Hot Topic: Is There An Absence Of Black Men In Pop Music?

Published: Tuesday 22nd Jul 2014 by David


With roots that run deep in Black culture, it’d be safe to say Hip Hop & R&B remain the go-to genres for most African-American males hoping to try their hand in the game that is music.

Leaving the genres’ lovers with enough testosterone to last if a few lifetimes, the US’ frequent delivery of new “Urban” blood has proved to be quite successful for the labels behind said “blood”, with each and every major label housing at least one of categories’ leading acts.

Miguel at ‘Sony.’

August Alsina at ‘Universal.

However, while labels seem to have no problem making exclusively Pop acts out of Black females, it would seem that the same can’t be said when it comes to Black men.

Indeed, while backing from ‘Top 40′ and ‘Rhythmic’ radio has seen Rihanna and Beyonce  has seen them dip in and out of genres at will, one would be hard pressed to find a Pop-pushing African-American male being marketed as a Pop act by their supporting label.

This, after the Black British force that was JLS failed to rock any US charts with their inoffensive brand of ‘Backstreet‘-inspired Pop despite soaring in the UK with the very same material.

Interesting, when one remembers Jason Derulo topped the UK’s R&B singles chart with the outrightly Pop ‘Whatcha Say.

With the above in mind, we ask…

Is there an absence of Black boys in Pop?


Does race matter when it comes to genre?

Please share your thoughts below!

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  1. Maybe July 22, 2014

    Maybe consumers just don’t want a male black pop act. Thats it. Apart from jason D i don’t know any other black pop acts that have worked. Maybe micheal Jackson but He wasn’t just pop, he was everything. Pop = White people. SO why would they want a black male singing their music

    • KaleidoscopeDreamer July 22, 2014

      It’s not the consumers, it’s the record labels. If they found a cute brother with good teeth, good skin and good manners and good songs he would slay but they’ll never do that. How come Justin can pick and choose when he wants to be R&B but there isn’t a single black dude out her repping for pop.

    • Del Bey July 22, 2014

      The delusion is serious, wow you’re just a shade of grey conforming to what you are told, music has no colour or race, and you are thickle to think otherwise. The music industry is still very conservative and prejudice, I’ve always said I wanted a black, black girl to have a foot in mainstream pop, and I don’t mean Rihanna with her green eyes and light skin, I mean an AFRICAN girl who is purely pop, there are so many vacancies that can be filled, Black male pop stars, white male rappers, ginger popstars, gay & lesbian mainstream artists, labels don’t take risks and it’s consequently killing the creativity of the Music industry

  2. DarkHorseDarlia July 22, 2014

    Very interesting article TGJ. I think it’s because society is only used to seeing black men in an aggressive light and pop is considered to be soft so any black guy who wants to do pop is seen as being “less black” than one who wants to be a rapper for example.
    Jason is only trying to be R&B because he can’t sell albums doing pop but please believe he’d still be doing Whatcha Says and Breathing’s if he knew how to sell albums with them.

    • AmbeRussell July 23, 2014

      But is there really any difference between a black male r&b singer to a white make pop singer? Perfect example:the yr is 2008 and chris brown is the biggest male singer out and he is on cloud 9. His next single is FOREVER. Then here comes pop singer Jesse McCartney and releases his single LEAVIN… These song WAS more urban and was more r&b sounding than Chris’ song yet he was still categorized as pop & Chris as r&b. pop has come to equal white and r&b equal black with a few blue eyed soul singers. The real question is what happened to the male white solo singers who do pop music?

  3. AzealiaBankable July 22, 2014

    Oh my gosh that is actually true, there aren’t any black dudes doing pop anymore.

    • Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

      Jason Derulo, Flo Rida, Chris Brown and Drake’s popularity could see he labelled as a pop artist sometimes, they’re all black but only jason and flo rida are considered pop. They are present pop stars, we’re not missing a black pop music, but we are missing a black POP STAR, who is the male beyonce? who is the male Rihanna? who is the male Britney?

