Madonna To Release Lady GaGa Diss Track…’Two Steps Behind Me’

Published: Friday 29th Aug 2014 by David


You’re a copycat, Where is my royalty? You’re a pretty girl, I’ll give you that. But stealing my recipe, it’s an ugly look.


Unfortunately for the ‘Starstruck’ Lady GaGa, Pop icon Madonna is showing no signs of letting go of their long running feud this year, reigniting their supposed beef with a diss track that will appear on her brand new album.

Want details on Madge’s controversial new cut?

Read below…

After labelling GaGa “reductive” in 2012, Madonna is to release a bop named ‘Two Steps Behind Me’ in support of her 13th studio album, which has seen some of its lyrics “leaked” this week.

Why sources close to her camp think GaGa will be “mortified” by the song?

You’re a copycat, Where is my royalty?

You’re a pretty girl, I’ll give you that.

But stealing my recipe, it’s an ugly look.

Did you study me hard enough? You’re never gonna be, you’re just a wannabe me.

Like a sister all messed-up, who’s gonna help you out?

In your fantasy, you can try it all. But you can’t be me.

You can walk the walk, even talk the talk. But you’ll always be two steps behind me.

On the lyrics above, a source told ‘The Sun’:

They’re very harsh lyrics but Madonna really wants to express herself again. Gaga’s going to be mortified.

I’m hearing Madonna may well drop the first of the tracks as soon as November, much earlier than expected. I can’t wait.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Nika August 29, 2014

    Everyone copies someone….

    Madonna > Lady Gaga
    Lil Kim > Nicki Manaj
    Janet > Ciara
    Beyonce > Tina Turner
    etc. etc. etc…. YAWN

    • Nika August 29, 2014

      Tina Turner >Beyonce (Oops)

      • rourajkzxcb August 29, 2014

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      • DIGGER BEY August 29, 2014

        But dumb biitch, KING B has never looked like an cloned copy of Tina. None of her songs sound anything like Tina songs. While Gaga and Nicki have done both. #SIT BIITCH #THE REEEEACH

      • EGR August 29, 2014

        Ooh, thanks for clearing that up… I was gonna say…

    • ChakaYonce August 29, 2014

      Madonna didn’t copy Cher and Marilyn.
      Janet didn’t copy Paula Abdul and Fosse?

      • SMH August 29, 2014

        No Janet did not. Paula was only her choreographer, she became a recording star AFTER Janet. And Paula is the one who copied Fosse in her videos. Get it right.

      • Sean September 1, 2014

        Yeaaaaah you’ve got it twisted with Paula.

        Janet gave Paula her first big break. Not the other way around. And Paula’s first album, as fun as it is, is a less groundbreaking, less inspired cousin of Janet’s Control album with heinous overdubbed vocals.

        Janet is a trailblazer. If anything, she followed in the footsteps of Diana and Prince.

    • Fran August 29, 2014

      Madonna copies many herself. And Beyonce actually cites Tina Turner, so does Ciara with Janet.

      • FAF August 29, 2014

        Janet likes ciara

        And Tina Beyonce

        Madonna has done too much to be insecure

        This makes her look pressed like she kicking her when she’s down (artpop)

  2. No lies detected August 29, 2014

    Gaga is to Madonna, what Nicki is to Lil’ Kim, what Ariana is to Mariah. Watered down, generic replicas for the watered down, generic kids of today.

    • BeyBeyKing August 29, 2014

      Ironically Nicki is smarter and more talented than Kim.

      • No lies detected August 29, 2014

        Oh ok well hit me when nicki gets on a “greatest rap albums of all time” list. Cause currently the only ppl to reference her that is time magazine. You know, the ones who said BEYONCE was no ASHANTI when “dangerously in love” came out. The quality always outweigh quantity hunny sorry

      • SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) August 29, 2014

        Now where is ashanti right now???? Probably looking for more the blind and deaf to purchase UNBRAVEHEART, since it’s about quality and dey wouldn’t know d album was shitty…LOL

      • FAF August 29, 2014

        Sis pink Friday has been on many best of lists what are you reading?

