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Published: Saturday 1st Mar 2014 by David

With Bow Wow‘s  run on BET‘s ‘106 & Park’ doing wonders for his public image, the pint-sized Rap prince boasts of the lifestyle his career has afforded him in ‘Nah’, his latest musical offering.

Unfortunately, the entertainer seems to have caught a severe case of the ‘delusions’, claiming to have his ‘own show on BET‘ despite joining ‘Park’ in 2012…twelve years after its launch.

As if that wasn’t enough, the cut sees him make the mistake of belittling Rap’s more ‘notable’ acts. Problematic, when one considers his own struggle to find relevant Hip Hop footing since 2005’s ‘Wanted.’

Despite posturing otherwise, it’s clear that Mr.Wow’s inability to score the sales and acclaim enjoyed by the likes of Drake has made him a tad insecure.

Understandable, considering that he once stood as one of Columbia’s highest grossing acts, dominating stages and screens with the Triple Platinum ‘Beware of the Dog‘ and the Box Office smashing flick, ‘Like Mike.’

With this in mind, we get the idea behind ‘Nah‘, but think his glories of yesteryear place him above the tired cliches that plague the jam.


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  1. Molly March 1, 2014

    B**** its not your show BET can get rid of your wack ass any minute ask Rosci and Terrance but it was actually a good thing for Terrance j he moved up to bigger and better things and now is on E news Anyways little girl sit down and humble yourself you went from being a known rapper to a damn tv host on 106 and park .

  2. OVORobbie March 1, 2014

    What kind of fiction? It’s YOUR show? No son, you’re one of the many hosts on A show that promotes rappers and singers that actually have album release dates.

  3. MaybachDiane March 1, 2014

    Bow Wow I really like you on 106 so I hate to do this, but you have little d*** syndrome. Like deadass. The only reason you have that job is because Terrence moved on to bigger and better things on E!

    Do you think E would hire you if you applied for the same job?

  4. Lana Del Slay March 1, 2014

    All that money but you didn’t want to pay child support?

  5. kim Kardashian stan March 1, 2014

    I can’t with this cocky queen. This is far from you own show when they’ve had over 6 people host it before you.

  6. RiriRoyale March 1, 2014

    You could see the hurt in his eyes when he was saying it was his own show, like he even knew he was lying.

  7. Jamie March 1, 2014

    I hear BET gives him 150k every 6 months that’s good money for people like Terrence J who weren’t really known before they got on that show but for a so called celebrity rapper he should atleast get a million a year.

  8. TurntUp4Cici March 1, 2014

    It’s Stephen Hill’s show you liar, and you were hired the same way ALL your other cohosts were. And guess what, once BET decides you’re not right for them, they will FIRE you just the same way. Humble yourself.

  9. Jamie March 1, 2014

    I know Ciara has to regret dating this loser.

  10. Dance4Dawn March 1, 2014

    The only person who enjoys his money is him so that fact is irrelevant Jamie. When you want to sit there and brag and bash other people you should do an assessment of yourself too.
    He isn’t doing anything on 106 that any other person cannot do so I don’t see why he’s feeling himself so much.

  11. KissesForKelly March 1, 2014

    I’m happy that TGJ pointed out that that he USED to slay but he needs to check himself and fast. You dead ass finna sit there and say that 106 is your show when it’s been around longer than some of its viewers have been alive?

  12. iconic cici March 1, 2014

    A show you host is not your show you dont see Steve Harvey calling the family fued his show you don’t see Ryan seacreast saying American idol is his show, Wendy Williams has her own show, Ellen has her own show,Mary Mary has their own show h** you do not sit tf down and learn the difference.

  13. danyboo6 March 1, 2014

    Bowwow… be humble.. you are young still. There is no reason you wont do better n better in the future.

  14. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 1, 2014

    @Stephy YASSSSS Let Me Hold You was and is still my joint. I used to love it. Back when R&B and Hip-Hop dominated the charts.

  15. QUEEN OF BUYING GRAMMYS March 1, 2014

    He is still f****** cici

  16. haveseveral March 1, 2014

    its Free and Aj show they made it what it is. If it wasn’t for them 106 would not be as hot as it Was. Hint at the emphasis at was.

  17. FutureCIARA March 2, 2014

    The world was done with him around the same time Ciara dumped his small ass

  18. LAR March 2, 2014

    Bow wow is so handsome,too bad his attitude keeps a lot of people from noticing.
    Bow wow hasn’t had any music certified since 2007.
    His latest bunch of singles haven’t even made the top 100 R&B/HipHop charts. At what point does an artist finally realize the general public isn’t interested any more?…
    As for the song..That’s a big NAH! from me.

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