Iggy Azalea Hit With Fresh Racism Claims Following ‘Billboard Music Awards’ Performance

Published: Monday 19th May 2014 by David


By May’s end, Def Jam starlet Iggy Azalea is set to have a Platinum single on her hands with the ubiquitous ‘Fancy’, currently cruising to sales of 1 million units in the USA.

Alas, it would seem that the performer’s profile-boosting stint at last night’s ‘Billboard Music Awards’ has seen some members of the general public question the media’s support of the rapper, despite seeing her admit to publishing-and subsequently apologise for- tweets many deemed to both racist and homophobic.

What went down last night?

Read below…


Published well before she signed to UMG’s Def Jam, the messages above rocked the ‘Work’ belle’s world last year when they were unearthed by ‘Twitter‘ followers who had seen them as they were published. Now, despite apologising for said remarks with…

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 06.34.48

…the last 24 hours have brought with in thousands of tweets published members of the online community blasting the beauty for supposed bigotry.

A few shared:

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 06.41.24
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 06.38.08
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 06.39.33
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 06.40.40
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 06.43.03
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 06.44.54
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 06.46.56
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 06.48.08
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 06.50.44
Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 06.53.47


In response to the above, the entertainer shared:

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.02.55

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly May 19, 2014

    Racism imo is sayin i wish all blacks were still slaves or saying all Mexicans do is eat beans & burritos shes not racist bye F******!!!!!!!

    • MadameBey May 19, 2014

      Are you serious? Do you not realise that any kind of prejudice based on someone’s race is racism. If I as a black person say white people don’t know how to cook THAT is racist because my judgement of them comes from my perception of their race.

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        Blah i don’t care what you have to say you stan for someone who bleaches their skin bye.

      • Anna May 30, 2014


      • Anna May 30, 2014

        Molly your so narrowminded you disgust me. What you are bascially suggesting is that all black people stand for is skin bleaching. Which they dont. You might as well say all white people tan…

      • lol June 17, 2014

        but when u say white ppl cant cook…. do u mean it? would u bully every white person u see cuz they “cant cook”? would u srsly believe they cant cook? would u kill all white chefs cuz they cant cook without even trying the food?(or flip them off) would throw the food a white person makes into the trash or smack it into their faces when they try to give it to u cuz they cant cook before even trying it? would u? do u rlly believe yourself when u say they cant cook? if not… then ur not racist… racist is a general term for when u feel superior to another race… like they shouldnt even exist to u….. did it occur to u that maybe iggy was making a joke?

        P.S. u probably didnt noe but there is the inanimate object called a dictionary. With this u can find what ‘racist’ rlly means
        P.P.S considering you dont noe how to use google

      • inkdoodler September 30, 2014

        Actually. .. it is YOU who seems
        Not to know the dictionary
        Definition of racism.

        Take your own advice… pick up
        The dictionary. And spellcheck a
        Bit… good lord.

    • FutureCIARA May 19, 2014


      That statement is small minded, Racism takes on many different facets…. There is blatant in your face racism, and there is slick under the radar racism… At the end of the day, all of it stems from racists roots.

      People shouldnt make racist comments period, In her case it was probably due to her ignorance, and growing up in the South.

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        I hear you babe

      • FutureCIARA May 19, 2014

        Sorry, She is from Australia! Pardon me

      • Shannon May 23, 2014

        @FutureCIARA Hahaha check your own prejudices! Assuming she’s from the South because she says stuff like this? I was on board with your comment until the true colors came out.

    • Nubian Queen May 19, 2014

      No b**** thats extreme racism, just because you don’t see it as a problem does’nt mean it isnt 1. Furthermore, she’s 2 comfortable making comments and throwing shade and placing emphasis on race. therefore making her a racist. its ignorance to believe that hatred is expressed through harsh comments, it can be said and done in many underhanded ways.

    • Nubian Queen May 19, 2014

      Comments on peoples RACE needs to STOP, it is not well received and unfortunately white people will never understand because there is nothing that can be said to truly offend them. It is soo sad that after all these years people are still battling with ignorance. IGGY can rot in hell as far as i’m CONCERNED to call yourself a runaway s**** master, making slavery a JOKE. MAKES ME F****** SICK

      • NickiLover May 19, 2014

        Black people are typically more racist than white people now days and are so quick to jump and call a white person racist. Smh I’m ashamed of how people from my own culture act 1/2 the time. I honestly feel like stories like this are coming out because y’all are mad about the fact that a white female was able to make it into the rap game and chart on billboard. AND YOU PEOPLE SHE HAS REALLY NO CONCEPT OF RACISM. SHE WAS BORN AND RAISE IN AUSTRALIA

      • Whatever May 24, 2014

        You’re ashamed of how people from your culture act half the time????? Assuming you are black, I, as a black woman, am ashamed that you are even apart of my culture with that comment. Racism isn’t cool no matter what side of the fence it is coming from. It is a huge slap in the face that she is dissing black culture and making a mockery of slavery when it was hip hop (black culture) that has gotten her where she is. The fact that YOU don’t realize that is sad…and maybe shows how you feel about your own race. Also, just because she is from Australia doesn’t mean she has no concept of racism. Wake up, racism isn’t just in America. Open a book or watch the news and learn something. Racism is everywhere in the world, and it makes me sick to know that you are apart of my culture, and you feel it’s okay for her to diss blacks…when we are still fighting to be seen as equals in 2014…girl, bye. YOU ARE THE DISGRACE TO YOUR OWN RACE! GET AN EDUCATION!

