Lyric Video: Katy Perry – ‘Birthday’

Published: Thursday 10th Apr 2014 by David

Her ‘Dark Horse‘ may be a long away from ending its run on the Billboard Hot 100, but that hasn’t stopped Katy Perry from readying the launch of its follow-up, ‘Birthday‘, also pulled from her #1 album ‘Prism.’

Now peep the official lyric video shot to support the song, whose official video will mark the third from this era, released to coincide with its release to Contemporary hit radio/Rhythmic contemporary radio on April 21st!

Your thoughts?

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  1. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 10, 2014

    This song is such a generic mess

    • Molly April 10, 2014

      im mad at you 🙁

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 10, 2014

        And why is that?

      • Molly April 10, 2014

        Cause your a fake ass backstabbing b**** 🙂

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 10, 2014

        B**** bye! What did I do?

      • Molly April 10, 2014

        Really you’re gonna play dumb now? you kno what you did.

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 10, 2014

        ummm, no i have no clue… are u mad cuz i came at future ciara?

      • Molly April 10, 2014

        No you came at me in the Nicki post personally.

        “f*** you future flop f*** you Molly f*** that dumb b**** cieror and that low life piece of s*** future These two flops belong together! LORD I PRAY FOR THAT POOR BABY BEING STUCK WITH SUCH USELESS FLOP PARENTS! One cant keep his d*** in his pants the other can’t go gold!”

        like really girl?

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 10, 2014

        WELL DUH! you came a me first! and i will admit i was pretty nasty

      • Molly April 10, 2014

        But i didn’t attack you i came for Nicki you came for me & yes you were nasty i didn’t expect that post to turn out like that i didn’t wanna drag Nicki but those other barbz tried it all i said is who cares nick and Mariahs fabulous life Is next week.

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 10, 2014

        oops…. well your comments really pissed me off…..

      • Molly April 10, 2014

        Sorry 🙁

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 10, 2014

        well i’m sorry too 🙁

      • Molly April 10, 2014

        Were such drama queens lol

      • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 10, 2014


    • FutureCIARA April 10, 2014


      FUKK this whoore, She better keep it real cute!

  2. pussyy juice lover April 10, 2014

    Generic ass song , she is almost 30 why she keeps making these kids bops and videos smh. WOA or LEGENDATY LOVERS should have been released instead.

    • Molly April 10, 2014

      Omg i forgot all about WOA she paid it dust.

      • pussyy juice lover April 10, 2014

        Ikr, well i think she will release it eventually since she’s milking all of her albums.

    • metzo April 10, 2014

      OMG. Y’all are too hypocrite! If someone does kids friendly pop music , y’all call them generic and shot. But when a grown ads artist does grown up songs, y’all bash them and call them “s****” or “too old to make grown up music” n all that b.s you haters say. Y’all gotta make up y’all damn minds. Andy. Always criticizing when your fave ain’t doing nothing big . Fresh

      • metzo April 10, 2014

        Excuse. My grammar (auto correct). Y’all get my point

  3. Skyfall April 10, 2014

    Urg, her music is so basic. Out of all the songs on prism I only like 4

  4. Skyfall April 10, 2014

    I’m here for her though if she decides to release Legendary Lovers as a single

  5. Molly April 10, 2014

    Birthday is a cute song but not single worthy imo im here for Double Rainbow or Legendary Lovers as the next single.

  6. pussyy juice lover April 10, 2014

    It is sad only her basic ass childish songs are smashing and not beautiful ballads like Unconditionally. Proves the GP is only here for her badic forgettable music.

    • pussyy juice lover April 10, 2014


    • Ashton April 10, 2014

      It’s actually sad, because she has some really great songs 🙁

  7. Youwuththetits April 10, 2014

    Rihanna comes out with the first birthday song now Selena and Katy have one too.
    I seriously can’ say Katy has to grow up and serve us Katy not these generic songs. She doesn’t grow cause she serves the same crap over and over.

  8. truthtea April 10, 2014

    Katy needs to start making more appropriate music for her age. Nothing wrong with making fun music but her music only aims towards the t*** demographic.

