‘Stream Queen’: Beyonce’s ‘Partition’ Rolls Up To 40 Million

Published: Sunday 6th Apr 2014 by David

Though she’s never had trouble moving units, it would seem Beyonce has unearthed a new found power in streaming, unleashed once her latest album hit iTunes, December 13th 2013.

Indeed, released after Billboard announced streaming data would factor into ‘Billboard Hot 100′ chart positions, the singer’s self-titled new album has seen views garnered on VEVO and units sold on the likes of iTunes force singles ‘Drunk in Love’ and ‘Partition’ to Top Twenty glory.

Now, as Rihanna & Ciara whip up material for their new albums, Bey has seen the aforementioned ‘Partition’ take the net by storm!

Find out how below…

Featuring background vocals from Justin Timberlake, the saucy cut has now garnered a sweet 46,244,187 views since its video was uploaded to the star’s official VEVO account on February 25th!

Dominating Pop’s digital empire as the general public hits the clip to catch its Jake Nava-directed concept, the visual’s continued success comes arm in arm with the criticism launched at the song by Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, who slammed its raunchy nature and urged the star to embrace a more ‘uplifting’ sound.

In related news, ‘Partition’s parent album now sits at sales of 3,132,000 units worldwide.

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  1. The Great Lacefronce. April 6, 2014

    Flotation will probably take forever to go platinum just like Whale In Love, Yt streams is the only reason Whale In Love peaked so high

    Pour it up went platinum with no video no promotion 😉

    • BOWTOBEY April 6, 2014

      STFU! Partition is NOT a flop! This single is on a multi-platinum selling album, so most people already have the damn song. It’s was only released on urban formats and it is currently #1 on Urban radio. Keep in mind Beyonce hasnt promoted this single at all with the exception of its s*** video. And dont compare Slaytition to Pour it up, both songs are big urban hits!

  2. gilbert April 6, 2014

    over 46 million views is an impressive number especially after releasing all the videos which leaves majority of the people to have seen the video. it just goes to show that she is still on top of her game, just keeps rising and rising 🙂 congrats b!

  3. Barb babe April 6, 2014

    Yet it can’t reach top 20 lol girl is anyone even buying the songs?

    • Rosie April 6, 2014

      Can Icki chart anymore without 14382 features?

      • Barb babe April 6, 2014

        Where is Lana on the charts tho? only two charting singles in America? the struggle.

      • Rosie April 6, 2014

        And Roman Retarded still hasn’t sold 900K. The real struggle right there.

    • Krista April 6, 2014

      When was Ickis last top 20?

      • Barb babe April 6, 2014

        First off her name is Nicki and she had 3 top 20s off her last album.

      • Krista April 6, 2014

        That wasn’t the question.

      • Krista April 6, 2014

        Stop acting like Highscool, va va voom, the boys, look ass n**** never and about 7262717 other features never happened since.

  4. Skyfall April 6, 2014

    Beyonce needs to bring her ass to America and start promo

  5. Skyfall April 6, 2014

    I feel the album will peak at 7m -8m WW with the right promo and singles

  6. Rosie April 6, 2014

    Not bad , especially considering the album is almost double platinum.

  7. Nita April 6, 2014

    Must rihanna and Ciara be mentioned?
    You know the hive doesn’t get along with the navy or c squad lol

  8. Krista April 6, 2014

    The song has no promo at all and peopke already have the video. Its doing well. But I really need her to keep this era alive it did so well and is a great album but my instinct tells me she can’t be bothered and is just gonna have another baby. But i guess you never know what Bey has up her sleeve shes bot predictable like some artists.

    • Krista April 6, 2014

      Not predictable*

  9. Mark111 April 6, 2014

    JT is on Partition? What part?

    • coolness April 6, 2014

      @MARK111, he’s on the album audio version where ‘Yonce’ is the intro to Partition. If you listen closely to the breakdown where she sings, “Boy, this all for you just walk my way… to “And tell me how it’s looking babe (looking babe)…”, you can actually hear JT singing “ooh, ooh” as background vocals 🙂

    • Lolz April 6, 2014

      JT is also on rocket doing background.

  10. beyugly April 6, 2014

    The voice of our generation yet cheap single still flops

    • BOWTOBEY April 6, 2014

      U WISH IT WAS FLOPPING! BUT ITS NOT! ITS #1 ON US URBAN RADIO! which is the only place it was sent to as a single.

  11. Benji April 6, 2014

    Beyonce did not make this album cater for singles at all with all the videos and stuff. But shes still doing pretty well considering.

