Charli XCX: “I Turned Down Christina Aguilera Collaboration”

Published: Monday 7th Jul 2014 by David


After pushing superstar rapper Iggy Azalea to the top of the charts with ‘Fancy‘, singer/songwriter Charli XCX has revealed that she turned down the chance to work with the ‘BeautifulChristina Aguilera.

Her confession below…

Speaking to Pop Justice, she revealed:

I was offered a feature on a Christina Aguilera song and I turned it down. It just wasn’t right. She’s cool, but it just wasn’t right. I have millions of songs that I’m never going to sing but someone else could sing a lot better than I could, so I’d rather give them to other people than have them sitting in my brain, festering away.


Also responsible for Icona Pop‘s ‘I Don’t Care‘, Charli‘s admission comes after rapper YG slammed ‘Fancy’ and songs akin to it during a recent sit down with Hip Hop tastemaker Tim Westwood.

Pointing out the song’s resemblance to songs produced by US producer DJ Mustard, the Def Jam performer rocked the mic with:

And DJ Mustard, that nigga producers is they jocking/ ‘Fancy,’ don’t it sound like he produced that shit?” 

Your thoughts?

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  1. Gaga’s Monstah July 7, 2014

    Mariah pt II


    • Riri4Eva July 7, 2014

      When was the last time Gaga hit #1?

      • Rach July 7, 2014

        #1’s only matter when u don’t have talent… Madonna and Rihanna are great examples of that.

      • JER July 7, 2014

        … But “Express Yourself” peaked at #2 tho :-*

      • axley July 7, 2014

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  2. Brooke candy July 7, 2014

    Of course she’s gonna turn it down because her voice sounds horrible and xtina would put her to shame!

  3. sleazy July 7, 2014

    A great big world is all im going to say bye felicia

    • dotti July 7, 2014

      christina has had 3 recent collabs (maroon 5, pitbull and great big world)which were in the top 10 for weeks. her collab with ‘maroon 5’ held the #1 spot on billboard for 6 weeks or more and was in the top 10 for at least 10 weeks. smart decision to turn down a feature with her? in what world??

  4. ashaandriana July 7, 2014

    No shade but that is how the business is. Xtina isn’t hot anymore so she had a much better deal by linking up with someone who is coming up as well. Times have changed and the people dictate who is hot now, not the labels.

  5. Summertime Sadness July 7, 2014

    Everything Xtina touches flops so i don’t blame you Charli.

    • Brooke candy July 7, 2014

      That’s why “say something” was a flop when the band was unknown

      • Summertime Sadness July 7, 2014

        Yet she was a simple feature on it when will Xtina get her own hit without clinging to maroon 5 & pitbull?

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        When will Lana get a hit period?

    • sleazy July 7, 2014

      That’s right all xtina plat hits got nothing on Lama singles that all went triple trash bag besides for the 1 a dj had to remix for ppl to actually like it

      • dotti July 9, 2014

        @ summertime saddness

        and what you call a “simple feature” had ‘maroon 5’s moves like jagger sitting in the #1 spot on billboard for about 6 weeks and in the top 10 for 10 weeks or more. her “simple feature” put ‘great big world’ on the map.

  6. Summertime Sadness July 7, 2014

    Seriously no ones checking for Xtina like that anymore she’s been reduced to a features artist…

  7. Rosie July 7, 2014

    Xtina is just a feature artist at this point and her solo music is boring. True Romance is better than any Xtina album.

    • Molly July 7, 2014

      Yes Charli slays Xtinas fat ass.

      btw we need u on Twitter sis.

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        I would get on Twitter but stans on there are more delusional than they are here. It’s sad. Maybe soon though.

      • Molly July 7, 2014

        Lol ok i hope you join you would make those girls seeth.

    • Did Ya say Justin Bieber,Beyoncè,Miley,Lady Gaga,One Direction,Rita Ora,Sam Smith,Lil Kim or Austin Mahone? July 7, 2014

      if it aint be Rosie and Molly,the fake e****** ya b****** is play out

    • Brooke candy July 7, 2014

      But sis has lana had any type of Impact like Christina have any of her albums eve past 10 million worldwide yet sis? Does she have a voice like her? Regardless if she’s been a featured artist she has nothing to prove she has sold her millions make her impact so have a seat and she’s talented as hell bye!

    • Legendtina July 7, 2014

      Ironic when Charlie’s only claim to fame is two features and will end as so. The critically acclaimed and Grammy winning Stripped>>>this poor man’s Gwen Stefani’s entire unknown career.

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        “critically acclaimed Stripped”
        Stripped Metacritic: 55
        Charli wins.