      • lol June 17, 2014

        Dear whatever,

        First things first(iggy reference lol) u said ur ashamed at a fellow black woman…. mindfuck much….. ur much more racist than her….. and also, australia is a beautiful country with no prejudice watsoever (just imo rlly, im probs exaggerating) well wat im tryin to say is iggy probably grew up in an environment where no matter what she said, as long as she didn’t mean it, ppl wud be cool abt it… i dont blame her for not wanting to change, its just ‘iggy’….. and also u said “apart of my culture” that means she isnt in ur culture…. i am much confuse….

    • K May 22, 2014

      Molly you just made a mistake just admit it, because not even your hating ass is this ignorant.

    • K May 22, 2014

      You just made a mistake just admit it, because not even your hating @ss is this ignorant.

    • Alliepond May 22, 2014

      First of all your first comment was homophobic your second comment was racist so bu what I can see you are also just as homophobic and racist. What you said about black people( Micheal Jackson) was not only extremely rude but racist. Not all black people bleach their skin and he was one out of many black people who haven’t bleached their skin. I think that you should be ashamed of yourself and so should Iggy. And I think it would be nice for you to use spell check.

    • Alliepond May 22, 2014

      First of all learn how to use spell check ( it might come in handy next time). Second both of your comments were racist and homophobic. In you first comment you used the word f***** now that is a horrible name to call someone and it is also homophobic. Your second comment is racist on so many levels. To bring in one man out of hundreds of thousands of black people in the word to prove your point( and your point which makes no sense). That was rude to the black community of the world.You are so ride and and uncaring it is disgusting. You should yet again, use spell check because last time I checked the word “stand” is spelt with the letter “d” at the end.

      • inkdoodler September 30, 2014

        And the word rude is spelled
        With a “u”… also, by is spelled
        With a “y”. Perhaps you too could
        Benefit from some spellchecking.

    • Rosa Cerda November 9, 2014

      Stop being racist girl Your not perfect.

  2. metzo May 19, 2014

    Ignorant tweets indeed.

  3. Molly May 19, 2014

    TeamIggy f**** how yall feel!

    • OVOJennaa May 19, 2014

      #TeamDonaldSterling f*** how yall feel!

      Notice the sarcasm?

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        Whose that?

    • FutureCIARA May 19, 2014

      Stop @MOLLY

      Thats not a good look, Take a step back and look at what she said, and what you are supporting, no matter what race you are, Its not okay for you to say s*** like this when people clearly feel she is being racist, probably without even knowing she is sounding racist.

      • Tate May 20, 2014

        The only racist comment there is possibly the one about the asian lady. People are always so quick to shout racist, it’s being completely misused. Ignorance and stereotypes =/= racism.

    • Ashton May 19, 2014

      Literally, Iggy isn’t cool at all. She is actually a terrible rapper. She’s only a rapper. She is not hip-hop WHATSOEVER. Hip-Hop critics could give a s*** less. Y’all Iggy fans want her to be the female Eminem so bad, but she’s in reality: is the female Pitbull.

    • lol June 17, 2014

      google does exist u noe…. unless…. nah it exists

  4. DanitySlain May 19, 2014

    My gosh. I saw this all over Tumblr last night.

    • CassieSlaytura May 19, 2014

      Me too, kinda shocked TGJ wrote about it cos I know they stan downe for ha.

  5. Lovebird May 19, 2014

    Who is she though?

    • Molly May 19, 2014

      Someone with 2 top 5 hits on billboard hot 100

      • LOL May 19, 2014


    • Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014


  6. Barbie’s World May 19, 2014

    She’s not a racist, just dumb as a rock.

    • NickiBeenBad May 19, 2014

      Those tweets and her apology say differently.

      • Ashton May 19, 2014

        Those apology tweets were ACTUALLY from whenever someone found and old tweet of her talking s*** about Nicki. Not the racism tweets

  7. CommanderKaty May 19, 2014

    People are willing to overlook it because she’s pretty. The only time people care about stopping racism is when it comes from someone they can’t get anything from, we wouldn’t even have to ask why print press aren’t picking this up if she was old and wrinkled but because society hasn’t gotten to the point where we accept that ANYBODY can be prejudice she gets a pass.

    • BubblePopElectric May 19, 2014

      @CommanderKaty That s*** is so REAL! People tend to only combat discrimination/bigotry when it’s convenient for them, these days. And while I have supported Iggy’s music for years, the latent discriminatory tweets that she’s put out into the world are disgusting and makes the idea of enjoying her artistry much less appealing to me. However, because her opinions and world views may have changed since she posted those tweets, I will try not to hold it against her until I receive current evidence that points to the contrary.

      P.S. @Molly stop trying to make this a stupid “either you stan for Iggy or you don’t” conversation. This goes much deeper than that and makes you look incredibly shallow.

  8. Molly May 19, 2014

    She’s obviously not racist yall are always so quick to call someone a racist, cyberbully, h** etc these days.