      • No lies detected August 29, 2014

        @Faf which “best rap albums of all time” list has she been of for PF? The Source? vibe? All hip hop? BET? I want an accredited hip hop/rap source. Not a pop bubble gum source. I will wait.

      • Um August 31, 2014

        Ironically you couldn’t be further from the truth. Lil Kim slays Minaj in all aspects. Minaj is for the people who didn’t grow up with Hip Hop. Point blank.

    • Lana Del Bae August 29, 2014

      Sis, keep it real, Nicki isn’t a generic watered down version of Kim. She’s a Kim clone who’s smart enough to do all the things Kim couldn’t, which is worse than being a puppet in my opinion.

      • No lies detected August 29, 2014

        Well in a world of social media it’s easier to be more commercially successful. Unfortunately for Kim when she did Notorious KIM (nickis career inspiration) and was doing pop rap, that wasn’t the thing to do… Being a Brooklyn b**** rapping to house beats with ru Paul and to EDM type songs was ahead of it’s time. Doesn’t take away from originality and the fact that lil Kim’s albums will always be remembered over nickis when it comes to hiphop. Nicki can have bebo views and iTunes and all that crap. The music and how it will transcend in 10-20 years is what I’m more concerned with. Especially in this horrid stars of popular music

      • Um August 31, 2014

        She shouldn’t even be mentioned next to Lil Kim. Keep your watered down garbage away from real Hip Hop icons.

    • DanitySlain August 29, 2014

      Nicki>>>Kim though. What Nicki lacks in Kim’s performances she makes up for in intelligence which is why she’s achieved more than Kim has.

      • No lies detected August 29, 2014

        Nickis music is generic and microwave. She’s more commercially successful now due to YouTube and social media. But her music as a whole is not as innovative, original, qualify and is forgotten the year it’s released. Kim’s music will be remembered in hiphop forever

      • Raoul Aguilera 1989 August 29, 2014

        Untrue, Nick has sold more units than Kim has. Streaming is only helping her new singles, or did you forget streaming only counted towards sales last year.

      • No lies detected August 29, 2014

        Doesn’t matter it’s still generic. The songs which are smashes, besides the new one which relies on p***, are Rihanna katy Perry hits. When she goes hip hop nobody really checks for it much. And the albums are microwave.. Maybe not for a young kid, white suburban , gay or bird… But no true lovers of rap/hiphop have a nicki Minaj album and that’s FACT

      • FAF August 29, 2014

        Nobody cares period this is not about kim ugly fat ads

        Y’all tried and failed .. Move along ugly old fagggs

      • FAF August 29, 2014

        And if she wasn’t such a silly h** she’d f*** an industry dude who could write her a hit not bum nighas that steal from her

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ August 29, 2014

        “But no true lovers of rap/hiphop have a nicki Minaj album and that’s FACT”

        LMAO BYE.

      • FAF August 29, 2014

        And foxy>kim lyrically kim had everything spooned to her and her lyrics are more basic thats why she won a Grammy for that POP remake of a classic song
        And all her features are her only successes

        She didn’t write and can’t flow anymore bc there’s noone to copy
        Oops she copies her now too 😆

        *plays kim shitted on em tribute remix dedicated to the queen*

      • No lies detected August 29, 2014

        @FAF: mad eh? I will remain speaking with facts and you can resort to insults and all that other stuff which is a clear sign the PRESSEDerization you have within. Nickis popular music is generic and will never be on Kim NOR foxy’s level. Maybe on iTunes.. But not go down in rap history like Kim NOR foxy. You mad? Sounds personal.

        @BeyHive-Minaj: yes no hip hop heads are bumpin pink Friday or pink Friday roman reloaded.. PUHLEASE. Only females, cuntts, flamboyant gays, white teeny boppers and birds.. Drake ain’t even bumpin that crap

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ August 29, 2014

        B**** please. I’m sure I know more about rap music than you.

  3. Beysus August 29, 2014

    Madge grow up. You’re not 21 anymore…
    And Gaga, you ARE a copycat and you’re popularity is declining badly…

    • Spoilt Brats August 29, 2014

      B**** stfu Beyonce may not be a copycat but she is the biggest thief in entertainment

      • Beysus August 29, 2014

        LOL no she ain’t!!! She gets inspired!!! Different thing!!! Jealous haters man!!!!