      • Lana Tropicana July 22, 2014

        I don’t think the girls you mentioned need a male equivalent but you’re right if you’re saying that for every Pop girl there should be a Pop boy.

        KPop singers are literally swagger jacking the phuck out of Hip Hop culture and nobody is paying attention, but do you think a Hip Hop guy could go there doing the same thing and get the same love? Never. Inequality runs free in Pop music boo boo.

      • Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

        I don’t think we should let that fear stop artists from trying. I understand the reality of your point but boundaries cannot be stretched without someone trying

  4. Anissa July 22, 2014

    Black guys singing pop music doesn’t appeal to me for the most part. I shy away from Chris brown & usher’s pop pier music. That’s just me

    • ConfessionsofaGoodKisser July 22, 2014

      Why sis?

    • Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

      Does pop music appeal to you, if it does.. why does colour matter. Regardless if it’s an asian, black or white person, if you enjoy pop – the colour of the artist shouldn’t matter. ti doesn’t matter when it’s a female, so why does it matter with guys

    • CROSS PROMO WORKS July 22, 2014

      I’m less into pop and more into urban pop. I like Rihanna ‘s songs that have an urban sound.

      I like Beyonce’s urban music and wasnt too crazy about Halo

      My problem with labels is they arent crossing over black mae or female artsts as much anymore

      Let’s look at Virgin Universal’s Iggy AZAELIA push

      They put her on Dancing with the stars which has MILLIONS of viewers, GMA, Billboard Awards, etc…

      If Nicki didnt have L.A Reid ( black exec) running Motown/YMCM and YMCM/Wayne she wouldnt have crossed over back in 2010

      If Keri Hilson didnt have Timabaland and Polo she would not have crossed over

      There was a time when R&B acts didnt have to go POP to sell…

      Janet, Ciara, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Alicia keys, Sade, R Kelly …. all of their first albums were r&b and sold millions

      i know streaming and illegal downloads have effected the industry but ….

      the labels in the US have stopped cross promoting their R&B acts unless they are WHITE like Justin T.

  5. BeySting July 22, 2014

    Same reason we never see any black men doing Rock or Country. The talent is out there but the consumers have an idea of what they think everyone should be doing and in their minds some things don’t mix. They can accept a white person doing something that is historically tied to black people but would never accept if it was other way round.

    • Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

      Agreed, but don’t you think it’s time for someone to prove them wrong. Too many black artists reinforce sterotypes instead or reinventing or breaking aaway from them, it’s a shame.

    • Peachez July 22, 2014

      Darius Rucker is a Grammy award winning Black Country artist. Do your research.

      • HistoRih July 22, 2014

        That’s the point honey. Nobody knows who Darius Rucker is.

      • Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

        lets not get belligerent child, the topic is on POP music – mainstream pop. Someone made a general point, we’re not taking away from the few people that have broken boundaries, we’re addressing TODAY and the lack of boundaries to be broken.

  6. Anissa July 22, 2014

    *poppier music

  7. MissMimi July 22, 2014

    Race DOES matter because everyone looks and everyone judges people from the experiences we’ve had with other people that are like them. I feel like the RLs aren’t brave enough to take risks so they only support what they know will do well.
    Boy bands
    Black R&B singers
    Rappers etc.
    I would love to see more variety because I think there’s so much talent out there that’s scared to come out because they think people will judge them.

    • AmbeRussell July 23, 2014

      Bands in general no longer exist beside a band with instruments and a lead singer. Other than that, there are no girl groups being pushed since pcd or boy bands b2k besides the new British Invasion of boy bands

  8. MAD Donna July 22, 2014

    Tracy Chapman is probably the only black woman who didn’t fit into a genre stereotype but I can’t see it happening again with a black man today because people don’t think Pop music and Black people is cool. He’d be called a sell out.

  9. XXX July 22, 2014

    There’s not an absence. They’re just not popping off like that because black males need to get more creative with their image and sound. They’ve all got similar images and sounds and there’s just not much variation at all. You can literally stereotype the typical black male pop or R&B star in todays industry which isn’t good.

    • Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

      Agreed, the black music industry needs to promote diversity in sound. The fact there is a black music industry is sad, its the same reason Jason Derulo doesn’t get acknowledged at BET awards, i dislike him persoanlly, but he has made movements in the pop genre – why has he not been commended for that? the answer to that question is the reason why we don’t have many male black pop acts

      • AmbeRussell July 23, 2014

        I find it weird Bruno mars gets a nomination for a bet award, but Jason doesn’t, nor ask to perform when his music is just as “black friendly” as Bruno. Probably more actually

  10. Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

    Pop music has Flo Rida and Jason Derulo and I cannot explain how much they GRATE on me.. i cringe at every video Jason is in, he’s so unoriginal and comes across so out of touch with himself, noting he does seems believable.
    Pop is missing an honest black male, someone who isn’t affraid to break the stereotype of black male music being about clubs, bishes, body parts, love nd s**. Pop needs a black male who is not afraid to be called ‘gay’ for expressing insecurity or wider issues outside of material things.
    When was the last time a mainstream black male artist came with a Disperate Youth – Santigold type sound/ message. We see constantly in pop songs about insecurity, reaching for dreams, struggle – this is why I appreciate Rudimental, Aloe Black, Sam Smith (even though he isn’t black) – they’re males who aren’t reinforcing a stereotype to remain manly and I believe that this is an insecurity that black males face the most in pop. Everyone tries to be urban/hood with everything they put out because they’re black, pop needs a real black artist who doesn’t feel the need to be urban and ‘masculine’ – just real.
    Yes we have Drake, Jason, Flo Rida and Chris Brown, but none of them are consider pop icons because they dabble in and out of the genre

    • DMoney July 22, 2014

      Truth upon truth. That is the problem, we don’t need another cheesy Pop singer we need someone whose going to give us something a little subversive and talk about real issues. Flo Rida and Jason are only good for cheesy Dance music which has it’s place but won’t last. We need a Pop Drake who sings about the stuff dudes go through without sounding corny doing it.

      • Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

        Let me take this moment to shout out my fave, Sam Smith! yeah he’s not black but I am and I can identify with him. Pop music needed a male like him, there was a gap in the market, he filled it, he’s also reaping the rewards. Who’s to say a black male couldn’t fill that spot

  11. KeriMeHome July 22, 2014

    Blame the labels. They can only see black people in one light so don’t bother with anything else.

    • FAF July 22, 2014

      Everybody trying to be a thug – I appreciate August bc I dont feel like its an act he shows vulNerability every song aint about p*** and turnt in the club, his album touches on a variety of subjects
      Adrian Marcel and Miguel are good also & I like Frank Ocean’s music & songwriting

      • CROSS PROMO WORKS July 22, 2014

        everybody isnt trying to be a thug but those are the ones that get promo

  12. what is pop? July 22, 2014

    dontcha ask about why black guys don’t really pop. but a run to wiki. let somebody cover katy’s part of me. who can and is willing to deliver that kinda image and sound? not impossible. maybe a newborn star can be raised into that. but all those guys zigzagging between badboy and silk… ugh… really? nope.

  13. LoveAndLost July 22, 2014

    Pop is single driven, with a lack of story behind the music and albums. People have a lot to say about the sells of black artists, but I have notice that most hip hop and R&B albums are now selling more than pop albums. Sure the pop singles slay when they are hot, but the albums are not selling as well. I feel black males don’t appeal as pop acts, because they are designed to be story tellers. They suppose to tell a story of stuggle with love, lost, and environment. The ones who struggle the most, should tell a story. Thats why they only appeal as R&B and Hip Hoppers, and should never do well a pop acts. MJ did so well as a pop act, because the way he told a story, was innoncent and very appealing to every race, but he still had a story to tell.. Em, being white has done so well in hip hop because he had a story of struggle.

