Hot Shot: Pregnant Christina Aguilera Hits Studio To Record New Album

Published: Monday 11th Aug 2014 by Sam

Christina Aguilera is a woman on a mission.

The diva has made no secret of the fact that she’s been cooking up a new studio album – her first since 2012’s ‘Lotus’.

However, with the pregnant star’s second child reportedly due in month, she surprised many by sharing a shot of herself still working in the studio.

Posted to her Instagram moments ago, the snap above was paired with the caption:

Baby girl getting first listen to what mama’s been creating in the studio.

Kudos to Xtina for the commendable multi-tasking.

‘Lotus’ boasted a number of gems, yet it was clear the LP was plagued by politics and that her heart wasn’t present in the promotional aspect of the campaign.

Fast forward two years and the climate feels much warmer.

Like, just seeing the her hard at work while with child  sends quite the message and ultimately has us uber excited. Here’s hoping she brings the same determination to the table once she’s given birth to the baby – and the album!

Your thoughts?

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  1. xtina fan August 11, 2014

    So excited for her with her baby girl and new music. Hope her heart is in this new album because I’m certain she forgot Letis existed.

    • GIRL BYE August 11, 2014

      Boy Bye.

    • ceer0624 August 11, 2014

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  2. Baby Blanco August 11, 2014


    • xtina fan August 11, 2014

      Who is what you should be asking your mom since she can’t figure out who your daddy is.

  3. LDN Chick August 11, 2014


    • xtina fan August 11, 2014

      She’s laughing all the way to the bank. And you?

      • LDN Chick August 11, 2014

        And shes still a flop.

      • xtina fan August 11, 2014

        So what does that make a nobody like you? Lmao

      • LDN Chick August 11, 2014

        I am successful in what I do. So no, I am not a flop. WTF is the logic in comparing me to a pop star? I am not a pop star, never have been never will be and do not WANT to be. AGAIN. Christina is a FLOP. Deal.

    • XYZ August 12, 2014

      successful in trolling?

      she’s such a flop that she is still booked for millions of Dollars for a gig, is in a Jury of a successful Show for millions of Dollars and is still followed by Paparazzi.

      yes, she may not be the most successful Pop star on the planet – but she is far from a flop…

  4. ENOUGH ONIKA August 11, 2014

    That’s BIG b*tch…lol Jk! Best of luck girl… #46ThousandFirstWeek

  5. Dark Horse August 11, 2014

    No ones checking for her sorry .

    • xtina fan August 11, 2014

      Like nobody checking for how we don’t do. Has Katy got a Grammy yet? I’ll wait.

      • Dark Horse August 11, 2014

        B**** what was Fatinas last hit that wasn’t a damn feature.

      • xtina fan August 11, 2014

        What has been Katys original idea that didn’t come from a vintage comic character?

  6. Prismatic August 11, 2014

    Not a soul cares.

    • xtina fan August 11, 2014

      Then why are you here. Contradiction much

    • Dark Horse August 11, 2014

      Lol thank u Floptina career been over.

      • xtina fan August 11, 2014

        And Katys 15 minutes are almost up. She’s basically a grown woman making songs for 12 year olds, stealing ideas from Katy Keene, performing on stage with non existing vocals, looking stupid and Grammy-less.

      • Dark Horse August 11, 2014

        hahaha jealous because Katys done more in her career then Fatina could ever? Katy is one of the best popstars out there she isn’t going to fade like your washed up fav did. 🙂

      • xtina fan August 11, 2014

        Like win a Grammy? You Kuntytwats are so delusional bye.

      • Dark Horse August 11, 2014

        Delusional would be you thinking anyone gives a f*** about your tired t***** looking fav.

  7. Kelly clarkson stan August 11, 2014

    Idk her….

    • xtina fan August 11, 2014

      Not Kelly Clarkson Stan. Xtina wrote her hit Miss Independent. Goodbye.

      • Kelly clarkson stan August 11, 2014

        But how long ago with that? How many hits has she had since then? Lolol stop making yourself look a fool.

      • xtina fan August 11, 2014

        Yeah like that song didn’t give Kelly a leg up in her career. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was stop being bitter.

      • Dark Horse August 11, 2014

        Atleast Kelly is still relevant unlike Christina Agulesser

  8. Dark Horse August 11, 2014

    Lmao floptina one & only stan seems upset.

    • xtina fan August 11, 2014

      Like Katy waiting for a Grammy she’ll never get. Vocals she’ll never have and her own ideas that don’t come from comic books. Welp.

  9. GIRL BYE August 11, 2014

    An old…… chuh.
    Girl Bye.