  4. SHESDUMB August 29, 2014


  5. FairyJBlige August 29, 2014

    Good for Gaga, she sabotaged Bionic so this is her karma. I admit that Christina’s stank personality called for it but what’s good for the goose is good for the ganda.

  6. Raoul Aguilera 1989 August 29, 2014

    At least Madonna has the decency to get at her publicly. Gaga knows Madonna is coming for her but didn’t Christina know what Gaga, Perez and Jimmy were planning when she put out Bionic? No she did not.

  7. King z August 29, 2014

    Madge girl learn from lil k and let it go

  8. Funkyyyall August 29, 2014

    The old hag needs to retire.

  9. Fran August 29, 2014

    She needs to grow up. No one is gonna hate Gaga or respect you more for doing this petty s***.

  10. Fran August 29, 2014

    And Madonna needs to stop acting like she is the most original thing since sliced bread when she has a ‘Queen of plagiarism’ site dedicated to her.

  11. #Dismissed August 29, 2014

    Damn this reminds me of lil kim vs Nicki Minaj. Lol old krim came at Nicki to be relevant and Madonna is coming at gaga to be relevant. Who’s next Mariah to Ariana?

  12. CT August 29, 2014

    Madonna talent is two steps behind gagas tbh madonna is all smoke and mirrors janets whispers slay madonnas nocals any day..

    • JOHNVIDAL August 29, 2014

      LOL yeah she could also say that in this upcoming song 🙂

  13. MG August 29, 2014

    Madonna needs to get over herself, born this way was released 3 YEARS AGO, MOVE ON !

  14. SMH August 29, 2014

    Smh what a pathetic old woman. Granny needs to have several and accept the fact that her time passed 100years ago. She also needs to stop acting like she doesn’t have the record for losing the most plagiarism lawsuits (13) in history. Talk about irony.

  15. JOHNVIDAL August 29, 2014

    Is she serious??? This is so 2 years ago (yes two, not 3, cause Madonna waited a whole year after Born This Way was released until it was time for her to promote her own album 🙂 )
    She could also say in the song Gaga is a better singer and a natural songwriter, unlike her, couldn´t she? 🙂

    • Britney Stan August 29, 2014

      Lmao Madonna looks pathetic and Gaga is a desperate attention seeking h** with no morals

      • JOHNVIDAL August 29, 2014

        Both are better than Britney though 🙂

  16. gina August 29, 2014

    Sit your old ass down, Madonna. You built your career on copying other people so stop flapping your dentures.

  17. GaGa’s Tampon August 29, 2014

    Was wondering what her next gimmick would be oh well But I am looking forward to her new material

  18. whut August 29, 2014

    Guess she still sees Gaga as a threat. Insecure much?

  19. lets be real August 29, 2014

    Madonn . had a predate Gaga diss record called “shes not me” lol tbh this is what gaga needs,shes a liar and has identity she’s tryna be Barbra Streisand lol bye Gaga i told everyone her reign would fall when edm died and lo and behold

    • FAF August 29, 2014

      I loved that song tho on “hard candy”

  20. ~The Arcade~ August 29, 2014

    *Looks at the title* LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL!! 😀 😀 😀

  21. UGH August 29, 2014

    LMAO what is next? Mariah diss record to Ariana? Brandy diss record to Keke Palmer? Xtina diss record to Jesse J? Or maybe Mariah will duet with Beyoncé and they shade Tamar? Grt the f*** out of here Donna. You ARE NOT original! If she wanted to build buzz by clinging to a younger more relevant star (her formula), then it should be Katy Perry. Katy is shady af, so trust that she will LOVE the attention.

    • FAF August 29, 2014

      Lol @ keke Palmer

    • FAF August 29, 2014

      It could be Dawn Richard

  22. Mark111 August 29, 2014

    Other than being a w****, what has Madonna brought to the game that she didn’t take herself? Her fans are fooled into thinking that having 99 things on a stage is epic, when it’s actually to distract you from her lack of talent and performance.

