First Week Numbers: Robin Thicke's 'Paula' To Sell 20,000 Units

Published: Wednesday 2nd Jul 2014 by David


The general public may have lapped up his “thought provoking” bop “Blurred Lines”, but it would seem that they haven”t a damn to give about Robin Thicke“s latest studio effort, “Paula.”

Recorded and released in a bid to win back his wife Paula Patton, today welcomes the release of its first week predictions, giving some indication that the public may have divorced themselves from Brand Thicke, pokies online no more than two years after taking it to the very top.

Details below…

Hits Daily Double reports:

YOUR EARLY READS: With the usual caveats, here are some early numbers on the week”s new releases. Enjoy with your recommended daily allowance of sodium.

Trey Songz (Atlantic) 85-95k
Seether(Bicycle Music/Concord) 35-40k
Magic! (Latium/RCA) 27-32k
Robin Thicke (Star Trak/Interscope) 20-25k

As Trey Songz gears up to claim the #1 spot without the benefit of a smash hit single, Thicke comes exactly one year after “Blurred” debuted with sales of 177,000 units in the same market, eventually reaching the 700,000 unit mark by the May of this year.

So, we ask you…

What went wrong with “Paula”?

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  1. Teacher July 2, 2014

    Slay Robin Slaay!!!

  2. maurice July 2, 2014

    music is dead FA Real though.
    Robin Thicke
    Nicki Minaj’s flop album.. next

    • nicko July 2, 2014

      Nickis album isnt out but iggys album IS flopping. Try again.

  3. Gaga’s Monster July 2, 2014

    I would like him to sit on my face….and rim him deep ….

  4. CiMinaj July 2, 2014

    This album was just creepy!

  5. K bye July 2, 2014

    He is such a sleazy guy. Boycott.

  6. JohnVidal July 2, 2014

    Flop of 2014

    Lady Gaga
    Toni Braxton
    Robin Thicke
    (…..more coming soon)

  7. Proud-Arianator July 2, 2014

    The album is great though people that don’t appreciate music will call this a flop or garbage

    • Nope July 2, 2014

      Atleast Ariana has company now.

      • Yours Truly July 2, 2014


  8. Yours Truly July 2, 2014

    I’m scared for nicki tbh 🙁

  9. my tight cooter snack July 2, 2014

    Little trick only has 4 songs on her album that aren’t collaborations.

    • my tight cooter snack July 2, 2014


    • Proud-Arianator July 2, 2014


  10. IStanForYourFav July 2, 2014

    It’s sad that music has came to this type of low. The problems are that:
    A) No one sees music the same
    B) Stans ruin music by gloating on their own fav, turning new fans against because they want their fav to be #1
    C) Digital era. People might pay $1.29 for a single but albums priced at $3.99+ don’t tend to sell
    D) Moderate promo = failed marketing. This is no longer the 90’s. Singles must be pushed and borderline forced to consumers.
    E) Older established artists making music that is supposed to be to the new generation and cheapens their brand.
    F) Record companies haven’t found a way to block illegal downloading
    G) Over saturated market… self explanatory
    H) All of the above and more

    I feel for these artists pushing under 100k and falling off charts in 2/3 months. Bad time to be an artist.

    • Yours Truly July 2, 2014

      Why are people like Beyoncé, JT, P!nk, Eminem still slaying sales? Although they have been present 10+ years

      • IStanForYourFav July 2, 2014

        Pink, B, Em, & JT have not over saturated the market with their albums. JT fans haven’t seen an album since 2006. His promo campaign should be the blueprint for how to comeback. P!nk has always been consistent. I think the key to those ppl is to stay out there, without being out there. This is why I see Rihanna’s upcoming album pushing 200k with the correct promo because she’s been here, without being here. Get me hun?