    • Peachez July 22, 2014

      What R&B and hip hop albums are selling more than pop? Aside from Beyoncé, John legend is the first R&B artist to get an album certification in what? 2 years? I know Alicia, Miguel and Frank Ocean barely sold 500k in 2012. Drake went platinum. Kendrick Lamar. Jay z (duh). Who else?

    • Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

      You can tell a story in pop, the uk pop charts have been filled with the likes of emelie sande, adele, sam smith, rudimental etc, it can be doneit just takes creativity to make it catchy enough to be pop. Stay high is a pop song – the remix is doing so well, its a dance track but when you look into the lyrics, although they seem very simple, I see a tale of hurt and heartbreak. Pop can tell stories. The greatest pop acts of today prove it

  14. ComeBackToJanet July 22, 2014

    It goes back to slavery if you ask me. Black men are feared by society because they’re perceived to be hypersexual, hyperstrong and hyperaggressive. The best way to keep a group of people down is to convince them that they are as bad as the rest of the world tells them they are, so the black community is only able to see its way in a certain respect and sees anything that is proper and prestigious as being “white” or soft.

    What happens is that black boys are taught that they’re pansies if they’re not thugs so they cling to anything that helps them reinforce that. HipHop. Pop is seen as being “white” and “soft” so these boys sit as far away from it as possible so they don’t get associated with those stereotypes which is why there’s a shortage of AA men who will admit that they listen to anything other than Rap.

  15. Del Bey July 22, 2014

    The Industry is still racist, they don’t want people believing they can extend their status quo, so they keep it conservative and ‘familiar’ but they sure don’t forget to promote their ‘white’ urban acts eg: Iggy, Macklemore, JB, but I am yet to see a black DARK SKINNED girl prevail in the pop genre, and no not Rihanna with her light skin and light eyes, I mean a black female with amazing vocals and amazing pop songs, there are more than enough black women who can sing amazingly and deserve a chance, and yes there really needs to be some black males in this industry that are not considered urban, it’s not fair it means you’re saying this is all they can be, No! I am a gay male who is Half black and half white and I intend to become a major pop force, so watch this space.

    • Peachez July 22, 2014

      Rihanna’s features are very African. She has a big head, wide nose and full lips. She’s like a caramel complexion. Alicia and Beyoncé are much more “commercial” looking than she is. Rihanna just has an exotic look to her, like a lot of islanders and Africans do!

      • Fantasae July 22, 2014

        Rihanna is black on paper but white in person. She and Beyonce literally have the SAME features as the average Caucasian person and that’s why it’s so easy to market them.
        Try describing Rihanna and Bey’s look as literally as possible and see how many black women look like them.

      • Peachez July 22, 2014

        Beyonce is half creole. Curly hair, pointy nose, small round face. Rihanna has a big head, wide nose, full lips and kinky/coily hair. Their features aren’t even close.

  16. Highway Unicorn July 22, 2014

    This article has really got me thinking long and hard about so many things. Don’t you guys find it weird that there’s NEVER Been a chocolate Pop princess? Like think about it. Could you imagine the slayage we’d receive if a girl who looked like Tika Sumpter or Dawn Richard (post surgery) came out with some dope Pop music and videos.
    It would be too f****** real.

    • Peachez July 22, 2014

      Whitney Houston.
      Janet Jackson.
      Dionne Warwick.
      Diana Ross.

      It’s been done.

      • Highway Unicorn July 22, 2014

        I’m talking about in recent history dear, and most of the girls you mentioned were considered to be R&B.

      • Peachez July 22, 2014

        Lies they were all popstars, especially Whitney. Diana is known as the first black popstar. Dionne was pop to the core. Janet was considered a popstar and Brandy was Americas sweetheart at one point. She used to grace covers with BSB, Nsync and Britney.

      • Highway Unicorn July 22, 2014

        Maybe you missed my point about recent history.

      • Peachez July 22, 2014

        I was responding to the latter part of your comment. Plus your original statement said that there’s never been a chocolate pop princess boo.

