Watch: Jennifer Lopez Releases ‘TENS’ Video Viral

Published: Monday 16th Jun 2014 by Sam

Just 24 hours separate Jennifer Lopez fans from the diva’s tenth studio album ‘A.K.A’.

It’s fitting, then, that the performer has unzipped the video viral for dance floor jam ‘TENS’.

As any seasoned appreciator of the ballroom scene will note, both the song and visual pay high-octane homage.

Get ready werk, serve, and vogue with J.Lo, Leyomi and co below…

Loves it.

Slightly jarred that this was bumped to the Deluxe version of the album and not on the standard. Though somewhat “niche”, it could be a useful weapon later in the project’s campaign to further penetrate the more “colorful corner” of the Urban arena.

Your thoughts?

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  1. OMG Logic! June 16, 2014

    The endless promo is endless lol! If this h** doesn’t sell well after being shoved nonstop down everyone’s throat, TGJ better be ready for the dragging of the millennium.

  2. trose June 16, 2014

    This should have been the lead single she slayed this song it is Def a highlight of the album

  3. Yupthasme June 16, 2014

    Da f*** is this s***??? …. Bye Felicia

  4. J-NO June 16, 2014

    Insecure b-itch. 46 years old woman with 2 kids, trying to act like she’s 19. Grow up, get some therapy for your insecurities and then maybe you’ll be able to KEEP a man. We all know you can GET a man. J-HO jumps from one d-ick to the next.

  5. Pus$$y Juice Lover June 16, 2014

    Her album is flawless! I actually didnt expect her to deliver like this, its her best imo. Let it be me, AKA, Tens, Worry No More, Booty are all FLAWLESS!!! even tho i know its sales would be pitful im still proud of her putting out one of the best albums of 2014 and the best of her career.

  6. Stephon June 16, 2014

    She is a very beautiful woman. That picture is stunning! But, that’s as far as that goes…

  7. S****** Blonde June 16, 2014

    The song is the s***, love the tribute to ‘Deep in Vogue’. The elements, elements, the elements, elements.

    • RICHIE_RICH June 16, 2014

      They two young to know about Wilily Ninja

      • S****** Blonde June 16, 2014

        Exactly!…I can see the kids going crazy for this, 1990 all over again.

  8. Mimi carey June 16, 2014

    FLOP; 30k.

  9. Kayla June 16, 2014

    If u gays would stop with the negativity for a moment and actually give J Lo’s album a listen u may be pleasantly surprised, I most definitely was, aside from that “booty” track it’s her best work in YEARS.

  10. RICHIE_RICH June 16, 2014

    The kids will be vogueing for the GAWDS .

    • The Beat one June 16, 2014

      Your gay a%%

  11. IStanForYourFav June 16, 2014

    She looks stunning beyond words. I just hope all of this promo will be beneficial to her campaign. If not, she will still look phenomenal promoting.

  12. Todd June 16, 2014

    What makes this video VIRAL???

  13. slayage June 16, 2014

    Nobody cares about your opinion, Toya you have no relevancy as a blogger on a flop blog who can’t get no more than 5 comments per post by the same people sit down an worry about becoming a success with a mediocre flop website her album is great that Beyonce album was a snooze fest boring as Lana’s new album just a drag JLo is serving feel good music your such a hater.

  14. slayage June 16, 2014

    That Beyonce album was awful s*** sucked ass if she didn’t put the album out how she did it would have been a flop. Dat album was so horrible it sounded so boring how she gone find another gimick to sell her next snooze fest?

  15. slayage June 16, 2014

    JLo brought it wit aka Pick it up tomorrow feel good music not put you to sleep music

  16. JOHNVIDAL (Iconic chanteuse slayed) June 16, 2014

    So much promo. I´m really surprised. Can´t believe even with that and American Idol (don´t forget she was there this year) she will flop hard anyway. It´s been a decade since teh last time she did half decent numbers. Not even her easy singles become half hits.

    • S****** Blonde June 16, 2014

      She has good promo but the campaign was bad handle it, it was messy, similar to Mariah’s campaign, promo doesn’t equals sales, see: Lady Gaga’s Born to Die and Artpop, if Mariah did 50+ something with a moderate hit like #Beautiful, imagine how bad will J.Lo’s first week be without a hit single, she lost her album sales touch in 2005 but ‘On the Floor’ single alone sold like ten million so all she needs is a hit.

      • S****** Blonde June 16, 2014

        Typos: Born this way 🙂

      • JOHNVIDAL (Iconic chanteuse slayed) June 16, 2014

        It´s not similar to Mariah´s case. Mariah had a bad campaign but also bad promo (or non existant towards the album release). And #beautiful is too far now, it was a year ago. Mariah would have sold way more copies (at least over 100,000) if the album had been released a year ago with #beautiful: moderate hit + American Idol. American Idol is a distant memory now in Mariah´s case too. While JLo was there this year.
        It´s truly impacting that even with all this Mariah can still sell more copies than JLo. Despite debuting years before too.
        That said, the industry is dead and everybody sells less and less every go round. Only people who are very young and promoted to death and suppoerted by radio and media can sell decently (Gaga, Katy, Rihanna, Lana, etc) and then only 5 albums per year sell really well (for example Beyonce, Eminem, Drake and a few more right now). That´s it.
        ps: I purchased Arcade Fire last album this year (I know it is from 2013) and I´m getting my life constantly. Never thought I would like them this much.

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