  8. christinastherealtalent July 7, 2014

    Christina will make a comeback. It won’t be like it was between 1999-2006 but she will still be relevant even if she doesn’t release any music. As long as y’all are talking about her, good or bad, you’re keeping her relevant.

  9. Molly July 7, 2014

    Yes at lana stans dragging Christina lol

    Charli you made a great choice sis.

    • Did Ya say Justin Bieber,Beyoncè,Miley,Lady Gaga,One Direction,Rita Ora,Sam Smith,Lil Kim or Austin Mahone? July 7, 2014

      you should go be get ur brain checked

    • Brooke candy July 7, 2014

      GURLL bye has lana even had the same impact like Christina has ciara, has iggy, do they even have a voice like her 100 million records sold 5 grammy awards, no one stay on top forever have a seat let me see your faves being still talked about 16 years later have a seat lame ass girl

      • FAF July 7, 2014

        Who the hell is Brooke candy? Amanda bynes twin impersonator

  10. Raul Osuna July 7, 2014

    Who’s Charli XCX?? lol

    • Rosie July 7, 2014

      Currently #1 on Billboard and also has another solo hit in the top 40 now.

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        Number 1 on what billboard chart? I know you’re not trying it when you just tried Christina for being a feature artist. Because that’s ALL charli is right now.

      • Overdose July 7, 2014

        Well looks like Rosie just got clocked lmao

      • FAF July 7, 2014

        That what I like song is cute haven’t heard much else

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        At least Charli can chart in the US. Chav loses again.

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        Weak drag. At least cheryl can chart period. Where’s Lana?

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        About to spend her third week in the top 10 of the Billboard 200. When is Chav going to release an album in the US?

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        Why bother when you can outsell dangerously in love, unapologetic, born to die in the UK?

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        …and yet can’t get their last album to SELL gold in the UK after two years?

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        Post accurate receipts. It has been certified gold. Has west coast been certified anywhere?

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        “based on shipments of 10,000″
        Now, how many times are you going to cling to West Coast? We all know it’s a flop. Too bad the ~#1 super mega UK smash Call My Name!!!11” couldn’t get Chav’s album to go top 75 outside of the United Kingdom.

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        How many times are you gonna cling to a million lights? This is a new era, west coast is your favs current. Kii
        That’s an outdated receipt btw

    • sleazy July 7, 2014

      Lmao someone clocked Rosie fa.g ass

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        I’m female, sorry. The self-hate with you stanning f*** are real! Now buy Warrior so it can go double copper.

  11. Did Ya say Justin Bieber,Beyoncè,Miley,Lady Gaga,One Direction,Rita Ora,Sam Smith,Lil Kim or Austin Mahone? July 7, 2014

    Allah hates demonic contraceptives and abortion…Abortion be a sin an all those with blood on hands will burn in hell..Contraceptives=devils tool

  12. Did Ya say Justin Bieber,Beyoncè,Miley,Lady Gaga,One Direction,Rita Ora,Sam Smith,Lil Kim or Austin Mahone? July 7, 2014

    Only Devil worshippers use abortion and contraceptive cause Allah worshippers know they aint use those evils..Pray tah end sin..Allah is callin u.ask for forgiveness and forgive…Repent and also from ya demonic contraceptive,abortion.

  13. Amanda Bynes July 7, 2014

    Who is this one hit wonder chick?

    • Molly July 7, 2014

      Someone more relevant than Amanda bynes.

      • Brooke candy July 7, 2014


  14. Did Ya say Justin Bieber,Beyoncè,Miley,Lady Gaga,One Direction,Rita Ora,Sam Smith,Lil Kim or Austin Mahone? July 7, 2014

    you are going tah wish ya listerned tah Jesus and Muhammed while ya ass be thrown in hell for using devil contraceptives and are demon possessed if u use these

  15. Did Ya say Justin Bieber,Beyoncè,Miley,Lady Gaga,One Direction,Rita Ora,Sam Smith,Lil Kim or Austin Mahone? July 7, 2014

    i sinned buh Allah forgave me,im not married i know buh i swear ill neva cheat on me husband or use devils contraceptives

  16. BubblePopElectric July 7, 2014

    Sam, thank you for making a post about Charli XCX! She is so talented and worth the exposure.

  17. Amanda Bynes July 7, 2014

    Queen Amanda’s breakdown was one of the biggest news back in 2013 than Ciara’s album. Gurl bye!