  17. Peachez July 22, 2014

    Chris Brown and Ne-Yo (in the late 2000’s) bridged the gap between R&B and pop at one point. Chris is more urban these days, but it can be done. Someone like Jason Derulo won’t be respected by the black community because he’s seen as corny. He would have a better chance if he did rnb AND pop. Rihanna mixes a lot of genres while maintaining a commercial sound. Jason was straight EDM at one point. Even his urban songs are silly and generic. The closest we have is Bruno Mars although he isn’t black.

    • ~The Arcade~ July 23, 2014

      I think male singers in general (excluding a few), are unsuccessful in this industry compared to their counterparts. Because, women are deemed as more versatile, in terms of sounds, lyrics, fashion etc. Not to mention, they keep the gossip outlets going and are more appealing to the masses. Whereas men can’t do that!

  18. BaddieBey July 22, 2014

    Racism is alive and well in Hollywood girls. The racist guys at the top don’t want anyone to leave the boxes they put them and this is why this is happening.
    Where are my Latina singers slaying the charts?
    Where are my Chinese sisters selling out Madison Square Garden?

  19. Stephy July 22, 2014

    THANK YOU! TGJ, I see yall saw my comments & finally posted an article worthy of peoples time. To answer your question.. YES, the industry has been missing that huge MALE (not just BLACK) in the POP world today. To be perfectly honest, the last time a MALE artist in POP-ular music dominated was USHER….
    The Pop world is too feminine these days tbh. Not enough MASCULINITY in mainstream music anymore. We need more DICCKS on top. Im kinda tired of the same ol v*****’s dominating… But, this is payback. Cause, honestly the 90’s was really the first decade that WOMEN (Celine, Whitney, Mariah, Madonna, Janet, Shania etc.) started to dominate. Before, it was mostly PENISES (males) that dominated. I think we are definitely in the era of FEMALE empowerment not just in music neither… Not to mention, GAY/FAGGOTTS empowerment era too… HEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

    • ANewDayHasCome July 22, 2014

      The only male artist who talks about serious issues is Drake which is why so many dudes like him. The only other I can think of is Elijah Blake but he isn’t popular yet.

      • Peachez July 22, 2014

        Many dudes hate drake because he’s soft.

      • OVORoxxy July 22, 2014

        Those dudes are in the loud minority. Most guys use Drake like we use Bey because he’s relatable which is why I agree with that other girl’s Elijah comparison because he has the same qualities.

      • Peachez July 22, 2014

        Chile plz lol. Most of drakes fans are females.

    • Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

      I couldn’t take anything you said seriously, honestly. EDUCATE YOURSELF and come correct! everything you wrote could be translated in a nice comment open for discussion, but who would want to respond to what you’ve written without telling you about yourself first!?

      • Stephy July 22, 2014

        Baby, I CHOOSE to write like that cause that’s my persona on this site. I been here for years. My name is STEPHY and every one knows I write silly & crazy. But, they still see past my lil persona & know what im talking about! Ignore my comments if you do not understand my sense of humor/style of writing. Thank You & Bye!

    • Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

      Fix It Jesus!

    • ~The Arcade~ July 23, 2014

      @Stephy… But you now see Usher returning to his R&b roots now, don’t you?

      His fans post ‘Confessions’ got tired of the EDM inspired tracks, and he also lost the general public’s interests with those same, repetitive sounds.

      • AmbeRussell July 23, 2014

        But usher had a more pure heartfelt r&b album with here I stand…one POP song produced by will I am and the rest were r&b, up beat dance r&b or contemporary r&b, but that album failed and everything after didnt stick until he released OMG, which I see why Looking For Myself sounded the way it did…ppl gravitated to the dance sound he made in 2010, so he did what was logical which was release edm inspired songs

  20. Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

    okay, i’ve been serious with my comment, but can we now address why August is used as an image for this article.. hardly a pop artist

    • ~The Arcade~ July 23, 2014

      True indeed! Honestly, he seems to be the last person on earth who would ever go the pop route… he has too much of a soulful/ r&b appeal.

