New Video: Lady GaGa & Tony Bennett – ‘Anything Goes’

Published: Tuesday 29th Jul 2014 by Sam

Well that didn’t take long.

Fresh from debuting new song ‘Anything Goes’ this morning, Lady GaGa and Jazz legend Tony Bennett have unwrapped the video for the jovial jam.

The track, as previously reported, features on the pair’s upcoming collaborative album ‘Cheek To Cheek’ – which hits stores later this year.

Check out its first visual offering below…

As expected, a simple, stripped back affair.

It’s great to see GaGa reminding the masses of not only her talent, but her flexibility. For, as much as we love the outlandish grandeur of the character she’s created, sometimes moves like this are necessary to let folk know that underneath the wigs, make-up, and over-the-top-ness, exists an immense talent that has many more great career moments ahead of her.

She’s also smartly broadening her audience with this release, which can only serve to benefit her cause when she begins her solo “comeback”.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde July 29, 2014

    I doubt that anyone thinks she has no talent, people are just over her personality + her music don’t have the same quality that she have as a musician.

    • Stephy July 29, 2014

      You Madonna stans are sooo PRESSED over this woman! My GOD! Let it goooo!
      Also, her “personality” should have nothing to do to whether you like her music or not! People trip me out with that bullshittT!
      Im Famous for my MUSIC not PERSONALITY!

      • townerqhxcb July 29, 2014

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    • pa- pa- pa -pa razzi July 29, 2014

      Omg haters like you NEEDshut the f*** up, just because you dont like her music doesnot mean it doesn’t have “QUality”and seriously?????? Its tony bennett how much quality do you want you stupid b****. You probably want something like roar or i kissed a girl.

      • ceer0624 July 29, 2014

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    • Matt_Phoenixx △ July 29, 2014

      You are trash, why are you always on this site moaning? Don’t you have the blood violin to go practice?

  2. Stephy July 29, 2014

    Lady Gaga! Werk boo! OLD-ASSS-DONNA stans messing with you left & right!
    Even that “JOANCRAWFORD1” b****** constantly bashes her. Madonna fans are the WORST! And, they all OLD ASSS QUEENssss too lol

    • GaGa’s Tampon July 29, 2014

      That troll needs to have several seats
      Have you seen the stuff she says about Mariah?
      I wish she would come and troll here

      • Stephy July 29, 2014

        YASSS! You know who im talking about too? That f****** is everywhere! Bashing Lady Gaga & Mariah!

      • GaGa’s Tampon July 29, 2014

        I stumbled upon her on some blog forgot the name she’s probably an undercover Stan don’t get why one would dedicate all that time and energy for people they don’t like

      • Stephy July 29, 2014

        Exactly, that old queen literally stalks EVERY MARIAH & GAGA post. Just to spew negativity!

      • JOHNVIDAL July 29, 2014

        Who are you talking about guys? Must be a very tasteless person if it dislikes such talented people like Mariah Carey and Lady gaga that much.

      • GaGa’s Tampon July 29, 2014

        Some user that trolls all over the internet
        Under the “JOANCRAWFORD1” alias

  3. Dunia July 29, 2014

    Yea thats right Lady Gaga ANYTHING GOES, LIKE YOUR CAREER
    Especially when you let the masses think that your only talent was shock factor (Big wigs, meat dress, vomitting on stage etc…) Too bad

  4. Slaylor Swift July 29, 2014

    Another flop for lady caca

    • GaGa’s Tampon July 29, 2014

      Girl bye you stan for a local BIITCH that only sells in the US

      • Jtrok July 29, 2014

        I’m in no way, shape or form a Taylor Swift fan…but Gaga wishes she had her sales. Doesn’t matter if 100% of it comes from U.S. Give me 10 million U.S., over 3 million WW. Plus the US is the biggest and most important music market. If you’re winning here, you’re winning PERIOD. Everything else is just extra.

      • GaGa’s Tampon July 29, 2014


  5. JOHNVIDAL July 29, 2014

    Love it. That look reminds me of 70s Barbra Sreisand.

    • Midnight July 29, 2014

      You obviously no nothing of 70’s Babs if you think that thing looks anything like her.

  6. Betsy July 29, 2014

    She looks like Cher GURLL bye! Seriously gaga stick to your own UNIQUE style. Anyways gaga is very talented def much better than Katy perry, Rihanna and Britney that’s for sure gaga always been influenced by the likes of madonna,Grace jones, Christina Aguilera, Cher and Freddy mercury but to me she comes
    Off as too much and pretentious and just for future reference EVERYONE has the right to their own opinion if you don’t like it don’t read and ignore it!

  7. Matt_Phoenixx △ July 29, 2014

    Tbh, the video is cute, I don’t know what more could be done with this tempo and an old man like bennet.
    That being said, when I said “her voice is on point” in the other post, I meant that she could have easily screamed the whole song like shitina but she stayed very controlled and didn’t show off. She knows we know she can sing.
    #MtvHottest lady gaga

  8. Jtrok July 29, 2014

    I can’t stand Gaga. Just the sight of her is offensive. Tony is an icon and a legend, so he’s to be respected (although I think he’s lowering himself by conspiring with her) but I refuse to have anything to do with anything that has to do with her…so that makes this song something to be flushed. Gaga makes my skin crawl.

  9. Dossome July 29, 2014

    This woman is seriously talented.Glad she’s showing that side of her

  10. Dossome July 29, 2014

    People are over her but you’ve made it a career to post in every single one of her posts for the past 3yrs…dude,you’re definitely checking for her

    • Dossome July 29, 2014


      • Matt_Phoenixx △ July 29, 2014

        People are only realising how pressed that idiot is now?

  11. Mark111 July 29, 2014

    This is the Gaga I want on the next album.

  12. Essa July 29, 2014

    LOL I’m not gonna buy it!
    Sorry (Not Sorry)

  13. Lolz July 29, 2014

    Floppity Flop

  14. fish box July 29, 2014

    Yuck what is that thing on her head?

  15. My ears, they bleed July 29, 2014

    She is way over rated, since her “Born This Way” album she sucks and has become this big attention w**** and her fans are the absolute worst bunch of ingrates on planet earth, i wish she would just disappear.

  16. Grandmother July 29, 2014

    Here for Tony, gaga she sounds like a constipated cat… no thanks

  17. Midnight July 29, 2014

    Wtf is this mess?

  18. Rihboy July 29, 2014

    She has so much potential. But she channels it into this outlandish garbage. Its ok the push the envelope, however she pushed it to a point of no return. Stop dressing up in bacon and foil and give us another fame monster era. I use to love her until born this way. After that i thought she needed rehab and Jesus.

  19. J.E July 30, 2014

    Xtina has been there and done that.

    • dotti July 30, 2014

      yeah, gaga may be good but christina does it better.

  20. SHESDUMB July 30, 2014


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