  9. Navy Commander(WEST COAST) April 10, 2014

    I just relized how nasty this song is. So much for being so much holier-than-thou and above selling s** huh katy?

    But I really don’t see it for this song

  10. S****** Blonde April 10, 2014

    Trash, Walking on Air is like her best song and….

  11. Ashton April 10, 2014

    We can hate all we want but we ALL know that it’ll go #1

  12. Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 10, 2014

    She is so corny and her entire career is dependent on not only that but her looks also. And dead at her making this Nick Jr. video for a s** song. Her career will fade after she starts aging. But at least for right now Birthday is almost guaranteed to be a hit unlike a certain song currently stuck in the 500s on US iTunes.

    • Molly April 10, 2014

      How do you feel about g.u.y. falling out the hot 100 already?

      • Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 10, 2014

        It’s expected.
        What’s even funnier is Fad’s stans bragging about how it would rise on iTunes and be at least a top 40 hit after it was sent to radio. Well, it was sent to radio on Monday and all it did was drop out of the top 500 on iTunes.
        Probably the biggest bomb of the decade so far. Mess.

      • Molly April 10, 2014

        So sad gags is really done she cant even keep her song on the hot 100 for more then one week.

    • The truth hurts April 10, 2014

      Thank god I never changed my avi to the new west coast single cover or I’d be accused of being a troll.
      Maybe I’ll use one of the new billboard pictures.
      Cannot wait till 11am tomorrow (GMT). I’ve got a good feeling about this, I hope there will be a video to accompany.

      • Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 10, 2014

        Haha. TBH I was kinda hoping you didn’t so we would have to drag the haters for like 400+ comments. The promo photo Chuck shot is still up for grabs, though.
        Really hoping it goes #1 or at least top 5 on iTunes when it’s released.

  13. Navy Commander(WEST COAST) April 10, 2014

    keep this out the top 5 please I like some generic songs but this is just to much

    • Molly April 10, 2014

      Like your new avi RatedR RiRi was everything

  14. Stephy April 10, 2014

    Where the f**** is LoveBird? Oh, he must be in hinding from getting that ass dragged & exposed for his dear life…

    Go seek some professional help boo…

    Plays: Dear Father By The Queen Of Pop

    • Molly April 10, 2014

      Guess you were right im such a fool.

    • lovebird April 10, 2014

      Right here ready to drag you like you should have rightfully been dragged to an S** clinic.

      • Molly April 10, 2014

        Lovebird be honest is that really your Twitter?

      • lovebird April 10, 2014

        It could be, it couldn’t be. I cannot reveal any details as of now.

      • Molly April 10, 2014

        smh I’m disappointed in you seriously.

      • Molly April 10, 2014

        If you can’t deny it, it really makes you look guilty babe n

      • lovebird April 10, 2014

        My statement still stands, I can neither confirm nor deny that that’s my Twitter account.

    • FutureCIARA April 10, 2014

      What did i miss???

  15. Mimi Carey April 10, 2014

    so CORNY.

  16. Stephy April 10, 2014

    Also, Katy Perry keeps making these GENERIC S***** ASS child-like pop songs cause her ass want to catch up with Rihanna on the number 1 hits list. lol

    Pathetic ass bitchh. Her pusssy game is weak thats why she cant keep a got damn man. Also, the bitchh said Mariah was a throwback but at least Mariah has timeless number 1 hits (except heart breaker & touchy my body)

    BYE HO!

    Who the f*** will even remember Katy Perry’s kids bop #1’s.. lol no one will even try to cover tha s*** neither… ROAR WAS SOO GENERIC!

    • IStanForYourFav April 10, 2014

      Mariah best songs are the ones saved on the albums, or she likes to call them the obscure songs. Fly Like A Bird over We Belong Together… Through the Rain over Heartbreaker… The Impossible over Obsessed… hell I’ll take The Impossible (Reprise) over Obsessed lol no shade.

      • Realest April 10, 2014

        through the rain is nowhere near Heartbreaker.. The video, the vocals the 1st jay-z collabo? You’re not serious. WBT and fly like a bird i find interchangeable depending on my mood but vocally yes FLAB kills WBT and yeah Obsessed i didnt like but that wasn’t a number one hit.

