Chris Brown Reveals ‘X’ Album Cover

Published: Wednesday 6th Aug 2014 by Sam

For Chris Brown, ‘X’ finally marks the spot.

Following a series delays, the singer’s sixth studio album arrives on September 16th.

Preceded by singles such as ‘Fine China’, ‘Loyal’, and ‘Don’t Think They Know (ft. Aaliyah)’ – all of which span a release period of more than a year, today saw the set’s official cover unveiled.

Previously a promotional shot, C. Breezy confirmed the snap above to be the definitive artwork for the LP.

The visuals are a win, as have been the singles (thus far). Therefore,  we hope the album as a body of work is too.

Your thoughts?

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  1. tits mcgee August 6, 2014


    • ecvnvcmdxcb August 6, 2014

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  2. Mark111 August 6, 2014

    Mariah Carey T’s

  3. How Many Drinks (Miguels Wifey) August 6, 2014

    Looks like a self drag.

  4. DC 3 Forever August 6, 2014

    Im not hating or anything I actually like his work.
    Something just tells me that this will be one “Those” albums you know one of the albums that is actually good and might be one of his best in his discography but wont sell good at all. I think he will have great music and low numbers. But hopefully they dont care too much about sales and have great music.

  5. chile please!!! August 6, 2014

    Why the first thing that comes to mind when I see this is……….Family Feud! Lol!

  6. Mimi Carey August 6, 2014

    Didn’t he reveal this cover last year?

  7. #TeamTinashe Stan (BUY “2 On” NOW) August 6, 2014

    Chris Brown definitely won that tug of war against Drake for who got the best track featuring Queen Aaliyah! “Don’t Think They Know” is real genuine!
    I would love to see a Chris Brown & Queen Tinashe collaboration in the future but not right now!
    3…..2…..1 😀

    • Mark111 August 6, 2014

      Because what made Aaliyah special was her rich soft vocals on a hard beat. The Drake song (cause I wont add it in Aaliyah’s classic songs) didn’t have a beat, just a drum track. CB songs had a nice beat.

      • Brian310 August 6, 2014

        I’m glad you mentioned rich because people forget that about her voice when they compare her to girls like Cassie or Ciara when their voices don’t have richness or a smooth tone.

  8. Mark111 August 6, 2014

    X is the Roman numeral for 10 and is also the number of push backs this album had.

    • Cumbird August 6, 2014

      It’s also the number of albums that Aaliyah doesn’t have.

      • Mark111 August 6, 2014

        Weak. #TryAgain #LooseRap

      • Mark111 August 6, 2014

        That was a nice tribute to the Queen of Urban Pop from that interviewer.

      • Brian310 August 6, 2014

        And still left an impact on music what kind of idol…and its sad to see the hive clinging to that statement as if Aaliyah was praising her voice or artistry when all she did was mention the lyrics of a DC song.

    • LB (35Keryl Tweedy) August 6, 2014

      The only thing Breezy needs to push back on is trans fat, sugar and time spent on the couch doing nothing.

      Like go for a walk or something, have a salad and hell even a fruit is ok, not fruit punch.

      He is looking like the Grinch who stole thanks giving.

      • Mark111 August 6, 2014

        Fruit punch, lol!

  9. LB (35Keryl Tweedy) August 6, 2014

    Does X signify in Roman numerals the pounds of fat he is putting on weekly?

    I cannot at that stomach roll and folds everywhere, ewwww. Not Karamba having to wake up to that beer belly and stuffed chicks.


    • Cumbird August 6, 2014

      Weren’t you the one that wanted to get f*cked by him? Death.

      • LB (35Keryl Tweedy) August 6, 2014

        Nope, that was Stephy; I wouldn’t want that refrigerator on top of me

      • Cumbird August 6, 2014


        April 21st, 2014 at 4:06 pm

        No lie, I would take all of that. He can slap me all he wants. Gimme dat Chris!


      • LB (35Keryl Tweedy) August 6, 2014

        SCREAMING at you bring the troll account that was running around posing as me.

        That’s not even my writing style. You gonna need to come harder boy

    • Mark111 August 6, 2014


  10. HAHA August 6, 2014

    Didn’t we already see this s*** after he pushed back his album 1,000 times?

  11. Stephy August 6, 2014

    Ummmm Lovebird don’t be dragging my name into yo messy feuds! K, BYE

  12. bibi93 August 6, 2014

    Good cover

  13. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) August 6, 2014


  14. TheYoncèTroll August 6, 2014

    Ummm I could have swore he showed us this pic 2 1/2 years ago, but O.K. Chris. As long as you’re pleasing your fans & handlers, you will be o.k. honey bun.

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