    • Mark111 August 29, 2014

    • Sass August 29, 2014

      Said the Rihanna fan. Oh the irony…

    • JOHNVIDAL August 29, 2014

      But girl! You stan for Rihanna… LOL

    • Overdose August 29, 2014

      And yet Madonna is still more talented than Rihfund

    • FutureCIARA August 29, 2014

      The ironic draggs continue to write themselves!

  23. Suicide Blonde August 29, 2014

    This is fake, she already say what she thinks of that thing, that thing is not even popular anymore, not a threat to anybody, i love how the true colors of certain people show up when it comes to That thing and the Queen, don’t get me started in what and why The Queen is better, and for the record Madonna >>>>>> That thing.

    • Real talk August 29, 2014

      Yet that thing is 10 times more talented,..”Better singer, better dancer” name it. Now please have a seat with your love for basic talent.

    • Stephy. August 29, 2014

      Madonna has a better catalog of music than Gaga. But, Gaga is a better performer, singer, dancer & overall talent than Madonna.

      • Real talk August 29, 2014


  24. Dirty Laundry August 29, 2014


  25. Dirty Laundry August 29, 2014

    Where’s Johndival doesn’t he stan for both of these clowns?

    • JOHNVIDAL August 29, 2014

      Hmm are you blind? And btw, no I don´t stan for them. I defend them when they are attacked for no reason or in an evil way.

  26. Bey-Minaj August 29, 2014

    Well well well, look at all the Gaga fans bashing Madge. Aren’t you the same ones who bash Nicki and praise Kim, calling Nic a copycat? Oh how the tables have turned.

    Newsflash, Gaga will never see half of Madonna’s success, especially since she is already becoming irrelevant. #ArtTrash

  27. Molly August 29, 2014

    She’s so pressedT… Gaga isn’t worried bout her old overrated ass.

  28. Sass August 29, 2014


  29. Stephy. August 29, 2014

    Lady Gaga is better than Madonna in EVERYTHING except for quality of music. Madonna kills her in having the better songs/albums. But, even tho I like Madonna very much. The woman really is not talented AT ALL.

    1.) She cannot singe LIVE period. (She only has like 2 or 3 DECENT vocal performances that are still at best mediocre.)
    2.) Her dancing is very skilled & takes lots of technique to do. But, as a person trying to be ENTERTAINED by her “dancing” it can become very boring & predictable & cringe worthy very fast. She is a GOOD dancer but its very boring to watch…
    3.) She really cannot put on a show without the best theatrical production in history. She surrounds herself with 12354123123523 background dancers, singers, explosions, lights & overall smoke N mirrors to distract from her VERY lack of talent that she does not really & or should I say NEVER really had.
    4.) She has been called out multiple times for stealing others peoples ideas, lyrics & artistic works. Including, being “inspired” (Beyonce style) old school Hollywood actresses styles & glamour. She has also, taken a WHOLE LOT from the gay community. VOGUE is the major & most noticeable thing she took from the Gays. & made a brilliant masterpiece song out of it. My point is this woman is not original, she just simply took from others that WE (the general public) really did not know about. And, made those stolen ideas popular. She has also been sued multiple times for plagiarism…
    5.) Madonna is the Queen of Pop & Smoke N Mirror’s… Point Blank Period


    • Suicide Blonde August 29, 2014

      I pass of the irrelevant things you say, but there’s one question i really want to ask you:

      What is talent for you?

      • Stephy. August 29, 2014

        Awwww, you are so adorable.

      • CherylSoldier August 29, 2014

        To be naturally gifted. Stop being a delusional stan. Madonna had been clinging to new artists forever. Also when will she ever be able to do a jazz album? Never.

    • heh August 31, 2014

      As a Mariah carey fan, you liking housewife entertainment is not someone who should have an opinion outside of tacky glitz housewife kitsch

    • heh August 31, 2014

      Dear Cheryl Soldier

      “Also when will she ever be able to do a jazz album? Never.”

      I’m Breathless: Music from and Inspired by the Film D*** Tracy is the second soundtrack album by American singer-songwriter Madonna.

      Musically, I’m Breathless consists predominantly of jazz, swing and pop songs.

      Get a Clue !