  10. Kim Kardashian Stan August 11, 2014

    She needs to just sit her funky ass down have her baby then retire cause no one is gonna buy her bs.

  11. Yonce August 11, 2014

    Who dis b****?

  12. JFB August 11, 2014


    • Beyonce ex fan August 11, 2014

      Lmao no b****

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) August 11, 2014

      LOL!!You stans try to sell dreams that not even you support aka you stans don’t buy sh*t

  13. Love August 11, 2014

    Can’t wait for new music and new baby! All u haters sit down ! The threat is real or you wouldn’t be commenting!! The last hit was number 4 on Billboard hot 100 and Christina was not a featured artist She received equal billing it was Say Something by A Great Big World AND Christina Aguilera. She made 82 million dollars last year alone with no album or tour! When will your fave? Yes, she does laugh all the way to the bank!!

  14. Stephy August 11, 2014

    Congrats on The new baby Miss Tina! Other than that FLOP

  15. LOTUS August 11, 2014

    Im excited. LOTUS was a pretty great album, too bad it wasn’t promoted enough.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) August 11, 2014

      No, no one cared to buy it. What else could she have done? She had great exposure. Y’all love to blame promo on a flop project…

  16. Teacher August 11, 2014

    Hopefully she wasn’t doin all that screamin she does..scaring the baby and s***!

    • XtinaRiseMyQueen August 12, 2014

      Hahahaha too funny….
      Saty mad…

  17. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) August 11, 2014

    IN MORE RELAVENT NEWS!! Y’all check out the ultimate SHADE being thrown in this interview with DK! People should’ve known when this one came out something wasn’t right!! Dawn look like she ready to beat a b*tch a*s! Shannon treading lightly lol!!!

  18. 2 girls 1 cup August 11, 2014

    DIES** the haters are on fire flop or not she’s still more talented than any of the pop chicks she still very relevant if the haters still take time out of their day to hate on her lol and at the Janet and mariah fan Gurl really? Janet hasn’t had a hit since 2001 and mariah last album was a disaster 58k lol not even Christina has not hit those lows so have several seats hunty and respect true talent regardless if she’s not as popular anymore sales or number ones don’t make up for talent.

    • XtinaRiseMyQueen August 12, 2014

      Well said!

  19. J.E August 11, 2014

    Good to hear that all this talented girls are coming out with an album, started last year by Beyonce, This year by Adele and maybe next year by Christina. We need also new music from Pink and Kelly Clarkson.

  20. Indie August 12, 2014

    Christina Aguilera is a young LEGEND! People can stay pressed, like Whitney she has one of the most amazing voices we’ve heard thats why she was labelled voice of our generation, she changed the game, she was combination of sanger and great performer when normally it was one or the other before her, all those people calling her flop, but her last single with an unknown group was an international success! Proof that she is just as relevant now as she ever was!

    And as far as her not caring about Lotus, completely false, If your record label pull the plug on promotion, then you cannot promote your product full stop only unless you choose to tour independently with no backing with your own money like Janet did and that takes a lot of work which as single mother, you can’t take that sacrifice when your children are at a critical age, music isn’t the be all and end all when you have a family, She tried her best to promote Lotus via the voice, her label didn’t do s***, not even a second single, or an overseas promo

    • JOHNVIDAL August 12, 2014

      She´s nothing like Whitney and nobody in the entire world sees her as something slightly similar. Not vocally, not commercially.

      • J.E August 13, 2014

        Like your fave GAGA who is nothing but a pretentious starlet.

  21. iHeart August 12, 2014

    Well for those of is who actually care about Christina we in particular are shop to see her happy and making new music. So with that stop the Hate and let Love Music and Art be and stop trying to label everything. Every one has their own personal taste in what they like as an individual so with that said… To the haters this is what Christina has said about you guys: “Obviously I’m relevant enough for you to take the time to feel some kind of negative energy about me…” This was said during the Bionic era. Do your research

  22. dotti August 12, 2014

    all of you that call christina a flop have no idea of her accomplishments because every since the release of bionic the media has done everything to create that illusion. since ‘bionic’ they’ve labeled her every project a flop which is a lie. even though her movie ‘burlesque’ and it’s soundtrack grossed a million or more, she was one hosts on the highest rated, and in the last 3 years she’s had 3 top 10. whether she was a feature or not it doesn’t matter. does anyone think ‘say something’ by some unknowns would have been as huge without her? it always amazes me how females such as jlo and jessica simpson (jessica of all people) get painted as relevant super stars and christina has accomplished far more musically than both.

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