  9. Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

    F**** this h**! Lovebird, give me that dickk booo! Im so THIRSTY for your tasty s**** laoaololololololololololol

  10. Navy nick May 19, 2014

    Im black, & gay; none of those tweets bother me: she is saying everyday things we all sa., BUT with that said, If i were a star, wouldn’t post that kind of stuff, just to stay clear of things like this… LOVE IGGY!!!

    • Molly May 19, 2014


      • Joey May 19, 2014

        And people care how you do? B**** you be on here like you hot blog power

    • MCThePlaceToBe May 19, 2014

      You are truly ignorant. Everything is context dependent. I’m black so if I call another black person the N word as a term of endearment it doesn’t give someone outside of our race the right to use it as an insult even if I AM wrong to use it myself.

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        Stfu its his opinion h** no one cares how you feel bye.

  11. Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

    Im trolling like shitt tonight! Lololololol

  12. QueenCeline May 19, 2014

    Can’t say I feel bad for her and I’m surprised David even covered this knowing how much he likes her.

  13. Lovebird May 19, 2014

    How many copies has her album sold so far?

    • Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

      Your s**** counts…

  14. Molly May 19, 2014

    Iggy don’t let the haters get to you this is your time to shine and these bitter f**** will do anything to see you fail.

    • BollywoodBey May 19, 2014

      Haters, or seat stealing Asians?

      • Lana Del West Coast May 19, 2014


  15. It’s Gaga Ya Bish May 19, 2014

    The fact of the matter is that you stans are too stupid to see anything past what you’re sold, so unless the person is caught whipping slaves on a Southern plantation you’ll never believe that one of your faves is racist.
    She is a bigot, a homophobe and a racist and her tweets are dripping in prejudice against EVERYBODY.

    You better hope the next job you apply for doesn’t have someone who thinks like she does working in human resources.

    • Charles June 20, 2014

      Mind explaining what was actually racist or homophobic? Because saying something racial doesn’t make it racist.

  16. Molly May 19, 2014

    Im so sick of these TGJ q***** acting like they are so holy when they are not always trying to judge someone.

    • BeyBeyKing May 19, 2014

      Racism may be acceptable where you’re from boo, but the world has changed.

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        She’s not racist you dying f***.

  17. FancyFelicia May 19, 2014

    Believe me, the only reason this is happening is because she dissed Asians and Latinos. Black folks will ignore anything you say about them just so long as people they deem popular cosign the racist.

  18. dotti May 19, 2014

    izzy looks as though she wears pale make up to lighten her complexion. she appears to me to have a bit of swirl in her and she’s passin’.

  19. LaLopez May 19, 2014

    You can’t blame this on being young and dumb Iggy, you’re either racist or you’re not. I know 15 year olds who would NEVER say anything like that even if they were with their friends behind closed doors because they don’t have it in them to be racist.

    • Charles June 20, 2014

      I don’t think it’s that black and white(pun unintended)Are you haning with theses kids 24/7?

  20. Molly May 19, 2014

    Her comments were ignorant yes but not racist.

    • HausMuthaAdele May 19, 2014

      Why are they ignorant but not racist?

  21. QueenofTheNavi May 19, 2014

    So what if she’s racist.

  22. Realest May 19, 2014

    Only an idiot would think she’s racist. She dates a black guy, her boss and mentor is black and she is making “black” music. Her comments were very “family guy” and I could see what she said in those tweets in a NUMBER of tv shows, movies etc. She’s not racist, stop reaching!

    • Molly May 19, 2014

      Finally someone with common sense

    • JanetXone May 19, 2014

      If there are black people in the world who hate black people what makes you think it’s impossible for a white person to have black friends and colleagues but still look down on them?
      By your estimation, Donald Sterling CAN’T be a racist because his girlfriend is mixed and hires black basketball players.

      • Realest May 19, 2014

        Big difference between Donald sterlings thought process and iggys lil stereotypical comments.. She was cracking jokes based off of stereotypes we all have seen be perpetuated in media before in movies, tv etc. She’s most def not a racist. Don’t you think Tiny (his bosses wife) woulda whooped this tricks tail is she was suuuuuch a racist? I mean they see these dumb tweets brought to light by blogs too.. Common sense is needs, Stop reaching.

    • Realest May 19, 2014

      And by “family guy” I mean sarcastic, dry, and stereotypical in a real/funny type way. People acting so pretentious like they dunno wassup!

    • Mr. Fenty May 19, 2014

      And so what if she is dating a black man, she’s not exactly being racist to them.

      “owwww studio. Me chief. You indian… I speak… You listen.” IS THIS NOT RACIST?

  23. Molly May 19, 2014

    TGJ please yall wish she was racist.

    • ALilBitOfIggy May 19, 2014

      I don’t think so hun, notice how they didn’t their opinion this time, Sam and David like her.

      • BlackWidow1989 May 19, 2014

        They may have introduced us to her but they clearly don’t like her anymore because of this.

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        bye TGJ staff

  24. Molly May 19, 2014

    Guess im RACIST like Iggy f**** it.

    • Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

      No boo. Your more so HOMOPHOBIC…

  25. CholaAuthenticity May 19, 2014

    I’m scrying at the ignorance in this thread. Like on the f****** real, y’all still don’t think a person can be racist and chill with muhfuckers from the race they don’t like?