  30. Belladonna1363 August 29, 2014

    I’m here for Madonna if she’s going to do something cool & creative but if this is going to be another I DONT LIKE GAGA era I’ll pass. I don’t even f*ck with Gaga like that anymore after how she Killed us with the ARTPOP era but I don’t what to buy music the talks sh*t about one artist. Hell no. I’m older & wiser then I was in 2012 & not here for a white Lil Kim.

  31. Greg_N_Greed August 29, 2014

    Madonna always gotta be a attention hore. It’s annoying. Ur like 70 years old and still gunning for ppl. How is she still coming for GaGa wen Ga Ga already fell off.. Nobody talks about GaGa anymore but Madge as it seems. I guess it’ll benefit both ladies. Get ppl talking about both of them I guess.

  32. Truth tea August 29, 2014

    The kim vs Nicki beef wasn’t just about Nicki copying a few looks and photoshoots
    It was a long list of events leading up to it. Nicki had been dissing Kim since 2003.
    I’m over it and enjoy both women anyway.

  33. Overdose August 29, 2014

    This is not a good look

  34. BEYHIVE_MINAJ August 29, 2014

    Lmao OK.

  35. Rima August 29, 2014

    She’s such a joke… Queen Gaga remains unbothored bye old hag.

    • Asa August 31, 2014

      Yet Madonna’s last album even sold more that your pre-aged hag fave !

  36. DIGGER BEY August 29, 2014

    YES QUEEN$!! Let these biitches know who still sits on The Throne! Madonna >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lady Gaga! Queen Bee>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nicki. I like Gaga but not only had she tried to look like Madonna but she also tried to rip off Madonna pop classics. Nicki songs are far from Kimmy’s but she definitely jacked her look. #2 STEPS BEHIND THE QUEEN$

  37. DIGGER BEY August 29, 2014

    These b****** are so so so blind. Queens sell records and albums! Nicki only selling singles. Queen Biitch has 3 platinum albums!!! Nicki one. Queen Biitch has 3 or more rap hits on the rap charts. Her and Missy are tied. To run a genre u must rule in #1s, albums sales and longevity. Nicki isn’t n the equation. #SORRY HOEES

    • nicko August 30, 2014

      Wut Kim has only sold 10M albums ? Nickis already sold 6M albums, n 50M singles, how can u say she only sells singles? Poor delusional krimlin

    • nicko August 30, 2014

      Nic has 2 #1 plat albums. N just had her 3rd SOLO #1 on the rap charts with Anaconda. Nic is also the best selling female rapper ever. The most successful female rappers:Lauryn, Missy, Nicki. Kim isnt even in the equation, her album sales were decent n her singles flopped.

      • Asa August 31, 2014

        Lil Kim is an icon. Any real rap fan will not take Minaj serious. That’s for the 14 year olds who did not grow up with hip hop.

  38. CherylSoldier August 29, 2014

    Stop the delusional Madonna stan comments. Gaga is a better singer, writer, dancer, person and that’s why this fossil b!tvh feels threatened.

    • Asa August 31, 2014

      Writer ? Dancer ? Are you off your rocker ?


  39. Dustin August 29, 2014

    Let’s get this shriveled prune some water cause she is THIRSTY. I’m not even a Gaga Stan but I can’t with Madonna and her stunt queen b*******. When Madonna releases a good song (cause it’s been what? Like 8 years since confessions on a dance floor was released) then she can shade whoever she wants. Till then, take a seat in your rocker memaw.

  40. Barbie’s World August 29, 2014

    While gaga may be the better singer Queen Madonna trumps her on all levels from her stage shows, political involvement, her help to the gay community is unparalleled by any other. Madonna art books slayed gaga’s, her charity and school in Africa. her movies. and not to mention Madonna is an amazing song writer.

    • Ethan August 29, 2014

      Madonna is an awful songwriter. As for her movies…. The acting was disgusting and her directing was mediocre at best.

      • Asa August 31, 2014

        Lady Gaga’s songwriting is below basic. And she has no Classics like Madonna.

        Please. Take a seat !

  41. FutureCIARA August 29, 2014

    At this rate with all these clones, When Ariana starts shading Mariah, That will be ULTIMATE LIFE!

  42. Tyred Banks August 29, 2014

    Your not supposed to kick a person when there down Madonna!

