Weigh In: Was August Alsina Right To Snap At “106 & Park” Host For Asking About Trey Songz?

Published: Tuesday 15th Apr 2014 by Rashad

Today brings with it ‘Testimony’ –  the long-awaited debut LP of R&B newcomer August Alsina.

Fueled by lead singles ‘Numb’ and ‘Make It Home,’ the album’s record shelf debut was also accompanied by the unveiling of the music video for the Fabolous-assisted tune ‘Get Ya Money.’

Taking to ‘106 & Park’ to premiere the Payne Lindsey-directed visual, the show’s host Keshia Chante wasn’t exactly getting much love from the ‘I Luv This Sh*t’ crooner when she asked about his ongoing beef with the song’s duet partner Trey Songz.

Making for hilariously awkward TV, watch the clip, the full episode, and new video below.  Tell us:  was August wrong for scolding Miss Chante on live television?

See the full episode below:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kim Kardashian Stan April 15, 2014

    Chris Brown Jr Yaaaaaas! i just love everything about him he’s a boss and didn’t want to talk about that ish anymore. Lmao kiii

    • FutureCIARA April 15, 2014

      F**** HIM!!!!

      Salty ass bottom, If I was her I would have shaded him DOWN!!!!

      His album will FLOP anyway, FUTURE will outsell him!

  2. FAF April 15, 2014

    He looks so f****** good ughhfhjfldasjfl SLAY ME!

    and yes she’s an ass kisser and she needs to fall back sometimes I used to like her but she starting to feel herself & think she knows the ins & outs of 106.. b**** u from canada, chill!

    • Kim Kardashian Stan April 15, 2014

      Yes boo hes fine lmao and he owned the keisha tramp.

    • Molly April 15, 2014

      Canadian people are scum just take Rosie and Justin bieber for examples.

      • ATM JAM April 15, 2014

        You always in Rosie C******, take your dry ass shade and get Your Favs Last Flop to at least silver status.

      • lovebird April 15, 2014

        B**** don’t come for Molly and worry about 212 being taken down from YouTube.

      • Molly April 15, 2014

        lmao @Lovebird Yaaas drag that lessor death at @AtmFlop coming to Dykesie defense when the d*** has dragged Azealia so bad by the little edges she has left.

      • ATM JAM April 15, 2014

        @Mollywhopped & @Fagbird the thirst for attention from Rosie from you two is beyond me. You constantly name drop her and proceed to be salty and pressed when she drags your ass. & does it bother you that 212 sold more than Overdose & Bodyparty Internationally or have you come to terms with the fact that your fav is a flop?

  3. Yea ok April 15, 2014

    I must be old. I didn’t even know this show was still on anymore. Wow.

    Don’t know any of these people.

  4. Lovebird April 15, 2014

    That’s expected when dealing with ghetto classless trash. There’s a time and place, don’t be a Rosie.

    Sexlijah would never degrade his reputation like this cretin.

    • Molly April 15, 2014

      Elijah wack boo August is life.

      • Lovebird April 15, 2014

        Gurl bye, FLOPgust is ghetto and trashy, his music is garbage.

      • Molly April 15, 2014

        Please he’s a bad ass and rebel i love guys like him Elijah seems soft like he likes d*** up his ass.

      • Lovebird April 15, 2014

        The only one with a d*** up his ass is FLOPgust, Trey Songz d*** to be specific, hence this lovers tiff.

        FLOPgust gives me homo-thug realness and this lovers tiff confirms it.

      • Molly April 15, 2014

        Lol boo your extremely pressed stop it and get with it Lovebird no one outside this blog is checking for Faglijah kiiii August is up and coming and not struggling for hits like DickInTheBootyLijah.

  5. Yea ok April 15, 2014

    Omg I just watched the clip. He queened OUT on her. Wow. lol. Sounds like trey and him broke up and he bitter. But he shouldn’t have cursed on that program. That wasn’t very professional but then again this is EBT.

    • Lovebird April 15, 2014


  6. Mark111 April 15, 2014

    I think he’s not very smart and don’t know the bizz. If you don’t want to talk about it, than you shouldn’t ever said anything about it in the first place.

    Why I have the feeling that AA will outsell Jason’s Talk Dirty?

    • Lovebird April 15, 2014

      Tattoo’s sold 8K, Jason Derulo is a SINGLES artist. I’ll be surprised with Talk Dirty does anything around 50K to 60K.