  26. NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

    these tweets are some what ignorant and racist and death the struggle for molly to defend this b****

    • Molly May 19, 2014

      Bye Nicki you’ve been so fuckiing bitter ever since i switched my avi to Iggy stop being so insecure like seriously.

      • NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

        i’m just messing around girl!!

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        Yea whatever.

  27. Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

    Lmao didn’t yall already try to brand her a racist? It didn’t work then, it wont work now. Especially not when she’s dated two black men A$AP Rocky & Nick Young. No believed she was a racist then, they wont now. Its cute that David always tries to drag Iggy when she’s winning too lmao! How pathetic! These tweets were all resurrected long ago anyways. We’ve already read them. And seeing how she has two singles in the top 5 Id say no one cares, no matter how many different screen names you try to use to prove otherwise. Seethe away though.

    • Onika’sBarsTho May 19, 2014

      So it’s David’s fault people are dragging her on Tumblr and IG? B**** bye, the last tweet was from a cat who works at BuzzFeed so what are you talking about?
      At the end of the day, homegirl is racist af so I’m not sure why you’re mad that people are writing about it again.

    • RoyalNavi May 19, 2014

      The f***? David hates on Iggy? B**** I don’t LIKE David because he kept forcing her down our throats when she came with those cheap ass YT remixes three years ago what the f***?

    • Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

      ^^^^are yall getting paid by TGJ for these comments? Sam was the one who first reported on Iggy, around the same time I started using TGJ. The good sis David has always written negative articles about Iggy on TGJ.

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        Girl its TGJ staff lol

      • IggyIggyIggy! May 19, 2014

        It’s not TGJ staff, it’s the dumb f*** Nicki stans who stan for him because he kisses their fav’s ass.

      • NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

        back the f*** up b****

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        i wouldn’t be surprised if it is Nicki shes so pressed

      • Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

        I hope they’re paying them overtime for the multiple accounts they’re using to push something no will buy lol. They don’t even go this hard for Rita 🙁

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        @Slayty lol right! oh & congratulations to Katy for her win tonight. 😉

      • Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

        Lmao thanks Molly, congrats to your favs baby. Whats your fav song off Iggy’s album? Goddess slays me

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        Mine is change your life & black widow im so obsessed with those songs ,Katy did a great job with the lyrics to black widow babe. #SLAYED.

      • Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

        I don’t like Rih but I wish it was her on Black Widow and not Rita. She seems like the perfect fit for it. Tbh, Im kinda pressed it isn’t Iggy & Katy

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        @Slayty yes Rita could have been replaced but i got used to it, it woulda defiantly been better with Katy & Iggy it would slay so many charts omg, but hey have you noticed how pressed Nicki stans have been ever since Iggy started blowing up?

  28. There once was a pimp and his h**…. May 19, 2014

    She is Australian so I’m not shocked.

  29. Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

    In all seriousness! Iggy is NOT a racist to me on account of these important things…

    1.) She has curved her body to be shaped like an artificial BLACK woman.

    2.) Her occupation is chosen by her to be a female RAPPER. A genre that is started by BLACK people.

    3.) She has had plenty BLACK dickk (including LoveBirds) all up in those sweet WHITE walls…

    So, I would not think she was being racist. Probably more so… Ummmmmmmmmmm Frustrated!

  30. Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

    Lmao what kind of racist people do yall know? They seem much friendlier then the racists I’ve encountered. No real racist person would have a black best friend, date only black men, worship a black rapper, get signed by a black man, be taught how to rap by black men, nor try to make it in a predominately black field. The racists I know wont even eat at the same table as a black person. Stop being pressed over the fact that your fav has competition now. Trying to drag her with these desperate attempts will get you no where.

    • BanjeeRiri May 19, 2014

      You’re totally right babe!!!!! Kinda like how Donald Sterling can’t be racist because he had s** with a black woman. Right?

      • Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

        Like someone else already said racism and ignorance are similar but have different meanings. A true racist would never associate with the other race. End of.

      • FutureCIARA May 19, 2014

        That statement is not true!
        Many racist people are forced to work with the very people that they hate!
        Even back then when segregation was alive, they had to got to school and interact with the races they they hated.. What im trying to say is that racism comes in many different forms and there are many different extents to racism.

  31. BadGyalRita May 19, 2014

    You need to go on tumblr right now if you think Grape Juice broke this story. This s*** has been happening all night so don’t give them any credit.

  32. Claudia May 19, 2014

    I never comment on here but I have to laugh at people saying David doesn’t like Iggy when the only reason I know who she was is because he kept talking about her when I was in middle school.

    • Onika’sBarsTho May 19, 2014

      Your comment is irrelevant so stfu. What does it matter if he introduced you to her? Does that change the fact that she’s racist?

  33. KissesForKELLY May 19, 2014

    Poor Molly has such bad luck when picking faves doesn’t he?