  17. LEGENDARY LUVR April 10, 2014


    • Navy Commander(WEST COAST) April 10, 2014

      Sis it doesn’t matter if katy got 200 #1 hits , they will stil be forgetable and generic

    • lovebird April 10, 2014

      Katy can’t even win a Grammy, who’s wig is she snatching? Most def not Rihanna’s.

  18. lovebird April 10, 2014

    And yet another basic generic kindergarten jingle from Basic Titty Grammyless Perry yawn.

  19. Himeros April 10, 2014

    Ha! The basic fest continues, after a 2 week cruise, i’m back and guy flops while this basic mess keeps wining. And hosie, I won’t even check you now, that lana chart position is what you should be worried about

    • Molly April 10, 2014

      Go purchase g.u.y. sis its struggle

      • Molly April 10, 2014


      • CherylSoldier April 10, 2014

        Betty Who will be snatching Katy in a few years.

      • Molly April 10, 2014

        She has the perfect name cause who is she?

      • Himeros April 10, 2014

        I bought it twice, i’m not buying it again lol. The monsters have bought their G.U.Y. Copies, it’s the GP gag’s has to win back.

        There’s twitter talk that the gp are feeling bad for gags…
        Maybe she should pay a visit to the Pitty party brigade and release a basic song too.

        Maybe then the gp will love her again?

    • Molly April 10, 2014

      She related to pink?

      • CherylSoldier April 10, 2014

        She’s Aussie, now based in the US.

      • CherylSoldier April 10, 2014

        stanning for your avi @molly btw

      • Molly April 10, 2014

        Oh ok well good luck to her and thanks sweetheart 🙂

  20. I don’t know April 10, 2014

    I guess I’m one of the few that like this song. It’s cute and I think Katy’s head voice is pretty. If only she was a better singer live and didn’t act childish then I would Stan for her.

      • Himeros April 10, 2014

        Lol you should go find that video of Katy singing “I kissed a girl” on the tyra show. It’s even worse

  21. CherylSoldier April 10, 2014

    Can we please get a post on Betty Who’s new EP? I’m stanning.

  22. IStanForYourFav April 10, 2014

    Cute song. It’s one of my favorites on the album. Katy’s team is easy to figure out… They push the songs you don’t want (WOA & Legendary Lovers as mentioned before) for ones that you do want. They try to force it down your throat (Payola) until you can’t swallow it and it’s all on your entire lol. Just joking sround.

    • IStanForYourFav April 10, 2014

      I messed that up. WOA & Legendary Lover are the songs I want videos for.

  23. Himeros April 10, 2014

    Sis, i’d rather go watch a p** that stans for Mc donalds aka demi lovato sing about glamorising heart attacks than get an epileptic fit at the basic tour due kunty perry’s messy voice

  24. Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 10, 2014

    West Coast is guaranteed to go top 100 on iTunes though, something Fadga could not do in the US.
    But hey! At least it’s top 500 now.
    481. Lady Gaga – G.U.Y.

    • Himeros April 10, 2014

      Hey, I commented about that under my own reply, read up a bit haha.

    • Himeros April 10, 2014

      Applause was top 10 for 3 months though. We are talking about this year’s first LP singles hey. Cuz if you bring up born to flop, you can only compare it to born this way.

    • CherylSoldier April 10, 2014

      She’s still pressed about gaga. Lana has
      One top 10 (thanks to Cedric). Most
      Of her singles never even chart.

      • Himeros April 10, 2014

        Haha I went back and retraced a few gaga posts and saw you bringing the heat to rosie. Shame though, the last lana post on here I saw only had 24 comments.

        Proves lana’s relevance

      • Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 10, 2014

        And how many top 10s does Chav have outside of the UK?

      • Himeros April 10, 2014

        Lol I can’t with you guys!

        But cheryl stans can come for lana though, they’re basically on the same playing field.

