Watch: Porsha Williams Performs ‘Flatline’ Before ‘Bravo’ Special

Published: Sunday 4th May 2014 by David

Hours before she joins Andy Cohen for a one on one ‘Bravo’ special, Porsha Williams took one more step towards the charts with the very first performance of her debut single ‘Flatline.’

Putting her new-found fame to good use, the ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star rocked NYC’s ‘El Morocco‘ alongside a crew of four dancers and a pre-recorded vocal, delivered before the single’s official video hits ‘VEVO’ on Monday.

How she she? Promising, proving that she stands just one Frank Gatson, LaShawn Daniels and Lisa Ellis away from becoming the R&B force we’d say she’s destined to become!

Watch below…

As “fun” as this was, here’s hoping future Porsha performances see her do away with the “Beyonce School of Sass” dancers and employ a live band…and a live vocal.

For, one can only imagine how lucrative Brand Porsha would be if she scored a credibility that was backed by strong material, a great live show and the annual platform that is the ‘Real Housewives’ to push all of the above to the masses…every week.

Who Ms.Williams should watch and learn from?

Your thoughts?

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    • janet1814 May 4, 2014

      For me this is so bad it’s good! Porsha on the other hand is just…bad

      • Candice May 4, 2014

        Porsha was attempting to give vocals Kenya basically was talkin thru the song which takes no effort and Porshas crowd was hype so it couldn’t have been that bad in person.

    • Dc3 forever May 4, 2014

      As much as Kenya is a trouble starter I love GWTWF
      Its so fun and funny! Im not a fan of Flatline.

    • heppxupncxbcx May 4, 2014

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  1. truth May 4, 2014


  2. Candice May 4, 2014

    A for effort can’t wait for her watch what happens live tonight episode tonight.

    • Casual May 4, 2014

      I want Porsha to do well in her interview tonight, but she’s an undisciplined mess when it comes to communications. She’s usually all over the map and often confuses her message w/o meaning to. I hope she gave some serious thought to her overall message and answers before the interview.

  3. Me.I.Am.Me. May 4, 2014

    She was giving me Mariah, Ashanti, and Bey.. If she’s gonna really do music than she needs to really find HERSELF… This was KINDA cute but not anything I would want to see again.

  4. FAF May 4, 2014

    Idc she is so freaking gorge!!!!

  5. Xoxo May 4, 2014


  6. GRUMP May 4, 2014

    Stop writing about this trash…

  7. Iconic Cici May 4, 2014

    Yes Porsha! Shes like a Barbie doll.

  8. pon_de May 4, 2014

    Did it her feet hurt? Cuz that stage duck walk…..

  9. MISHKA May 4, 2014

    Girl, spell scepter already LMAO! I liked her dress and her energy though.

    I definitely need Kevin Hart and Nick Cannon to re-enact the “fight” on RHOH:

    Nick: Kev, you are a dumb mitch, shut up.

    Kevin: I’m gonna f**k you up!

    *drags Nick ‘s bow tie”

    Nick (taking the dirt of his shoulder)to the host Arsenio Hall: He needs to be fired.

    Kevin (crying): I’ve embarrassed myself!

    That would be hilarious!

    • jaiyah May 4, 2014

      They do need to reenact it. Lol

  10. LA LA May 4, 2014

    SMH why is there a majority of men instead of women there? Sad how society is now. A bunch of men are being sissies now. *Vomit*

  11. NANCY GRACE SLAY’S May 4, 2014

    she sounds like her nasal passages are clogged!!!

  12. Navy Commander May 5, 2014

    Lmao she better use this platform while it’s still there. Cause we and know she’s getting fired and probably going to jail.

  13. Tot Joy December 9, 2018

    Leave Porsha alone ! Damn ..she gettin bags and y’all gettin mad ! But Y? LOL

  14. NoNo December 9, 2018

    I like her dress.

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