She’s Back: Azealia Banks Teases New Single ‘Wallace’

Published: Wednesday 4th Jun 2014 by David

With her label woes seemingly behind her and a buzz to restore, Azealia Banks sets her sights on Pop glory with ‘Wallace‘, her brand spanking new single!

Want more on her “comeback”?

Pop open the lid below…

After turning 23, Banks took to NYC to shoot two new videos for debut album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’. One of these, being for the single ‘Wallace‘, which she teased with the ‘Instagram’ clip posted below…

She explained:

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 22.32.12

Yet to announce a release date for her ‘Taste‘, Banks teasing of ‘Wallace‘ comes after she took to Twitter to beg label ‘Interscope’ to terminate their contract with her, calling on ‘Sony Music’ to take charge of her once promising career.

Will ‘Wallace’ hand Banks the hype she used to launch the critically acclaimed ‘Fantasea‘?

Weigh in below!

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  1. Matt_Phoenixx △̵ June 4, 2014


    • samtpcxbxb June 4, 2014

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  2. Matt_Phoenixx △ June 4, 2014

    I’ve been waiting a long time

  3. Brian310 June 4, 2014

    Even tho I’m not into her music I hope she regains some interest from the GP, we need more female rappers.


    YESS… Just come and snatch this Iggy h** once and for all.

    • Matt_Phoenixx △ June 4, 2014


      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 4, 2014

        Where is my apology?

      • Matt_Phoenixx △ June 4, 2014

        Apology for what?

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) June 4, 2014

        Sending “a hunch” like 100 times when I was asking a question.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) June 4, 2014

      I swear you just love to stir some sh*t it lol. Always gotta pin someone against another…

  5. FAF June 4, 2014

    I’m so confused so now she’s Above female rap?lmaooooo

    when ya cant compate, drop out – her motto, I guess

    • FAF June 4, 2014



      But why did you run from WhenItComesToBey?

  6. metzo June 4, 2014

    TBH she’s one of my faves.

  7. Suicide Blonde June 4, 2014

    She is the female Kanye West, 1991 is my fav track of hers.

  8. Del Bey June 4, 2014

    I have and will always be here for azealia, 1991 was my album last summer, here’s to a speedy and well delivered era, come snatch iggys basic wig

  9. Del Bey June 4, 2014

    she’s actually very pretty and glamorous, she has a good face for this bizz

  10. Del Bey June 4, 2014

    Sam can we please get a post on new artist ‘BANKS’ she’s very talented and I’m close to stanning for her, y’all should get to know something new and listen to her song ‘Bedroom Wall’ or ‘Goddess’

    • Mark111 June 4, 2014

      Can’t understand a word she says. So no.

  11. Mark111 June 4, 2014

    She was never here nor gone anywhere.

  12. Matt_Phoenixx △ June 4, 2014

    She hasn’t even done much at interscope yet but she already has that drunk as a lessor.
    Slaying silently

  13. Barbie’s World June 4, 2014

    I hope she and Nicki take that iggy trash out tbh.

    • Nicki is queen June 4, 2014

      Ooh yesss!

  14. Nicki is queen June 4, 2014

    I’m here for her I guess

  15. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez June 4, 2014

    Love 212

  16. BEYFLAWLESS June 4, 2014

    im glad she lay back cause she was pissing ppl off b4 but with iggy ppl want her wig snatch

  17. Dem Lessors June 4, 2014

    Yasss! Azealia X Nicki are the only rap b****** I’m here for! Please come back hard, Iggy was your lessor once and will soon be again. We’ll let her have her 5 minutes for now!

  18. No Name June 4, 2014

    Azealia == Nicki >>>>>> Iggy…

  19. RihIcon June 4, 2014


  20. ozzy June 4, 2014

    LMAOO at you guys calling Iggy basic, I’m happy I’m not the only who thought that. Everything about her is fake including her southern accent LMAO.

  21. Sleazy June 5, 2014

    Azealia flow is the same on every song and that puts me off ……and her attitude stinks

  22. Pu$$y Juice Lover June 5, 2014

    She is way more talented than iggy imo, she just need to work on her approach and shut up when needed, im here for it.

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