      • CherylSoldier April 10, 2014

        Was Cheryl ever brought up like you always
        Being up gaga or Lana in a post that’s not
        About them? You stay pressed about cheryl.
        But no, ALL of Cheryl’s singles chart.
        Lana’s discography is embarrassing.
        LMAO at GUY out charting basically Lana’s
        Entire discography. This b**** is too much

  25. Himeros April 10, 2014

    @rosie where’s your newyour newbesti “Kelly kelly” the wwe stan?

    • Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 10, 2014

      IDK but many people think it’s Fagbird.
      Speaking of Fagbird it’s twitter was possibly a bit exposed today.

      • Himeros April 10, 2014

        Speaking of twitter, I want to follow you.

        And I doubt kelly and lovebird are the same people. Kelly’s from the UK and spits a tv shows receipts, lovebird only gives receipts from music.

        Their attack is the same but if you look at posts that they’re both in, their comment times are too close together.

        BUT ANYWAY, are you nervous for west costs debut?

        Idk, summertime sadness really put lana out there and all. Her movie promo is doing its work. Let’s not forget the chain smokers song “selfie” aswell.

        All this though I think she’d be lucky to get top 20

  26. Belladonna1363 April 10, 2014

    I love this song & that Lyric Video. I don’t care people on her say. All her songs go number1 & if she would release music you guys like she would flop. #Brithday will see the number1 spot & all of you no it. Its my 3rd fave song after Double Rainbow & Walking on Air.

  27. CherylSoldier April 10, 2014

    Make sure you keep supporting Lana so that she’ll
    Eventually perform in the same venues as
    Demi lovato and Selena Gomez.

    • lovebird April 10, 2014

      DEATH!!!! 4.6 MILLION and she’s performing at smaller venues than Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato?? I can’t.

    • Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 10, 2014

      But why don’t you ever reply to any other poster on this site? A Fagbird tea. Always concerned about Lana. Worry about Chav’s last album not even SELLING gold in her only market. Worry about Chav taking THREE eras just to go on a solo tour that only visited eleven venues in 2 countries. Dead at a Chav stan coming for Lana when it’s fave is currently less relevant than Cher Lloyd.

      • Lovebird April 10, 2014

        LMAO derogatory homosexual terms is the only shade you have? WEAK!!!!

        I want to know why Lana is playing smaller venues than Selena Gomez even after selling 4.6 million, that is more interesting.

      • Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 10, 2014

        If you’re doing legit arenas in the US then 6-7K capacity is nothing to brag about, kii. Some of Lana’s US venues have around the same amount of tickets available and not to mention she sold out arenas all over Europe. You both tried.

      • CherylSoldier April 10, 2014

        I’m still screeeeeeaming at all of the excuses. Platinum in the US and she’s playing at 3k capacity theaters. I’m screaming at the delusion. This is the same b**** who was discrediting Rihanna for being a “singles artist,” yet is praying for a Lana #1 single so that she can finally become relevant.

  28. Joan Clayton April 10, 2014

    Basic bum b****

  29. FutureCIARA April 10, 2014

    Im not here for it Ms.Perry

    This era is done, Please dont dragg it out like you do all of your previous albums

  30. Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 10, 2014

    I just saw some of Demi Lovato’s tour receipts. Kii at this f** trying to drag Lana for her tour when some of Cutmi ~aRenA!!~ shows have very close to the same capacity as many of Lana’s US venues.

    • FutureCIARA April 10, 2014

      You wrong for that bittch!

    • CherylSoldier April 10, 2014

      the real kii is platinum in the us and playing at 3k capacity theaters.

  31. Rosie (WEST COAST TOMORROW) April 10, 2014

    Speaking of tours, Beyoncé’s is at $220 million with five dates lever to report. I will be perched for the meltdowns if it passes the Cutter Ball’s gross.

    • CherylSoldier April 11, 2014

      How’s Lana doing/ is she using coachella to
      Inflate her revenue?

  32. Navy Nick April 10, 2014

    Now this is good pop music; unconditionally and this are way/10 times better than crappy dark horse and roar!!!

  33. Selenator April 11, 2014

    How is this a kids song when she’s singing about s**? The Nick Jr shade is getting stale now. Prism is her most mature album to date. Try actually listening to it instead of making an opinion based off singles. I guess people are mad that Katy is slaying their favs without era.

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