Ariana Grande “Fan” Pens Open Letter Slamming Pop Star’s Personality

Published: Tuesday 26th Aug 2014 by David


“Interesting timing…or nah?”

Ariana Grande loyalists may find themselves asking just that this morning, following the release of an open letter penned a man claiming to be the father one of her fans.

Unveiled in the same week as her new album ‘My Everything‘, the letter stormed fan forums across the net upon its release, seeking to shine a light on an Ariana the world is yet to meet.

A cold, distant and rude Ari.


Read it and weigh in below…

Read here!

Your thoughts?

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  1. idgi August 26, 2014

    Not surprised. I see people on Twitter sharing their experience meeting her similar to this. She seems sweet but looks can be deceiving and she doesn’t seem like a girls girl either she has a masculine energy about her lol. Her voice is great and her new album is amazing though. Shame she is acts this way towards people her literally pay for lifestyle, humble yourself ari.

    • idgi August 26, 2014

      ***who literally

      • FAF August 26, 2014

        This boy from
        A band said this same thing but i mean how U get mad her security took gifts that’s security it could be anything

        U know she got stalkers lookin like baby spice

      • okeiesenc August 26, 2014

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  2. Realest August 26, 2014

    That hairstyle is played and LATE as phuck tbh!

  3. Fury August 26, 2014

    This girls whole disney/good girl image is fake. She cheated on her boyfriend and got putted for it too many times. She cheated on her boyfriend Jai brooks of the janoskians with a dude named Nathan from ‘the wanted’. Jai brooks friends and even his own mother put Ariana on blast. She is a typical thot hiding under a good girl image and she is a known flirt. Her whole image is fake, cheesy and unauthentic. I’ve heard from several people that have been around her that she is a rude b****.

  4. Nope August 26, 2014

    She better look at Christina Aguilera. .. She had lots of potential, but she was such a butch to every body… karma. Don’t end up like Xtina.

    • Nope August 26, 2014


  5. J August 26, 2014

    I think she’s gonna end up like Christina

    • FAF August 26, 2014

      Yes when mjb calls u nasty u gotta be rude

    • Freedom August 27, 2014

      What happened to Christina?

  6. Dustin August 26, 2014

    Ari is a nightmare of a human being. My friend had a writing session with her (they’re signed to the same label) and she told me that she is 1. Really dumb. Like unaware of what’s happening at any given moment. And 2. She’s horribly rude and dismissive.

  7. Beysus August 26, 2014

    Hmmm…. The b**** hasn’t gone gold yet…

  8. Rene August 26, 2014

    My sister’s best friend is a huge Ariana fan and told me that when a group of fans were waiting to meet her outside her hotel she just coldly brushed them off and kept walking. You can tell through her interviews that she is a rude b****. It happens sometimes, she knows she can sing well and is a conceited b****.

    • Molly August 26, 2014

      that’s horrible. 🙁

    • Tisha August 26, 2014

      Funny you say that, I forgot what show she was on but basically she was trashing ‘Seventeen’ magazine for what they called her (something like a self queen or whatever) but basically for someone so new out of the game she was so rude.

      She acted like the cover and story meant nothing.

      She seems like someone who acts very sweet to get something (a magazine cover, a song, etc) and then once she has it starts dissing people. All I know is she better work on her attitude because adults are NOT here for her like she thinks they are.

  9. Molly August 26, 2014

    I could believe it she gives me bitchy xtina vibes

  10. Mimi carey August 26, 2014

    I’m not surprised @ all. Her little image is so fake and cheesy plus she’s a w****. F****** brat.

  11. Lindsay Lohan August 26, 2014

    I reserve judgment and I wish her well.
    But celebrities should always APPEAR grateful to their fans even when fans get rude because they give you money.
    There’s a difference between a CELEBRITY and an ARTIST, and when you choose to be a celebrity, you must be ready for the fame and whatever it brings with it.

    • Tits McGee August 26, 2014


  12. Stephy. August 26, 2014

    Her new album is pretty good. I hope she achieves longevity…

    • That’s Ms Sophia to you August 26, 2014

      You fake asz ho’e go get hit by a drunk driver!