  12. Marcus April 6, 2014

    Beyonce’s Partition Is Now #1 On Urban Radio!

    This Is Her Second Single From Her Self Titled Album To Reach #1 On Urban Radio (Drunk In Love Was 1st).

    • FAF April 6, 2014

      I thought y’all said y’all ddnt care about urban chats tho?

    • Katycat April 6, 2014

      And she is#10 on rhythmic and it about to pass best thing I never had which was 4 biggest radio hit and @FAF get lost this is a 200k+ first week zone only

  13. Lolo April 6, 2014

    wh0res run the world.

  14. H2O April 6, 2014

    She needs to start promo wtf

    • Katycat April 6, 2014

      IKR she has done so well so far but Dafuck bey gave us something but I don’t think she will heavily promote it maybe the billboard award and Vma but I don’t see her doing interview or tv shows

  15. Luq April 6, 2014


  16. BOWTOBEY April 6, 2014

    YASS BEY IS SALAYING with Slaytition! Its #1 on Urban Radio! I cant wait til she releases ‘Blow’ next month! It will be her next #1 single! Promo is coming too which is why she ended the tour.

  17. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 6, 2014

    I read the title and thought to myself, this must be based on views. Then I read the article and I was right! So the HIVE is now celebrating streaming views? Lmfao even CAnt remember to purchase you out peaked and has more views (over 100 million) and the hive dragged it for fifth, calling it a flop. If that was a flop then what the hell is this? A struggle? Can this struggle make it’s way up the charts? I mean come on

    • BOWTOBEY April 6, 2014

      B**** are you dumb! Can’t remember to chart was released on all radio formats and was the led single. Partition was released to only urban radio formats and is currently #1 on urban radio! Partition is slaying on urban radio which was the only place it was sent to. Not mention this single isn’t getting any promo besides it’s s*** video which every saw when it came out on the ablum. Partition is slaying!!

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 6, 2014

        Explain pour it up please!

      • BOWTOBEY April 6, 2014

        No need to compare partition to pour it up. It doesn’t change the fact that partition is Slaying. Besides I don’t remember Pour it up being #1 on urban radio. Both songs have an explicit video and no promo. Neither of them are flops either!

  18. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 6, 2014

    3, 132,000 units? Units?

    • BOWTOBEY April 6, 2014

      As in the number of copies the album has sold!

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 6, 2014

        I actually thought it was more, not less.

      • Sass April 6, 2014

        Less than 400k away from Unpurchased already.

      • BOWTOBEY April 6, 2014

        It’s still higher than any other album released last year and this year… If not then within the time it has been out yes

    • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 6, 2014

      LOL your back?

      • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez April 6, 2014

        I didn’t go anywhere, remember these h*** think I’m lovebird or Slayriah so that means technically I didn’t go anywhere… 🙂

  19. Athena the lyrical Queen April 6, 2014

    Slay Bey Slay!

  20. Touché April 6, 2014

    Well good for her. I still hate this era but still good for her.

  21. BOWTOBEY April 6, 2014

    No need to compare partition to pour it up. It doesn’t change the fact that partition is not a flop. Besides I don’t remember Pour it up being #1 on urban radio. Both songs have an explicit video and no promo. Neither of them are flops either!

  22. Sass April 6, 2014

    I wonder what shes going to do next.

  23. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 6, 2014

    Stream queen is so damn accurate though cause we know that is the main reason why her singles are charting.

    • Metzo April 6, 2014

      U still here?

  24. Metzo April 6, 2014

    Wait a minute, how come its already #1 when it has never been promoted yet? Damn Bey killing her peers. Not many can achieve that much success with little to no promo. Same for her album!
    And the haters gotta stop the excuses, since when explicit videos are consirered promo? You cant force people to watch your videos or purchase your albums. They do so because they love it or theyre interested by it, even if its haters who claim to not like her. Just like the main haters here who claim to fislike her but are always the first to rush into articles about Bey. Lmfaoo. But hey, negative attention is still attention ;). Anyway, Beyonce is the first#1 chick in the game right now. So im not surprised sge has this much haters. Congrats to our Queen!! SALAYING!!

  25. john April 7, 2014

    Beyoncé sold almost 200 million records worldwide, she has 17 grammy’s and her latest album sold 85000+ in the first week. So everybody else please sit down

  26. john April 7, 2014

    im sorry i meant 850000 + in the first week. She never focussed on no1 singles, she has already done that. Singles are meant to sell an album anyway.

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