  18. CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

    Not people acting like this girl is big. This is old news. She is not bigger, more talented, and certainly hasn’t had better albums than Christina aguilera. But a delusional Lana stan (with that mess uv) would think so. And not Molly calling anyone a flop when Christina’s features have outsold Ciara’s discography. Actually I’m pretty sure genie in a bottle has outsold Ciara and Lana combined. And Rosie wants to try it? Death.

    • sleazy July 7, 2014

      Now girl you will leave ciara out of this cus cheryl needs to help that struggling single…..

    • Rosie July 7, 2014

      Clinging to sales from 1999 like you were clinging to Ed Sheeran and all the so-called “negative” reviews a few hours ago just to drag Lana. Why can’t you use your own fave? Why are you always bringing up Lana? And I still need receipts for UV being “critically panned”.

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        And b**** that was to show you that Lana is so far underneath Christina.

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        Not ONE review. I’m hollering. What the f*** is the NewStatesman? Does it even count for Metacritic? If you were going to post a negative review at least post from a site that actually matters or even a nobody one which actually counts for MC.
        Lana and her 75 on MC remains unbothered.

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        Why do you cling to meta critic and iTunes USA like they pay you? Kii. Since when is that the standard? Uv will not be nominated for one Grammy.

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        Like you always cling to Chav’s receipts from 2008.
        Using the Grammys as a drag now? Not like anyone voting for them know who Chav is in the first place. Besides, most music fans consider the Grammys a joke anyway. It’s common knowledge that they’re a popularity contest now.

    • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

      Yet these are the same critics who are on meta critic? Stop self dragging. Uv is a flop

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        Reviews have nothing to do with whether an album is a flop or not. If it did then UV isn’t a flop by a long shot. Once again, you’re the one self-dragging. Not me.
        If you actually went on Metacritic and read the reviews, you would see that the majority of the them are positive. You can use that b******* NewStatesman article all you want (and by the way, they don’t count for MC, nor did they even mention a review that actually counts from MC, just one Guardian interview) but at the end of the day the actual critics don’t lie. Only one review was negative, and that was the troll review from the 405. Most other major publications gave it a positive score.

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        Doing rick Ross numbers is flopping babe

  19. Legendtina July 7, 2014

    I’ve never heard of this woman prior to Fancy. I can’t imagine why Christina would want to work with the poor man’s Gwen Stefani.

  20. sleazy July 7, 2014

    lama a Dj had to remix your fav sh!t to make it a moderate hit! when will your fav get an actuall het nvm Xtina she got countless top hits Lama is yet to slay

    • Rosie July 7, 2014

      And yet Ultraviolence already outsold Xtina’s last two albums. Let’s not even get started on BTD.
      $15.99 >>>> $1.29

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        But you’re clinging to those albums like Christina promoted them, completely ignoring the fact that she has sold 10x as many records as your Botox fav.

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        She should’ve sold more since her career started in 1999.
        And the delusion. Both Bionic and Lotus had great promo. Lana hasn’t done a single televised performance in the US since 2012.

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        What was the great promo? And just wondering why her pop debut sold more than double your favs alternative (way easier to sell) debut?

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        Absolute death at you thinking alternative music sells more than pop. That alone proves you know nothing. I mean you just keep clocking yourself. Lana and Lorde are the only female alternative singers who can even go gold now (and even that’s a reach since many alt fans dislike both and consider them pop).
        As for Xtina, Bionic had the Today show and many other televised performances, all that publicity from “copying” Gaga, airplay, etc. Lotus was hyped up as her comeback, had performances on the Voice, the AMAs, and many more. And the fact that you’re comparing sales from 1999-2000 (when they were at their absolute peak) to 2012 makes your point invalid again.

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        Again, tell me where the great promo was. How can you even say that’s great promo in comparison to other pop girls? Death. And it is easier for Lana to sell her album compared to a pop girl because she has less competition. That’s economics 101 b****. Put that CaNAyDiAANnNn “education” to use.

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        Once again, no logic whatsoever. Less competition? Just the other day you were saying Lana wasn’t alternative, now you’re using it to say she’s underperforming. And kii at the Voice, Today Show, and the AMAs being horrible promo. What kind of delusion? The Voice was the biggest show on TV around the time Lotus came out, the Today Show was the most watched morning show on TV and Almost every major artist goes there to promote. The AMAs aren’t the Grammys but that’s still big promo. Xtina had great promo, even if she paid each era dust as soon as the first week sales came in.