    • Yours Truly July 2, 2014

      Although we are not the best of people but uhmm I am really learning a lot from you and thank you so much. I kinda get what you’re trying to say 🙂

    • coolness July 2, 2014

      All of this! The part about stan wars is so true and I think the people who engage in such don’t realise how it affects music. The promo model is so flawed today because people put out a single then wait 2-3 months before they put out the album. It should be; first single out, promo on key appearances and then release the album within a month. People have short term memory. JT, Bey and P!nk are probably the most consistent Pop stars of their generation. Usher was among them but his sales fell off with his last album. Then again, he’s been out longer than all of them. Overall, it’s just sad to see these sales. The music industry is dying.

  11. Yea ok July 2, 2014

    It’s hard to believe after all the success he just had last year that this is even happening but I honestly don’t feel this album was planned. I think this really is him trying to get her back the only way he knew how. I hope they eventually work it out but the way this was handled just came off as majorly creepy to everyone I think.

  12. Beygency July 2, 2014

    That’s a shame because the album, creepy as it may be, is actually pretty good. That’s great for Trey though! He has been in this business forever & it’s nice to see him succeeding. I liked his album also for what it was

  13. idgi July 2, 2014

    Even though I found all this a little creepy, I was hoping his numbers would of been better just because its for Paula. but oh well, it is what it is I guess..?

  14. IStanForYourFav July 2, 2014

    One more thing, for Paula’s sake, I hope the album does well. Be honest, would any of you want your ex dedicating something to you that flops or doesn’t do well?

  15. Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

    That’s unfortunate, he’s very talented, The climate of album sales are at it’s lowest point, the best selling album of the past two years stand at 4-5 million worldwide [correct me if i’m wrong], those numbers would have been considered a failure back in 2009, as much as fans of the new generation of artists try to deny it, the Digital era has ruined music, yes!, singles sales are very good but an album will always be more important, a single does not represent a body of work like an album does, simply as that.

    • Stephy July 2, 2014

      Nore does singles make huge profits like Albums…

      • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014


    • JOHNVIDAL July 2, 2014

      This is coming to an end. Seriously. Yes, 4 or so albums can still sell a million copies in the USA and 3 million worldwide every year… but that´s it. The rest just sell under 100,000 copies first week and then disappear for the most part. At least I know I still buy my physical copies of albums that I love.
      Yes, digital era ruined mainstream music forever. The downfall in quality started the moment sales started to decline cause of the digital era. Around 2000 I would say. 80s were amazing and 90s were still almost as good.

      • Suicide Blonde July 2, 2014

        I never stopped to buy physical copies, i’m a collector.

    • coolness July 2, 2014

      You’re so right about 4-5 million copies being considered a failure in 2009 or even a bit earlier. I still collect physical copies but damn, album sales are at an ALL TIME LOW. Sad tbh.

  16. Stephy July 2, 2014

    It was too soon for another album… Also, nobody is buying music right now…

    • Yours Truly July 2, 2014

      I kinda expected so much from him after the success of ‘Blurred Lines’ he’s supposed to doing atleast 100K+ because that song open doors for him. Pop audience & Urban audience ! This is really disappointing

  17. sleazy July 2, 2014

    should make this a re-release I didnt even know its coming out I doubt many others knew its coming

  18. Rosie July 2, 2014

    His creepy, cheating, stalker ass deserves it.
    H o l l e r i n g at him doing Grouplove numbers.

  19. Rosie July 2, 2014

    Sales are really pitiful now but even in this climate with all this promo that’s pathetic. He performed on the Billboard Awards, the BET Awards, Good Morning America, The Voice, and a few other shows that all have good ratings. Poor him. Blurred Lines really ruined his career, his music before wasn’t even that bad and he didn’t come off as a total asshat.

    • Yours Truly July 2, 2014

      Yeah if you look @ it.. ‘Blurred Lines’ really ruined him

  20. XXX July 2, 2014


  21. Yours Truly July 2, 2014

    What I don’t understand is how did Beyoncé go platinum in state and 3M WW with basically no #1 or BB top 10. A hit is supposed to increase sales how did she manage to go platinum with no hit? :/

    • Beygency July 2, 2014

      Because she’s Beyoncé babe. She’s the exception, not the rule. & that’s not Stan talk, just the way it is. She has built her career up to the point where she could release an album singing the phone book & it’s gonna sell. Hence why she doesn’t promote or do anything besides what she wants to do.