  21. Suicide Blonde July 22, 2014

    Yes!….but not only black men, there are not White male pop stars besides the two Justin, there is also way too much female domination in Pop music which hasn’t help the genre, in fact, i hate it, all these girls have ruined Pop music, 2 or 3 are ok but we have Rihanna, Katy, Gaga, Kesha, Miley, Britney, too much, the only thing that i blame Madonna for, she is responsable for this invation, she should be locked for it.

    • Stephy July 22, 2014

      Not just Madonna, JANET & WHITNEY & MARIAH & CELINE for these wanna be powerhouse female singers. Tryin & I mean TRYING to hit notes out of their range trynna copy their lil 90s divas idols.. LOL

      • Suicide Blonde July 22, 2014

        I honestly hate Pop music just for that fact, it’s a joke now.

      • Stephy July 22, 2014

        Yes, the REAL last golden age of Pop music was the late 90’s with (Britney & Justin & Bubblegum CRAP).
        But, Michael & Madonna (The King & Queen Of Pop) collectively changed the way MALES & FEMALE Pop stars are promoted, looked at & established in the Pop world. Its a bad & good thing. But, the older the industry gets the worst (and quite boring) its becoming. EVERYTHING BASICALLY HAS BEEN TALKED ABOUT & DONE!

  22. Del Bey July 22, 2014

    I’m going to be the first gay popstar, I’m perfect in diversity if you think about it, I’m 19, half black half white, gay, & British I think that’s a good face for diversity, what do you think of the stage name ‘Nash Rayne’ girls?

    • Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

      You will not be the first! *sigh*
      And being gay is not something to promote yourself on for authenticity, that’s actually offensive. Fix it

      • Del Bey July 22, 2014

        At which point did I say I wanted to use my sexuality as ways of promotion? at which point because I’m still tryin to find it, I was simply offering another example of diversity I own so keep your ugly face shut and stop assuming you know the ins and outs of everything fool.

      • Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

        oh my. Did someone just insult me?? Did i give them relevance to insult me. Am I ugly, Lord/ Because everyone says I’m beautiful. Are you psychic BISH? Have you seen me!?
        I’m all for the ‘thoughts and dreams of a gay or lesbian’ person in music, but you need to translate your thoughts better in your comments, child. What I read was a naive fool aspiring to be the first openly gay pop star…. that happened a long time ago. And if you think something like being mixed race and gay defines you as a person.. you’re missing the point of life. Also what IIIII read and understood from your comment was that, what you listed were your selling points… and it’s cheap!

    • Suicide Blonde July 22, 2014

      Conchita says hell, also David Bowie is an openly bi man, Prince is in the closet and Michael Jackson was in denial but was more of a woman than Marilyn Monroe, Lol.

      • Stephy July 22, 2014

        Stop coming for Michael like that!

      • Suicide Blonde July 22, 2014

        Did i lie tho?

      • Del Bey July 22, 2014

        I don’t mean in just a label, I mean a PERSONALITY, the thoughts and dreams of a gay or lesbian person, just a different perspective to go from, we know that Katy wants the knight in shining amour and fairytale endings, we know Rihanna is a sucker for love but likes it rough sometimes, we also know that drake loves to try different girls every night but can’t help but think about the girl he left home, we know that Lana wants that ultimate romance but of course it always ending up dysfunctional, we need perspective people! other peoples perspective, the imbetween people

      • Stephy July 22, 2014

        Michael was NOT more womanly than Marilyn MonHOE! But, he was GAY & feminine… He even tried to look like Elizabeth Taylor at one point lol

    • MarinasDiamonds July 22, 2014

      Not to be rude but being gay isn’t a unique selling point, especially not in this industry. Just focus on being a dope artist so that your sexuality becomes irrelevant to people.

