe

  64. Julian March 31, 2014

    This is pretty basic, sounds like a Katy Perry reject or something.

    I’m really trying to like Rita, but she has to come a lot harder than this.

  65. Navy Commander March 31, 2014

    Rita is serving music of the sun teas

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014


      What kinda self drag!?

  66. Navy Commander March 31, 2014

    This b**** can’t even go platnium in her home country the ik so she has no hope in te us. I thought she was slaying in the uk but I guess not

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014


      What kinda self drag!?

      • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

        Sorry… wrong reply. ^^

  67. Navy Commander March 31, 2014

    Silver Gold Platinum
    Album 60,000[nb 1] 100,000[nb 1] 300,000[nb 1]
    Single 200,000[nb 2] 400,000[nb 2] 600,000[nb 2]

    LMAOO she can’t even cross 600k with her “hit” #1 single ?

  68. Navy Commander March 31, 2014

    Cisus don’t get dragged today Hun keep it cute

    • Super Cisus March 31, 2014

      Im the one to do to dragging b**** so YOU keep it cute mama. Your edges will look like Naomi’s when im through with you p****

  69. Super Cisus March 31, 2014

    G**** b****** stay checking for me

  70. rih keeps winning – catch up heuax March 31, 2014

    Calvin harris produced this? This is her WFL? This is gonna set the global music industry on fire? HA; it is over for this girl, even with all the amount in industry f****** she does, she will get dropped and ROC NATION WILL CLOSE.

    2 years to release this? RIH RIH served up SOS 8 months after her debut that whole SONG ROCKED. The industry must be laughing at JAYZ, he really thought THIS GIRL WILL END RIH RIH AND BE the SUPERSTAR? HA! THIS song will flop, her album will be cancelled and THEY WILL DROP HER AND CLOSE THAT LABEL.

  71. GREEKGOD March 31, 2014

    What kind of Starships? This sounds kinda like her first single mixed with Jessie J’s LaserLight and Domino. She can sing and it’s cute and catchy. Didn’t she compare this to Whitney Houston? DEATH! On a positive note, it bumps but I stopped listening to that type of music in late 2012. Still checking for her tho.

  72. Navy Commander March 31, 2014

    No ones checking for you super troll

    • Super Cisus March 31, 2014

      Obviously you are seeing how u addressed me and all. I love controlling you bitter bottom b******. Stay mad and stay pressed boo boo #movinon

  73. Mark111 March 31, 2014

    It’s gonna be hard for her, she’s white, but look black with very light skin. You can tell that Jay only got her cause of the Adele invasion, and tried the Rihanna marketing and is now lost. I thought she was a writer, yet non of her songs are written by her. They messed up her chances, her voice is pop rock, but their trying to make her a pop star.

    I told you, when Rihanna switches up her style (as she does every 6 months) she’s gonna leave this gust of wind behind and lost. And any girl that stands next to Beyonce always fail cause she will suck your soul away and use it in her next video.

  74. rih keeps winning – catch up heuax March 31, 2014

    Her downfall was when her, jay and beyonce thought she would end Rih Rih’s career and BE THE BIGGEST star on the planet . As early as 2010, she was giving interview hyping herself her self up as the baddest thing to come. I remember her re tweeting people saying she had the the talent to end Rih, which seems to be everyones target, even beyonce.

    NOW 2014……she is lost and one move away from begin dropped. ROC nation will close too.

  75. FAF March 31, 2014



    • H2O March 31, 2014

      Drag a bit, but the great majority of Rihanna’s album sales come from Europa …

      And she has no reason to be “back in Barbados” … She has more than $100 million she can live wherever she wants.

  76. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez March 31, 2014

    I could have sworn that Nicki Stan tried to label me as a troll then it exposes itself one .. Bye..

    *listens to Rita’s song*

    So this is the song her ass was pushing down our throats? Sigh..

    She should name the next song c****** ft Beyoncé written by whoever wrote partition.

  77. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez March 31, 2014

    Her single cover should have been H** test result. That would have made more sense in her case

  78. being unbiased March 31, 2014

    and unsaturated, this sounds really good and blends nice and possibly could light up the the pop radio landscape. it’s a bit of a mix of all sorts of music. you know dat. but it’s glowing with a good vibe.

  79. ronnoc March 31, 2014

    Im getting katy perry mixed with a p!nk beat… in other words, generic trash. Might actually be successful seeing as other s*** like Roar becomes a hit.

    • H2O March 31, 2014

      Katy is nowhere as generic as D!nk though, at least she has “One of the Boys”

  80. Rita Slays March 31, 2014

    Lmao I can’t with Ciara stans trying to drag anyone’s relevancy when ORA sold over 350k in the UK. When has Ciara ever sold that much in her domestic country? I can’t @ Ciara stans coming for someone’s relationships when Ci is Baby Mama #7 and Rita has a successful man who made the Forbes list. Its always the same salty h*** with the same opinions. ORA is certified platinum and has been so for over a year. The next album will do the same especially with this as the lead single. Everyone calling it dated but watch it slay.

    • FutureCIARA March 31, 2014

      Rita Payola stan, you need to know your place, And that is being Ciara, Rihanna, Bey, Kelly, Gaga, Katy, Miley lessors!!!

      ‘The Evolution’ became Ciara’s first #1 album in the US, selling 338,000 copies in its first week. It was certified platinum by RIAA within five weeks of its release.

      Nice try…

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