  43. Dossome August 29, 2014

    We could at least confirm the legitimacy of the source before drawing up conclusions

  44. Kitty August 29, 2014

    Gaga is okay, but nothing she’s done will ever be as iconic as anything Madonna has done. and plus Madonna didn’t have the same problems with her 3rd album that gaga had.

  45. LB August 29, 2014

    Madonna looking old and desperate. It was cute during the BTW/MDNA era but now you just look ridiculous Madonna.

  46. Navy Nick August 29, 2014

    Madonna, sit your old as* down somewhere, child.

  47. OH August 29, 2014

    Nothing is as desperate as gaga’s 99 cent album BTW lol

    • CherylSoldier August 29, 2014

      Self drag. Madonna would’ve done 100k first week if she hasn’t included the album in her tour package.

      • oh August 29, 2014

        But did she sell the tour package for 99 cents tho?

      • CherylSoldier August 29, 2014

        What’s the drag tho? Gaga sold 600k without the discount. Madonna would’ve done 100k without hers.

      • Asa August 31, 2014

        It was a seperate transaction. Nice try tho.

        ” What’s the drag tho? Gaga sold 600k without the discount. ”

        UM. Madonna sold 25 million with her 3rd album.


        Get the eff off !

      • CherylSoldierr September 2, 2014

        This is the 2010s b****, not the 80s. Trying to compare the two?! Death. Dumb stan.

    • Asa August 31, 2014

      ” But did she sell the tour package for 99 cents tho? ”

      For her tour now you can meet Lady Gaa for $1500 or so ?

  48. Rosie August 29, 2014

    I don’t see why she is so mad. At least she lasted more than three albums before she basically became a gay act.

    • CherylSoldier August 29, 2014

      She’s not a gay act tho. She’s an actual artist and vocalist. No shade but Lana is more of a gay act in the us. She’s just not as commercial.


        You better spill that tea! @Cheryl
        Like seriously @Rosie have you seen your fave?
        The majority of her fans are Gaga fans that went to her while waiting
        For a new Gaga album.
        Lana makes NO impact on the music industry
        Like let’s be real Hunty

  49. Ethan August 29, 2014

    Madonna is such a tacky b****. She’s being pathetic and it just seems like she’s clutching at straws to make headlines. She needs to quit before she embarrasses herself even more than she already has.

    • Asa August 31, 2014

      Because grazing through her catalogue is so non-tacky ?

      B*tch, ARE you having a LAUGH ? !

  50. madbrax August 29, 2014

    song has been confirmed to only be a demo and not on the record. it has also been confirmed that she did not write it for Gaga

  51. ENOUGH ONIKA August 29, 2014

    Gaga a pretty girl??? An I missing something??

  52. J.E August 29, 2014

    Then Christina should also have a diss track for Gaga.
    David Bowie to Gaga to…

  53. Bandile Egyptt Nomoyi August 30, 2014

    Could Madonna really stoop so low, In her old age nogal.. If this is true Then She confirms that she’s Threatened by Gaga, and Im not only saying this bcoz im a die hard Gaga stan but In all honesty Madge really needs to have several. I love some of her music but Gaga is 10 Steps ahead of her TALENT-wise, GAGA’s Octaves>>> Madonna’s (and thats if she has any)
    Nicki Minaj Feat Lady Gaga -These old h*** better Sit Yo

    • Asa August 31, 2014

      Um, how is someone that has grazed through Madonna’s catalogue 10 steps ahead ? That makes NO sense ! Furthermore, Lady Gaga doesn’t have one song that rivals any of Madonna’s songs and all her music has already been done before.

      And you say that someone whose work has been grazed through is the one with less talent and the one who is stooping low ?

      What the f*ck, man !

    • Asa August 31, 2014

      And 50’s is not old age. Get a clue !

  54. Yarn August 30, 2014

    Who says it’s about Gaga? Oh right ‘a source told The Sun’. Must be true then

  55. Asa August 31, 2014

    This could very much be a song about someone else that she’s already made a song about before.

  56. Bri Bri September 2, 2014

    Madonna is the Queen of Pop! I’m Super Stoked For Her 13th Album.

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