    • CherylSoldierr July 22, 2014

      Stanning for Lana will get you no where tbh

      • Del Bey July 22, 2014

        not a rhianna stan, not a bey stan, not a drake stan but a Cheryl stan? move along local cole. I’m also a hive member so try not to get stung boo!

      • CherylSoldierr July 22, 2014

        You’re from the uk. How much is cheryl selling vs Lana? Absolute death. You know the power that cheryl has in the uk. Lana has none kiiiii

  23. Ozzy July 22, 2014

    Hey s**** bucket h***! How y’all been?

    • BeyBeyKing July 22, 2014

      No sis, we’re actually having a serious discussion here so please leave if you’re not going to contribute to it.

      • Stephy July 22, 2014

        Kii Don’t come for my baby Ozzy like that!

      • Ozzy July 22, 2014

        STFU then and get back to your “serious conversation” then.

      • BeyBeyKing July 22, 2014

        Watch your tone with me w****.

      • Ozzy July 22, 2014

        B**** who the f*** are you again? LMAAOOO

      • BeyBeyKing July 22, 2014

        You’ll know who I am when I smear my Kenco Coffee ACROSS your face.

    • Everyone’s A Critic July 22, 2014

      Let us pray this lost child is delivered and finds the education necessary to prevent it from becoming anything less than it already is! You are just EW

  24. BadGyalRita July 22, 2014

    Judging from what I’ve seen so far the only way it would work is if the guy was pop but didn’t call himself and just made Pop music, but then I guess that defeats the point of them being celebrated as a pop singer.

  25. LaLopez July 22, 2014

    Shakira had to dye her hair blonde to be accepted by the global media so unless black men find a way to “Europeanize” themselves the chances of them being accepted by labels as Pop stars is slim.

    • SevynthHeaven July 22, 2014

      And Jennifer Lopez didn’t play on her Eurocentric looks to get ahead either?

  26. CherylSoldierr July 22, 2014

    But men in general have been struggling for a decade in pop. Jt, bieber and Bruno Mara are the only ones that can sell pop music. But kii at people thinking the pop girls are selling either. I see only the mega stars like rihanna, gaga, bey, and katy doing anything. But black males can do it. It’s all about how they present themselves.

    • QueenJanine (Ms.ButcherIfYou’reNasty) July 22, 2014

      Cheryl would know all about marketing a gay man seeing as she was married to one. Tell me something honey, was it a Nokia 3310 or a Samsung Galaxy X5 Ashley used to stick in his a***.

      • CherylSoldierr July 22, 2014


  27. Stephy July 22, 2014

    This is a pretty good article! TGJ, definitely should do more thought provoking articles like this. Instead, of wasting their time bashing & shading Mariah & Rihanna…
    Yall are speaking dat truth tho! Yassss

  28. Eric Crawley July 22, 2014

    Don’t worry. I’m coming. New music video tomorrow “Liquor”
    Follow me and stay tuned… @iamecrawley

  29. Theman July 22, 2014

    Rihanna has light eyes, light skin & a fashion girl kind of physique. There are many things about her that appeal to the mainstream audience. Having a non pointy nose doesn’t mean anything.

  30. Belladonna1363 July 22, 2014

    I new this site was going to go the hole White People dont want to hear music from black people rout, when in fact everyday online & in real life black people say how much they hate the sound of pop music & how its generic & soulless so why the F*ck do you care if there’s no black males in PopMusic? Girl Bye this post was made just to start sh*t in the comment secetion. Lol Tomorrow they will be talking about how this person or that person should have a more Urban sound. There no black males in pop because 70% of black young men are brought up ghetto & sexist & you can’t be like that in pop music & if you are there the ones trying to be black i.e Robin Thicke or Bieber. Pop songs are for the most part upbeat & cute, controversial at the most but never ghetto.