    • Anne July 2, 2014

      Beyoncé is actually double platinum in the US now. Not sure of the world wide total but it must be somewhere between 3+ and 4 million.

      • Iamdiego July 2, 2014

        Yup! Just went Multi-platinum this week with 2,000,000+ sales in the US. The only female to do so since 2008’s I Am… Sasha Fierce. I’m thinking closer to 3.6-3.7 worldwide. Which is still good but the album has only been out 6+ months. If only she tried to sell it (I think) these numbers would be almost double. Maybe next album.

      • Proud-Arianantor July 2, 2014

        No dear she’s not the only females Adele has just been there

      • Proud-Arianantor July 2, 2014

        Actually Basic Perry and Gaga have been there

  22. Lmfao_hoe July 2, 2014

    An example of this can be shown with Michael Jackson. Thriller did not have hits like Bad did but was SELLING MASSIVELY worldwide, cause the album alone sold for it self !. MJ even said once he felt Bad was better than Thriller and had five 1# hits on it but that album was no where near Thriller’ s status financially. So this just goes to show stop being so crazy about your fave singles when the real money comes with the album selling. We have so many artists having number one hits but albums can’t sell worth a damn – Platinum, Diamond, and struggle to hit Gold within later months. The industry is becoming such a nasty mess and radio station plays the same damn songs and others repetitively it aggravates you into thinking they are using PAYPAL.

    • Sandra July 2, 2014

      Bad was massive though

  23. Beygency July 2, 2014

    Has anyone else heard Trey’s album? Do y’all like it too?

  24. Mark111 July 2, 2014

    Well he did just dropped this album out of nowhere. And he was never a huge album seller, maybe his last one because of that huge hit, but even that did 170K. No one is selling, even the pop album all over the charts aren’t even going gold unless you’re the top 10 artist right now.
    Katy, Rihanna, Beyonce, Mars, JT, Em, Jay Z, and a few more.

  25. Casual-T July 2, 2014

    Well, with little promotion and a lead single that’s not even a hit yet, this is to be expected.

  26. Minaj21 July 2, 2014

    Gosh!!! I feel sorry for him tbh 🙁

  27. coolness July 2, 2014

    Damn, these numbers are THE PITS! It’s really weird how this time last year, he was on top of everything with Blurred Lines. I mean, that song is officially one of the best-selling singles of all time. But I think it ruined his public image. Let’s be real. The Urban audience was the main supporter of this guy but he crossed over last year and was the target of the mainstream media for “promoting r*** culture with the song”. Now everyone’s on the I hate Robin campaign because he’s putting his stuff out there. I do hope that he’s making moves behind the scenes to actually make things right with Paula and not just using her for promo. He was never a big album seller and this era seems rushed for him so this honestly was expected.

  28. coolness July 2, 2014

    Watched his interview with Hot 97 and he looks so beaten up. His voice on the album sounds darker and hoarse. I guess it’s all the alcohol he’s turned to since the break-up. So sad because I hope they can work things out 🙁

  29. Kyle July 2, 2014

    Those sales are painfully low. I also believe it was too soin to rush into another album and he really switched gears so I think it really threw people off.

  30. Dossome July 2, 2014

    Well,when you have the option of buying individual tracks from albums,streaming music at your own convenience and so on,of course album sales are going to suffer.Digital era has hit the music industry so hard and so fast.Solution is to find a way in which recording music would still be able to pay good money despite the challenges.

  31. Brian310 July 2, 2014

    I expected better numbers for Trey Songz na na na is a bigger hit than his other singles from his last era and that album had better 1st week sales smh, I pray that the powers behind the scenes are thinking of ways to solve this problem ASAP.

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