      FLOPgust will do Ciara numbers, trust me. His music is garbage, Elijah Blake is the real deal.

      Bijoux 22 slays.

      • Mark111 April 15, 2014

        Bijoux 22 is the s***! A few songs are corny, but the rest are great.

        “I don’t love these…’birds'”

  7. Molly April 15, 2014

    Lmao he put that b**** in her place and i lived!!

  8. Heaven April 15, 2014

    Who gives a s*** about FLOPlijah Blake? How long has he been tryna get a song to chart? No ones interested in him other than this site. He should stick to songwriting. Anyway, August was very unprofessional and ratchet for that. There’s a certain way to handle things like that. A simple: “naw we ain’t gon talk about that” would’ve sufficed. He won’t last long in the industry with that attitude smh.

    • Lovebird April 15, 2014

      Elijah Blake is the one who’s going to have Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, FLOPgust wishing they were his Air Jordans.

      • Molly April 15, 2014

        And all 3 of those dudes outshine and outsell Floplijah lovebird kiiiii

      • Lovebird April 15, 2014


        FLOPtune or whatever it is he called his album is not even gold yet, that is for Fistopher Brown.

        As for Jason Derulo, tattoos sold 8K and he’s currently selling his album for half price on iTunes to try and get it to chart somewhere.

        As for FLOPgust, he is QUEENing out on his ex lover on national TV, that says enough about this wannabe homo-thug.

        Elijah is artistically better than all of them.

      • Molly April 15, 2014

        But Chris August and Jason have hits a decent selling albums what does Elijah have babe? oh nothing besides writing for Keyshia cole.

      • Lovebird April 15, 2014

        When Sexlijah releases his masterpiece album, people will be saying FLOPgust who??

      • Heaven April 15, 2014

        Lol the Elijah mafia on here are so b*** hurt. It’s probably his team pretending to be fans because idk anyone who knows him.

  9. RoyalKev April 15, 2014

    “No Comment”.
    ^ That would have been more than enough!

    It’s sad because if this was a female artist responding the way that he did she would’ve been called all kinds of b******.

    • Touché April 15, 2014


  10. Pamb April 15, 2014

    He was absolutely right for telling her ass exectly that!!

  11. Lovebird April 15, 2014

    Can FLOPgust write a song to this quality? Hell can FLOPgust even write a song?



    • Molly April 15, 2014

      I wouldn’t dare listen to this garbage.

      • Lovebird April 15, 2014

        Garbage is FLOPgust and what comes out of his mouth.

        This album will do Jason Derulo Tattoo’s 8K numbers.

  12. Lovebird April 15, 2014

    Not Ciara fans coming for SEXlijah though, let’s not forget who wrote one of your favs strongest songs of her career


    • Molly April 15, 2014

      The song is cute but his writing isn’t all that babe i forget he even wrote it…

      • Lovebird April 15, 2014

        Gurl hush, his writing is all that and a bag of chips.

    • FutureCIARA April 15, 2014

      Thanks for the promo babe!

      Your such a doll!

    • Navy Commander(AUBRIH) April 15, 2014

      Thats the only song I downloaded from Ciara

  13. Lovebird April 15, 2014

    My predictions on the next project

    Chris Brown – X 50K
    Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty (selling for half price on iTunes) 40K
    FLOPgust – WHO GIVES A F*** 8K

    Sexlijah Blake – [insert title] 200K+

    • Molly April 15, 2014

      200k lmao lovebird stop it girl!

  14. Molly April 15, 2014

    I still love you @Lovebird but um watch August blow up and Elijah be in the same place he is today.

  15. Lovebird April 15, 2014

    Molly, love you too but you are reaching for Jesus if you think FLOPgust is going somewhere and SexLijah isn’t.

    • Molly April 15, 2014

      Lmao lets see were both are in the next 6 months Elijah doesn’t have the appeal that August has.

    • FutureCIARA April 15, 2014

      I agree with @LOVEBIRD sis….. Elijah will take the NeYo route….. While FLOPgust will be trying to claw his way to stay relevant in the years to come

  16. lovebird April 15, 2014

    In 6 months, Sexlijah will have a hit on the charts whilst FLOPgust will be begging Trey to take him back after DefJam drops him.