    • Molly May 19, 2014

      Lol and this is coming from a i can’t never get a platinum plaque Rowland fan? hilarious

  34. Skyfall May 19, 2014

    Make a post on Mariah’s interview with REVOLT

  35. NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

    “owwww studio. Me chief. You indian… I speak… You listen.” – racist

    “When guys whisper in eachothers ears i always think its kinda homo.”- homophobic

    • Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

      Homophobic indicates a fear towards homosexuals and homosexuality. Not sure how that statement implies homophobia. Don’t use words that you don’t know the meaning to.

      • Molly May 19, 2014


  36. VisionofMimi May 19, 2014

    Why are you talking about David like he has any relevance anywhere outside of this site? Iggy is racist and that’s end of conversation.

  37. Skyfall May 19, 2014

    Wale posted on twitter that he’s releasing the single with Mariah tomorrow on RussParr Show

    • NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

      i like how your completely off topic..

  38. IggyIggyIggy! May 19, 2014

    Ok yeah David is the one who put me onto her but he doesn’t like her now so why should believe anything he says.

    • AzealiaBankable May 19, 2014

      You stupid b****! Did you not read the f****** article? People from around the world are calling your fave racist so what has that got to do with bloggers who do or don’t like her?

      • Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

        The irony of you commenting about racism under the screen name associated with an openly racist and struggling female rapper.

  39. Minaj21 May 19, 2014

    But I thought her boyfriend was black!!!

    • Molly May 19, 2014

      He is & she’s obviously not racist hun

    • BarbBey May 19, 2014

      So was Donald Sterling’s gf.

      • Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014


  40. Minaj21 May 19, 2014

    And Molly girl calm your titts down b****. Your fave has always been racist. I hope black artists sue her.

    • Molly May 19, 2014

      Yawn another pressed Nicki fan.

      • WhenItComesToBey May 19, 2014

        What does Iggy have that Nicki wants? A one way ticket to Casting Couch City?

  41. GoodGollyMiley May 19, 2014

    Just so you know, this story is getting picked up by Buzz Feed today because I follow moby dickhead and he works there.

  42. Molly May 19, 2014

    I said nothing about Nicki in this post yet two of her fans wanna address me can you say bothered.



    • Molly May 19, 2014


    • There once was a pimp and his h**…. May 19, 2014


  44. ItsCheryl2bh May 19, 2014

    I think all of us need to read the article again 2bh because some of you think they put this up randomly, people were dragging her on my TL all throughout the show and then some girls on tumblr where dissing her calling her a racist which is why it picked up on twitter. Search Iggy Azalea Racist on twitter and see what comes up.

    • Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

      We already did this though. We already established she wasn’t racist then too. Then we all went out and brought Fancy on iTunes and pretty much sealed the deal.

      • ItsCheryl2bh May 19, 2014

        But all those tweets in the article were put up less than three hours ago so people are clearly still mad at her.

    • BeySting May 19, 2014

      Good point.

  45. Minaj21 May 19, 2014

    Molly I am not pressed it’s just the f****** truth and you know it but you scared to admit it. Lol

    • Molly May 19, 2014

      But its not maybe you’re to sensitive sis.

      • NickiBeenBad May 19, 2014

        Learn to spell w****.

      • Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

        ^^ooops lol



    • Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

      Lmao! Slayriah, take your ass to bed hunny

  47. Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

    Lmao Fancy has a green update on kworb right now. Let me go listen to The New Classic.

  48. TeenageDreamer May 19, 2014

    These Iggy fans don’t know how much they’re trouble in.

    http: // hitopslou.tumblr.com/post/86183498838/sharkeisha-a-lot-of-people-are-still-asking-me


    That scum H20 better not show up on TGJ ever again!! Disgusting creature. You are not welcome! #PressedBitch

    • Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

      Go Awwwwf Slayriah! lolololol

    • NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

      what the f*** happen?

  50. DemiQueenVato May 19, 2014

    Wait. Unless you’re coming to say that all those tweets and tumblr posts are fake how is this Grape Juice’s fault? People have been calling her a racist for years and s*** heated up again because she slayed on the BMAs. Whose fault is it if people’s friend put them on to what she said?

    • Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

      No boo, I could care less about what some pressed people on tumblr are digging up because they see Iggy snatching. The point is TGJ is once again running with this irrelevant story to try to drag her down. No one is blaming TGJ for digging up old tweets, we’re blaming them for trying to make it into a fresh story.

      • DemiQueenVato May 19, 2014

        But how did they make it a fresh story if everyone was talking about it before. I don’t wanna fight u sis but you must not have a twitter account if you didn’t see what happened today.


    Mariah will receive another icon award while Beyonce flops off the chart @H20! You old dusty Arabian slum!

    • AubreyOSlay May 19, 2014

      You know they’re gonna delete your comments right?

    • Molly May 19, 2014

      I think you got the wrong post sis

  52. Molly May 19, 2014

    Slayriah what H20 do?

    • Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

      He said Mariah & Ciara are in the same boat in terms of todays success!

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        Bitchh did i ask you?

      • VisionofMimi May 19, 2014

        Don’t talk to Stephy like that b****.

      • Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

        Damn, no ma’m!

    • metzo May 19, 2014

      Lmfaoo. Molly you have no filter lml

  53. FutureCIARA May 19, 2014

    Someone can say racist things without being a racist. Or atleast knowing that they are racist!

  54. Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

    Hahahahahahahhaahhaahahahhaha He is going off @H2O… He is one of the most oldest people thats been on this site Slayriah! Don’t bash him & his religious like that babe!

    • NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

      Hi! @stephy

      • Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

        Hi, Baby!

    • metzo May 19, 2014

      He’s not that old he’s only 23

      • Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

        Not old as in AGE but old as in he been on this site for over 3+ years… Him & S****** Blondie been on this site FOREVER!

      • metzo May 19, 2014

        Oh they’re veterans.. Lml okii


    I bet H20 has s******* or Gonorrhoea. That h** will suck on anything for a quick buck! You have no respect for yourself. #desperatehoe

  56. FutureCIARA May 19, 2014


    Go back up top and read my comments, I just got here…. and Im about to go to bed

    • Molly May 19, 2014

      I seen

      • SoGone4Monica May 19, 2014

        Your spelling is so bad girl. Where did you go to school?

    • Molly May 19, 2014

      Goodnight well talk more tomorrow

  57. Marinas’Diamonds May 19, 2014

    Do you lot not use Tumblr, this has been happening all night.


    H20 deep throats so much Arabian dickk that her neck is giving Long-stretched Giraffe realness. You old nasty h**! I have no respect for you s****! You’re nothing but a useless piece of Shitt strolling the streets for some dickk.

    • NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

      why tf are u so mad?

    • metzo May 19, 2014

      Stop being so childish n evil baby girl. It was just a comment. Not even that serious.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 19, 2014

        Gurl STFU! His comment was very hateful and disrespectful. STFU AND MOVE OVER BEFORE I TRAMPLE YOU BXTCH!!

    • NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

      ok now i see why your mad… b**** you need to calm tf down.. stop overreacting!

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        You are one to talk tho Nicki

      • metzo May 19, 2014

        She’s mad cause FutureCiara dragged her ass and now she’s pressed over what H2O has said about Hasbeenariah. Weak as f****.

    • Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez May 19, 2014

      To be honest, I think he loves black d***! Lol

  59. Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

    Who here is a Jhene Aiko fan? I need to get into her music. This came on my Pandora the other day and it’s haunted me since then. She’s everything Cassie could’ve been

    • CassieSlaytura May 19, 2014

      Katy still reaching for that Grammy?

      • Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

        Cassie still reaching for Diddy’s condoms when he’s not around to snip a hole in them and make it permanent?

    • metzo May 19, 2014

      Go check 3:16 am. It’s Bella dope

    • Molly May 19, 2014

      Me honey you needa get into her music its so good i recommend 3:16am, The Worst,Higher, Drinking & Driving

    • Slayty Perry (Prismatic World Tour) May 19, 2014

      Thanks, ima search these songs up on YouTube. Ive heard The Worse on radio before. I like her style, reminds me of Drakes.

  60. Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

    Molly, don’t be like that baby girl…

    • MariahIsLove May 19, 2014

      Stephy, f*** Molly. Don’t be kissing up to her. She is a dumb b****!

    • ItsCheryl2bh May 19, 2014

      That’s what I was saying, Grape Juice only wrote about what was already there.


    H20 is a basic h** so it’s only logical that it would Stan for the most basic B***** of all time:Beyonce

    • metzo May 19, 2014

      Beyonce? Basic? Now I knew you were delusional but not to this point. Don’t make me come for Mariah’s old ass now. Keep it cute. Thanks very much.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 19, 2014


  62. Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

    H2O really doesn’t like Beyonce in my opinion. He started bashing her a lil while ago. He only likes her cause she is one of the top females at the moment.

    • There once was a pimp and his h**…. May 19, 2014

      H2O has always been a dumbass flip flopper. Not as bad as Stankbird but still…

  63. There once was a pimp and his h**…. May 19, 2014

    Bawahaha! This Slayriah person is loco crazy yet entertaining.

  64. Molly May 19, 2014

    @NickiIsQueen Mad at you

    • NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

      🙁 gurlllll… i didnt say anything bad?

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        Please you know you’ve been trying it.

      • NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

        i did apologize yesterday but you paid it dust

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        Did you? Well then i accept your apology i don’t wanna fight with you cause i actually like you as a commenter your one of the only Nicki fans i thought i could get along with.

      • NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

        I don’t wanna fight either.

      • Molly May 19, 2014

        Lets kiss & make up :-*

        Sorry for dragging Nicki from time to time thought she looked beautiful at that dry ass award show tonight.

      • NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014


  65. Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014



    Nicki >>>>>> Iggy
    Selena Gomez >>>> Flopiana
    Nene Leak’s wig >>> H20


    • ChartToppahGrande May 19, 2014



    Happy Victoria Day my lovely Canadians.


    • Molly May 19, 2014

      Night hun.

  68. metzo May 19, 2014

    Lmfaoo, IT is sooo bitter.

  69. Molly May 19, 2014

    @Metzo boo don’t try@ Slayriah thanks

  70. Molly May 19, 2014

    Slayriah gives me life lol poor h20

  71. Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

    Goodnight everyone!

  72. metzo May 19, 2014

    Molly the b**** is Psycho. I don’t get people who have mjor meltdowns on a fuckingg blog. Like get over yourselves! It’s not that serious it’s just a blog. I can’t believe how some ppl on this ratchet
    site take everything so seriously lmfao

    • NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

      hi 🙂

  73. Molly May 19, 2014

    @Metzo some people are more sensitive than others and they react differently sweetie Slayriah isn’t a bad person.