    • Mark111 August 26, 2014

      I caught that!

      • Stephy. August 26, 2014

        I’m sure you did… You tend to catch alot of stuff these days huh?

  13. Ben August 26, 2014

    Sorry, not buying it.
    This could be fake as hell coming from a bitter fan who expected a lot and got less.
    Same was said about Britney, Beyonce, Rihanna, etc.
    Just cause she’s famous doesnt make her approachable to everyone,
    Shes human just like everybody else. Give the girl a break.

    • Janet August 29, 2014

      This story is NOT fake. What would you do if this happened to you?

  14. Rosie August 26, 2014

    It’s not the fact that it’s just one fan, but basically every fan meeting account I’ve read says she’s a b****.
    Funny how it’s always the ones with the “good girl” image who’s really the meanest. Most people who have met Miley, Rihanna, my fave, etc. have nothing but nice things to say.

  15. Tisha August 26, 2014

    A lot of stories have been coming out lately of her being fake and her entire persona being a lie, including from someone ho worked with her Jeanete McCurdy.

    Now if someone who’s worked closely with you is full of mockery and calling you fake then I’m gonna believe you’re fake.

    Let’s face it, she doesn’t want to go into her music career losing all her old Nick fans because she doesn’t have the adult audience who will support her on their own. That’s fine. But be yourself and stop with the voice and hair because people WILL expose you.

  16. Manda August 26, 2014

    She f***** Mac Miller, Big sean & Nathan Sykes. F*** this fake h**. She cheats on every boyfriend she gets with. Fake ass disney s****

  17. JOHNVIDAL August 26, 2014

    Her diction is terrible. I know I have high standards cause I love the likes of Whitney Houston, who was like the best ever at that (among other things) but damn it, girl say the words! 🙂

    • FAF August 26, 2014

      K Michelle has good diction too i never have to question what she’s saying

  18. umm August 26, 2014

    I don’t believe it! I mean these ppl must be the luckiest two girls ever I mean the one a contest to see Britney Spears in 2003 too? And they frequently run into celebrities and even got a phone call from Jeanette McCurdy about some fan art?? Lol stop I mean it wouldn’t be news worthy if everything went smoothly so no you never hear about meeting a celebrity and they were exactly like you expect them to be. I can run down a list of celebrities that have been said to be rude but we aren’t their friends, were fans so why expect them to fwu if they dnt.

  19. That’s Ms Sophia to you August 26, 2014

    Never did liked this ho’e.

  20. umm August 26, 2014

    Oh let me say something to get an up vote. This ho fake and I knew it. Lol y’all kill me.

  21. Nana August 26, 2014

    Oh please…

    All the B****** end to get a f****** life.

    I can’t stand people who live vicariously through celebrities – go and do something with your time.

    This person is extremely desperate. LMFAO. Most celebrities are like this, they have egos and that won’t change.

    MOVE ON.

  22. wesley August 26, 2014

    Like this is crazy! like MC and Xtina are know for being rude but not to fans. They are always gracious to them. Wise up Ariana, NEVER be rude to fans!!!!


    Well I Don’t Know If It’s True, But I Do Know That I’ll Never Like Her Cause She Makes Me Feel Awkward With Her Childish P*** Image!

    Good Luck Girl!!

  24. CherylSoldierr August 26, 2014

    My fave would NEVER. This is actually appalling that she thinks she can do this. She’s so new and not even as successful as Christina was. Thank god I stan for a girl who always takes time out for her fans.

  25. CherylSoldierr August 26, 2014

    But I’m not surprised seeing as her brother seems the same on big brother.

  26. August 26, 2014

    man f-ck anything anyone is saying about Grande.
    they an’t no real fans,why they waited untill her album is out.
    to be talking all this cr@p they want to affect her numbers.
    in a negative way, that is what this is about they an’t no real fans
    they all can fall back, and let the rea; fans love and support grande they way it should.

  27. Lily August 26, 2014

    Right from day1 I knew this girl is fake & shea h**. Just because she has that little innocent face doesn’t mean she should use it to deceive the naïve ppl not someone like me. Before she will hit 25 she would have f**ked all the guys in Hollywood. Always cheating. She should stop that phaking sh*t it doesn’t work for me, it can work on those crazy naïve fans of her. She won’t have that longevity.