    • Molly April 15, 2014

      Lies but we shall see babe 🙂

    • FutureCIARA April 15, 2014


      I agree with you

      • Lovebird April 15, 2014

        Thank you.

  17. JBoi April 15, 2014

    I Think That was completely uncalled for. when you go on shows across their going to ask you questions like that especially since it’s been in the media. This interview made me change my view of him as an artist he wil not be getting any of my hard earned money that is not how you talk to a lady.

  18. lovebird April 15, 2014

    FLOPgust’s music giving me Joe Jonas – Fastlife tease both in material and commercial performance.

  19. FutureCIARA April 15, 2014

    His album and career will FLOP, He’s very forgettable and this interview even hurt his chances for people wanting to work with him, he acted like a pure power bottom, that is Jealous of Trey Songz giving all his dikk away.

    FUTURE will outsell him anyway, Nobody is checking for FLOPgust release date!

    HONEST 4/22

    • Lovebird April 15, 2014

      10ssssssss all around for this comment, YASSSSS!!!!

      BTW, who do you think the bottom is between FLOPgust and Trey Songz or are they team versatile??

      • FutureCIARA April 15, 2014

        They both give me Verse T’z

      • FutureCIARA April 15, 2014

        Treycee can hit higher notes though, So he has probably taken it more than August Alyssa.

      • lovebird April 15, 2014

        Yas, Mzz Trey’s body count is higher than Azealia Bank’s Twitter followers.

  20. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 15, 2014

    Who is August Alsina? Sounds like a non-factor…like a Ciara.

    • Lovebird April 15, 2014

      He’s a FLOP ghetto homo-thug, no need to worry about him.

    • FutureCIARA April 15, 2014

      The only Non-factor has been Mariah’s presence in the Music industry except around Christmas time.

      Make sure you get the lambs together to purchase bulk orders of Mariahs new album, because when it flops, The draggs will be quite brutal!!!

  21. KESHIA CHANTE STAN April 15, 2014

    WHO TF does this guy think he is??????

    Not only did he disrespect Keshia Chante but also the BET Networks that is responsible for his push and success. SMH just wrong. Don’t like him anymore

    Keshia held it down like a BOSS! Though.

  22. Skyfall April 15, 2014


    Augusta probably mad cause Trey used him for s**, tore his asshole to shreds, then left him for a female

    • lovebird April 15, 2014


  23. coolness April 15, 2014

    Wow, unprofessional much. I get that he “keeps it real” with zero f**ks given but that’s no way to talk to the host of a TV show. Especially when you’re an up and coming artist. This has really tainted my view of him. Then again, Keyshia girl, why did you ask him that question when he SPECIFICALLY stated beforehand that he wouldn’t be entertaining any talk on Trey Songz. Smh, that was wrong of her and now he embarrassed both himself and her in the process. Oh and LOL at Bow Wow trying to keep it cool. I guess the issue with Trey is a serous problem. He’s talented and quite the looker but he needs serious media training. Y’all should get ready for R&Beef, lmao!

  24. FutureCIARA April 15, 2014


    You would want to keep it real cute!!!

    And tweet Nick Cannon, and tell him not to lose his Americas Got Talent hosting job!!
    Everyone knows he’s the bread winner now since Mariah has become a has been and cant keep a single in the Hot 100.

    • Molly April 15, 2014

      Lmao shes so stuck on Cici meanwhile your mine couldn’t even out chart garbage trash like i luh ya papi 🙁

      • FutureCIARA April 15, 2014

        JLo been snatching her wig Low Key!

  25. Rosie April 15, 2014

    LOL I’m laughing so hard. I have no idea who this is but from what I’m reading on here he’s some low-budget wannabe thug and he’s obviously in the closet. I wonder what HDD will say he’ll sell tomorrow afternoon.

  26. Molly April 15, 2014

    Ewwww why is this old h** @Slayriah so obsessed with Ciara if shes such a non factor why is she always on your mind?

    • FutureCIARA April 15, 2014


      Bittch I been looking for you, I know you not avoiding my questions babe!!

      • Molly April 15, 2014

        Girl what question ive been busy.

      • FutureCIARA April 15, 2014

        You never disclosed whether or not those trolls in that post a few days ago were trying to frame you for being a troll under that one name…

        I have since forgotten most the details because you been avoiding me, I even asked you in a couple of popular posts, Both me and @NICKI

        And you paid me dust.