    • Stephy Tha Lambily May 19, 2014

      Molly, you be sounded dumb as f**** yo! Girlfriend, STOP TALKING LIKE YOU KNOW SLAYRIAH IN REAL LIFE! This is a BLOG sweetie! Not High School Musical… DAMN!

    • metzo May 19, 2014

      Sure she’s not. Is that why she called H2O all the names in the book? Not to mention her racial/religious slurs towards him. How offensive. Smh

  74. Molly May 19, 2014

    Think im bout to hit these sheets to. Goodnight @Nicki @Metzo @Slayty.

    • NICKI IS QUEEN May 19, 2014

      gnight! i think gonna go to sleep too

    • metzo May 19, 2014

      Well goodnight sis

  75. Latina Turner May 19, 2014

    Hold up, so her support team aka her closest friends consist of latinos and gay men and her boyfriend is black, not to mention how many times she has said how much she LOVES Rue Paul, Missy, Bey and countless other black and/or gay celebrities yet she is racist AND a homophobe ? Lmao, those tweets were from 4 years ago. Obviously just attempted humour that is being blown WAY out of proportion. I’m so sick of the race card being played. YES racism still exists, and maybe some of those comments out of context appear racist/homophobic, but to say she is inherently racist/homophobic just because of a few off the hand comments is so ignorant I cant even deal.

    • Latina Turner May 20, 2014

      Who ever down voted me better have the balls to step up and face me. psssh p***ys

  76. Little Monsters Brazil!!! May 19, 2014

    That b**** is just another fad that will last as much as the Flopgerz era did if she’s lucky

  77. Little Monsters Brazil!!! May 19, 2014

    All I see is comments about H2O but nothing from H2O himself. What did he do or say? Was that so disrespectful that it was deleted or something? If you mean that comment on the other post about Hasbeenriah being as big these days as Ciara then let me tell you you’re really overreacting @Slayriah and he didn’t even lie.

  78. JoJo May 19, 2014

    wuuuut ?

    Iggys friend/Hairstylist is gay, Her best friend is black and her boyfriend is black. STOP REACHING!!!

  79. Nikko May 19, 2014

    Nothing racist about her comments she stated played ball with five dykes and called out each ones ethnicity. Stated when I see guys whisper I think they are gay her opinion nothing racist about any of those comments five guys arrested outside of a Popeyes it was obvious they were black. And Asian lady she was Asian right and could not speak English she did not call her slated eyes or say ching chong now that is racist.

    Media do anything to make a story line gtfoh. Lol

    • LOL May 19, 2014



      • DamnRacists June 16, 2014

        And you’re clearly another dumb black b**** who’ll never admit she racist even when it’s as plain as f***** day! You and all the black, brown and yellow racists who cry that whites are racists all the time never own up to your own s***.

  80. RihIcon May 19, 2014

    U know how easy it would be to end iggy right now? Just show this to the white ppl that buy her music and meanwhile having black people voice their disapproval and her sales would plummet

  81. C.J. May 19, 2014

    Were those tweets ignorant as f***? Yes.
    Are we all guilty of joking about racial stereotypes in the confidence of our own homes, friendships, or what have you? Yes.

    She made a mistake people. Let it go. Support her or don’t…either way, move on.

  82. LOL May 19, 2014



    • Rosie May 19, 2014

      Mad because Fancy is already more successful than anything Fad has released since 2011?

    • Jay May 20, 2014

      Dont be Racist cause you black and shes white think before you speak darling.

    • DamnRacists June 16, 2014

      All ghetto b****** like nicki minaj are black trash…for real

  83. SMH May 19, 2014

    White people are f*cking disgusting. They’re the reason why this world is one giant toile. Scum of the earth smdh

    • Kelly Kelly stans Rihanna May 19, 2014

      Shut up, do you know how dum and racist YOU sound?

    • Jay May 20, 2014

      Are you think black people are better you guys are worst .The difference is you get away with it but when white peoplw say something its a problem I love iggy so jump off and dont be a racist towards white people cause you probably work for one.

    • DamnRacists June 16, 2014

      Yeah right. That’s why everyone’s afraid of arab muslims and africa’s the shithole that it is.

  84. SMH May 19, 2014


    • DamnRacists June 16, 2014

      We know you came from one

  85. MC!! May 19, 2014

    The reach is real when you go back to 2011 tweets

  86. xedos May 19, 2014

    i wonder if she did not have a hit record you all would be up in arms?she’s not a racist she was ignorant,but i think you’re all hypocrites. you have republicans passing jim crow laws making it harder for blacks and hispanic to vote. you have the supreme court giving them stamp of approval and you all mad over what iggy said. As Eric Holder (attorney general)said last week, we need to stop making a fuss over the loud mouth racist and worry over the quite racist like the supreme court and other institutions who pass racist laws that really affect our life. by the was iggy has been f****** n***** every since she came on the scene

  87. Mark111 May 19, 2014

    She have 3 marks against her, she’s White, a rapper and a female. And you came in this already pissing off the MAIN thing that Blacks hate. Career is over before it started. Eminem is THE most successful rapper and never tried to use the N word. I’m sure he has more ground to use itythan this b****.