  31. Belladonna1363 July 22, 2014

    I’ll put it like this Jason Derulo & JLS are the nicest people you could ever meet. Can the same be said about Chris Brown & August? F*ck NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Yes I know white people did the most unforgivable sh*t witch has cause most lower income African Americans to harbor hate & act out but when is that going to end because some point if we don’t heal & stop being a hot mess its going to destroy us. Because most black people call other people of color who caring themselves with class ( White Acting) but celebrate Chris Brown & August no matter how hot mess they act & I know everyone on here will never agree with me & in that reason alon
    e lies the problem.

  32. HitchHikerGuideToGalaxy July 22, 2014

    @Del Bey Gay people don’t sell that well in music coz apart from being gay, the f*** are seen as ‘annoying’ ‘weak’ and ‘not cool’.So its up to you to furnish your brand in a way that doesn’t reinforce those pre-conceptions.Throw curveballs to avoid being predictable. If you gonna be acting fruity & s*** like that then your career has finished before it has started kid coz by that you are perpetuating preexisting notions and not being progressive.

  33. eric July 22, 2014

    I think Usher, Ne-Yo, Pharrell and Flo Rida are all pop, but they work differently at maintaining a relationship with r&b and hip-hop fans; Pharrell balances the line well.

  34. Mateo July 23, 2014

    No, we have Chris Brown, Usher, Jason Derulo. These artists dabble in and out of pop with R&B DNA. What I gather, is that Women and Gays consume pop mainly. The Gays idolize and cherish their favorite divas. The gays adore Chris Brown and Usher, however if Rihanna or Bey’s single is out….and you are short on coins, I’m sure he most likely will get the RiRi or Bey track. Or just rip it offline. IDK, it’s an interesting topic concerning the consumer psyche.

  35. Belladonna1363 July 23, 2014

    As an artist my self I can say with full honesty I really think you did a nice job but you were rushing your words just a little but over all I love your look ( s*** smart) & your voice sounds smooth for the most part. As someone who loves pop music I think you should keep going for your dreams.

  36. LB July 23, 2014

    But black male artists have been doing POP music for the past 5-6 years. I can give a few examples,

    Flo Rida, Taio Cruz, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Usher, Jason Derulo, Will.I.Am, Sean Paul, Drake…etc.

    It’s just that the market is saturated and you rarely hear about many artists, not just black artists.

    • ~The Arcade~ July 23, 2014

      Honestly, there’s no real answer to TGJ’s question… I just want to know why they want these black artists to abandon a genre (R&b) which comes naturally to them?

  37. LB July 23, 2014

    In fact, Black male artists have got a higher chance of succeeded in a pop genre because it is white dominated and they stand out.

    You go to a Target in the pop music section, you’ll see Katy Payola, T***** GayGay, Ke$hit, Selena FLOPez, Demi, Miley FLOPus, Iggy, ALL WHITE; you then see Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna and they will stand out, mostly because their music is better but the fact that they are black in a white dominated genre helps them standout.

  38. Musika July 23, 2014

    I feel like black male artists are being stereotyped to become R&B and hip-hop artists rather than being pop because they fit the image that the industry wants. I could say the same for rock music, why isn’t there a Rock music category in BET Awards? Hardly any black rockers out there.

  39. ~The Arcade~ July 23, 2014

    So what’s wrong with them keeping R&B alive? I actually like the fact they these artists stay true to their roots, r&b seems to be dwindling these days and you want them to step out of it? and add to the crap that people call ‘pop music’? (I just don’t get it…)

  40. ~The Arcade~ July 23, 2014

    I would like to add that, Akon is a very good example of managing to be very successful with pop records as well as ‘urban’ records… just like Beyonce and Rihanna.

  41. nology bibi August 28, 2014

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  43. handsomeblackbradybreaker1953 May 22, 2018

    I could be a black chap pop star,even at 65-July 6-as I’ve got boyish good looks and write my own lyrics.

  44. handsomeblackbradybreaker1953 May 22, 2018

    EVERYBODY has heard of Darius Rucker,starting with his being Hootie in Hootie and the Blowfish!!!

  45. handsomeblackbradybreaker1953 May 22, 2018

    Kane Brown,an upstart Country singer,is African American,as is Coffey Anderson.

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