Watch: Pregnant Christina Aguilera Rocks ‘New Orleans Jazz Festival 2014’

Published: Saturday 3rd May 2014 by David

While a number of her rivals clamour for the attention of single-buying teen boppers, Christina Aguilera set her sights on an older audience this year, taking flight towards AC heavens with a set at the ‘New Orleans Jazz Festival.’

Stellar to say the very least, her performance at the 1751 Gentilly Blvd-held event saw her showcase the musicality that’s always placed her head and shoulders above the bulk of her contemporaries and the polished gem that is her voice, neatly restrained but never lacking its signature rasp.

Watch Xtina, who is five months pregnant, in action after the jump…

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  1. Mariah Carey May 3, 2014

    And in other news, my album is dropping in a few weeks.
    Make sure y’all cop a copy.

    • Stephy May 3, 2014

      Stop trolling boo. No shade to my girl Mimi, but atleast Xtina can SCREAM oops I mean sing LIVE!!!

      • pu$$y juice lover May 3, 2014

        #Shadigherownfave #crazyhoe

      • LTM May 3, 2014

        The self drag….

    • jetleistn May 3, 2014

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  2. Stephy May 3, 2014

    Christina sounded & looked great. Great Job Miss Lady!

  3. applause May 3, 2014

    She was paid 5 million dollars for a private gig in Moscow, when was the last time Beyflopce did it? LMAO that’s right. Never

    • did ya say bieber,gaga,miley,rita ora or bey May 3, 2014

      i just got a couple of new cds at the store and i saw christinas collectiong dust and im not throwing shade,most people dont even remember her,i dont remember the last time i ever even saw her in a magazine.

      and comparing her 5 million to bey,lol sweety beys ring costs more than that and considering her team Xtina didnt bag the whole money… nicely grab a chair,matter fact a bench

      • dotti May 3, 2014

        even though christina is one of the most talented female artist around, she is strongly disliked by the media. they are the ones who determine who will stay in the public eye. jessica simpson hasn’t had a cd in a bin even “collecting dust” for who knows when and is now famous for nothing but ‘weight watchers ads. but the press constantly shines on her. christina was a judge on one of tv’s top rated shows, has performed on award shows, and has at least continued to release music and gets very little. jlo is another example of a media darling who has flop albums and movies to match but still gets treated like a superstar. the media picks what stars will shine, not the public.

      • dotti May 4, 2014

        between bey and christina (and all the other females)anyone who recognizes the truth has to admit bey is the one who is ‘large and in charge at this time!! however christina deserves far more credit and publicity than she gets from media. after all her time in the business she’s had 3 top ten hits for the last 3 years. they may have been features and collabs but they were hits just the same (they were very good songs that her voice added soul to). your claim of her irrelevance is exactly how the media wants her to be portrayed.

    • H2O May 3, 2014

      and Bey’s arena dates in Europa generated 80 million+ … like yeh I’m sure she’s iron-pressed right now

    • Molly May 3, 2014

      lol death drag a bit.

  4. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) May 3, 2014

    She stay big.. Congrats though

    • pu$$y juice lover May 3, 2014

      B**** she pregnant what do u expect heaux

  5. 2 girls 1 cup May 3, 2014

    Haters are gonna hate lol but that’s ok congrats to xtina! She’s little by
    Little making a Return I can’t wait for that new album! And remember no one stays
    On top forever it will eventually happen to your faves (beyonce,rihanna ect) and if people didn’t
    Care about christina or paying dust to her you wouldn’t be commenting or checking for her in this website so bye!

    • pu$$y juice lover May 3, 2014

      Thats right sis , dd at your screename lol

  6. XtinaTheDiva May 3, 2014

    Yess, Christina’s vocals were on point! Pregnant or not, she slays!

  7. pu$$y juice lover May 3, 2014

    Yass Legend X cant wait for her new album! I have a feeling it will truely be her comeback era.

    • Stephy May 3, 2014

      Hi Pusssy Lover!

      • pu$$y juice lover May 3, 2014

        Lol hey crazy b**** wassup

  8. Legendtina May 3, 2014

    Only a true legend could get paid millions for a single performance. This is truly a testament to her legacy. Christina sounded great too. Even while she’s pregnant Christina still delivers fantastic performances.

  9. Ciqueen May 3, 2014

    Untalented fat pig. Being pregnant doesn’t make you legend for Those of you have obviously have no clue of that fact.

  10. idgi May 3, 2014

    @ciqueen Stfu. If she’s fat then what’s ci error? The only title ci error had is Mr/Sir. And f*** outta here with that untalented crap at least she can belt unlike the whispers ci error does to hide the fact its balls have dropped. Honestly at least Xtina performs at actual events and gets paid a lot of cash unlike your fave performing outside for some change to buy herself an inch of respect.

  11. There once was a pimp and his h**….. May 3, 2014

    Another pregnant celeb doing the most. It is not cute butchertina. Nobody wants to hear your struggling voice or see you fall down.
    #Sit down already

  12. Navy Commander May 3, 2014

    I’m ready for her next era

  13. ChrisTUNA AguiHAHA May 3, 2014

    she only finds her spotlight/make money during pregnancy.

  14. J.E May 4, 2014

    Funny a gaga fan(monster) trying to start a stan war between Bey and Xtina. Both have talent, while gaga only her fans believe that she has taelnt and great vocals.

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