Snippet: Danity Kane – ‘Roulette’

Published: Wednesday 23rd Jul 2014 by Sam

Another day, another Danity Kane snippet.

But we are far from complaining.

Anticipation remains sky-high for the trio’s third studio album, which is set to hit stores later this year.

Whetting appetites appears to the ladies latest mode of promo, with snippets of new material being their primary vehicle.

The latest track to receive the preview treatment – this time via member Aubrey O’Day – is ‘Roulette’.

Take a listen below…

Yes, yes, and yes. It’s clear the ladies are baking another banger. Bring on the album already!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rihboy July 23, 2014

    At first i was pressed for a release from them. However the momentum has died down. I know it will be a solid piece of work, but something still tells me it wont be enough.

    • Jay July 23, 2014

      You keep thinking that. This album is going to be EVERYTHING!!!

      • Rihboy July 23, 2014

        It will do welll because its a come back album. But lemonade wasnt a promising release for its lack to really impact the charts. From the snippets everything sounds good. I just feel like it will be typical danity kane. Hot for a second than out the window next two weeks. Hopefully the release wisely and not drop in murky waters with lingering superiors.

    • sinatrarnb July 23, 2014

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  2. CT July 23, 2014

    These girls could’ve been huge by now.. I believe diddy gets his rocks off from building up artist and then destroying them.

  3. SMH July 23, 2014

    Enough of these goddamn snippets. We live in a VISUAL era, so give us a video for Lemonade or STFU!

  4. Timago July 23, 2014

    Another day, Another FLOP…

    Danity FLOP.

    FLOPPITY Kane.

    Aubrey O’FLOP.


    • Supreme July 23, 2014

      Two platinum #1 albums say otherwise

      • Timago July 23, 2014


  5. IStanForYourFav July 23, 2014

    I’ve been routing for them for a while now. I think that look great, sound great, and the music is great, but I can’t help but question why the album isn’t here. Like please, give us the album already.

  6. nobitchassness July 23, 2014

    They need to drop the Lemonade video or All In A Days Work track!!!!!

  7. GiGi July 23, 2014

    Here’s why the Albun was Delayed , Here is the timeline

    August 2013 – Announce Reunion/ Work started on Album
    September -working on album as DK4/ Album about 30% done
    October – working on album as DK4
    November-announce Comeback show @ HOB’s / working on album as DK4
    December- Comeback Show @ HOB’s / working on album as DK4
    January – Bye Bye Baby Leaked / working on album as DK4
    February- working on album as DK4
    March – First New Song Snippet/Vegas Show / Big Announcement (Tour Announced) Album 80% Done
    April- working on album as DK4 / Aundrea tells DK about Leaving before Tour Starts 1 week notice
    April- Album Done
    May – Aundrea Annouces/Comfirms Departure at First Tour Show to Start a family
    May – Lemonade Released/ Introduction to DK3/Tour
    June-End of Tour / Aundrea’s Farewell/ Return to Studio to Re-Record the Album and Create New Songs
    July- Working on album as DK3/Re-Recording/ DK City Walk (DK3 Official Debut W/O Drea) /Lemonade Video

    I hoped this Helped but Know that they are in the studio every night and are working as fast as they can , Typically if you look at the timeline or in general when an artist is recording the duration is about 5-8 months so the Album was DONE before the Tour and they stated that in previous interviews but with them being blindsided by Drea’s decision they’ve had to do 5-8 months of recording in a month/half to meet their Deadline which typically now the album would be getting mastered for a final listen and preview of the whole album . There is a release date Set Between the girls which will be announced In DK fashion ; The Lemonade video is being shot this month and they have multiple treatments and are just trying to pick the right Director and all this while recording . If it would have went to their initial timeline set when they were at dinner back in august they would have been focusing on visuals and not recording again . Ps Lemonade does not count as part of the re-recording process given it was the first DK3 song together and was recorded in May right before the tour . I hope this Helps Everyone Question and Worries .

  8. Drey Sims July 31, 2014

    Thank you for summing all that up and everything you are saying is absolutely right! I just think we are all anxious for the new and improved album of the latest DK3! I believe they have worked hard and will deliver a great album in due time;) Whether it is a typical DK album or not it’s still Danity Kane and both of their albums were #1,so when it all comes down too it YOU mad or nah! lmao

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