    • BEYFLAWLESS May 19, 2014

      he did use the N word b4 thou … but ur 100 about the 3 things she have to deal with … i think it done 4 her

    • DamnRacists June 16, 2014

      So you’re racist AND sexist. smh

  88. BEYFLAWLESS May 19, 2014

    i was so proud of her …..it make me think twice about her … i was about to get her album …

  89. BEYFLAWLESS May 19, 2014

    she didnt watch wat she say not thinking she would be up there on awards and chart … this what comes with being famous …. no one fault but her

  90. Jay May 20, 2014

    First of all I love everyone when it comes to race and Im a american latino ,Im tired of black people getting away with murder saying racist comments towards white people like nicki manaj saying that iggy is white ,why does it matter when it comes to hip hop .Hip hop and black people are racist .Stop it already ,despite what black people feel there is so much racist towards the world in all races the point is we should all love each other and accept everyone requarless of anything what iggy did was a little irrelevant but when white people say something about blacks , black people feed the fire screw that and grow up to all racist people think before you speak and dont be racist towards no one you become a ignorant fool.And dont be a hypocrite for your race dummmm.grrr

  91. K May 22, 2014

    I failed to beleive that she is this d-mb, she most be doing this for promo the all around drama.when people ask her about it then she gives this fake apology,the blogs and the overal media will have it up as there headlines. as some say there is no promo bad promo, her racist ass is getting away with alot of sh!t well she is white so it,s ok i guess Oo and she is dating a black man and she have aloooot of black friends so she can’t be racist[you now that line is sarcasm right].

  92. Cha June 20, 2014

    Is that it?…..That’s what’s racist?

    Granted someone them were racial but not racist, and nothing was even homophobic.

    I was expecting something like “I’m against interracial and gay marriage” or “blacks shouldn’t vote” or something like that.

    Cmon now, it’s getting ridiculous that ya’ll jump a white person for the slightest racial thing they say, or deem them homophobic when they uses phrases non homophobically

  93. Aliya June 21, 2014

    Ugly Iggy is a flash in the pan. Here today gone tomorrow. As a black woman who has seen ourrap and hip hop music claimed by every race under the sun this girl is the most disgusting ofall. She has nnothing going on. Nothing to say of any importance. She is a joke and just another white person who makes money on the backs of brothers and sisters. Her music isn’t rap or hip hop. It’s a joke. But the only one laughing is her.

  94. Kristina June 25, 2014

    I don’t understand this argument that saying racists remarks doesn’t make you a racist, but if someone commits a crime we’re quick to label them as a criminal. Honestly though, most of these remarks alone would be considering stereotyping and over generalization, but in her case I believe she is racist because she continues making statements like these. If she continues to make more jokes directed at race/ethnicity after being called out on them it would demonstrate to me that that is indeed how she truly feels, and isn’t just ignorant. I think as far as her tweets and other remarks are concerned, she’s racist if she really agrees with them. In the meanwhile, I would hope she would stop saying things that are offensive to other races. I’m sure she’s probably trying to gain publicity, since her “talent” is lacking, but this is not the way to do it. –

  95. Kristina June 25, 2014

    So many of you have this misconception that you have to mention lynching, slavery or something else major in history for it to be a racist remark. Anything that puts you above me because of my race is racist. The biggest factor to racism is superiority. So if you think you’re superior to me because you’re white and your skin is light and your hair is straight, and you think I’m inferior because my skin is brown and my hair is curly, that’s racist too. Racism comes in shades, like colors. There isn’t just violet, there’s lavender, there’s plum. Some remarks may be very dark, and others a little lighter so we fail to recognize. It’s like disrespect. You can be disrespected by WHAT someone says to you, but also by HOW they say it. -But either way, they still disrespected you.

  96. Woodrow August 3, 2014

    I suppose it’s a sign of how far we’ve come that a rapper who dates interracially can still be called racist. Imagine a blues singer in a relationship with an African American being called racist in the 1950s. SMH…

  97. Buy Twitter Followers August 22, 2014

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  98. Buy Twitter Followers August 23, 2014

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  99. PsychStew September 12, 2014

    Not an Iggy fan. I don’t like top 40 music because in my opinion it is chalk full of disgusting messages. I am a 30 year old mixed race woman and a proud American. The American public needs to become educated on the terms racist, prejudice, and stereotyping. They are not interchangeable. Although her comments are stereotypical and may show prejudice or imply she is racist. Racism is discriminating against people based on their race. Making jokes and stereotypical comments does not mean someone is racist. She is definitely uncouth and insensitive but that is a standard in the hip hop community. Many people in the hip hop culture use the terms d***, n****, f*****, cracker, and other derogatory language. As Americans they have freedom of speech and as the people you all are entitled to your opinions and bringing attention to her comments is absolutely ok. Making remarks about how racist she is and then not understanding the term racist is a disservice to the real battle against racism.

  100. IReallyDon’tGiveAFuck October 8, 2014

    I don’t care what b******* this buttaface chick spills. All I need to know, is if she can suck a good d***? She’ll get a shout out if she swallows whole heartedly.

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