‘Beyonce’ Spends 16th Week On Urban Top 3 / Britain Tunes Into Frank Ocean’s ‘Channel Orange’

Published: Monday 7th Apr 2014 by David

‘Drunk in Love.’ ‘Partition.’ ‘XO.’

Since kicking down iTunes‘ front door in December 2013, Beyonce‘s self-titled new album has given the world three of the last year’s strongest singles, all of which soaring to their respective heights while the star embarked on her latest world tour.

This week, after she bid that tour adieu, the ‘Carmen’ actress has seen the success of its singles continue to push sales of the album across the globe, moving enough units to see it reach an impressive milestone hours ago!

Full story below!

As John Legend‘s ‘Love in the Future’ spends its non-consecutive 29th week atop the tally, ‘Beyonce’ spends its 16th week in the UK’s R&B Albums Top 3, doing so as 2008’s ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’ re-enters the Top 20, 275 weeks after it touching down in the market!

Elsewhere, Frank Ocean‘s debut album ‘Channel Orange’ re-enters the very same chart at #36, while Usher‘s ‘Confessions’ follow suits but fares much better by rising to #28, months before the unveiling of his latest studio album.

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  1. Super Cisus April 7, 2014

    Slay John at least you aint a thief

  2. Why So Jelly? April 7, 2014

    I am Sasha Fierce is in front of Artpop on the UK album charts lool.

  3. JOHNVIDAL April 7, 2014

    What an absurd post!!! LMAO I don´t even know which charts are these guys are talking about now. Does this mean John Legend has sold more albums in the UK this week than Beyonce´s album? It´s the only thing that caught my attention. That, if the information is accurate. Cause charts info from these guys is always so biased and confusing.

    • BeySting April 7, 2014

      There’s nothing confusing about it dear. Then again, when your fave can’t even break the iTunes 1000 I don’t blame you for forgetting how to read charts threads.
      It clearly said this is the R&B chart and that John did outsell Beyonce this week. What’s so hard for it to understand?

    • BaddieBey April 7, 2014

      “As John Legend‘s ‘Love in the Future’ spends its non-consecutive 29th week atop the tally, ‘Beyonce’ spends its 16th week in the UK’s R&B Albums Top 3, doing so as 2008′s ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce’ re-enters the Top 20, 275 weeks after it touching down in the market!”

      What’s so hard to understand?

    • Peaches April 7, 2014

      You’re always shading. Where’s your mine on the charts?

    • JOHNVIDAL April 7, 2014

      I understand perfectly thanks! But there are lots of people who don´t understand things and constantly mix them. Journalists (I know these guys are not) should write cohesive article which make sense. Not about random things or articles without structure. To begin with, they lied saying the world has recently seen Beyonce giving us 3 of the biggest hits in the last months. What? She´s giving us a very successful album, but 3 hits?
      I´ve seen them not reporting correctly before. Just compare their posts about charts with you know who other blogger out there and you´ll see the difference. How badly written and biased TGJ posts are when it comes to charts. They doesn´t make sense, apart from the agenda they have, which is supporting their faves.

      • Marley April 7, 2014

        If you don’t like the way they write why are you here? LOL. They’re not going to change no matter how much you think you’re making a point. You have no power over their style of writing which will ALWAYS be partial.You missed out their main agenda which is making people like you pressed to create stan wars. Never fails.

      • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

        They aren’t really lying tho, she has had three hits! Drunk in Love, her album, and her tour! All three were big hits and more to come!

      • JOHNVIDAL April 7, 2014

        I don´t like lies. I try to fight them. And btw I´m here because I like some thing sabout TGJ, I was clear when I said that I don´t like the way they write about charts. Those posts are totally laughable. A joke. And they deserve the criticism.

      • Marley April 7, 2014

        Well you’re fighting in vain because they won’t change for as long as they get hits on posts like this.

  4. Why So Jelly? April 7, 2014

    UK Itunes

  5. H2O April 7, 2014

    Beyonce is really huge in the UK, the fact that millions try to purchase her tickets when they went on sale …

    I can see “Beystiality” going at least 2x platinum there eventually.

    And slay a bit Frank 😀

    My king of music!

    I feel like he’s about to deliver something so strong and so flawless with next album, can’t wait!!!