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        Gma is the most watched show and in comparison to gaga, katy etc it wasn’t big. And yes babe, my logic was sound. She doesn’t have the competition (like katy vs gaga)

  21. sleazy July 7, 2014

    Molly looking at all the ppl you Stan for besides Ciara you already failed at life

  22. sleazy July 7, 2014

    Christina aguilera is a legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fckn slayage that she is yall will fckn deal how dare you come for a multi million selling grammy winning recognized around the world for her talent singer! Who’s movie sold over 100 mill at the box office not bad bye! She not over she just not into if and not promoting her worl Look at Burlesque soundtrack it sold over 500k

  23. Brian310 July 7, 2014

    I thought YG and Iggy were cool?

  24. Rosie July 7, 2014

    The same Lana haters clinging to the SS remix (which still sold less than the original, kii). Yawn.

    • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

      But it didn’t lmfao. The original SS was a complete flop. It didn’t even chart. Look at the receipts babe.

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        No, you look up the receipts. The remix was the one played on the radio and they were selling the same amount as each other from July-September. Once radio stopped playing it the original has been outselling it ever since and it also has more streams on YouTube and every other streaming service. And the “didn’t chart” shade is also a lie because it wasn’t released as a single outside of Germany and a few other countries (where it actually went #1 in some) until 2013. Try again.

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        Are you serious? It didn’t chart in the us. It only charted in Germany. Do you see the “-” next to it? That means it didn’t chart. I see 588k for the original and 2 mil for the remix. Are you really this delusional? I’m screaming. People only know who Lana is because of Cedric!!!!!!!

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        Once again, making up lies. The original version of Summertime Sadness sold over 1 million by itself in the US. And I didn’t say it charted in the US before Interscope released the remix. I said it wasn’t released as a single outside of Germany and a few other European countries until 2013. Learn how to read.
        Why don’t you never bring receipts for any of the “sales” you post? Just the other week you were lying about WC selling less than 100K worldwide to date when it sold 117K first week in the US alone.

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        That was a receipt f**. Interscope reports 588k sold in the us. Stop the lies. The remix, Lana’s only claim to fame, sold 2 mil. Why are you trying? How can the original not chart yet go platinum in the us? That makes absolutely no sense. My receipts are always accurate, and I definitely didn’t say that wc sold 100k total. I said it sold less than walking on air and has not done 100k since its debut week. Sit down b****.

      • Rosie July 7, 2014

        And you have no receipts for the remix selling 2 million. I know about my fave, I track her music on iTunes, and well before it even went 2x platnium, the original started outselling the remix. Once again, more lies. The original was already at ~250K before it was released as a single in the US, and that was in June 2013. When it went 2x platnium, 45% of its sales were the original. And that was over half a year ago. It has outsold it since then. The original is still over 200 spots above it on iTunes. It’s been that way since last fall.

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        Where are the numbers?!?!? Why did you include absolutely no numbers in that essay?! Because I’m right? Screams!!! Interscope reports 2 million for the remix. I don’t care if you know your fav, last time I checked you weren’t employed by them. You’re just a desperate Lana stalker/wannabe American.

      • CherylSoldier July 7, 2014

        Absolute death at interscope literally reporting 588k for the SS original. Where do you come up with these numbers? Is it your iTunes usaaaa formula? Death

  25. dotti July 7, 2014

    if christina got half the publicity for her accomplishments that some of these basics get she would be seen as major. her movie burlesque was panned as a flop even though it cost 55 million to produce and pulled in over 100 million. she’s been dragged big time since seen as a britney rival and got savaged to no end when gaga hit the scene. she’s talented as hell but the media hates her so it’s doubtful she’ll ever make a blow up comeback (the media will see that doesn’t happen). the media bestows the superstar title to those they choose. if they dislike a certain celeb that celeb is fried. jlo’s new cd sold 33 million the first week and haven’t starred in a successful movie in years yet they fawn over her as if she and her big b*** are entertainment phenomenons. a lot of image is nothing but media hype!

  26. pa- pa- pa -pa razzi July 7, 2014

    Ill see this b**** in the next 7 months and ask her if she would’ve turn the collab down. New b****** runnin thsir mouths are gonna get NO WHERE.

  27. TinaMinaj July 7, 2014

    Was it a good idea to turn down the collab? Maybe. Never know what radio picks up these days.
    Regardless of that, this move is very pathetic and just made to drum up publicity for this chick because the fact remains she is still just an upcoming unknown artist that most people don’t really care about.

  28. J.E July 7, 2014

    Actually the article lack some information. According to Charlie “I’ve passed up on many a thing that could have made me a BIG artist or something. Like I was offered a feature on a Christina Aguilera song and I turned it down. It just wasn’t right. She’s cool, but it just wasn’t right.”
    With that being said, it is clear that she acknowledge Christina’s power. Look at Say something.

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