  28. Tits McGee August 26, 2014

    Typical, Boca Raton, B itch, Brat. Most rich kids
    I have met, are fake and stuck up. She seems to
    be no exception.

    Britney was and is more gracious, because, she
    is grateful, for her success and money, that she
    earned because of her FANS.

    Ariana, grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth,
    and seems to feel she is superior to others.

    I have been to Boca, it is one of the wealthiest
    communities in America, and there is an attitude
    of entitlement amongst, most residents, I have
    come across.


    • CherylSoldierr August 26, 2014

      Yas. We don’t see this from pop stars who come from nothing, ala britney, rihanna, nicki, etc

      • Tits McGee August 26, 2014


        This story and the others from
        people Ariana, has worked with are not doing
        her any favors. ..

  29. Dem Lessors August 26, 2014

    What he said about Britney though. She appreciates her fans!

  30. UGH August 26, 2014

    DUH!!!!! I actually tried to get this b**** to say hi to my kids and she brushed them off so I threw her trashy, awkward child p***, Mariah-Carbon-Copy, S***** CD tf AWAY! F*** THIS B****!!

    What is weird though is how I met Lady Gaga & Mariah within the last month and they were sweet. WTF is ari’s “Problem?”

    • Tits McGee August 26, 2014

      I’ve met many celebs here in NYC and the nicest
      were Janet, Britney, and Estelle. I’ve only had bad
      experiences with Betsy Johnson(designer) and
      Jessie Jackson(politico), both were very rude..

      • Tits McGee August 26, 2014

        Oh and Spike Lee was a d***** as well. Lol.

      • UGH August 26, 2014

        I met Janet too. Spike Lee is a HUGE d***! Xtina wasn’t nice either. She was such a b****, I don’t even remind myself she exists. Lol. I met Britney when I was a little girl. She was so sweet. I wish I had the pic, I would make it my avi.

    • Breezybaby August 26, 2014

      I met Rihanna in 2012 and she was actually cool and funny. I didn’t like her but I was star struck. She’s so pretty in person and smells awesome lol. Of course CB is a sweetheart. Jessica Simpson is adorable. Even Reginae Carter (Lil Wayne’s daughter) was nice. I met Eva from ANTM and she was sweet too. Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t the nicest….

      • UGH August 26, 2014

        Everyone says Whoopi is a b****. Eva is gorgeous. I wish I could meet her. Jessica Simpson is as sweet as it comes. Rihanna made me a kind of fan when I met her in 2012 myself. I agree she smells great.

    • Tits McGee August 27, 2014

      That’s cool about Britney! Brit and Jan were
      the hands down coolest! I forgot about J.Lo!
      J.Lo is also really sweet and sincere.

      Spike acted like he had a spike up his culo! Lol.

      He refused a pic with my sister, and was so
      rude about it!

      I wonder how you found Jan to be..

    • Tits McGee August 27, 2014

      Read my reply below. It was sent to
      the wrong thread..

  31. Breezybaby August 26, 2014

    She’s a spoiled rich kid! It’s hilarious how she tries to say her childhood was “dark” because she liked ghosts and vampires lol. Girl if you were rich, you were rich. If I’m not mistaken, she grew up in a very affluent part of Florida. She doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle and there’s nothing wrong with that. She didn’t choose that life but she still oughta be humble to her fans!!!

  32. CherylSoldierr August 26, 2014

    Death at her dating a c list rapper tho.

  33. J.E August 26, 2014

    At least xtina was successful during her b*tchy days. Hehehe
    i see she is now tamed and more likeable.

  34. OMG Logic!!! August 27, 2014

    A basic b**** like her should be begging her fans to buy her bland music not acting like she’s hot sh!t. Biggest difference between a lesser ho3 like this and the Goddess she wants to be is that Mariah has always treasured her fans and any and all gifts they bring to her.

    • JOHNVIDAL August 27, 2014

      Apart from the obvious superiority when it comes to talent for music! LOL


    Go Taylor Swift!

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