Miley Cyrus’ ‘Bangerz’ TV Special Placed Under Federal Investigation

Published: Thursday 7th Aug 2014 by David


Miley Cyrus‘ ‘Bangerz‘ Fourth of July TV special has been placed under investigation by the Federal Communications Commission this week, after it received a flood of complaints blasting its allegedly indecent nature.

Details on Cyrus’ latest problem below…

Despite only receiving three complaints, the show-which aired on NBC– is now being combed through by the FCC to determine if it violated its rules against profanity and indecency.

Yet to be addressed by NBC or reps from the star’s camp, the investigation was first reported by ‘Rolling Stone’, who revealed:

Although the Freedom of Information Act revealed the contents of three of the four FCC complaints, it presented an interesting look at what upset a handful of people about Bangerz, from one person feeling uncomfortable with the suggested homosexuality of the bed scene to another saying “F-no” to what he or she felt was an XXX performance all around. Read the grievances in full and unedited below. (The FCC did not make the fourth complaint publicly available.)

Complaint Number One:

“They aired a program called ‘Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour.’ Now, during the summer evenings when the kids get to stay up late, why would they choose to air a highly controversial ‘pop star’ who freely advertises that her songs are all about sex and drugs, who wears costumes that would perhaps be more appropriate if she were dancing on a pole in some club somewhere?

“This was jokingly rated as PG-13/TV-14 and that simply cannot be correct. Miley Cyrus these days needs to be rated either MA or XXX, and nothing of hers should now or ever be aired during any time prior to 12:00 am in whatever time zone her smut is scheduled to air.

“Since it made it past my parental control lock given the ridiculous rating, I made sure to watch some of it to see if I would allow my kids to watch it. My answer is a resounding NO! No just H-No, either. But a loud and resounding F-No!

I am offended, appalled and ready to start taking public action to remove this garbage from our televisions. You MUST severely fine and censure both the ‘artist’ and the television station IMMEDIATELY!”

Complaint Number Two:

“Macy’s/NBC aired a performance on the Macy’s 4th Of July Fireworks featuring Miley Cyrus, she was dressed more in line with a video geared towards MTV, her performance was impropriate for broadcast tv, as she grinded along there was a costumed performer depicting President Lincoln following behind her and alongside her and the character acted quite lecherous even patting her on the backside. Very patriotic for the 4th ya think? This is a show geared for family I thought? What happened to NBC standards dept?”

Complaint Number Three:

“The live Miley Cyrus concert program was borderline pornographic in images and the lyrics to the songs. Open sexuality on a stage bed male/male female/female homosexuality. Very graphic and disturbing for a Sunday evening 9pm summertime broadcast. Please investigate this and prevent it from ever being shown again.”

Launched to support her latest album of the same name, Cyrus’ latest drama come as sales of the release surpassed US sales of 1,047,000 units, pushed by the controversial music video for the single ‘Wrecking Ball.’

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  1. TRUTH COMMISSION August 7, 2014

    Damn, Miley lol

    But let’s admit she winning she place under federal investigation over a show. She really “can’t stop, and won’t stop” being the center of attention once again.

    • johsdinicxcbxcb August 7, 2014

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  2. Beysus August 7, 2014

    Ugh, she tries too hard… Go away Vile-y Vyrus…

    • ceer0624 August 7, 2014

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  3. christinastherealtalent August 7, 2014

    I don’t want to hear it! These parents knew from jump street what kind of message Miley was trying to make with her image and music this time around so don’t go blaming the network who aired it. Blame yourselves for bad parenting and allowing your kid to stay up late.

    • nancy grace slays August 7, 2014

      I totally agree!!!

  4. itchiyah August 7, 2014

    That girl trashy shes no role model she’s a dam drugy hoer who will soon over dose on drugs I wouldn’t let my kids watch her put socks on cuz that probably xrated too

  5. Did Ya say Justin Bieber,Beyoncè,Miley,Lady Gaga,One Direction,Rita Ora,Sam Smith,Lil Kim or Austin Mahone August 7, 2014

    im proud to be a smiler,miley rocks,im proud tah have her cds and posters etc,i want a miley pillow to be on my one direction and biebs bedding,were can i get it

  6. FAF August 7, 2014

    U say censor miley but then basically cursed in ur explanation or why
    “F no” “h no”

  7. Tisha August 7, 2014

    That’s hilarious.

    The special no one watched is getting her investigated for her typical desperate stunts.

    That mess came behind the 4th Season of Last Comic Standing in ratings. That’s the reason there’s only three complaints, LMAO.

  8. JOHNVIDAL August 7, 2014

    She´s talentless. That´s all I care. No input in the music she releases, can´t sing, can´t dance… and she´s not even hot like the other current pop girls 🙂

  9. Gordon Freeman April 21, 2015

    What a F is explicit on this???? Stupid impotents

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