  6. lovebird April 7, 2014

    UK listen to my FLOPtition please
    Don’t you know yonce really needs a hit
    You’ve been ignoring all my songs for over six years now
    Couldn’t even get XO to top the charts

    • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

      Bey doesnt have a hit! She has three hits! Drunk In Love, Her Album, and Her Tour! BEYONCE is the second highest selling album in 2014 in the UK! One of the highest grossing tour! and Drunk In Love Slayed on multiple charts! So we got hits and more to come!

      • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

        She is big in the UK right now! Trust me, they listening to more than just Partition and Xo! they are listening to the whole album cause they both they whole album! And not just a song or two!

  7. lovebird April 7, 2014

    Not FLOPTITION being #100 on the UK charts though.

    • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

      Thats pretty good considering its not a sinlge in that country. And no promo! SLAY!

  8. BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

    Queen Bey better SLAY! She is literally the only artist able to stay in the charts without doing any promotion!! The SLAYAGE is real!!

    • lovebird April 7, 2014

      Why is FLOPtition #100 on the UK charts?

      • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

        Partition is not a single in the UK! it was only released to US Urban Formats! And its #1 on those charts!

      • lovebird April 7, 2014

        Gurl don’t lie, #1 where?

      • LDN Chick April 7, 2014

        @Bow To Bey is right. Partition has not been released on UK radio at all. You need to come with a better drag.

      • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

        Yup and do your research. Slaytiton is #1 on the Us Urban Radio charts this week which is the only place it was released as a single. It was #3 last week. Now its #1

      • lovebird April 7, 2014

        But is it #1 on the hot 100?

      • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

        Partition will only chart on the urban charts because it was only sent out to urban formats!

  9. lovebird April 7, 2014


    Yes John Legend has sold more copies than Beyonce last week.

    #5 John Legend
    #20 Beyonce
    #73 Jason Derulo
    MIA Lady Gaga

    • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

      He needs to catch up cause Bey still has sold alot more in overall sales, so he better enjoy his little fame while he can. All of me will eventurally die out. Then what.

    • Kill a “LOVEBIRD” April 7, 2014

      But which one of them has sales in total that will put the other to Shame! bey! That pic of you is from google images that u stole from someone else. You should really show Urself! U r some desperate no life fat ass who hate Urself everytime you see the beautiful queen Bey

  10. Jewel April 7, 2014

    Congrats Its the second highest album of 2014 in the UK.

    • Jewel April 7, 2014

      Highest selling **

    • LDN Chick April 7, 2014


  11. Kill a “LOVEBIRD” April 7, 2014


    You are beyonce a biggest fan
    I say that because I’m a frequent ready of TGJ not a frequent bored couch potato with no life like you ! Everytime I go on TGJ u are on there and I don’t even count all the post comments but I know as much as u r on here u should b on he PAYROLL! As I’m talking to you on my IPADAIR and u are probably feuding on that old dell laptop that’s probably falling apart or that old boost mobile phone! Lol u need to catch ur life because it has been left behind since beyonce released her FIRST EVER SINGLE THAT WENT #1 along with her first ever ALBUM as a solo artist that also went number #1! Fall in line like ur fav is behind her and always will be! BEY IS A QUEEN OF MUSIC! And KILLING

  12. lovebird April 7, 2014

    Not Beyonce fans being jealous of all of me’s slayage whilst FLOPtition tumbles down the charts EVERYWHERE including the UK where it is #100.

    All of me is #2 in the UK by the way.

    • Marley April 7, 2014

      Beyonce is the only female keeping up witt males sales currently. You should be ashamed your fave could never.

    • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

      Slaytition is actually going up the US urban charts, all the other charts don’t matter cause its only a single on US urban formats!

  13. LDN Chick April 7, 2014

    Congrats Bey. Continue to slay. People like her don’t need to do the most to sell.

    • lovebird April 7, 2014

      Why isn’t FLOPtition selling then?

      • LDN Chick April 7, 2014

        Hun stop. The struggle to drag is real.

      • lovebird April 7, 2014

        Not like the hive is struggling to drag FLOPtition to the top of the charts.

      • LDN Chick April 7, 2014

        I would not be worrying about the Hive is purchasing right now.

        The Hive: 3.1 million ($16) after 4 months
        The Navy: 3.5 million after 17 months

        Keep struggling though.

  14. Memo April 7, 2014

    Whenever Beyoncé can pull an Adele, celebrate. It’s always TGJ blowing anything outta proportion.

    • Marley April 7, 2014

      Why would Beyonce pull an Adele. She us not the same type of artist who makes the same type of music. I find it hilarious thats the only thing people like you have up your sleeve to discredit her.

    • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

      Beyonce has done what Adele did before Adele even got to do them. And Beyonce is getting ready to do them again. Let’s see if Adele will be able to.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 7, 2014

        When has Beyonce done what Adele did with “21”? When???

    • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

      The I Am SF era did what Adele 21 did at the Grammys and was just as successful!

      • Skyfall April 7, 2014

        but did Beyonce win at any of the main categories like Adele did; best pop solo performance, best pop vocal album, album of the year, song of the year, record of the year, and best short video. Beyonce Usually only slays in R&B categories

      • Skyfall April 7, 2014

        and IASF was not as succesful as 21 or 19

        IASF – 8 million WW

        21 -26 million WW
        19 – 8 million WW without a #1, top 10 or top 20 hit

      • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

        I do love Adele btw but to answer your question, yes it was all of the main categories so do your research! A lot of her Grammys actually most of them are from the main categories, look it up! Cause I want u to know that!

      • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

        But yeah Adele does slay! I’m a fan of hers so I’m not gonna try and drag her to much. I just hope u know Beyonce did win in the main categories and most of her Grammys are from them. Not all though.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 7, 2014

        Are you retarded? Beyonce´s undeserving grammys are all in the R&B categories except for ONE, which was the Song of the Year for Single Ladies (that year was the biggest joke in grammys history btw, Taylor Swift won album of the Year that same year LOL thankfully such a bad year has not been repeated). Also “21” sales destroy Beyonce´s sales in such a way that I don´t know if you just like to lie or what.

      • Dirty Laundry April 7, 2014

        Beyonce has a Grammy for best pop vocal performance. And whether or not her Grammys are deserving is subjective.

      • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

        Yep song of the year and best pop vocal are the pop awards she won in 2010 Grammys; not bad considering she is a R&B artists. She’s just big enough to crossover but she’s always been R&B. Adele did slayed everyone in sells! Good for her! Beyonce still slays all these other chicks in album sells, and still remains the top R&B female artist. Most of her Grammys are from her vocal talent which is very deserving cause her voice is amazing. And single ladies really was the song of the year! It’s iconic and very deserving!

      • JOHNVIDAL April 7, 2014

        Pop Vocal performance is not one of the main ones either! What´s the thing you don´t understand guys???

      • Dirty Laundry April 7, 2014

        You said Beyonce has only won ‘ONE’ award thats not in the R&B categories. Not ‘ONE’ thats not a main one. Nice try.

  15. Marley April 7, 2014

    Well done to her and John.

  16. JOHNVIDAL April 7, 2014

    As I´ve said many times: Beyonce is doing great. This album was a surprise and her team killed it with the strategy. I´m just saying TGJ need to relax and stop exaggerating. Also, report better about charts. They aren´t good at that. Probably on purpose.
    Also, congrats to John. This second life his album has had everywhere has been a really nice surprise.

  17. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 7, 2014

    Beyoncé has three hits? An album, a song and a tour? That’s what we’re calling hits now? Really? Last time I checked drunk in camel n** was only huge in the states and the rest, are no where to be found.

    Maybe Beyoncé could give head on stage instead of flashing her loose p****, she could probably sell an extra 100k or at least get body partition to number 50.

    • BOWTOBEY April 7, 2014

      Partition is in the top 40 on the hot 100 and #1 on urban radio tho which isn’t bad. Rihanna does more p**** s*** than bey does so your telling the wrong person what to control. Beyonce isn’t doing any to extreme compared to Rih or Miley or any other h**

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodieguez April 7, 2014

        Number 40? Receipts.

  18. Yeah I Said It April 7, 2014

    Yes Be! Ri fans shouldn’t be worrying about her right now since she will outsell at least 3 of Rihannas albums by year end.

  19. Skyfall April 7, 2014

    I really won’t John to top the Billoard Hot 100 with All Of Me, and replace that mess of a song that is Happy

  20. Benji April 7, 2014

    I love Beyonce. She is a boss ass b****. Currently enjoying her fabulous life with Jay in the Dominican Republic.

  21. לולוז April 7, 2014

    כוס ציצי תחת בולבול זין דגדגן

  22. Rowan April 7, 2014

    Beyonce fans are so WEIRD. N** jobs. Get off the net you weirdos, find boyfriends and get a life.

    • stupid April 7, 2014

      All I see are Beyonce haters though…….

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