        What was all that commotion about over the weekend???

        Spill the T, And why all of a sudden you got super busy when all that went down… I need to know if its true or not, because you know I hold you down…

        So sis, you was trolling or nah???

    • NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 15, 2014

      girl you know exactly what question!

      • FutureCIARA April 15, 2014


        B**** you know what question @MOLLY dont play these games with me Ms.Gorl

      • Molly April 15, 2014

        You know what you guys are being so extra lol it obviously wasn’t me what is there to explain i feel like someone set me up simple as that. @FutureCiara @Nicki you b****** better hope it doesn’t happen to you because its fuckked up i was pissed and ive been with my bf since Saturday so i wasn’t on here much since then.

      • FutureCIARA April 15, 2014

        Well thats all I was asking girl!

        I even defended you when it happened by saying it looked like they were trying to frame you… Because that person commented and then you commented, And then somebody used your name to comment again as if they were you…. It was quite obvious, but you avoiding the situation made you look bad on your part sis….

        And some newb tried to frame me for trolling not too long ago as well…. Thats why SAM and @TGJ needs to put pictures next to EVERY comment including the ones in the reply box….

        Anyway, did you get you some good s** gorl??

      • Molly April 15, 2014

        I agree sis smh crazy and awww love you so much thanks for having my back sis you are the sh!t! And yes i did twice a day lol plus i see him again tomorrow night so you know LOL kiii how was your weekend?

      • FutureCIARA April 16, 2014

        Awwwww, Im single sis…..
        You and your BF down for a threesome??

  27. NICKI IS QUEEN OTHER B****** TAKE A SEAT April 15, 2014

    this guy and elijah are both nobody flops

  28. Navy Commander(AUBRIH) April 15, 2014

    He WILL flop now. There is no question. BET made him and thats where people knkw him so for him to go there and act up he will sell less than 10k first week. His album will strufggle to sell half of gold. This is the nail in the coffin

  29. Navy Commander(AUBRIH) April 15, 2014

    He’s not even an established act. He had 1 moderate hit now he thinks hes the sh*t. No no you will flop and fade into irrelevancy with your ex trey

  30. n April 16, 2014

    Could u post the Rico Love interview that he did with breakfast club and look at the songs that he produced and written for her. I find this very interesting.

  31. Navy Nick April 16, 2014

    WOW WOW WOW – 1st off: WHO IS THIS GUY? That was NOT called for, it really was not! HE AINT EVEN GOT AN ALBUM OUT!? o noo mam

  32. FutureCIARA April 16, 2014

    Bey & Jayz are supposed to go on Tour together this Summer….. Why is TGJ sleeping on the job

  33. S****** Blonde April 16, 2014

    I love the feuds between men haha, he’s so skinny and tall, damn.

  34. The truth April 16, 2014

    Ahhhhh hell to the motherfuckkking no……
    This nigggga crazy as hellll
    How dare he snap at her like that
    He’s a nobody and an agreesive nobody at that…..
    Take a seat son…

  35. metzo April 16, 2014

    Elijah>> August.
    August Music is too trashy and ghetto. Too much cursing and swearing (F***, b****, d*** ext..) ughh.

  36. room319 April 16, 2014

    Totally uncalled for.
    Not only do I not know who this dood is…

    He further made his claim worse by delivering a half-ass acapella. Dood’s skill level and personality will probably hold him down for 1-2 years. That’s it.

    Btw… the cute hostess handled it nicely, although she couldn’t wait to get off camera (rightfully so).


  37. Antonio April 16, 2014

    This n**** was dead ass wrong. All he said to say was no comment or simply not answer the question. Getting that hostile is just ridiculous. What y’all groupie ass f*gs and b****** need to understand and this comment is coming from someone who was once a JMC major, journalists will find ways to ask difficult questions. August is involved in a somewhat high profile situation which means, the fan want to know about it, which means he’ll be asked. Tbh, I feel the producers at BET somewhat set Keisha up. He didn’t go off on The Breakfast Club or Necole Bitchie, but he goes off on little on Keisha… Typical f*g bottom s***

  38. Jhone April 16, 2014

    As much as I don’t know him and care for what he has to contribute to music; and that he was very very very rude. I believe that hosts much honor the wish of their guest. Many times artists go on radio and Tv show and they are asked irrelevant questions. They are being paid to ask questions that are relevant and interesting.

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